GH Update Monday 12/14/20

General Hospital Update Monday 12/14/20


Sasha thinks that Brando is starting to make this a habit of getting in her way. Brando promises to stay out of her way if she stays out of his.

Franco is on the phone with Elizabeth. He misses her and is excited to see her for the first time in a while. He is hopeful.

Scott cannot believe that Kirk is dead. Obrecht says he is. Scott thinks that this doctor was the only chance at saving Franco.

Maxie thanks Sasha for meeting her. Sasha wonders if they are on track for the trunk show. Maxie says that the trunk show is off and she is out. Maxie explains that Lucy and her met with the lawyers. Sasha wonders what they had to say. Maxie tells her that she is a liability.

Tracy calls 911 as Alexis is in her car. Tracy says the location that Alexis is at. Tracy tells Alexis who is passed out that she brought this on herself.

Cyrus sees Britt and she asks if he has a minute. Cyrus thinks so. Britt needs more money for the hospital.

Julian walks into an alley. Sonny walks over with a gun. Julian needs to explain a few things. Sonny thinks that he can try.

Maxie thinks that Sasha is going to need to promise she is clean. She cannot risk her showing up to a photoshoot or work with drugs. People in the industry are talking about her. They could lose all their contracts. She knows this is a lot of stress. This has been Lucy’s dream since the 90’s. Sasha promises that she is done with drugs. Maxie is glad that she is saying this. The lawyers were able to convince the insurance company to back down. Sasha is willing to do anything. Maxie might want to listen to the situation.

Tracy tries to wake Alexis up. Chase shows up. Alexis wonders what he is doing here. Chase explains that she drove her car off the road. Alexis says she didn’t. Tracy thought that Alexis was going to kill herself.

Scott tells Obrecht to fix Kirk. Obrecht thinks that he is dead. Scott will find someone who can do something. Scott thought that it was an accident. Obrecht thinks that he will be sent to prison never to return. Obrecht suggests that he collect himself and remain silent. She needs to get rid of the body.

Cyrus commends Britt for dealing with the staff. He found out that Finn had developed a treatment for a rare disease. The point being that not only did the drug save thousands of life but it also saved GH. He explains that a new pain medication is being expedited for government relief. Britt thinks that if the doctors were told to give the patients his drug then it could put the hospitals reputation at risk.

Sonny demands to know what Cyrus has on Julian to keep this going. Julian didn’t want to take Lucas’ son away. Sonny asks if this is somehow not his fault. Julian already knows how this ends. He ends up dead. Sonny could take him to the police station and he could have him tell them what he did to Cyrus. Someone shoots Julian while they are talking.

Tracy explains she drove Alexis home and then she was a little worse than she thought. She went into the kitchen to make coffee. She couldn’t find the coffee. She went to ask Alexis where she keeps it. The car keys were gone and everything. Tracy called 911. She ran away. She found her passed out behind the wheel. Chase thanks her for the information. Alexis wonders why she would get into the car. Tracy suggests to buy more vodka. Tracy wonders if Alexis blacked out again.

Scott cannot believe she is taking her time with this. This guy was going to save his son. Now he is going to have these voices in his head forever. Franco knocks on the door and asks if he is ok. Obrecht tells Scott to do what she says. All he has to do is take Franco to his hotel. She will handle the body. Scott walks into the hallway and claims that he was looking for him. He thinks that they need to get going. Franco wonders why he was shouting at Kirk. Scott is just excited for Franco to be ok. He tells Franco they need to get going.

Obrecht tells Kirk that no one gets to lay a hand on her. She wonders what she will do with him.

Maxie tells her she needs to make sure that she takes random drug tests. She will get food and drinks provided to her. Sasha is not a drug addict. Maxie explains that Lucky was addicted to drugs. She helped him but not in the good way. She used to get him drugs. Those drugs destroyed his career and family. She will not let that happen again. Maxie cares about her but she does not trust her.

Jason and a masked shooter go at each other. Jason manages to shoot the man dead. Jason tells Sonny that they are clear. Sonny wonders what happened to Julian. Sonny wonders if they know the shooter. Sonny doesn’t think they need to guess who sent him. Sonny thinks they need to go.

Cyrus sees her point. He does believe that being the pharmaceutical is going to work out. Britt thinks to be clear. She is all for less pain for the patients but her priority is good medical care not the sell of drugs.

Maxie thinks that if she needs more time… Sasha will agree to everything. Sasha is not a drug addict. She thinks this shouldn’t be an issue. She will do whatever needs to be done. Sasha asks if they can talk about the trunk show. Maxie explains that people are going to make this their business and dig to find the story unless she gets ahead of it. They want her to go public before anyone gets ahold of this story. Maxie thinks that this will come out regardless. Maxie tells Sasha she took drugs that gave her a heart attack. She is in recovery. Maxie thinks that this is up to her. She would like her to consider this and commit to getting happy by signing her new contract. Maxie asks if they can talk about the trunk show now. Maxie will get on it. She meant what she says. She is her friend and she cares about her. Sasha needs a few minutes.

Alexis did not blackout. She blacked out before and it takes a hell of a lot more than three drinks. Tracy doesn’t know how many drinks she had and she doesn’t either. Chase asks Alexis to take a sobriety test. Alexis declines. Chase says that she will have consequences.

Cyrus agrees with Britt. Their priority needs to be the patients and these drugs will support that. Britt guesses while making GH a lot of money. Cyrus thinks she should grasp a good opportunity. Cyrus needed the right person for a difficult job. He knew that they would see eye to eye. Cyrus thanks her for her time. He is sure that she has somewhere else to be. Britt is not sure what business he thinks they are in. She is in the business of saving lives.

Tracy suggests she could go to rehab. Alexis doesn’t think she will be able to leave the city. Chase asks for Alexis’ license. Chase explains that he can seize this. Alexis understands. Chase arrests her for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Someone knocks on the hotel room door. Franco guesses he will get that. Scott wants him to know that he is important to him. Franco knows he is nervous but Kirk seems to have it together. He wants him to relax. Obrecht shots up. She has come here to save Franco. Franco explains he has a meeting with Kirk. Obrecht explains that he is no longer available.

Sasha sits down with Cyrus. She believes she owes him an apology. She would love to make it up to him if he would give her another chance. Brando tells Sasha that she needs to come with her. He found Sasha searching for drugs. She says that she blames him for her heart attack. Brando will make sure not to bother him again. Cyrus tells Sasha that she is way out of her depth. She needs to play dress up where there is less depth. Cyrus gets a phone call. He asks what problems.

Britt asks Maxie if she can join her. Maxie says not at all. She explains that Peter is loving having her in PC. If Peter wants her to be at the wedding then she will be fine. Maxie thinks that Peter and her are committed to keeping Nathan’s memory alive. Maxie thinks that James brought out the good in Obrecht. Maxie knows the bond is broken now. She doesn’t want to have to tell Obrecht that she is marrying Peter and having his child.

Franco thought that Kirk just was available. Obrecht explains that Kirk was sent off on WSB business. Scott thought he could have called them. Obrecht is certain that he would have worked with him if he could. Obrecht is not sure if he is coming back or not. Obrecht wants him to look at her and smile. Obrecht has been looking at his file. She is certain she can help him. Obrecht is inclined towards forgiveness. She is the OG polymath. Scott will not let her mess around with his mind. Obrecht was the director of the clinic to heal the mind. She knows her way around the brain. It says that Franco is having potential complications. She asks what happened. Franco hears some other people in his mind. It isn’t like they are random voices. It is like he is hearing things he isn’t supposed to.

Chase reads Alexis her rights. Alexis asks Chase if he is sure he wants to do this. Chase has no choice. Chase has Tracy’s account of her behavior. Chase will give her a breathalyzer at the station.

Maxie thinks that she was determined to keep Obrecht in James’ life. She knew that she was hurting as much as her when Nathan died. Maxie knows that Obrecht will not stop blaming Peter. She broke his arm with a pat and left him in a burning stable. She couldn’t let it go. She kept blaming him for her crimes. She lost it.

Obrecht knows that they will process information while other things are going on. Obrecht thinks that she will work on something else and then a new solution will happen. She asks what is the first thing that comes to mind. Franco says Drew. Kirk thought that maybe it was one of Drew’s memories. Franco explains that it is Peter’s voice he is hearing.

Tracy will wait for the tow truck. Alexis tells her to just leave it. She knows no one cares about her.

Sasha thinks about Brando the other night. Brando calls and asks if she is ok. She thanks Brando for all he has done. Sasha is out of his way. He needs to stay out of her way now. Brando asks Cyrus if something happened. Cyrus thinks nothing happened.

Sonny knows the last time they were here it was with Mike. They had shot at him. Jason thinks if Julian was smart then he wouldn’t get involved with Cyrus in the first place. Sonny will line up the shot and pull the trigger himself if he has to.

Written by Anthony

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