GH Update Wednesday 11/18/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/18/20


Written by Anthony

Chase never cheated on Willow. Willow doesnít understand what Chase is saying.

Michael walked in on Chase and Sasha. They admitted to having an affair. Carly admits they lied. They never had an affair. Michael doesnít understand why Sasha and Chase would lie. Carly thinks to save Wiley.

Willow thinks that Chase is being cruel. They were making out on the couch. They said they were having an affair. Chase explains he never held or kissed Sasha. The only time he ever kissed her was when he heard her key at the door. He did this for her.

Nikolas claims that he made the hit on Ryan. He wanted to make sure that Ryan never hit hurt his wife again.

Britt thinks that Jason took a big chance on admitting his theory. She thinks she could tell Cyrus his theory. Jason saw how she reacted to another OD. He thinks that whatever deal she made with Cyrus she never signed up for this.

Julian tells Cyrus that Marcus is alive. Julian doesnít know the how or why but Cyrus is alive. Sonny and Jason have been using that and plan on taking him down.

Jason knows that Britt can be cut throat and vindictive. Jason thinks whatever lines she is willing to blur she is not a drug trafficker. Jason knows that Cyrus is making deals. Britt asks if Cyrus is making deals with anyone she knows. Jason says that he made one with Julian. Jason thinks that there is something else going on. Jason thinks she cannot allow Cyrus to distribute in PC. Britt says she could believe him and he might be bringing drugs in but she doesnít know what she could do about it.

Julian saw Marcus alive. He confronted Marcus that he was alive and he didnít deny it. He has no idea how Cyrus is alive but he is. That has to be worth more. He thinks they must be even now.

Ava doesnít understand what Nikolas is doing. Sonny thinks that he is lying. Nikolas thinks they are family here. Ryan had been tormenting his wife for years. Ava might have been able to leave things alone but he was taunting all of them again. He had to deal with him and that is what he did.

Willow demands that Chase stop. Willow doesnít want to have the information in public. She works here. Chase asks Willow to come with him. Willow thinks none of this is better. She thinks that this all wounded her. She thought that Chase respected her. She asks why she should believe him now. Chase is telling the truth. He would never hurt her in that way. Willow asks why he would do this. She wonders in what world shattering her heart is doing something for her. Chase needed to make her hate him.

Michael needs to know the truth. Carly explains that Sasha was trying to help him get custody. Carly thinks that Chase had a past with Nelle and wanted them to have a chance. Michael is shocked. He realizes that Chase and Sasha never slept together. It was a trick. Carly confirms it. They sacrificed their own happiness. Carly knows it wasnít supposed to turn out like this. Michael wants to know how she knew the truth and didnít tell him.

Willow asks if they really planned this entire thing. Willow cannot believe they did all of this because of Wile. Chase thinks it was horrible that Michael got robbed of so much and then Willow had thought that Wiley was her natural son. Chase knows all the dirty tricks that Nelle could use. He knew it was important for Michael to get full custody. They knew that using Willow as a bride would help things out. Willow asks why he couldnít just tell them the truth.

Michael asks if she really said nothing. Carly had no idea what they were planning. Carly could see the way that Sasha still loved her. Carly only knew about a week ago. She called her out on the sacrifice she made and she admitted it. She said that she did it for him and Wiley. She feels that Wiley belongs with him and Willow.

Nikolas wonders if Sonny really doesnít think that he can pull off a hit. He pulled a few calls and got rid of a problem. Sonny explains that Ryan is still alive. He doesnít think that armatures should do the work of professionals.

Cyrus doesnít think that this is enough information to wipe away his debt. Cyrus asks if he has proof or photos. Julian didnít have enough time to prove anything. Cyrus thinks that desperate people are willing to say anything. Julian refuses to do it. There is no promise that Jason will be the only person. He can tell Sonny about the letter but he will be long gone by then. Cyrus reminds him of all the people he can run from.

Jason is not asking Britt to get involved. Britt asks what he is asking then. Jason would just like to know what is going on. Britt thinks that he has to have people here. Britt thinks that Elizabeth and Epiphany were just rude to her the first time she was here. Jason needs a new source that he can trust. Britt thinks that trust is not a word that people use to describe him. Jason suggests that they need to give her a chance. Britt cannot give information for cash. Jason didnít think she would be for sale. Britt cannot help him create a war with Cyrus.

Julian thinks it is great that he has pictures of his family. Cyrus has pictures of all of them. He didnít take any of them. As soon as he came to him he had his associates start taking note of his family. Julian finds it is best to have insurance policies. Julian has been trying to fix his life. He keeps getting involved with people who want to control him. If he says no to people then they want to threaten his family. Julian asks why people really think he wants to do horrible things. Julian knows how he helped his sister Olivia and his late wife Nelle. He keeps making deals with the devil. Actions have consequences. He has no idea how he hasnít learned his lesson. If he doesnít like the circumstances then he has no one to blame but himself

Nikolas thinks that no one in town will be bothered that Ryan was killed. Sonny thinks that it will take one aggressive DA trying to make a name for himself and it will come back to him. Sonny thinks it will bring Avery and Ava. He cannot do that to his daughter. Nikolas thinks that there is no way that Ryanís attack will ever be traced back to him. Sonny thinks if he is going to take a shot this big then he cannot miss.

Chase knows they talked about her marrying Michael. Willow thought the idea was crazy. Chase didnít want her to marry another man. Willow wonders what changed her mind. Chase thinks that Michael and Nelle were not fighting over where to send Wiley to preschool. She wanted to keep Wiley from Michael. Chase thinks that her and Michael are so much alike. He thinks they realized that they had to take themselves out of the equation and that is what they did.

Michael thinks that Carly knows how much he loves Sasha. Carly thinks that he stood by her the entire time. Carly thinks that what Sasha and Chase did was smart and noble. She didnít say anything because she wanted it to work. Carly thinks that it could have been worse if Nelle had gotten custody. Michael thinks she lied to her. Michael is a grown man. Michael thinks that Carly should have told him the truth end of story. Carly knows that he is angry and he has every right to be. It is not fun to be manipulated but she hopes he knows that Sashaís choices were in good faith. Michael thinks that of course he is grateful to Sasha but he doesnít know what comes next. He thinks that things are a lot more complicated. Carly assumes because of Willow.

Willow cannot believe that he would make a fundamental choice about the relationship without including her. She asks why he would only tell her this now. Chase thought that if they knew the truth then they would breakup the marriage. Willow thought that Nelle died weeks ago. They could have told the truth then. Chase could tell that they were in-love. Willow asks if they were monitoring their progress as a married couple. Chase heard her and Michael talking in the park. It hurt him to know that she was creating a real family. He thought that he would be hurting her all over again. Willow wants to know what is different tonight. Chase thinks that when Finn was in surgery she came to visit him. Chase thinks that he hurt her and she still came to visit. He cannot deny it anymore. He still loves her. He never stopped loving her.

Sonny tells Nikolas to fix this situation so he doesnít have to. Ava wants to know why he would do that. Nikolas thinks that he is not an idiot. It is obvious her and Julian did something stupid. Ava thinks that is almost sweet of him. Nikolas doesnít want to know anything else about this or it could be his head on a platter. He thinks that Ava needs to convince Julian to leave before the house of cards finally collapses.

Britt is a doctor. She doesnít spent her free time at a gun range. Jason needs her to keep her eyes and ears open. He thinks that she will do the right thing when the time comes. Britt goes over to the nurses station and gets on the phone. Britt needs a complete inventory of their pharmaceutical department. She reminds them who she is.

Cyrus suggests that he deliver the bomb when he tells him to. He read Nelleís letter to Ryan. He is keeping up his end of the agreement. He thinks that he should be welcome.

Britt sees Brad being wheeled in. They need to get him to OR stat. He was stabbed.

Cyrus knows that there other people who know about his grandson. He got rid of one of them. The package will be arriving shortly. He will be in touch.

Willow is shocked he is still in-love with her. Chase could tell she was falling in-love. He kept telling himself they wouldnít work out but he hoped that their love was bigger than all this craziness. He felt like he had to be honest in order to set the record straight. He realized that her heart had moved on. Willow guesses their whole conversation at Charlie's she was being honest and he was covering up the truth. Chase couldnít let her blame herself. He thinks she knows now. Sasha would never have gotten back with Michael because she loves him just like he is in love with her. He does love her. Willow needs to get back to Michael and Sasha.

Carly is not blind. She can tell that he has feelings for Willow. It makes sense. They got to know each other very well. They have so much in common. Michael doesnít want to talk about Willow here. Carly thinks they could go somewhere else. Michael just wants to be alone with Sasha. Carly loves him and is always here for him. Michael guesses he understands but he was so angry with her and he felt so betrayed. He trusted them both and he lost two people. He guesses it was all a big lie. Michael knows she suffered. Michael knows that Nelle could have gotten shared custody though and Willow wouldnít have been able to adopt Wiley. His sonís life is so much better because of her. He doesnít know how to repay that debt. Willow watches at the door and cries.

Sonny finds Marcus outside. Sonny doesnít think he can walk around when he feels like it. Marcus tells him that Epiphany knows that he is back in PC. He explains no one else would have known. Sonny asks what would happen if his ex-wife saw him. Marcus owes her a thank you. Sonny thinks that they need her on their side. He thinks that this cold war is not going to remain that way much longer.

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