GH Update Tuesday 12/15/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/15/20


Finn trips on some bridal magazines. He asks when she started to subscribe to bridal magazines. Anna explains that Maxie sent them over. Violet overhears the term double wedding and wonders if she gets to hold two bouquets.

Trina cannot believe they took all these risks and found zero evidence that her father was alive. Joss thinks that these people leaned in and went all the way. Trina thinks that they had to make it look real or they would get questions asked. Joss wonders who would help do that. Trina thinks it was Epiphany. Cam doesn’t think that this gives them proof. Joss thinks all they have to prove is the word of a liar.

Anna gets a call from Valentin. Valentin wonders if she found anything else out about Dante. Anna will call him back.

Martin overhears Valentin. He wanted to tell him that he views his clients as family. He thinks that his clients and him always make up.

In Vermont Laura and Curtis find this place a little extreme. Curtis thinks that this place is state of the art. He thinks that the place must be exclusive. Laura overhears carolers. Curtis just figured out step one and asks her to wish him luck.

Jordan walks over to Carly. Jordan needs to talk to Sonny. Jordan needs to speak with Marcus.

Anna tells Violet that they were doing something different for the wedding. A double wedding doesn’t always mean it will be twice the fun. Anna thinks that Maxie and Peter are wanting to share the day with them. She will be the flower girl. They are trying to work out the details of the ceremony. It is complicated. Finn hears the doorbell ring and goes to get it. Chase and their father show up. They have a present for Violet.

Carly knows that Marcus is dead. Jordan doesn’t want her to waste her time. Carly asks why she would know where he is. Jordan knows that Sonny has been keeping him safe. Trina is convinced that Marcus is alive and is trying to find proof. Carly knows that Trina will make peace with this. Jordan explains that Cam and Joss are helping her.

Cam has to agree with Joss. She is taking the word of Cyrus. Trina knows what Cyrus is. Joss doesn’t think that she has any proof. Joss knows that Cyrus blames her father of what he did. He believes that this is the truth and it gives him a motive. He might want to harass Trina. Trina is following her instincts. She feels like her father is alive.

Valentin reminds Martin that he was fired. Valentin was offended. Martin is begging for forgiveness. He is sorry for making assumptions. Valentin would never actively wish for anything to happen to Lulu. Martin will not waste anymore of his time. Valentin tells Martin to shut up.

Marcus runs back to the car. It is freezing. Laura wonders where he went. Cyrus blended in with the carolers. It has more security than it needs. He thinks that the only way to get in is if you are staff, family, or a patient. Laura thinks it is time for plan B.

Finn tells Chase that Violet got confused. Chase might even bring a plus one. Violet wonders if her grandfather will bring a plus one. Finn is not sure if she will be able to bring her. Violet wants to hear all about the wedding. She wants to see pictures.

Carly knows that Cam, Joss, and Trina are best friends. It doesn’t mean anything. Jordan thinks they could be upsetting the wrong people. Carly thinks that the someone else should have been more hands on about keeping secrets. Jordan needs a face to face before someone gets killed and they stay dead this time. Carly gets on the phone. She tells them not to say a word but just listen to her.

Trina thinks that Cyrus was just confirming something she already felt in her heart. Joss wonders if this is instinct or a wish. Joss still wishes that Morgan is alive. She then realizes if Morgan was alive then he would come home. She assumes that her dad would do the same thing. Cam thinks that she wouldn’t trust a single thing that happens. Joss wonders if this is just what she wanted to hear. Joss gets a text from Carly. She wants her to meet at the Metro Court. She thinks that when she says now it is never a good thing.

Valentin tells Martin to sit down. He might lack sensitivity but he is willing to push things forward. He will rehire him. Martin has all the documents. Valentin tells Martin that if he ever says what he did again he will go after him. Martin needs Valentin to know that his private life is not going to stay private much longer.

Curtis claims to be a doctor. He says that his patient needs help.

Finn tells Violet he doesn’t have pictures. Greg tells Violet that he wasn’t there. Greg has a picture on his phone. It is important to always keep reminders on his phone. Violet thinks she is almost as beautiful as Anna. Chase always loved that picture. Finn thinks that Violet should get Greg a cookie. Greg agrees to it. Anna tells him not to forget the milk. Finn thinks that felt a little awkward. Anna thinks that upset him.

Curtis tells Laura that he will stay by his side. Curtis tells a man that he only talks with the chief-of-staff. Laura starts moaning. Curtis thinks that this is unacceptable. His patient was traumatized. He needs her admitted. He asks if he needs to call security.

Valentin has seen a lot of things. It takes a lot to shock him. He asks if he is into leather. Martin explains it involves his family. He really doesn’t mention his family because he has tried to take his own roots. He doesn’t want him to hear anything else. Martin tells him that his brother is Cyrus.

Trina thinks they can talk about Joss later. They need to focus on finding her father. Epiphany clearly knows something. Cam wonders why she is being led to suffer like this. Trina thought that he wanted to help her. She thinks that he just wants her to forget about everything.

Carly tells Joss to talk and tell her everything. She asks why Joss was asking questions about Trina’s father. She asks why she was looking at Marcus’ medical records. Joss was looking for proof that Marcus was still alive.

Jordan finds Marcus. He understood that she wanted to see him.

Curtis explains that he will be talking with the governor of New York. Kevin will have made information as well. They claim that they found her information. They will have her admitted right away.

Anna thinks that Finn shuts down. She thinks it is obvious. It brought up painful memories of this. He resents his father for marring so quickly. Greg is here and is going to be spending more time in PC. She thinks that Violet will only get more curious. She thinks that he needs to speak with Chase or a therapist. She doesn’t think that he can pretend that it isn’t there.

Valentin asks if Martin is close with Cyrus. Martin is not. Valentin knows of Cyrus’ past. Martin thinks that Cyrus is not going to be his lawyer though. Martin will be. Valentin hasn’t signed anything yet.

Joss tells Carly that Trina was going to look into it with or without her and she decided to help her. Carly points out that this was illegal. Joss asks what she was going to do. She thinks that there might have been a chance that he could be alive. Carly thinks that lives could be at risk. She needs to know why she thinks Marcus is alive. Joss cannot tell her.

Cam wishes that Franco would be fine and healthy tomorrow. Trina talked with Ava and she said that Franco is a survivor. Cam hopes that he is back out there. Trina has to go somewhere else tonight. She needs to do this alone.

Jordan thinks that it is good to see him. Marcus ditched the burner phone. He thinks that Cyrus is a threat to the people he loves. Marcus was careful that Trina didn’t see him. Jordan wonders what is going on. Jordan demands to know who saw him.

Curtis thinks that was a scary performance. Laura thinks it just felt so real for a moment and it got kind of scary. Curtis reminds her it isn’t real though. Curtis gives Laura his phone. Laura will find her whatever it takes.

Finn resented his father for moving on so quickly. He was angry and said things that he shouldn’t have. Finn shouldn’t blame his father for wanting to move on. Anna asks if he blames Jackie. Finn is not sure. He is happy for Chase. He thinks that the distance with his father is not a good thing. Anna knows that he cannot change the past. Anna imagines that his father could use someone to talk with. Anna thinks that he can be an objective listener. She wants him to put this down for his father’s sake. Violet tells Finn that Greg told her another story. Greg thinks he might have overstayed his welcome and better call it a night. Finn tells Greg that there is something he needs to say.

Valentin asks if Martin is also Cyrus’ lawyer. Martin has little to do with his brother. Valentin assumes that Cyrus is making more enemies. He is an alleged drug lord. If he slips up he doesn’t want to be involved in the fallout.

Carly wonders why she cannot tell her. Joss thinks she might have good reason. Carly reminds Joss that Marcus was shot to death. Cyrus is a dangerous man. She needs to know what makes Trina think that her father is still alive.

Trina thinks about her father. She remembers thinking of a day with her father. Trina starts to cry.

Marcus admits that someone did see him. It was just some random guy named Julian. Jordan is shocked that Julian knows. Jordan thinks that this information is not good for Julian to find out. She tells him to leave town. It is her job to keep Trina safe.

Curtis thinks that this will be up to her. Curtis tells the doctor to take care of Laura. He has something to make her transition here easier. He takes out a syringe.

Finn asks Greg to be at the wedding. He wants him to be there. Greg asks for one more air kiss. Violet wants Jackie to be there too.

Joss asks Carly to trust her. Carly thinks that this puts them all at risk. Joss admits it was Cyrus.

Trina hears a noise and calls out for her father.

Martin promises that Valentin will not regret this.

Curtis tells the nurse that he has everything he needs.

Laura looks at the syringe.

Written by Anthony

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