GH Update Friday 11/20/20

General Hospital Update Friday 11/20/20


Written by Anthony

Sam tells Molly that she thinks they are all set. Molly isnít sure that they are. She wonders if Kristina should be here. Sam doesnít think that is a good idea. She could derail the entire thing. Sam says they are not doing this alone. Diane shows up. Diane didnít come alone. Valentin is with her.

Dante punches a bag at the gym. Sonny wonders if he wants to talk about it. He wonders if he wants to keep pounding the hell out of a bag. Sonny knows he is struggling and that is why he keeps avoiding him.

Lulu never stopped loving Dante. Lulu still thinks about him and her heart goes racing. Lulu gets so confused because she also has Dustin. She gets so guilty.

Dev thanks Cam for hanging out tonight. Cam tells him that his step-fatherís brain tumor came back.

Franco thinks that this is rough. Elizabeth is disappointed but the fight is on.

Jason wonders if Danny remembers where the eight ball goes. Danny knows it goes in the middle. Jason thinks that is fine.

Julian shows up in an empty area. Julian tells Cyrus that he is not going to drop this off in a room full of people. Julian is not targeting a place that has people in it.

Franco wonders if Elizabeth is sure she wants coffee. Elizabeth got him an appointment with Patrick. Franco wonders when they go. Elizabeth says they go next Thursday. She just needs to figure out who to get to watch the boys.

Dante thinks that he isnít a cop anymore. Sonny knows once a cop always a cop. He knows that he needs to be worried. Dante thinks that this is a choice. Dante cannot stay away from her.

Lulu thinks that Dustin made it safe for her to open her heart again. Lulu thinks that Dustin is officially moving in. She doesnít know what she will do. Laura knows that she cannot erase her history or should she. She does still have feelings for Scott. Dante is a part of her past as well. She needs to decide who is right for her future. Laura thinks that plans change.

Jason thinks that he needs to practice. Jason knows that Danny is getting tired. Danny thought that Alexis was getting weird at the Metro Court. Jason thinks when he sees Sam upset his instinct is to do something to fix it. Danny knows that Alexis is drinking.

Diane would bring the devil herself if she thought it would help Alexis. Valentin offers a unique perspective. He knows Alexis in a way that they donít. Diane thinks that this makes sense.

Cyrus imagines that if someone would take out Jason then they would do it when he was alone. It would be during a meeting. He thinks the package is just a package. Cyrus tells him to call when he is done. Alexis walks over and finds it odd he was with Cyrus.

Elizabeth says that Amy is going to check her schedule and call her back. Franco is terrified. He wonders if he should accept his fate. Elizabeth thinks they arenít there yet. She thinks they are still hoping. This is their fate. She is willing to do anything to keep their family together. Franco will do anything to beat this.

Britt calls Jason. Cyrus wonders what is going on.

Alexis wants to know what he did now. Julian explains that Cyrus wants him to sell Charlie's. Julian wonders if she has been drinking. Alexis thinks that she is walking. She wonít be mowing anyone down tonight. Alexis thinks that she is pretty entitled to do what it takes to get through the night. Alexis is trying to clear her head. She gets to see her grandkids. Julian thinks that she has been such a positive light in his dark life. He knows she pushed him to be a better man. If he failed then that is on him.

Sam will kill him if he does anything. Sam says that Jason and Danny are at the Floating Rib.

Danny knows that Sam will talk about Alexisí drinking. Danny misses Alexis. Jason promises that familyís donít give up on one another. Danny thinks there is no way they would give up on Alexis.

Cam guesses it doesnít look good for Franco. Dev thinks if he doesnít want to hang out that is fine. Dev admits he did something he regrets and he wants to make it right.

Laura thinks that life is unpredictable. Life can be wonderful and difficult and messy all at the same time. It is a gift. She thinks the choices she made while he was gone might change.

Dante didnít want Lulu to wait on a recovery that he wasnít even sure would happen. Sonny asks if he is really willing to deal with this. Dante already disrupted her life.

Lulu is happy with Dustin and they have a solid life together. She sees Dante and all the history and love starts bubbling up. Laura thinks she needs to tell Dustin that it is not the time to move in. If he understands then it will be fine.

Dev asks if Cam remembers when he showed him Jossí diary. Cam is appreciative of him showing him that. Danny walks over and says hi. He says he is playing pool. He says that he wants him to watch. Cam says he will be right back.

Lulu thinks that is a good idea. She knows that Dustin would want her to have clarity. Laura has come to like and respect Dustin. She needs to get going. She wishes Lulu good luck. She calls someone to meet at the Rib.

Jason goes to make a call. He leaves Danny with Cam.

Diane asks how this makes them all feel. Valentin thinks they need to accept this could hurt them regardless. He isnít convinced she is coming because she should be here by now.

Julian is trying his hardest to stick around. She wonders if he is sure that he is alright. Julian thinks she needs to get a move on things. Alexis wants him to take care.

Elizabeth has everything covered for now. Franco thinks that Camís new graphic novel is amazing.

Sonny thinks it is understandable that Dante has feelings. Dante does still love Lulu. He does still want to be with her. He isnít going to put pressure on her. Sonny thinks she has a lot of insight and heart. Sonny thinks that the life they had together is still there. Dante has no idea what she is thinking. Sonny suggests asking her.

Julian shows up at the Floating Rib.

Alexis shows up at Samís house. Sam explains that Scout is sleeping and Danny is with Jason. Molly says that they love her and that is why they are doing this. Diane and Valentin walk out. Alexis asks if they are having an intervention.

Britt thinks that she wouldnít be an affective chief-of-staff if she ran to him with every issue. Cyrus is making progress.

Jason tells Laura that she should speak with Sonny.

Dustin shows up at the Floating Rib. Lulu thinks that was fast. Dustin wonders what she wanted to see him about. Lulu thinks them.

Danny plays a video game while Cam and Dev watch.

Julian looks at pictures of Sam and her children on his phone. Julian leaves the package.

Alexis wants to leave. Sam thinks that they are here because they love her. Alexis thinks that they are betraying her. Sam begs her to listen. Alexis is not going to stay here.

Britt tells Jason she has something for him. She cannot talk about it over the phone. Jason thinks they will have to talk tomorrow.

Laura finds Sonny. She is eager for an update. Dante walks out. Laura welcomes him home. Laura thinks he kept his family safe. She believes that in time him and Lulu will figure things out. Dante takes off.

Lulu has been turning things around in her head and Dante coming back has turned things around. She loves Dustin and values their relationship. Dustin has thought about them moving in together. Lulu thinks that him officially moving in doesnít feel right anymore. Dustin doesnít want her to fall backwards. He doesnít want any doubt. He takes out a ring.

Jason thanks Cam and Dev. Jason buys them some dinner. Jason tells Danny they can stay a bit longer.

Dev needs to tell Cam about the journal. Dev finds the bag on the ground.

Alexis wants her coat. Valentin tells Alexis that her daughterís do not want her to lose her life. Alexis thinks she will drink. Diane drops her coat on the ground. Sam thinks if she leaves tonight then that is it with all of them. They are all here for her. She asks her to hear them all out.

Sonny thinks that Laura that what she did was great for Dante. Sonny wonders how she knew he was here. Laura has something to talk about and it cannot wait.

Britt gives Brad something for the pain. Britt couldnít talk with Jason over the phone. Brad thinks he might die.

Julian shows up on the docks.

Dev picks up the bag.

Cam is sorry for freaking out. Franco thinks he took things well. Dev tells a bartender that there is a suspicious bag under that table.

Dustin wants to build a life together with Lulu to make what they have permanent. He gets down on one knee. He asks if she will marry him.

Julian stands alone at the docks and looks at his phone. He hopes Cyrus picks the phone up.

Dante walks outside the Floating Rib.

Julian hits dial and the Floating Rib blows up.

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