GH Update Thursday 11/19/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/19/20


Written by Anthony

Carly runs into Jason at GH. She didnít know he was here. Carly knows that Sasha survived but there will be some clap back. Michael knows that Sasha never cheated but he still feels betrayed. Jason wants her to give it time. Carly knows. Carly hopes it was promising at least. Jason thinks it is too soon to tell.

Laura sits down at the Floating Rib and she needed to tell Scott something that could put him in danger. Scott wonders how much.

Lulu finds Dante at the docks. She didnít mean to sneak up on him. Dante was just in his head. Lulu can tell that he has his thinking face on. Lulu thinks that Rocco makes the same face.

Britt asks an officer if she can have a minute alone with Brad. She is chief-of-staff and Brad is no due to wake up anytime soon. Britt explains that Brad came through with flying colors. He seems to have stabilized. His surgeon seems to think the rest will be up to him now. Britt begs him not to die. She needs him. He cannot leave her here with her mother. She cannot trust her. She doesnít know if she can trust Peter and Nathan is gone. He is the only friend she has.

Danny loves two thanksgiving. Turkey at Sonnyís and pizza and singing with Monica. Sam wonders what Danny wants to eat tonight.

Sonny tells Marcus that this cold war with Cyrus will not stay cold for long. Julian knows about him. This will depend on who Julian is more afraid of. Julian has a history of not knowing what is good for him.

Ava finds Julian at Charlie's and wants to know what on earth is wrong with him. Julian wonders where she wants to start.

Peter punches a bag and Maxie says the mother of her child. He didnít recognize her voice the first seven times. She wants to know why he stood her up at dinner. Peter lost track of time. Peter needs to be in fighting shape. Peter needs to be ready. He will never let anyone hurt them again.

Carly wonders if this is about Cyrus. She needs to know if this is like when Michael and Morgan were little. Carly needs to know when this truce with Cyrus will come to an end.

Dante asks LuluÖ He guesses this isnít his business. Lulu is on a deadline for an article. She is getting takeout. She suggests offering him the chance to join her.

Scott is a lawyer. He gets death threats all the time. Scott assumes that it is a woman. Laura says not this time. Scott asks if this is Sonny. Laura tells him it is Cyrus. Scott asks what he has done to upset things. Laura explains he has a connection of the PCPD and he managed to pull a case from 40 years ago. Scott assumes that case.

Sam tells Danny that Jason is at the hospital visiting a friend of Michaelís. Danny spots Alexis at the bar chatting it up with a stranger drunk out of her mind.

Jason doesnít think it can hurt to start prepping for the island. Jason does think that Britt has insider information. Carly thinks that Britt is hated by everyone. Jason reminds her that everyone used to hate her too. Carly thins that everyone was wrong too. Jason thinks that Britt is starting to realize what Cyrus dragged her into and it is clearly pissing her off.

Julian tells Ava that this is not a good time. Julian needs her to leave now. Ava needs to catch him up to speed. Julian wants the bullet points. Ava says that Nikolas and her were picking up Avery and Sonny demanded to know about Ryan.

Scott is shocked that Cyrus has a mole already. Laura thinks that Cyrus might not be able to find out all the pieces but she does know. It is about her. It is about what she did when she was a kid.

Dante did get a little carried away with Cyrus. He knows he said he wouldnít do that again. He would say sorry butÖ Lulu thinks he could say sorry for undermining her. Dante is sorry for undermining her. He thinks as far as protecting her goes. He is never going to stop caring about her. Lulu should get going. Dante guesses those ribs wonít order themselves. Dante watches as she walks off. His doctor shows up and asks if she is gone.

Alexis rambles on to someone. Sam tells Danny to wait here for a minute. She walks over to Alexis. Alexis introduces some people from her first firm in PC. Sam asks if she can speak with her for a minute. Alexis is not drunk. She has had one drink. Sam is making sure she has a ride home. Alexis called a car to bring her here and bring her home. Sam is done with the begging and pleading. She is just done with her.

Sonny explains that Epiphany is the eyes and ears. Carly walks in.

Ava thinks that Sonny was putting the pieces together before her eyes. She thinks that Nikolas protected her. Sonny was willing to believe that her husband was willing to go to extreme lengths to protect her. She thinks that puts him in the clear. She wanted to discuss the deal they made. Ava begs Julian to tell her that he didnít accept a favor from Cyrus.

Scott hopes this isnít happening. Scott thinks that their role in that was very minor. Laura thinks that Cyrus might try to blackmail him. Scott wonders why he would go to the police. It is public knowledge. Anyone who was in PC back then could fill him in on the details. Scott wonders if he is trying to blackmail or humiliate her.

Kirk tells Dante that the WSB thought this made the most sense. Dante explains that he found Peterís information on his computer last night. He hands him the flash drive.

Peter cannot help wonder why Alex did what she did. Maxie thinks that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. Maxie thinks that Alex is dead and she will not be a threat to them anymore. Peter thinks they have other enemies out there lurking. Peter thinks that they have Jason on their back. Maxie doesnít think that Jason is a threat to them.

Ava wonders if Julian has a death wish or something. Ava thinks if he is note careful they will realize they share an enemy.

Danny asks if Alexis is joining them. Sam says not tonight.

Cyrus introduces himself to Alexis. Alexis knows who he is. Alexis knows he is a drug dealer. Cyrus doesnít think she wants to make a scene. He will embarrass her. Jason says that is enough.

Britt wakes up as Brad does. Britt tells him to wake up. He wonders what happened. Britt explains that someone tried to kill him.

Maxie knows that Jason has always had her back. He is like a secret protector who is always around. Jason always steps up. She has perjured herself for him before. Jason will come through. Peter knows she is right but he sees the items that come across the city desk. Peter thinks that he is trying to say that they never could be to careful. Maxie knows he is right. She knows they have had losses with people they will never see again. Those people wouldnít want them to be living in fear. She thinks that those things matter more than what they could lose. She needs to know where all this worry comes from.

Dante cannot find evidence that Obrecht is innocent.

Laura has had many encounters with Cyrus. It is the way that he talks with her. He was questioning Kevin and Lulu. This is personal. Scott asks if she has done anything to anger him. Laura had him put in solitary. She tried to get Kevin to rule him criminally insane. Scott thinks she wonders why he would have issue. Lulu walks over.

Britt was worried sick. She is glad that they didnít try to stab his face. Brad is shocked that he was stabbed. Brad keeps his head down and does whatever he can to get early parole. Brad remembers who might have done this to him.

Alexis thinks that Jason wants him to get his hand off her. Cyrus takes his hand off her. He walks over. He thinks that their paths keep crossing. Jason thinks it is best that he stop that now. Cyrus hopes that Sonny isnít keeping any secrets of his own. He only came back for his credit card. He left it behind. He needs to get going. Sam asks if Alexis is ok. Alexis thinks the moment that she let him speak she went off about Neil. Alexis wants to know why Neil would shoot up in her bed. It just doesnít feel right.

Carly thought that he was dead. Marcus had to make it seem like Cyrus got rid of him. Carly assumes that Jason knows about this. She wonders who else knows about this.

Julian tells Ava the less she knows the safer she will be. Ava just wants him to live. She loves him very much. She doesnít think that he has loved in her a long time. Julian thinks that it is endearing. Ava thinks that all that matters is they are family and it will never change. She is begging him to let Nikolas help him get out of PC tonight.

Alexis is not going to have another drink thanks to him. Sam might not keep Scout and Danny from her. Alexis understands. Sam wonders if she can clean up. She begs her to get herself together and she can say goodnight to Scout and Danny. It could be good for her. Alexis would like that. She will be there. She thanks her. Jason thought she was against Alexis being around the kids. Sam knows that Alexis would be pissed but she wants to get this accomplished. Jason guesses they could swing by the Floating Rib or something.

Brad explains that Cyrusí crew approached him. Brad knows they work for Cyrus. They committed a violent crime. He knows that they werenít off the radar. Britt wonders why that was. Brad has not even laid eyes on him. He doesnít know how he would exist.

Julian wants to keep his family safe. Ava doesnít know if he is telling the truth or not. Julian tells Ava he does love her too. Ava tells him to get his mail. She almost tripped over a package. Julian sees the box.

Lulu thought that Laura wasnít getting in until tomorrow. Lulu wonders why she went to Scott first. Julian explains that Laura asked her to join the committee. Laura thanks Scott for meeting with her. She asks if he would mind. Scott is sure they will talk soon. Lulu wants to know why she would want him near her campaign. Laura says that Scott makes assumptions. Laura wonders how things are going for her and Dante.

Dante thinks the WSB will not try to fix this. Kirk thinks that Peter will get what he needs. He tells Dante to complete the mission.

Lulu knows so much has changed and yet so much hasnít. Laura knows a part of her will always love Dante. Lulu loves Dustin so much. She just is in love with Dante.

Kirk promises to Dante that all of this will make sense. He will see him later. Dante walks off. Kirk gets on the phone with Obrecht. He has amazing news. She is as good as free.

Peter guesses the worrying is coming from them. He has been beyond blessed but he never had something like this. He never had more to lose. Maxie promises that he will lose nothing because he will do whatever it takes to protect their family.

Carly knows that Trina has been grieving for him for almost a year. Carly has no idea how Trina will react but Joss. Carly knows that Joss is always here with Trina. Marcus thinks that once Cyrus is dealt with then he will deal with Trina.

Brad thinks that Julian is the only one who could do this. Britt knows that Julian has been trying to make a deal with Cyrus. Brad knows that Cyrus is chairman of the board. Brad thinks that there were plenty of guards at Pentonville. He has no where safe to go. He is a dead man. Britt knows someone who can help them.

Sam calls Diane about something tonight.

A guard tells Cyrus where Jason will be tonight.

Julian picks up the package and gets a call from Cyrus. A guard tells him where he needs to go.

Scott pays his tab at the Floating Rib. Jason and Danny start to play pool together.

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