GH Update Friday 12/18/20

General Hospital Update Friday 12/18/20


Written by Anthony

Jordan and Curtis walk into her office. Curtis is shocked to find out that Marcus was alive. He asks if she knew that he was still breathing. Jordan confirms that she did. She has known since the day that he supposedly died.

Cyrus wonders if Florence is out for the night. Martin thinks that she has been given her usual sleeping aid. Which he would know about if he ever visited. Cyrus has been busy. Cyrus knew that she would find her way here. He is just that good. He left a trail of breadcrumbs and she followed them. He sees that Martin brought the cake and he brought the flowers. It is a regular party. He welcomes her to the family and calls her sis.

Carly thanks Joss for the tea. She knows that Trinaís dad being alive definitely sounded crazy that she thought that she might have survived. Carly admits that it is not crazy. It is actually true. She lied to her. Trinaís instincts are spot and her father is alive.

Jason continues to shoot at the gunman at the bus station. He ends up shooting him dead. Jason looks around. He gets on his phone and tells Diane that he has a situation.

Julian makes his way up a bridge. Sonny tells Julian no more running. It ends right now. Julian tells him to pull the trigger. They all know that he wanted to do it for years. Sonny is tempted but this is his big chance to live.

Laura asks if Martin and Cyrus are really brothers. Cyrus explains that Florence is their mother and Gordon was their father may he rest in peace. Martin doubts that he cares at all. Cyrus tells him not to do this. Martin didnít do anything. Cyrus guesses that she is their half-sister. Martin admits that Cyrus is his brother. Cyrus explains that they are all siblings.

Jordan put Marcus into witness protection. It is something that she decided to do in the moment. She called in every favor she was owed to get him out of PC. There was no one else for him to roll over on. Curtis understands why she did it. He guesses he doesnít get why she didnít tell him.

Joss asks if he is really alive. Carly confirms that he is. Joss needs to tell Trina. Carly explains that Trina probably knows. She doesnít know all the details. She knows that everyone needed to know that Marcus was dead. She only recently found out. She is just being caught up to speed. Carly assumes that Cyrus had Trina do the dirty work to figure things out. Carly is sorry. She hopes that she understands why she couldnít tell her. Joss understands. She asks if she is ever just hit by how strange their life is sometimes.

Jason tells Diane what happened. He asks how soon she can get here. Jason is cuffed. He asks what happened here tonight. Jason says that he has nothing to say without his lawyer.

Sonny tells Julian that he wants him to tell the police. Julian thinks that he is a dead man the moment he opens his mouth.

The officer tells Jason that he is looking at second degree murder. Diane walks over and needs a moment alone with his lawyer. Diane explains that she is the lawyer and she will be speaking on his behalf. He thinks that she is going to have to wait. Diane thinks that is an option where he will have any number of procedural complications. She needs a word with her client and they can have a swift resolution. Diane wonders if the handcuffs are really needed. The officer thinks they are. Diane asks if Jason was acting in self-defense.

Julian thinks that if he leaves long enough it is going to be slim to none that he actually lives. Julian thinks he will die anyway. He wonders what the hell the point is. Sonny thought that he wanted to be redeemed.

Martin knows that Laura has had a lot of unfortunate things happen lately. Martin knows that Cyrus is not best brother material. Cyrus thinks that he didnít seem to have an issue with him when he needed money. Martin reminds him that it was their mother who needed money. Martin doesnít think that money changes what he did. Cyrus knows that Martin poisoned her against him. Laura has a question. Laura asks if Cyrus knew all along. She bets that he knew that they were related.

Jordan thinks that if this had gone wrong and she is charged then she doesnít want him near this. The only other people who knew about this were the people in his hospital room. Sonny and Jason found out because he wouldnít just shut up and let himself be protected. Curtis wonders why she wouldnít let him know. Jordan needs him to understand. This had to do with her work and had nothing to do with them. Curtis thinks that this had everything to do with them.

Cyrus thinks that she used her power as mayor to put him in confinement. He read about her mother and her ex-husband. He discovered his own father. The respected medical school professor with fidelity issues. Laura doesnít give a damn about their shared DNA. She will forever hold him responsible. Cyrus would never intentionally hurt her or Lulu. Laura thinks he hurts everyone. Martin thinks she has no idea. Cyrus killed their father. Cyrus did no such thing. Cyrus did not kill their father and saying otherwise is not true. It was Gordonís fault too. Martin thinks that their father was a sweet and gentle man. He lied to her mother and claimed that she was stillborn. Martin thinks that he needs to work on his pitch here. Cyrus did not get along with the man. He did not kill him. Laura wonders how Gordon died then. Martin explains that Cyrus ran him over with his car.

Curtis knows that she saw how the guilt kicked in with Trina. She had him second guessing himself. Jordan hated that. She couldnít tell him. Curtis thinks she could have. She is so determined to keep this part of her life separate. He just knows that she will not communicate with things. He thinks they both know that this is not about any outside forces. This is about her.

Carly asks if she ever questions their strange life. Joss didnít mean it like that. Joss thinks that sometimes living here and having guards. Joss doesnít want to know the bad stuff. She would prefer to only know the good stuff. She thinks that sometimes it smacks her in the face that what she is doing is so weird. She loves Sonny and Jason. She never wants anything bad to happen to them. She really does love her life. Carly knows it is different from everyone elseís. Joss thinks it feels like a compromise. She asks if it makes sense. Carly thinks more than she knows.

Diane assumes that there are security cameras all over the place. Jason says that the gunman shot first. He shot in self-defense. Julian took off and Sonny followed him. Diane has several different ways she could play this. Diane wonders if there is a long term plan in place for Julian. Diane wonders if there is a plan in place. Jason thinks they want to handle the cops so that they can nail Cyrus. The cop says that they need to take Jason to the station. Diane thinks he doesnít want that.

Sonny thinks that for Julianís final act he planted a bomb at the Floating Rib. Julian didnít know. Jason was supposed to be alone. Sonny thinks that it was a public place. Julian would have killed himself if he had hurt Danny. Sonny thinks they need to stop the bigger threat and take down Cyrus. They need to make PC safer. Sonny thinks that for once he needs to not think about himself. That is how he redeems himself. Julian needs his word that he will not kill him when this is done. Julian falls to the ground.

Curtis thinks that this is not even the first time that Jordan has done this to him. He thinks that ever since Cyrus has come to town this has become an on-going issue. Curtis thinks that she will not let him in on the real mechanics of things. Jordan thinks that the four of them realized that it was worth the risk to frame Cyrus. Jordan will not let this land on Curtis.

Cyrus doesnít think it was his fault. Martin explains they ended up in Louisiana. Cyrus was a kid and it was a whole different world. Cyrus thinks they were happy in PC. Martin thinks that their mother was not happy with their fatherís affairs all over town. Cyrus thinks that their mother was strong. It was Gordon who couldnít take the heat. Cyrus was a teenager. Cyrus thinks that their father came out of nowhere. Everything happened so fast. He just wanted to get out of there. Martin knows just like he has always done. Martin knows that he hated dad. Cyrus was furious with him that day. He never wanted him dead. Martin thinks that Florence never believed him and he sure doesnít either.

Diane thinks it was self-defense. The officer thinks it was premeditation. Diane thinks it was self-defense which he will see when he sees the security footage. He is not required to do that tonight. Diane thinks that he will lose his badge over that. She invites him to review some old cases.

Carly thinks that what Sonny and Jason do is their business but they can definitely feel what is going on. They do not get to know what Sonny and Jason are doing. Joss doesnít even think about it. She just accepts that the area of their life is off limits. She knows it doesnít matter because it doesnít affect her. Carly knows until it does. Carly knows that Sonny and Jason will always make sure that this doesnít get caught up in the mix. Carly wonders what they are willing to accept to hold on to someone that matters to them. Carly understand this house might not be working for Joss anymore.

Sonny tells Julian to get up. Julian coughs. He thinks it is ironic. He wants him to roll over on Cyrus. He is going to have to save his life. Sonny calls for Julian and kicks his body. Sonny says damn it. Julian ends up standing up and attacking him.

Martin thinks that Florence was devastated. She refused to believe that it was a mistake. Cyrus was on his own. He made due. He lived in his car and worked odd jobs. He studied for his GED and found he liked out West. His career started there. Cyrus was unfairly imprisoned for crimes he did not commit. He was taking care of his mother. Martin knows that trying to pass himself off as legit. Florence will see right through him. She will never be proud of him. Florence wakes up. She looks around. Martin kisses her hand.

Joss has no plans to go anywhere or change anything. She gets that no one is perfect including Jax. He is not on par to Sonny and Jason but she doesnít look to close to what he does either. Carly wonders when she got so strong and smart.

The officer admits to Diane that Jason actually did shoot in self-defense. The officer admits that he normally doesnít agree with things like this but he did save a lot of people. Diane thinks that she has been recording their conversation. She needs copies of the security footage too.

Sonny and Julian continue to fight one another.

Curtis doesnít think that this was a united choice. Curtis was never given the option of being involved or not. Jordan was trying to protect him. Julian thinks that what she calls protecting he calls lying and he cannot pretend that he is ok with it

Martin asks Florence how she is. She asks if she was sleeping. Martin says out like a light. He tells her that there is still time for her birthday. He kisses her and tells her that he is right here. Cyrus is here too and wishes him a happy birthday.

Joss thanks Carly for being there for her and being such a great role model. She knows that sometimes she is primed in her life but she is so happy that she is there for her and she can go to her whenever she needs her. Carly thinks anytime. If she needs her then she comes to her. She will always be there for her. Joss knows. Joss loves that she has been a teenager too in a way that other people havenít been. She understands it because she has lived it and survived it. That is how she knows she can too. Carly thinks that is why she cannot get away with anything. Joss is sure that she could have a perfect mom that bakes her cookies every day after school. Carly doesnít think she wants her baking. Joss knows she chose this life because the people she loves are in it and she chooses it for the exact same reasons.

Sonny tells Julian to not make him shoot him in the back. Jason runs over and sees them. Sonny and Julian drop to the river as it collapses. Jason screams after him.

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