GH Update Thursday 12/17/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/17/20


Chase gets undressed in the locker room at the gym and stretches. Michael starts to undress across from him. Chase thinks that he over did it today. Michael thinks that is sort of his thing. Michael assumes that he thinks that he could talk his way out of this situation. Michael guesses he thought that his intentions are good. He guesses that Chase is the hero in this.

Portia cannot believe that Cyrus told her that her father is alive. Trina tried to let it go but the thought that Marcus could be alive made her not want to let go. She wondered if Cyrus could really be alive.

Mac takes Marcus into the interrogation room. Mac demands to know who helped fake his death and who helped him go under ground. He knows that he didn’t do it himself.

Jordan asks Curtis how much longer he will be away from PC. Curtis wonders if everything is ok. Jordan thinks that no one is hurt. She doesn’t want to get into it over the phone. Curtis thinks that they are in a moment here. Laura is catching up to the truth.

Laura walks into Florence’ room at the hospital. She tries to wake her up. Someone walks into the room and Laura runs into the bathroom. They turn the light on and walk over to the bed. They touch Florence’ face. It is Martin.

Sonny and Jason make their way to the bus stop.

Julian wakes up at the bus stop and asks a guy what time it is. He says he is sorry. He realizes that he was supposed to leave at 11:03. The man explains that he missed his bus.

Portia tells Trina to take a moment and think this through. Trina knows that it sounds crazy at first. Portia reminds her that she was here in the ER the night that he passed. Trina was there and then Marcus asked her to get him candy. Portia reminds her that she was here though. Portia reminds her that means that someone would have had to have been involved in it. The staff here would not join a conspiracy that would do this. Trina thinks that her father could be alive. She asks why Cyrus would lie to her. Portia thinks that there could be a reason. Cyrus is not a man to be trusted. He has been a liar and he is about to get what he has coming to him.

Mac needs to know who helped him fake his death. Marcus did it by himself. Mac knows he is lying. Marcus needs a lawyer.

Jordan could get an assist from the local PD. Curtis wants Laura to work her magic. He will save her if he needs to unless she needs something. Jordan will wait. Laura texts that she is trapped in Florence’ bathroom.

Martin says hello to Florence. He explains that only once a month is what he can get up here. He hopes that she can appreciate what it is like to try to get her a humming bird cake. Martin goes into the bathroom. Laura walks out and hopes that he has enough cake for three.

Sonny wonders if Julian was really desperate enough to get a ticket with a credit card. Cyrus and his people are probably looking into this too. Jason thinks that Brick gave them enough of a head start.

Julian is told that he can take another bus tomorrow morning. Julian wonders what bus is left. Someone is watching and tells Cyrus that he can confirm job. Julian tries to buy the ticket off of someone. He needs to get out of town and put some distance between himself and New York.

Michael thinks that Chase only now wants to talk things through. Michael thinks that they had plenty of opportunities to tell them what was going on. Chase thinks that everyone knew that they were faking it and they still got Wiley. Chase thinks that this wasn’t a normal hearing. Chase wonders if he thinks that Wiley would still be safe. Chase did what he did for him, Wiley, and Willow. He doesn’t think it would have been right for Nelle to have his son. Chase just wants a shot at getting his friend back.

Martin wants to know why Laura is in his mother’s bathroom. Laura thinks they will get to that but she wants to know what is in the cake. Martin says it is banana and pineapple. Martin wonders why he is answering her questions. Laura thought it be better if she came out before he walked into the bathroom. Martin thanks her for thinking of his health. Martin wonders why she is here. He asks if she just wandered in here by mistake. Curtis runs in. Curtis tells Martin to forget that he ever saw Laura here and it needs to stay that way.

Sonny tells Jason in a perfect world they escort Julian out and get back to PC. Sonny pays Diane a fortune on retainer to make sure nothing happens.

Jordan calls Carly and explains that Marcus had no choice but to turn himself in. He is now in police custody. She needs her to pass that on to Sonny and whoever might have helped fake his death. She will talk soon. Mac walks out. Marcus is not talking and wants a lawyer. Portia and Trina walk in. She expects the police department to do something about Cyrus. Mac asks what happened. Portia explains that Cyrus refuses to stay away from her daughter. Portia tells Jordan that Cyrus has convinced Trina that he is still alive and that they didn’t spend all those months grieving him. Portia thinks that man has been harassing her daughter for months now. Marcus walks out. Trina and Portia turn around and see him. Trina asks if that is really him. Trina runs into his arms Portia looks at Jordan.

Martin thinks that this day keeps getting stranger and stranger. Laura promises that they mean his mother no harm. She would hope he say nothing. Martin asks why she is here. Laura needed to speak with his mother. Martin explains that his mother is indisposed. Laura tells Curtis that he can go back to PC. She is sure that Martin and her will be just fine. She can tell in the way that he talks with his mother.

Michael has not had many close friendships in his life. He thought that honesty was supposed to be key. He is not sorry that he got full custody of Wiley. Michael guesses that everything turned out just fine. Michael wonders if it really counts as sacrifice if he was always going to take back the thing he gave up. Chase asks if he is angry because of Willow.

Trina knew that he was alive. She trusted her instincts and here he is. She has missed him so much. She hugs him again.

Julian tells the man he has three kids. If he doesn’t leave tonight then he might never see them again. Julian thinks he could wait for the next bus but he cannot. It be a hundred bucks cash. Julian makes the exchange. He hopes he gets the help he needs. Julian manages to stand up. Jason walks over and Sonny on the other side. Julian knows that he isn’t going to start shooting in a bus station. Sonny tells him not to do anything stupid. The gunman starts shooting.

Mac tells Jordan that Marcus’ family has a lot to sort out. Mac thinks that the two of them do as well. Mac thinks it is a coincidence that she ended up there tonight. Mac thinks it is a bad idea for Marcus to be around his daughter. He also finds it odd that she wasn’t fazed to see a dead man rise from the dead.

Trina cannot believe that she is here. She cannot wait to tell Joss and Cam she was right. Trina wonders how Cyrus knew he was alive. Marcus doesn’t want that mans name coming out of her mouth. Marcus explains that her safety in trouble. Trina wonders why he couldn’t tell them what was going on.

Martin explains that his mother has been in a state of decline for a long time. The staff here gives her something every night to help her sleep more peaceful. He was hoping to get here before hand. He assumes that this is her first visit. Laura came here looking for his mother. She sees she is in decline. Laura asks if his father’s name was Grey. Martin wonders who she is to be around his mother. Laura explains that it is not his mother that she has a relationship. It is with his father. She guesses she should say their father. Martin asks if they are related in someway. Laura explains that she is his half-sister.

Michael thinks that Chase went out of his way to manipulate his life. Michael knows that desperate times call for desperate measures. Sasha nearly died from this. Willow and him didn’t just pretend to be married. They shared their lives together. Yet now they want to change things all of a sudden. Chase asks what he is supposed to say. He knows he screwed up. He wonders what he is supposed to do. Michael thinks that he knows that Willow still loves him. Chase guesses then he can just say the word and he will find a new gym. Michael tells Chase to take a breath. He kicks Chase in the stomach.

Laura thinks that this is an adjustment to her as well. She takes it that neither of his parents ever explained her. Martin knows that Gordon never dwelled on her at all. She can tell that he is not that shocked to find out he is related to her. Martin thinks that this isn’t that unexpected. Martin knows that his father was never concerned with his wedding vows. His wandering eyes never did anything. Florence took death do them part seriously. Laura guesses she is a product of his father’s wandering eyes. Laura thought that Florence had passed away. Martin wonders why she would suddenly want to meet Florence.

Sonny and Jason continue to shoot at the gunman. Sonny goes after Julian.

Mac knows that Marcus is safer here than anywhere else. He doesn’t know what to charge him with.

Marcus knows how much Trina suffered but this had to be a secret from everyone. She would have had to have pretended her entire life. It had to be real for her own safety. He trusts her. He just thinks that somethings are too big to ask. Trina explains that her, Portia, and her aunt stood at his grave. She felt so guilty that she wasn’t there when he supposedly died. She felt so awful to abandon him. Marcus hated to be away from her. Portia tells Marcus to leave Trina alone or she will make him wish that he had stayed dead.

Chase had a thought that Michael was going to kiss him Godfather style. Michael thinks that he didn’t betray him in business. Michael wonders if he is going to live. Michael thinks that what he did was pretty stupid. Chase wonders if this makes them even. Michael thinks not. Michael has too many mixed feelings but it is a start. Michael gives him some ice.

Portia has been taking care of Trina her entire life while he plays hero. He can take on his new role as prisoner.

Portia asks if Trina is alright. Trina says not really. Portia thinks they can go home. Portia has more to say to Jordan but tonight is not the time. Marcus tells Trina to wait. He loves him. Trina leaves. Mac tells Marcus the safest place for him is in a cell in PC. Curtis walks in and sees Marcus. Mac will let Jordan fill him in.

Jason continues to shoot at the man. He ends up killing him point blank.

Julian ends up on a bridge. Sonny tells Julian no more running. It ends right now.

Martin asks why Laura is looking for his mother now. Laura is curious about Florence’ connection to Cyrus. Laura knows that up until a few months ago his mother was being heavily guarded by Cyrus. She wonders if Cyrus is holding Florence’ prisoner. She knows that prisons come in all shapes and sizes. Laura is glad to hear that but wonders why he is paying for his mother’s care. Cyrus walks in and says that Florence is his mother too.

Written by Anthony

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