GH Update Tuesday 12/1/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/1/20


Written by Anthony

Curtis asks Jordan if they should take their honeymoon that they never had. Jordan thinks that end is in sight. Curtis guesses they donít go home until they have the information they need to beat Cyrus.

Maxie asks Brando if he needs help. Brando claims that he is good. Maxie heard about Dev. She is so sorry. Brando thanks her. She thinks that he looks a little lost. Brando tells Maxie that he is working right now.

Nikolas looks at Lulu. Laura watches from outside the room. Laura remembers looking at Lulu as a baby. Tracy gives Laura a cup of coffee. Laura thanks her so much.

Sonny stayed out of the history with Duke. Julian took a knife with Alexis and he let that one go. Jason cannot believe that Julian was just minutes away from killing Danny. Sonny thinks that Julian has pushed him too far.

Julian wonders if Lulu is dead. Ava says no. She might as well be though. She asks what they will do now.

Valentin tells Charlotte that they need to go into Luluís room. She needs Lulu to know how scared she is for her. Nina walks over and promises she will have backup.

Tracy tells Laura that Lulu was her stepdaughter. It is hard to get Luke back after he goes off on one of his adventures. Tracy heard that Monica had been replaced. She couldnít believe it. Tracy wants to know what has happened to this hospital and PC. She wonders who will get things right.

Cyrus needs to make sure that Lulu is alright. Portia thinks that every patient here gets the best care. Portia doesnít think his concern is welcome around here.

Cyrus wonders if the DEA ever mentioned anything about the family. Jordan never knew anything about family. He had girlfriends but they were more trophy like. Curtis wonders why Cyrus would purchase medical supplies. He thinks that doesnít make any sense. Jordan thinks they will find out soon enough. She thinks that Cyrus will start demanding to see her. Curtis gets a call from Portia about Lulu.

Jason thinks that Cyrus is the problem. Sonny thinks that Julian needs to pay. Jason thinks that Julian has some information that can hurt Cyrus. Sonny wants the information and then they will kill him.

Ava isnít sure what she will do with the gun. She thinks he deserves to be punished. Ava thinks that Cyrus lies. He knows that. He made a choice to make himself feel better about what he was doing. Ava wonders what he thought that he was going to do for Cyrus. He could have ran. She begged him to. Julian wonders what would have happened had he come after her. Ava guesses he put a bomb in a bar. Julian is sorry with all his heart. Ava thinks that never seems to stop him from making bad choices. She thinks that he should have just told Lucas the truth. He cannot stand the sight of him. Ava doesnít think he gets it at all. Innocent people are dead because of him. Julian will leave. Ava says no he wonít leave.

Maxie finds Cyrus. Cyrus knows that the article gave a glowing article about Sasha. Cyrus was so sad to hear about the trouble that Sasha is going through. Maxie wonders what trouble.

Jason asks Sonny if he is really going with him. Sonny is going with him. Ava might be trouble for them.

Julian thinks that killing him will only create more problems for her. Ava protected him until she knew the full extent of his crimes. Julian promises that he can fend for himself. Ava thinks that he can use her as leverage. Julian thinks that they are family. Ava thinks that Nikolas is her family too. Julian wonders if she is really going to choose Nikolas over her own brother. Ava loves him.

Charlotte is shocked that Nina came. Nina always comes when she calls. Valentin is delighted that she called. Nina explains that friends show up when they need help. Charlotte asks if Nina will stand outside of Luluís room when she visits her. Nina says that is a great idea. Martin tells Valentin that is a lovely picture. He thinks it is funny how things ended up for Lulu like he thought they might.

Dante thinks that Luluís face is just as beautiful as he thought it was when he was away. Nikolas knows that this is no fairytale. Kevin asks Nikolas and Dante to come out. Portia explains that the team from the long care facility is taking Lulu. Laura guesses it is time for them all to say goodbye.

Julian wonders about him. He wonders about her being his own brother. Ava thinks that he is the one who talked about having no choices. He squandered them all. Sonny wants him dead for his revenge. Julian thinks she is doing him no favors by killing him. Ava thinks that this is for the best.

Curtis and Jordan show and speak Spanish. They want to partner with their company. He would also like to get a tour. The woman is sorry but the tour will not be able to happen. Curtis thinks that he should leave Jordan in Mexico City to fend for herself. The secretary gets on the phone.

Valentin never wanted Lulu in a coma. Martin thinks that things worked out well for him. Valentin thinks that Charlotte is hurting though. Valentin tells Martin that he is fired.

Laura wonders where these people are. Portia says they are in the conference room. Laura will be back.

Maxie doesnít think it is possible that Sasha had a heart attack. Maxie thinks that women like her donít have heart attacks. Maxie wonders what happened. Maxie knew that she was struggling but she guesses that she has to see her and cancel the truck show next week. Laura tells Maxie that Lulu needs to get transferred. She wanted her to have the opportunity to say goodbye. Cyrus tells Laura that he is so sorry to hear about her daughter. Cyrus tells her to reach out if she needs anything. She smacks him across the face.

Julian thinks it is pouring out here. Ava thinks it is easier to clean up. Ava tells him to get out there and kneel down. Julian wonders if she canít look him in the eye while she is out there. Ava thinks that he needs to take his pick at who kills him. Ava asks if there is anything that he wants him to tell his children. Julian wants them to know that he loved them. He thinks that they shouldnít go with fear like he did. He is sorry that he was so much pain and a failure. Ava thinks he is sacrificing himself for his children. She will make sure they remember him like that. Ava says goodbye. Julian thinks that they are both going to hell together. Sonny and Jason run in and Julian jumps over.

The secretary tells someone that they want a tour. The guard thinks that is fine he guesses. Curtis tells Jordan to stay here because she would just get in the way. Jordan runs over to the computer and gets on to it with a flash drive.

Cyrus assumes that Laura doesnít want his help. Laura knows that the Floating Rib was a bombing. They will trace it back to him. She will make sure that he is taken off this work. Cyrus thinks she can do what she must. No one has ever stopped her before. Martin watches this.

Tracy explains to Lulu that Luke is off on one of his adventures. She needs to give Luke hell right back. She knows she likes to do things in her own time. She begs Lulu not to wait too long to say how much he loves her. How much they both doÖ Nikolas doesnít think it is fair. He doesnít think that someone with so much kindness should end up like this. He always promised to protect her. He wonders how many times he broke her heart. He is trying to be the man that she wants him to be. He knows she will wake up. He will show her one promise he wonít breakÖ Charlotte promises to take care of Rocco. She doesnít have to worry about either of them. She just needs to come home as soon as she canÖ Valentin tells Lulu that Martin isnít entirely wrong. He wanted Charlotte all to himself. He realizes how much Charlotte needs him. He asks Lulu to find a way back to her. He promises to keep her safe. He can only make her so happy because without her it isnít enoughÖ Maxie will send over Deception products. She will make sure that her skin is kept healthy. She cannot lose her radiance. Everyone is rooting for her and sending good thoughts her way. They will all be here when it is time for her to come home. Dante walks in.

Valentin tells Charlotte that she is incredibly brave. Charlotte said that she would take care of Rocco. Nikolas asks Nina if she has spoken with Ava. Nina hasnít. She said that she had something to take care of but he thought that she would be done by now.

Ava knew that Julian was in trouble and that he needed a place to stay. Ava heard about Lulu then and then when she heard that everything became clear. She came back here to kill him herself.

Jordan begs for the files to complete. She runs and grabs as they run back in. Curtis is sure that their companies will be successful together. Curtis is sure that Jordan isnít entirely useless.

Sonny wonders why Ava didnít call him. Ava wanted to save him. Sonny wonders if she wanted to kill him herself. Ava wanted it to be quick with someone that loved him. Ava thinks he was family. She wanted to protect him. She had to protect the innocent and his children are a little safer now. Ava thinks it is over for her. Jason checked everywhere. There is no sign of Julian.

Laura thinks that they will take the best possible care of her. She just wants to tell her that everything is ok. She wants her love to bring her back to her. Kevin thinks that deep down she senses her love. That will bring her something to bring her back to them. Laura needs to say goodbye.

Dante assumes that he should be an expert at saying goodbye but he isnít. She would be wrong for once. He thought that leaving her would be the worst he could feel. He knows now that it is the ones that are left behind that suffer the most. He is sorry for letting her feel like that. He has a bit of a broken heart here. Dante doesnít know how to mend this. He knows to wait for her. He is going to wait for her. She needs to come back to him. He is begging her so that he can earn her forgiveness. He thinks that only then will he let her go.

Curtis asks if Jordan has found anything. Jordan found a patient named Grey.

Cyrus tells Brando that he is dismissed for the day. Martin tells Cyrus that he knows how to clear the room. The mayor didnít seem convinced by his deepest sympathies. Martin wonders if all these years if he has ever waited to be called upon.

Jason thinks they could lead a trail for Cyrus. Unless Julian is still alive. Sonny will make sure that Julian wishes that he was dead.

Julian is lying unconscious somewhere.

Ava shows up at the hospital. She holds Nikolasí hand.

Laura knows that Lulu can hear her. Laura thinks that her body needs to rest right now. She knows where she is right now. She doesnít need to sleep too long. She has been through so many things in her life and she has always managed to overcome. She begs Lulu to fight her way back to her. Laura thinks when she goes she is taking her heart with her.

They bring her out of the room and watch as she is taken away. Laura tells her that she has rejoiced every day since she was born. She knows she will come back. She knows that she will never give up until she comes home. Laura breaks down the moment Lulu is out of sight.

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