GH Update Monday 11/23/20

General Hospital Update Monday 11/23/20


Written by Anthony

The Floating Rib explodes.

Sonny asks Laura what is going on. Laura admits that Cyrus is coming after him. He is interested in a crime she committed. Murder.

The Floating Rib is in shambles with everyone sprawled out on to the ground. Elizabeth wakes up. She spots Franco across the room. Franco wonders where Cam is. Cam starts to cough and she calls for her.

Carly wonders if Portia can give an update on Sasha since she doesn’t have family. Portia says that she is holding on. She wishes she knew how she got that strong a dosage of Coke.

Alexis is not going to do this. Sam wonders if she is really saying she would rather drink than be here with all of them. There will be consequences for her drinking. Diane just wants her to hear them out. Sam really does love her and they are not ready to say goodbye. Molly reminds Alexis that she named her Molly because she thought she was unsinkable. If that is true then she needs to stay.

Elizabeth asks Cam if she can hear her. She asks if his leg is hurt. Cam says it hurts. Elizabeth says not to move because it could be broke. Cam wonders where Danny and Dev are. Dustin wakes up and struggles to move. He calls out for Lulu. Lulu is underneath a pole.

Dante calls 911 to come to the Floating Rib. They need to get here right away.

Alexis wants to get this over with then. She assumes they have all prepared their perfect words. Diane wants to go first if she can. Alexis asks if Diane really needs notes for this. Diane thinks that court is not important unlike her best friend. Diane knows that when they were both nominated for Litigator of the Year they both got kicked off their plane and then went back to a dive bar where they drank beer and nuts. She told her a secret then because she could tell that she never told anyone. She was her most cherished friend. She isn’t anymore. She only thinks she wants to criticize her. All Diane wants is her friend back. She begs Alexis to come back to her.

Laura says that she was a minor when this happened. That is why her file is so heavily redacted. Sonny asks what happened. Laura got involved with an older man named David Hamilton. He was a predator. He was using her because her mother had rejected him. The night that he decided to tell her the truth he laughed at her. She got so angry that she pushed him as hard as she could. He lost his balance and he died instantly. She was convicted of murder. Since the circumstances… Sonny thinks that this guy got what he deserved. Laura has put this so far behind her. She doesn’t know why it is coming up now. Cyrus got his hands on her file. She doesn’t know how. She was hoping that Sonny could tell her.

Portia admits that there has been a growing number of cases. Carly hopes there is no issue with the extra security around Trina. Portia thinks that she hasn’t complained. Portia gets a call. She will alert the staff. Portia explains that there has been an explosion at the Floating Rib.

Dante asks where Lulu is. Julian runs over and asks where the first responders are. Dante wonders if Julian was in there. Julian says he wasn’t.

Dante runs into the room and finds Lulu. He promises that she will be ok. He moves the pole off of her. He says that he has her. Cam manages to stand up. Elizabeth begs him to be careful. Elizabeth cannot find Jason either. Cam will find him too. Cam manages to find Dev. He tries to wake him up. He is all scratched up.

Julian finds a baseball cap that belonged to Danny. He starts freaking out.

Sonny has had his eyes on Cyrus for a while. He has no idea why he would be worried about a crime that she had done as a child. Laura assumes blackmail or humiliation. Laura wonders why drag this up now. Sonny knows she is the mayor. Cyrus likes to use people of power. Laura thinks it feels like more than that. It feels like the interest in her goes beyond just that. Laura gets a call from the PCPD. Sonny gets one from Carly.

Diane begs Alexis to let her help out for all the times that she has helped her. Alexis wonders who is next. Molly wonders why she is acting this way. Alexis thinks they are all turning on her. Molly and Diane both get alerts. There was an explosion at the Floating Rib. Diane and Sam run off. Valentin thinks that if Sam doesn’t trust Alexis that should tell her everything she needs to know about her family.

Dante tells Lulu that help is coming. Lulu wakes up and asks what happened. Dante tells her to sit tight. Lulu screams for Dustin. Lulu stands up. She screams for him again. Elizabeth tells Cam not to move Dev. He needs to wait for the paramedics. Elizabeth is trying to stop the bleeding.

Julian finds a firefighter. He needs to find his grandson.

Portia tells Deanna to get the victims stabilized before getting to the hospital. Carly asks Julian where Dev is. Carly asks why he has Danny’s cap. Carly asks if Danny is here. Carly wonders if he is with Jason. Carly begs him to answer the question. Sonny and Laura wonder what is going on. Mac cannot let them in. Mac thinks they are looking to get people out. Laura wonders if they know who has been injured. Mac begs her to stay away. Laura tries to run after Lulu. Mac stops her as she goes after her.

Dante tells Lulu that she will get checked out. Lulu begs for Dustin to wake up.

Laura wonders what happened. Mac says that this was an explosion. He wonders if this was by fault.

Elizabeth tells a paramedic that Franco will be ok. Cam will be ok too. He just needs to worry about this.

Cam screams to Sonny that Dev is with him. Sonny tells Cam that he will go with him. Lulu and Dante walk out. Dante says that she was unconscious when he found her. Lulu thinks that they need to get her checked out. Lulu says that Dustin is hurt. Laura is going to drive her to the ER. Dante will take her. Laura will get to GH as soon as she can.

Sonny tells Dev that he will make it. He fought his way to him. Dev thanks him for giving him a family and a home. Sonny thinks that he saved his life and his sons life. He cannot die on him. He begs him not to do it. Dev tells Sonny to tell Joss that he is sorry. Dev dies.

Sam asks Laura and Mac if Danny and Jason are in there. Diane tells Sam to not give them another person to rescue. Julian walks over. Sam asks Julian if he was in there. Julian found the hat. Sam goes into his arms and sobs.

Carly continues to call Jason. Carly asks Sonny about Dev. Sonny says he didn’t make it. Carly wonders what happened. He woke up in the ambulance long enough to thank him for giving him a family. Carly thinks they all gave him two years. He had friends. Sonny gave him a home. Sonny thinks he was a great kid. Sonny thinks he needs to let Brando know before the media does.

A doctor tells Lulu that they need to stabilize Dustin. Lulu goes to see him. Dante wants her to get help first. Lulu begs Dante to check on him. Dante will.

Elizabeth tells the doctor that Franco has a brain tumor. The doctor has good news and bad.

Laura tells Mac that Dev just died. Mac is sorry. Laura wonders about Jason and Danny. Laura wonders if they have anymore information. She asks what he thinks happened. Mac thinks it is too soon to say.

Sonny left word for Brando. Sam starts screaming to let her in. Sonny wonders what happened. Diane says that they know that Jason and Danny went to dinner here.

Alexis finds that Sam took out all the drinks. Valentin is sure that there are some in the kitchen. Molly cannot believe that he is enabling her. Valentin has a letter to read as well. Valentin explains that last spring he found out his entire life was a lie. He thinks she is strong, independent, and excellent. She will always be his sister even if they are not related.

Lulu thinks she needs to be with Dustin. Laura is so sorry.

Dante asks Dustin how he is doing. Dante explains that he needs to get some strength before they can operate. Dustin starts to shake. He screams for a doctor. Portia tells Dante to step back. She needs a cold blue and a crash cart.

Elizabeth tells Franco to lie down. He needs surgery. The surgery might take a small portion of the tumor. It is his only chance to live. Franco thinks he could turn into the person he used to be. Franco would rather die than be the old him.

Julian calls Cyrus and calls him out.

Sonny wonders how they know that Jason and Danny were inside. Carly thinks that they could have left. Sam says that they are not answering their phones. Carly thinks that Jason has survived worse. Julian needs to tell Sam what he did. He is not going to be able to live with himself if he doesn’t.

Elizabeth tells Franco that he needs to get back into bed. She will not let him die. Franco knows that she loves him. She needs to let him go.

Lulu asks Dante what the sound is. Dante tells Lulu that she should sit down. Lulu tells him to tell her. Dante is sorry but Dustin didn’t make it. Lulu should have been in there with him. Lulu starts to sob. Dante explains that his last words were about her. He gave him the ring. Lulu starts sobbing into Laura’s arms.

Alexis finds some booze. Alexis applauds Valentin’s intentions. Valentin will stay until they get word on Jason and Danny. Alexis would never say she told her so. She knew that this night was coming. She was just hoping that she would be wrong and that her grandson would be a normal kid. Sam sent him off with his father… She thinks that Jason has some good qualities but he is a magnet to people who do not care if he lives or dies.

Sonny tells Diane that Dev died in the ambulance. Sonny asks Diane to go do the paperwork. He doesn’t want Brando to get a call. Diane brought Sam. Sonny will make sure that she gets home. Diane thinks that when he hears anything about Jason and Danny he needs to call her.

Sam asks Julian if this can wait. She has more important things to worry about. She wonders what is more important than this. Julian thinks that she needs to hear this from her.

Carly asks an officer if everyone is out. They do not know yet. Jason walks out from around the corner. Carly knew he wasn’t dead. Carly tells him to stop scaring her like this. Sam asks where Danny is. Jason says he is at the Quartermaine’s house. Jason promises that it is ok.

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