GH Update Thursday 12/3/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/3/20


Written by Anthony

Ava looks over the balcony. She thinks about saying goodbye to Julian and then him jumping as Sonny and Jason showed up. Nikolas asks Ava what is wrong.

Jordan and Curtis talk with Martin briefly and realize his last name is Grey. Laura didnít realize that Jordan and Curtis were back in PC. Laura explains that Lulu is in a long term facility in Manhattan. Jordan thinks that Cyrus is behind it. Laura tells them that she expects even more of them. Laura thinks that they need to find her something in the fight against Cyrus. Curtis thinks he might have a lead.

Carly tells Marcus that Joss is upstairs. Carly tells him that Portia didnít want Trina to have a bodyguard.

Sonny asks if Cyrus has information on the bomber. Cyrus says that it was Julian.

Trina doesnít want to hear anything from a random stranger. The man says that this information is about her father.

Sonny asks if Cyrus really thinks that Julian is responsible. Cyrus explains that Julian reached out to him. He was desperate. He was convinced that he thought that Sonny wanted to send Jason to kill him. He must have thought that he was going to find some new issue.

Marcus reminds Carly that Trina could have been in the bar. Carly says that Trina wants normalcy back in her life. Marcus wants her to not have anymore issues. Carly wonders what he plans on doing. She wonders if he plans on blaming Sonny for everything.

Trina tells the guy that she will call the cops on him if he doesnít leave.

Portia wonders how Laura is doing. Laura is managing. Laura explains that Lulu is settling in and is comfortable. She is glad to have Jordan and Curtis. Jordan tells Portia that the mayor knows the details about her medical leave. They go into an exam room. Laura wonders if they found something. Laura admits she wasnít honest with him about that file. She knew the victim because she is the one who killed him.

Ava admits she was having a bit of PTSD out here from when Valentin pushed her. It was blind luck that Nikolas saved her. She might have drowned without him. Nikolas admits that early this morning he saw her walking around. He wonders if she was looking for something or someone. Ava was thinking about the explosion at the Floating Rib. She was wondering how someone could do what they did. She was trying to make sense of what happened with his sister. She wanted to figure out a way to ease the pain that she saw on his face.

Martin turns the lights on in his office. He thinks it is funny but he could have sworn he left the blinds open when he left last night. Martin thinks that everything seems as it should be. He will talk with him later. Martin sprays pepper spray in Julianís eyes.

Laura explains that it happened when she was a teenager. He seduced her as a way to get back at her mother. He hit his head and he died. She was hysterical. She didnít even realize it for months. Laura was given a suspended sentence. Laura explains that David did a lot of horrible things with her mother. She was stunned when it happened. Curtis thinks that she can tell him anything. Laura thanks him.

Nikolas thinks that somewhere in her mind or soul that they need their mother. Ava thinks that it is ok to admit that he needs Lulu too. Nikolas thinks it is true. He never realized how much he needed her as a moral compass. Ava knows it must have been hard to pretend that he had died. Sisters forgive their brothers at least they are supposed to. That is what being a family is. Nikolas wonders if she is talking about her and Julian.

Martin thinks that he has to forgive him he feels safer with pepper spray. Julian gets a glass of water. He normally doesnít give him refreshments. Martin thinks that usually lawyers donít trust people. Julian explains that Sonny, Jason, and Ava think he is dead. He had to get away from Ava who had a gun in her hand. Sonny and Jason were also about to kill him. Julian needs to leave town or one of them will kill him. Martin asks what role he is going to play. Julian thinks he will help him get out of town.

Sonny wants to know what Cyrus said when he wanted to murder Jason. Cyrus has no desire to provoke a war. He turned Julian down flat. Cyrus can only imagine that he took matters into his own hands. Sonny wonders if he has seen Julian since the bombing. Cyrus imagines that he is looking into somewhere else to live. Cyrus will see himself out. Cyrus calls for Brando and tells him it is time to go. Sonny thinks he really wants them to go after Julian.

Marcus admits that all roads lead to Sonny. Carly reminds him that Sonny has been helping him. Carly points out that their daughters are best friends. Trina and Portia are always welcome in her home. She remembers he was relentless to take Sonny down. Marcus had justified reasons. Carly thinks that today they are united by a common enemy. Marcus wishes that Sonny would move faster against Cyrus. Marcus should have thrown his badge out years ago and taken Cyrus out.

Trina wonders what they know about her father. They tell him to stick around.

Jordan is so worried to think about all the people who died at the Floating Rib. Jordan is so sorry. She thought it was smart to leave town. She left PC with a sub during a crisis. She wonders if she could have saved lives. Portia thinks that Cyrus would have threatened TJ again.

Curtis suggests that Cyrus might want to hurt her. Laura thinks that this is a matter of public record. Curtis wonders if the name Florence Grey means anything to her.

Ava knows that Lulu is alive and there is hope. There is a chance that she could wake up that day. That is one less death. Nikolas wonders if Ava knows anything about the murderer.

Martin isnít a travel agent. Julian points out that he just happened to find his safe last night. Julian wants his money and car or people will know he is alive. Martin wonders why he would agree to this. Julian explain while he was snooping around last night he found an interesting pictures. He clearly has secrets of his own.

Curtis ran into Martin Grey earlier. Laura wonders if he thinks that this Florence is connected to Cyrus. Curtis thinks that she is connected. They were able to look at the records. He asks if she recognizes that name. Curtis thinks she can say anything. Laura explains that her biological father was married to Florence.

Portia thinks that it is best that she was out of the equation all together. This is sparing her a lot of grief. Jordan thinks that Trina could see the man that is responsible for her fatherís death brought to justice.

Marcus is tired sitting around the house doing nothing. He keeps thinking about Trina grieving. He saw Dev on Halloween. Marcus doesnít know but his daughter isnít used to danger. Carly knows that there has been fabricated lies about her family. She thinks that when you make lies there are consequences. She thinks that they are affecting her family. It is all on him.

Trina thinks that they are supposed to be meeting with someone. Cyrus is the person. Trina doesnít want to listen to anything that he has to say. Cyrus tells Trina that Marcus is very much alive.

Portia knows that they came to a meeting of the minds. Portia thinks that when she told him the truth she can keep it to herself. Jordan actually does have something she hasnít told her.

Laura explains that she wonders if it is the same person. Curtis knows the Florence Grey did once live in PC. Laura knows that they lived there in the 70ís for a few years. She doesnít know where they went. Gordan was her motherís mentor and when she was born he told her mother that she was dead. She was raised by a wonderful family. She lived with the Vinnings. She didnít actually live with Leslie until she was a teenager. She never gave up on her. Laura thinks that if Cyrus is responsible for what happened to LuluÖ Curtis thinks that if they can figure out what happened then they might have leverage.

Carly thinks that Marcus should be thanking them and be grateful that they would help them. Carly is doing this for Trina not him.

Trina would have to be an idiot to believe anything that Cyrus told her. She watched them put his coffin in the ground. It is all because of him. Cyrus thinks that he faked his death to protect her.

Ava thinks that if any evidence turns up about Cyrus then he will be a dead man. Ava tells him to ease up so Lulu doesnít have to visit him in prison. Nikolas thanks her for being optimistic about Lulu. Ava thinks that by his side is where he is meant to be. Nikolas wonders if it wasnít just for show. Ava doesnít think so. Nikolas was worried. Ava knows they had to move heaven and earth but she was willing for him. Nikolas wonders if they are married for real now. Ava heard herself say that she loves Nikolas and she meant it. She feels that their marriage is as real as it gets.

Martin thinks that the photograph means nothing Julian wonders if he is sure that wouldnít scare him. Julian tells Martin to open his safe.

Jason thinks that Cyrus clearly had something to do with the bombing. Sonny thinks that it is easier to go after him without Jason. Sonny knows that Cyrus thinks he covered his tracks but he is wrong.

Cyrus admires Marcus for hiding. It is clear that her father is brimming with love for her. Trina asks where he is then.

Marcus wants her to know that he really is truly grateful for everything. He is just restless with all the time in his hand. She had to hear that she was a corrupt cop. Carly explains that Trina refuses to see him as anything but a hero. Marcus doesnít want to lose Trina forever. Carly thinks that Sonny will handle Cyrus when the time is right.

Nikolas doesnít want any threats to their happiness including Ryan. Ava knows that Ryan is in a coma. Nikolas thinks that Ryan could go back to harassing her. Ava promises that Julian is not a problem anymore. Nikolas wonders what she means.

Martin doesnít keep a file or anything. Martin does have a copy of the letter that was left by his wife. It makes an interesting read. Julian thinks that once Sonny realizes that he has been holding on to that information then he would go after him. Martin gives him the money. Martin gave him everything he has. Martin demands to have the photograph back.

Portia wonders what she has to tell her. Jordan discovered some clues. It could end with them ending the agonizing over their children.

Laura thinks that she could care less about her biological father and his wife. She doesnít know why Cyrus is interested in all of this. Curtis thinks that the only pattern is that she seems to jump out at all of this.

Cyrus just got this information from a trusted source. Cyrus would love to help her out. He admires her spirit and hopes she finds her dad. Trina doesnít believe him at all. Not one word.

Marcus thinks that Cyrus could kill more people like he already has.

Cyrus tells someone on the phone that Trina will find Marcus and they will kill him again.

Jason thinks that Julian delivered the bomb. Jason thinks that other people have survived that fall. Sonny knows that Ava is not hiding him. Sonny thinks they need to find Julian.

Julian needs the photo for insurance purposes. Julian will make sure he is exposed if anything comes about of this conversation.

Nikolas wonders if she was able to convince Julian to go away. Ava knows he is gone. They can leave it at that. Ava told him that Julian is not a problem anymore. Nikolas needs to know the truth. Ava explains that Julian is dead because of her.

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