GH Update Wednesday 12/2/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/2/20


Written by Anthony

Jordan asks if Curtis is ever going to unpack. Curtis is just trying to figure out what is going on. Cyrus shows up. He welcomes her home Cyrus tries to keep track of key personal. He hopes that her trip was satisfactory. He asks if she got everything she needed.

Maxie and Peter surprise Finn as he walks into Annaís house. Maxie thinks that he managed to take a bullet for her. Maxie didnít tell Violet that.

Franco thinks the worst thing about brain surgery is what it does to his hair. Cam shows up and asks how he is doing. Franco is awesome. Franco is sorry about Dev. He thinks that he doesnít need to hide his grief from them.

Carly tells Brando that it will just be a small service. Brando thinks that they should do it. He promises not to let Gladys show up. Carly thinks that she has gone over everything. She asks Sam if she forgot anything. Sam thinks no. She thinks it will be a lovely service for a boy who should never have died in the first place.

Trina thinks that this was Devís favorite shirt. She doesnít know why. Joss misses him.

Jason searched the shore line for miles. No sign of Julian dead or alive. He thinks that he had a better chance at surviving that jump than he does with dealing with Cyrus. Sonny thinks that Sam needs to know that Julian almost killed her son.

Jordan is tired. She had to go across the country to see her doctor. Cyrus doesnít think that things are the same without her in charge. Jordan knows that Sonnyís cousins death probably hurt him. Cyrus thinks that no one protects the people of PC like she does. He will see them soon. He leaves. Curtis asks if they think that he is on to them. Jordan doesnít think yet. Curtis suggests that the patient might be the key to taking Cyrus down.

Anna wonders how Maxie is. Peter thinks that Maxie is still taking it hard. Anna thinks that Luluís absence leaves a hole in so many peoples hearts.

Joss tells Peter that she is so sorry. She knows that Dev meant a lot to him. She knows that he loved seeing Brando at the garage. Brando will miss Dev. Joss was going through his room and thought that he might want it. Dev said that he never took it off in Turkey. She doesnít know when he took it off but he must have taken it off when he realized he had a home. Brando thanks them all for being here. Brando wants them to take care. Carly is so glad that they gave Dev a home.

Jason knows that Sam has no use for Julian. It wonít make it any easier. Jason wonders if Ava really was going to cover for Julian. Jason knows that Ava just saved herself but she gave Julian one last rock to hide under.

Curtis thinks that the patient is one Florence Grey. It is unclear as to what was going on. He found out she was living here years ago. The hospital might have her medical records.

Carly tells Trina that her mom is here. Portia shows up. Carly says she will be right down. Portia wonders how they are holding up. Carly is trying not to hover. She heard about what she did to help Lulu. Her entire family was so grateful. Portia wishes she could have done more. Trina shows up. She thanks Carly for having her. Carly thinks any time. Trina wonders if they are getting breakfast. Portia thinks they are.

Maxie wants to know why Alex was so obsessed with her.

Elizabeth explains that the tumor was reduced in size but it is still there. Cam asks if they will do radiation. Franco wants to spend quality time with the people he loves. Franco has a sugar craving. Elizabeth goes to get him something. Franco tells Cam that he is scared. Cam is terrified.

Cyrus has Brando come in. He is happy he came in despite his loss. Brando wonders who killed his son. Cyrus wonders why he would know that. Brando thinks that Sonny has a lot of enemies. Cyrus is glad that he did ask. Sonny might have assumed that he had a hand in things. He thinks they should clear up any misconceptions. Brando will reach out. Cyrus will trust him to make out with out him hovering.

Anna explains that her sister wasnít always like this. She did actually save her life many years ago. Maxie thinks they are so grateful but more recently she tried to kill her. Anna thinks that Alex felt that family was important to her. Her choices though and the mistakes she made kept her from being part of one. The WSB never would have stopped searching. She wanted to pretend to be her for that reason. Peter thinks that she was falling over them at dinner.

Franco promises that he will do everything he can to be there for him for all of them. Cam thinks that he better promise. Franco needs him to fight as well. He needs to force himself to expect that good things and great things will happen to him. He needs to do that for him. Franco hugs him. He tells him to go onward.

Sam finds Joss and tells her to calm down. She can help her with this. Joss would give anything to just be helping Dev with his college apps. He was so excited to go to college here. Sam knows that this is not fair. Joss thinks that he deserved so much better than this. Sam knows what happened was terrible. Joss loves Sonny and Jason so much. She doesnít want to complain but sometimes she has to wonder what their life would be like if they were safe and normal people.

Jason puts Sonny on speaker phone with Brando. Brando explains that Cyrus wants to talk about the explosion. Sonny has terms.

Martin wants a word with Elizabeth. He represented her husband for a time. Elizabeth remembers when he was Drew he had him file a will. He does hope that Franco gets better soon.

Anna explains that Alex tried this a few years ago too. It was Emma who figured this all out. Maxie admits that they didnít figure this out though. Anna knows that she didnít figure it out. Anna thinks that she wanted to be apart of a family. The baby is fine though. Finn says he is fine too. Maxie explains that Lulu isnít though. Anna is so sorry. Maxie keeps telling herself that Lulu will make it out because she is a Spencer. Anna thinks that Lulu would want her to focus on the good things in her life. Anna realizes that they havenít told them about all the changes they have made.

Jordan and Curtis tell Portia that she can opt out of helping them at any time. Jordan explains that after they got home Cyrus was at their front door. Jordan explains that Cyrus wants her back to work. Portia will refuse to clear her. Curtis needs access to GH medical files from forty years ago.

Cyrus tells a goon that Marcus supposedly is alive. They have the perfect means at their disposal. Brando shows up. He got a hold of Sonny. He has one condition. If he wants to meet with him then he needs to go alone.

Joss admits that when she goes to Australia with her father then she pretends that is what her life is like all the time. Sam wonders how that would make her feel. Joss doesnít know. It isnít possible here. She never would want to leave. Sam knows. Joss thinks that Australia is great for vacations but her life is here. She guesses that is just how it is. Her life is this over here. Carly asks Joss how the playlist has been going. Carly tells her that Sam and her will let her get back to it. Joss thanks Sam for listening.

Cam tells Trina he isnít going to go back to school today. Trina wonders what the prognosis is. Cam explains that the tumor might be able to be treated with radiation. He is just guilty. He just knows that Devís life is over and it seems selfish to be happy over this news with Franco. Trina thinks is it ok to feel happy and sad about things at the same time.

Carly tells Sam that she knows what she is going through. She knows it is beyond terrifying. She needs to come talk with her but leave Joss out of it. Sam didnít mean to talk but Joss started talking. Sam doesnít know what to do. Sam thinks that Danny is old enough to want to know what is going on. She doesnít know what to say to him. She could just say that Jason is back again tonight. Carly thinks that she can tell him the truth when he is older. Carly doesnít think they need to tell the truth if it hurts their children. Carly thinks that their kids need to see that their kids love each other and have faith in one another. Sam needs better than this for her children.

Finn thinks they decided to throw in the towel for a big wedding. He thinks that they will try for something small. Anna doesnít want to let this wedding get put off any longer than they need to. Finn sits down. Maxie tells Anna that there is still one thing freaking her out about Alex. She said that her and Peter were alike. Anna thinks she needs to let it go. She shouldnít waste a moment of happiness with Peter because of this. Anna tells Peter that they were talking about how much they love Peter. Peter calls her mom.

Trina tells Portia she is going to go to school today. She needs something to feel normal. Trina wants to walk into school like a normal day and she cannot do that with her looking over her shoulder. Portia tells her to come home right after school. Trina will.

Jason tells Cyrus that he was told to come alone. Jason tells his guard to put Brando at a table. Cyrus asks if he is going to offer him some coffee. Sonny is out. Sonny wants to know what he has on the explosion. Sonny is running short on patience. Sonny wants to know what he wants.

Cam shows Franco TikTok videos. Cam will never admit that he will miss him. Franco tells him not to forget their deal. Elizabeth asks what deal. Cam thinks something to make their futures brighter. Franco starts hearing Peterís voice in his head.

Finn asks Anna if she is ok. Anna thinks in this moment everything is actually great. Their wedding is only in a few weeks. Anna thinks that things could be looking up for a change.

Anna thinks that all the talk about Anna and Finnís wedding is crazy. Peter thinks it is great that they are talking about happy things.

A man asks if she is Trina Robinson.

Joss continues to pack Devís things.

Carly thinks they all want better for their children but that life doesnít exist. Their kids have parents who love them. Sam thinks that Scout is too young but Danny isnít. Carly told her children that they have a mother who will keep them safe.

Brando puts Devís bracelet on.

Cyrus is here for Sonny. Sonny wonders how. Cyrus has everything he is looking for.

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