GH Update Wednesday 11/25/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/25/20


Written by Anthony

Sam asks Jason where Danny is. Jason says he is at the Quartermaine house. Sam hugs Jason. Julian puts Dannyís hat on the ground and walks off.

Alexis continues to drink. She thinks he has done his duty. He really doesnít need to stay. Molly is upstairs avoiding her. Valentin will stay until they hear about her grandson. Alexis thinks that he doesnít need to stay. Valentin tells her to pour him a glass.

Maxie and Peter find Mac. Mac thinks that they think that everyone was found. Lulu and Dustin were inside the building when this happened.

Lulu cannot believe that Dustin is gone and she wasnít even with him. Dante knows that he loved her. His last words were about her. He wanted her to have this. He hands her the engagement ring.

Brad starts screaming not to kill him. Britt says it was a bad dream. Brad thinks it is more than that. It felt more like a premonition. It felt like whoever tried to kill him is going to finish the job. Britt tells him to calm down and focus on getting better. She has him. Brad thinks that if Cyrus wants to take him down this is the best place to do it.

Cyrus and Brando show up at GH. Cyrus just heard about the explosion. Portia tells them that they are bringing people in now. Cyrus tells Brando to find out who survived and who didnít.

Sonny thinks that Jason gave them a hell of a scare. Sam wonders where Julian went. She finds the baseball cap on the ground. Sam wonders why he would just take off like that. Jason is sure that they will see him again.

Ava makes her way to the docks. She thinks this is just like Julian. He isnít even here. Julian shows up. He is here. He had to make sure that she wasnít followed. Julian needs her to take him back home and hide him. Ava asks what happened. Julian explains that he could be a dead man.

Cyrus asks what they are saying about the explosion. There is at least one confirmed death. They havenít released any names yet. Cyrus needs to know.

Britt wonders if Cyrus would really kill him in his own hospital. Brad thinks that everyone would just assume that Sonny did it. Britt wants Brad to try and get some sleep.

Britt finds Lucas in the lobby. She assumed that he would want to see Brad. Lucas is shocked that Brad is here.

Mac needs to get an update on things. Maxie will get a rideshare. She tells Peter to get the information for the Invader.

Lulu thinks when she replays it in her mind it is all in slow motion. One minute Dustin is alive and he is with her. The next minuteÖ Dante knows she is in shock. Dante wants her to sit tight. Dante thinks they need to make sure all she really has is headache. Lulu says that she didnít even get to say goodbye.

Alexis recognizes they have a certain kind of kinship and there are moments that they actually do like one another. Valentin knows when he is man enough to know when he was beaten. Valentin thinks that the only way to bare a burden is through the bottom of a glass. Alexis doesnít expect him to understand. Valentin was raised by the same wolves and he still hears them howl.

Jason asks how everyone else is doing. Sonny says that Dev didnít make it. Sam thinks now that she has him aloneÖ She wonders why he didnít call her. Jason had his phone off and then he heard what happened and he came back.

Sonny looks inside. Sonny thinks that Dev crossed half the globe to be part of their family. Family is supposed to keep you safe. It isnít supposed to end like this.

Maxie asks Deanna where Lulu is. Deanna points her in the right direction. Maxie holds Lulu and Dante leaves. Lulu tells her that Dustin is gone.

Peter looks into the damage. Peter asks Mac if he can answer a few questions. Mac thinks that they will have information eventually. Sonny explains to Mac that he lost Dev tonight. He would appreciate if he could tell him what happened.

Britt thinks that Lucas should know that Brad needs all the support that he can get.

Julian will explain things on his way back. Ava assumes that Cyrus called in his marker. Ava wonders what Cyrus wanted him to do. Julian explains that Cyrus wanted him to kill Jason.

Jason is sorry about Dev. Sam thinks he was a great kid. Sam wonders how Brando is taking it. Sonny called him but he hasnít called back. Jason assumes that Cyrus is at GH and Brando could be with him. Sam is going to get Danny and then take him home. Jason has to go to the hospital first. He will be a little bit. Jason thinks if he could let this wait then he would let it. Sam wonders if this has to do with whatever is going on with Cyrus and Sonny. Jason will explain later.

Lulu thought she wanted to make a life with Dustin. Lulu thinks that he had a hold on her heart. She started to question what she wanted. She was going to tell Dustin that she wanted to take a step back but she didnít get a chance to. Maxie sees that Dustin was going toÖ Lulu says he did. He loved her so much that right before he died he asked Dante to give her the ring. Maxie asks if Dustin had survived would she have said yes.

Peter wonders if Mac has any idea what could have happened. Mac thinks anything could have happened. Dante tells himself to complete the mission. Dante knows it is a lot of destruction. Dustin didnít make it. Peter thinks that is terrible. He thinks that people who deserve a lot worse are walking around alive and well.

Carly wonders if Sonny hasnít heard about Brando. Sonny says not yet.

Ava asks if the package was a bomb. Ava cannot believe he did that. Julian didnít have a choice. Ava guesses he never has a choice. He could get the package back. Ava wonders how he could possibly have only killed Jason. Ava wonders if Jason is alive. Julian says that he is. He almost killed Danny tonight too. Ava demands to know who died tonight.

Alexis and Valentin play a game of who has a more screwed up life. Sam walks back in. She asks if Danny is alright. Sam says that they are both fine. Danny is with Monica. She doesnít want him to see her drunk. She sees that she has a drink in her hand and she is with Valentin who brings out the worse in everyone.

Sonny walks into the Chapel where he finds Britt.

Lulu thinks that Dustin was a great guy. She was going to say no though. Maxie wonders because of Dante. Lulu thinks because of her. That life that she had has so much uncertainty. She thinks that she can figure out what her heart wanted. Maxie knows that Dustin loved her so much. He was a great guy. He just wanted her to be happy. It isnít fair that he died. If there is a lesson for tonight it is that life is to precious to wait. Maxie tells Lulu not to edit. She needs to tell Dante how she really feels.

Alexis explains that Valentin has been a great friend tonight. Alexis wants to play another round tonight. Alexis and Valentin play another round. Alexis will raise him running down her daughterís abusive boyfriend in her car.

Lucas sees how the attacker went about hurting Brad. Brad begs Lucas to look at him. Lucas guesses he is a lucky guy. Brad guesses he used to be. Deanna tells Lucas that they need him in the ER.

Julian doesnít know what else happened. Julian explains that Dev was in there. Ava asks if he means Sonnyís cousin. Julian explains that he didnít make it. Ava cannot believe that he killed an innocent high school student. Julian thinks that there is no one that he knows of. He needs help or he will be the next person to die tonight.

Carly thinks that Cyrus seems shocked to see Sonny and Jason. Carly needs to speak with Brando privately. Brando is at work. Carly explains that Dev was at the Floating Rib tonight. He didnít make it.

Jason explains that it was Britt who called him away from the Floating Rib tonight. Britt explains that when Brad and Nelle switched Michaelís baby with Willow they were working alone that night. Brad had help with the coverup. It was Julian.

Lulu asks Maxie if she really wants her to go and tell Dante her feelings tonight. Maxie thinks she will tell the truth. She could have died tonight and Dante would never have known how she felt. Lulu still has all this pain. She cannot put herself and her family into this position again. He would have to promise that he would never leave them again. Maxie thinks that Lulu is asking for the impossible. She thinks that nothing in life is certain.

Peter wonders if Dante misses being part of the action. Dante says no. He has other use for the skill set.

Cyrus tells Brando to take all the time that he needs. Carly wonders if Brando is ok. Brando is not sure. He really didnít know Dev. He thinks after a while it became more than just building a cover. He would come to the garage and talk with him. Brando thinks it became more of an understanding after a while and he knew he could count on him. He will really miss him. Carly will miss him too.

Cyrus finds Portia. Portia asks what he could possibly need. Portia is trying to save as many lives as she can right now. All life is precious.

Julian thinks that if Sonny finds out about the bomb then he will think that Ava knew. Julian needs her help. Ava thinks that she could kiss Avery goodbye. Julian gets a text message from Cyrus saying they need to talk.

Jason thinks that Julian must have married Nelle for that reason. Britt explains that Brad was stabbed at Pentonville. The only person who would want him dead is Julian. Britt has to go. Sonny asks if he heard that right. Jason assumes that Cyrus went after Brad as favor to Julian. Sonny hopes that Dev finds peace. He thinks that if Cyrus tried to take out Brad then he must want something in return. Jason will find Julian.

Ava asks what it says. Julian thinks he is a dead man. He thinks he needs to get back to Wyndemere. Julian thinks that Ava is all he has left.

Carly thinks that only Dev could get arrested for stopping a crime. Brando was going to say that is his boy. Sonny wonders if he wants to talk. Brando needs to get back to work. Sonny is sorry for his loss. Carly assumes that he knows. Carly explains that Cyrus was very surprised to see him and Jason. Carly wonders where Jason is. Sonny thinks he is getting answers about Julian.

Sam asks Valentin what he is still doing here. Valentin wanted to talk with Sam before he left. She slowed down. Sam thinks she is passed out. Sam thinks that he is a selfish bastard who will do anything to get what he wants. She does think that his game worked though. Sam thanks Valentin for staying with her mom tonight. Valentin doesnít need her gratitude. Sam makes a phone call to Jason but he doesnít pick up. She wonders where he is.

Britt asks Brad how things went with Lucas. Brad doesnít think very good. Britt is sure that he has plenty of time left. Britt made a deal with Sonny. She offered them information. She told them all about Julian. Brad asks why she would do that. Brad thinks that Lucas will not take it well if Sonny kills his father.

Mac looks over the investigation. Mac thinks that someone did this on purpose.

Dante finds Lulu in the Chapel. Dante wonders if she is ok. Lulu needs to tell him something. She wants him to shut up and let her say it. Lulu starts to rub her head. She passes out.

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