GH Update Wednesday 12/16/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/16/20


Sonny hugs Brick. He sits down with Jason. He heard about Dev’s passing and gives his condolences. He remembers setting up his identity. Sonny is happy that he is in the neighborhood. They need help tracking down Julian.

Julian ends up at a bus station. He sits down holding the gun wound with his hand. He has a ticket to Montreal.

Ryan’s eyes are open in his hospital room. Nikolas walks in and Britt asks if she can help him.

Portia calls up Trina and leaves a message and demands that she call back. Ava asks if something is wrong. Portia says that there is and she holds her responsible.

Jordan walks over to Trina and says she is sorry for scaring her. She thinks it would be nice to spend time with someone who remembers Marcus as well.

Carly is shocked that Trina was around Cyrus. Joss explains that Trina was told that someone had information on her father and then Cyrus showed up. Joss assumes that someone was messing with her head.

Curtis thanks the nurse. He knows that they will take good care of Laura. The nurse explains that the doctor gives every patient something to help them sleep their first night here.

The doctor tells Laura that this will not hurt one bit. He explains that he will take good care of her and she will be asleep. Curtis runs in and says stop.

Britt tells Nikolas that he has no business in his room. She asks what he plans on doing. Nikolas heard that Ryan was being taken out of the ICU and he could be coming out of his coma. Britt wonders if he wanted to take him out himself.

Portia guesses that her daughter has skipped the last two days of school. She is not returning her calls now. Ava asks if she thinks she is at the gallery. Portia thinks that it is fine if she wants a few days off but she needs to tell her where she is. Ava tells Portia that she has not seen Trina since the night that Dev was killed. Portia wonders where she is then.

Jordan knows that Trina is still upset about her exposing her father. Trina asks how she could call herself his friend. Trina thinks that she is doing something. Trina is trying to prove that her father is innocent. She will not let anyone think her father is a bad cop. Jordan tells Trina that her father did leave fake evidence against Cyrus.

Carly tells Joss to text someone to pick her up right now. Carly tells her that this is not up for discussion. Joss says ok. Carly tells Cyrus to stay away from her daughter and her friends. She tells him to stop poisoning their minds. He needs to stay away from Joss and her friends or he will not like what happens next. Cyrus asks why she seems so worried about something that hasn’t happened.

Jason thinks they need proof that Julian is alive. Brick has a way to do it.

Julian thinks he should have taken a plane. He knows that airport security would have been all over him. A man sits down next to him. Julian tells him that there are a thousand other benches in this place. The man takes his newspaper down and it is Duke. He tells Julian that he is exactly where he needs to be.

Curtis heard that his patient was going to get a shot of a drug. Curtis cannot give that to Laura. He needs a moment alone with his patient. Laura thanks him.

Nikolas wonders what Britt is implying. Britt knows that Ryan has not gained consciousness. Nikolas thinks that one less serial killer in the world is a good thing. Britt thinks the moment she starts placing a value system on people who walk through the doors she would have to stop being a doctor. She reminds him that he trapped himself in a loveless marriage in order to keep his money. Nikolas explains that things are different.

Ava suggests that Trina’s ringer might be off. She might just need time to grieve for her friend. Portia thinks that this is her senior year. She doesn’t want her to hurt her grades but she might not be answering her phone because she doesn’t want the lecture right now.

Carly tells Cyrus that her daughter and her friends are off limits. Carly doesn’t think he wants a war with him. Cyrus imagines not. Cyrus tells someone on the phone that there must be truth to what Julian told them.

Written by Anthony

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