GH Update Friday 12/4/20

General Hospital Update Friday 12/4/20


Written by Anthony

Carly tells Avery on the phone that her necklace is having the claps fixed.

Jason thinks that Julian has no one left to help him. Carly comes in and tells them that they have a problem.

Trina tells Jax that she needs to speak with Joss about something personal. Joss wonders what is wrong. Trina thinks her father might be alive.

Ava tells Nikolas that Julian is not a problem anymore. Ava explains that Julian is dead because of her. He was standing out there just last night. She had a gun on him. She was going to kill him. He knew it. The look on his face. She turned on her brother and now he is dead.

Sasha tells Nina that she is fine. Nina is glad that she is better. She asks if she wants to talk about what happened. Sasha really doesnít remember much about it. Nina knows about the cocaine.

Michael thought that Willow would still be reading to Wiley. Willow thinks that he is having a growth spurt. Willow thinks that they need to finally face the truth tonight.

Nikolas tells Ava that it will be ok. Nikolas wonders what happened from the beginning. Ava explains that Ryan was threatening to expose Julian in his part of Wileyís kidnapping. Nelle had left a letter for Ryan. Julian was terrified that Sonny would kill him. Sonny did find out. Sonny and Jason came here last night. She knew that her brother would meet a very violent end. Ava just wanted it to be quick. She thinks that Julian understood that he was living on borrowed time. She was going to pull the trigger then Sonny and Jason came in. Nikolas thinks that is an extremely hard fall but she saved it. Ava reminds him that he saved her. Julian had no one.

Chase tells Britt that he is investigating the substance not the patient. He just needs to the see the report.

Sasha didnít OD. Nina has saw her high. Nina asks if she would rather think she has a heart condition than admit to having a drug problem. Nina was scared to hear what happened to her. She does care about her. She doesnít want her to throw away her life like this. Nina actually cares. She needs to wake up and do better. She begs her. Sasha thanks her. She really does appreciate her concern. Chase walks in. He needs to speak with Sasha. Nina guesses she just wanted to make sure that she was alright with her own eyes. Sasha still hopes she finds her daughter. She thinks anyone would be lucky to have her for a mom. Chase asks how she is feeling. Sasha guesses it depends on if he is here as a friend or a cop.

Michael thinks that they have both always been good friends but lately he thinks that his feelings have deepened and changed. Willow has been feeling the same way. She thinks that they found something new between them. Michael knows that she said that she didnít regret what happened between them. Willow doesnít regret anything. Michael doesnít either. Willow thinks that learning that Chase and Sasha never cheated does change things. Michael wonders if it does.

Trina thinks that it is possible that he could be hiding. Trina thinks that he could have faked his death. She does believe him. Joss asks who told her that her father was alive. Trina says Cyrus.

Carly doesnít think that Cyrus will stay in hiding much longer. Sonny explains that Cyrus was just here. Sonny tells her that Cyrus just confirmed that Julian was responsible for planting the bomb. Sonny knows that much was true. Carly wonders what is going on. Sonny explains that Julian knew for months that Wiley was Michaelís son.

Britt wants a minute alone with Lucas. Britt thinks that he could have spent more than a moment with Brad. She didnít expect him to be cruel. Lucas thinks they both know what Brad did. Lucas thinks that Brad let Wiley watch as Michael suffered for a year. Brad only looks out for Brad. Lucas thinks he was the only one to blame. Britt doesnít think it is true.

Sasha could use friends but he seems like a detective. He explains her results came back. She was taking a stimulant on top of one. Chase asks where she got the drugs. He is just trying to make sense of all of this. He is trying to track down all this bad stuff. He is afraid for her. He should have seen that she was struggling. Sasha thinks it is her fault for using all that stuff. She was coping with a lot and one line made her feel something. She doesnít regret the lie. She knows he has been hurting too and he kept it all together. Chase admits he didnít. He admits he told Willow the truth. He told her that they never slept together and it was all a setup. Sasha asks how he could do that.

Willow knows that Michael was obviously worried about Sasha. Michael was. He hasnít been back since. He doesnít want to do the wrong thing. He is so angry that he doesnít know what he would say.

Carly cannot believe that Julian kept that secret and said nothing. Carly thinks that was what Nelle had over him. She knew about this. Sonny assumes that he is probably the one who kidnapped Wiley. Carly thinks he is such a bastard. He let Lucas fall in love with a little boy who wasnít his. She hopes they will make him pay. Jason thinks that he might have already. Carly needs to tell them something about Nelle and Nina.

Nina thanks Jax for coming. She just got back from visiting Sasha at the hospital. She knows that Sasha has no one to talk with. She could tell that she was suffering and could tell that she was high. Jax hopes that she realizes how lucky it was for her to have her as a daughter figure. Nina thinks it makes the past unimportant now. Jax thinks that she always sees the good in people. Nina wonders if she is president of the club. Nina thinks that maybe somehow she can find their own honest relationship. Jax asks if Nina forgives Sasha then. He asks if he forgives Valentin then too.

Ava was searching for any sign of Julian. That is why he saw her outside this morning. She had been there for hours. She is sorry that she didnít tell him the truth. Nikolas wonders what made her want to kill him. He knows they were family. Ava thinks that he is her family. He is her future. Nikola chooses her. She can trust him. Ava wants too. She really wants to tell him everything but it is so bad. She swears she had nothing to do with it. Nikolas wonders what Julian did. Ava explains that he is the one who planted the bomb.

Lucas doesnít have time for Brittís games. Britt wonders how Brad dealt with being around Lucas. Britt thinks that if it wasnít for Brad then he would have lost even more.

Sasha cannot believe that he would tell her the truth. Chase wanted her to know that he still loves her even if it doesnít change anything between them. Sasha thinks that he did this for him. Chase thinks that he did it for all of them. Sasha wonders when he told Willow. Sasha wonders if that was why Michael was with him when she was unconscious. She wonders if Michael could forgive her.

Michael feels terrible for thinking this. He is just so angry that she lied. She turned to drugs and nearly killed herself. He thinks that this whole thing was so reckless. Michael cannot go and unload on Sasha. He hasnít been back to see her. He knows she did this for Wiley but he doesnít want to say something that could make this worse for her. Willow thinks it blows her mind that they manipulated them instead of telling them the truth. Michael wants to forgive them but he just isnít sure that he can. Willow knows it was a lie. Michael questioned everything wondering how this happened. Willow thinks that they made this all up. They need to figure out what this sacrifice means to them.

Sasha thinks that that Michael stayed with her all night. It could mean that he would still care. Chase knows he still cares but he doesnít want her to get ahead of herself. Sasha wonders if he knows something. Chase suggests talking about it another time. Sasha wants to know what is going on. Chase explains that Michael and Willowís marriage is a real marriage.

Lucas wonders what Britt has to say. Britt wonders if he really thinks that Brad did this all by himself. He had help but he took the fall anyway.

Joss thinks that Trina shouldnít have been anywhere near him. Trina doesnít like him at all but something in her soul could tell that he was telling the truth. She went to go get his favorite candy and he was just gone. It doesnít make sense. Joss asks if maybe she wants this so bad that she is grasping at straws. Trina thinks that she might but she assumes that she would do the same for her own father. She needs to figure out one way or another. Trina guesses they can talk with Carly and Sonny. Trina thinks they can tell no one.

Ava explains that Julian claims that Cyrus was threatening to kill his entire family. Nikolas thinks that if Julian was supposed to wait until everyone was gone but he was tricked. He didnít think or care about the people in risk. Nikolas wonders why she would bring him here. Ava didnít know he was responsible. She knew she had to make a choice or make her own future. She let herself have a moment of clarity and for the first time in her life she chose herself and Nikolas and she would do it again.

Michael doesnít know how he feels about him and Sasha. Willow thinks that it is clear that he still has strong feelings for her. Michael wonders about them. Willow doesnít think they can move on until they are both positive that Chase and Sasha are behind them. Michael guesses that they should figure this out. Willow thinks they know one thing for sure. They have always been friends and she doesnít want to jeopardize that. Michael knows that they will always be Wileyís parents though.

Sasha asks if Michael and Willow are sleeping together. Chase isnít sure what is going on with them. Sasha knew that Michael and Willow would never forgive them. Chase gets a text from Willow who wants to see him.

Lucas asks if Britt is telling him that Brad had another accomplice from someone other than Nelle. Britt thinks he doesnít get it. Brad did this all for him. He knew that he just lost his family and he wanted him to keep the family that he had left.

Joss doesnít want to flame any tension between Sonny and Cyrus. Trina begs her not to say anything. Joss agrees.

Carly thinks that this all adds up for Nelle and Nina. She thinks that she will go insane when she finds out she testified against her own daughter. Carly thought she could keep this a secret. Sonny asks if Jax is threatening to tell Nina.

Nina thinks she understands Valentinís reasoning a little bit more now. She saw Charlotte saying goodbye to Lulu. She would do anything to take the pain away from that sweet little girl. They try and comfort the ones they love and probably go a bit too far. Jax has been guilty of that. She knows that he is. Jax thinks that the truth is always best.

Ava betrayed her brother. She had to do it though for Nikolas to make amends to what Julian did to his family. That means that Nikolas is all she has left. She asks if he can accept them. She asks if it would be enough for him. Nikolas says yes. He thinks it is more than enough. He has felt alone most of his life. He is ready to move forward. He hopes that she doesnít regret her choice. He loves her too. He really does. The two kiss one another.

Jason asks how sure that Jax will protect her. He could say anything. Carly doesnít think that Jax will say anything. She thinks that this could be too traumatic for him. Sonny thinks that her saying that he cared about Nina is a lot of pressure.

Nina takes it all back. She knows it is not all that simple. She thinks that truth can sometimes be the only thing that keeps them going. She knows her child is a woman now. She prays that the family that adopted her loved and supported her. She thinks that every path that took her was the comfort of knowing that her child had a good life even if she didnít get to be a part of that. Jax thinks that it might be time to stop looking.

Joss will keep her secret. Joss wonders what her plan is. Trina thinks that they need to find proof. She thinks she knows where to start.

Michael shows up in Sashaís room.

Chase shows up at the Q mansion and finds Willow. He got her text.

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