GH Update Monday 11/30/20

General Hospital Update Monday 11/30/20


Written by Anthony

  Jason tells Sonny that the media is trying to speculate who is responsible. Sonny has a good idea.

Sam begs Alexis to stay and spend Thanksgiving with them. Carly tells Alexis that she is welcome to stay with them. Sam explains that Alexis doesnít remember any of this. Carly tells Alexis that this is the safest place for her to be. Alexis thinks that a safe place would be far away from Sonny and Jason and she wished that they would understand that themselves.

Brando looks at Devís death certificate.

Willow tells Michael that it is hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving with everything that is going on. He never even got a chance to tell her what is going on with Chase and Sasha. Willow knows that they lied about having an affair for their own good. Michael wonders when she found out. Willow explains that Chase told her.

Sasha wakes up in her room. Epiphany says good morning. She thinks that her numbers are looking much better. Sasha wonders how long she has been out. Epiphany tells her she needs to stay here. She had a heart attack last night. Sasha thinks that she is too young. Epiphany says that she took too many illegal drugs.

Olivia cannot believe that cook three ran off and gave her full run of the kitchen. She needs to deliver a perfect Thanksgiving. Monica thinks no one would mind if she canceled. Olivia thinks that Dante asked her to make this day normal for Rocco. They are having a traditional Thanksgiving this year.

Tracy tells Laura on the phone that she will make sure that Lulu has all the medical care she needs. She loves that girl like a daughter. Laura knows she does. Laura wonders if she has heard from Luke. Tracy thinks if she hears anything from him she will let him know. Tracy wants her to try and have a good Thanksgiving as best as she can.

Dante hates this. All the time he spent away from her and trying to protect her. He knows he is supposed to be here beside her. He thinks they need a Thanksgiving miracle and she needs to wake up.

Ava finds Julian in a room. Ava told the staff to stay out of this room until further notice. Ava thinks that Julian has reason to be thankful. Julian thinks that only Jason was supposed to be in that room. Ava wonders why he would leave the bomb there. He could have thrown the bomb into a harbor.

Laura asks Nikolas if there are any updates. Nikolas tells Laura that both Patrick and Griffin think that Lucas is right. Laura was just hoping that they both would be ok. He was hoping to reach out to Lucky and Ethan but it is hard to find them. Laura thinks they need to make choices about Lulu.

Alexis tells Ned that Olivia invited her. She would have brought wine but that might not be appropriate. Olivia asked Alexis to join them here today. Ned thinks this isnít a good idea. Alexis thinks it would have looked more suspicious had she turned her down. Robert walks in. He wishes them a happy thanksgiving. Ned wonders if she invited the entire city. Olivia thinks that Robert and Alexis could be a good couple.

Epiphany is hoping that Sasha will rely on her support system for help. Epiphany explains that Michael sat by her bed all night.

Willow had to walk away from Chase. She isnít ready to talk with him. Sasha was asleep all night. Olivia tells them that they are about to start the punch.

Sam doesnít want to talk about Alexis. Scout is too young to understand anything. Danny is taking it in stride. Carly thinks that Joss is used to this. She just doesnít know how Cyrus would have known about this. Sam knows that Cyrus was at the Metro Court. Sonny wonders if Cyrus was around. Carly knows that they hired a new bartender. They were going to do a background check on him on Monday. He is working today. Sonny thinks they need to go. Carly thinks they can do what they need to. Jason wonders if Sam is alright. Sam claims she is.

Epiphany tells Sasha that she has a visitor. Brando walks in. He wonders how she is feeling today. She knows he was there. He is the one who brought her here. Sasha thinks that she would have had to take a lot more than that. She had a rough year. On a rare occasion she has had some.

Ava thinks he has a lot of nerve throwing Connie in her face when he had convinced her to shoot her. She has grown. She is not a weak minded coward like Julian. Ava needs to go and see her husband. She tells Julian that he needs to be out by dawn.

Dante begs Lulu to wake up. He needs a chance to tell her how sorry he is. Laura wonders if Dante wants a little coffee. Dante thinks that Laura should be in here. Laura came in to have a conversation about Luluís treatment. She thinks that it is right for him to have a voice. Dante wonders what their options are. Laura explains that she isnít supposed to wake up anytime soon. As much as it pains herÖ GH and PC might not be the best place for her medical care right now. Dante asks if she is giving up on Lulu.

Olivia thinks that Robert and Alexis have a lot in common. Olivia knows they are both lawyers. Robert knows that Molly is a superstar. Alexis thinks that she could become a secret agent and then pick up her law career as a hobby forty years later. Olivia laughs at that. Robert asks Olivia what she thinks she is doing. Olivia thought that they might hit it off. Robert thinks in all the time he has lived here he has never had more than two words to say to her.

Ned tells Alexis that Olivia might find out the truth. Ned is glad that Tracy didnít show up this year. Alexis thinks that everyone might be suspicious. Robert overhears this.

Sasha thinks that they hardly know each other. If he is telling her that he has had a substance abuse problem. She will believe him. She doesnít think that everyone who does coke is an addict. Brando recognizes the signs. Sasha knows she did too much last night. Brando thinks the few times that she is with Cyrus she is always sniffling. He thinks that when the bag was put in front of her she didnít know if it was coke or something stronger. Brando admits that he wasnít in a good place either. He felt like he needed something to take the edge off. He thinks that eventually it catches up to you.

Ava asks Nikolas if he was here all night. She asks if Lulu has been discharged. Nikolas explains that Lulu didnít think that she had any injuries but her brain was swelling. She collapsed. Nikolas tells her that the doctors donít know if his sister is ever going to wake up again. They reached out to Patrick and Griffin. They confirmed the diagnosis. Franco, Elizabeth, and Cam were also at the Floating Rib. Elizabeth is fine. Cam has a leg injury though. Whoever did this has so much blood on their hands. Nikolas will figure something else out for Julian. Ava thinks she can worry about her brother.

Alexis has no intention of blowing up his life. Ned isnít sure how familiar Robert is with his familyís events but they are eventful. Robert tells Ned that if he is doing anything to hurt Olivia he will go after him. Olivia starts screaming in the next room. She tells them that she set the oven at the wrong temperature and the turkey is black. Olivia doesnít think this is fine. Lulu is at the hospital. Rocco might never have another conversation with his mother. Her son asked her to do one thing and she screwed up everything. Monica explains that this family hasnít had a traditional thanksgiving since the 90ís. If she wanted to keep up with tradition she did a bang up job. She thinks they all know what they need to do next and where they need to be.

Laura will never give up on her daughter. The doctors have done everything they can do for her right now. She needs to find a long term care facility. Dante just wants time with her. He already wasted so much time with her. He just wants that. Laura leaves. Dante kisses her.

Jason and Sonny find the bartender. Sonny tells him that they need answers and they will get them.

Carly knows that Sam is still shaken up about last night. She admits that it was probably the most horrific hour of her life. She thinks that she cannot stop thinking about Dev. He had his whole life ahead of him. Joss is used to growing up like this and it breaks her heart. Danny is old enough to understand and now he will have this nightmare that she cannot help. Carly understands that they take sacrifices in their life. They knew who Jason and Sonny were. Fear is apart of the deal. They have to live with it. Sam wonders if she cannot live with it anymore.

Sasha didnít go looking for this. She was upset with the breakup with Michael. She overslept and Maxie was freaked out at how bad she looked. The photos turned out great. Brando thinks it becomes a way of life. She is not an addict. Brando thinks she is spending Thanksgiving in a hospital. He wonders if she wants to spend the day with her dealer too. Brando thinks that she is the only one he can help.

Laura cannot believe that Dante thinks that she would give up on her daughter. Nikolas reminds her that Dante gave up on Lulu. Laura knows that but Dante is Roccoís father and it would be better if this didnít become a fight. Dante walks out. Nikolas will talk with him. Olivia, Monica, Ned, Michael, Willow, Robert, and Alexis all show up. Laura sees that they are all here. Dante wonders what they are doing here. Monica doesnít think that Thanksgiving is just about food. Alexis knows it is also about family. Robert thinks that it is the chosen family that is in need. Ned wonders where else they would be.

Sasha asks how many people were at the Floating Rib when the bomb went off. Brando thinks a lot. He never thought that Dev existed and now he is gone. Sasha thinks that he should be with his family. Brando needs to feel useful and be around someone who needs it. Sasha thinks she could do a few laps around the hub. Brando wonders how many laps.

Michael asks Dante how he is holding up. Dante tells him that Lulu is going to a long care facility. It just feels wrong. Michael thinks that it is just what they need. Michael was sent to one and when he woke up from his coma he was able to live a normal life. Dante thinks it means sending Lulu away and it feels like they are giving up on her. Michael knows that Laura will never give up on Lulu.

Carly knows that Sam is scared and she needs to be listening. Sam has experienced the violence that is Jasonís life but she feels like things have changed. She doesnít know if she will be able to get used to this with children. She asks what happens if Jason is almost killed when Danny and Scout are around. She wasnít involved in Sonnyís world when she was first pregnant. She felt like for the first time in her life she wasnít running a con and she wasnít married to the mob. A part of her felt normal. Sam admits she liked it.

The bartender doesnít know what they want with him. Jason knows that he was close enough to know what he said last night. The guy paid him to listen. He wanted him to make a call. He was just supposed to tell someone to send a package to the Floating Rib.

Sasha thinks that last year around this time that would have been her with Michael. She wants to go back to her room.

Dante tells Laura he is sorry for before. He knows that he was out of line. It was a lot to process. Laura knows how he feels. Dante knows she is right. They need to do what is best for Luluís care. He just wants her to know that he will never not do what is best. Monica tells them all that there is a member of their community that is hurting. She thinks that the last few days have been senseless and tragic. They need to remember to have faith that things will get better and that the wounds will heal. They have the strength that things will get better. Laura hugs Monica and thanks her. Ned walks over with pizza. Ned thinks that this is in keeping with Quartermaine tradition. Laura thinks that this is perfect. Michael is ready to eat. Tracy walks out from the elevator. She tells him not so fast. First they thing and then they eat. Laura sobs into Tracyís arms and thanks her.

Sam thinks that her love for Jason is in competition to be Scout and Dannyís mother. Carly has been there so many times. There are good times. There are dangers too. It comes with the territory. Sam knows. This is why she cannot sleep at night.

The bartender had no clue that the package was a bomb. Jason demands to see the phone. He gives it to Sonny. The number belongs to Julian.

Ava shows up in Julianís room. Ava thinks they need to have a talk. She is holding a gun.

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