GH Update Tuesday 11/17/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/17/20


Written by Anthony

Carly sighs. Sonny walks in. Carly thought she had to work. Sonny asks if Carly has Averyís lucky necklace.

Trina asks Joss what this question is. Joss feels like they are Avery. Dev walks over and asks if they have room for one more.

Michael feels like they are in a different reality. Sasha is hardly even a social drinker. Chase noticed that she was in a weird place a while back. She got into it with a bar tender a while back. She was struggling. He should have been there. He didnít know it would be this bad. Willow thinks he couldnít know that her heart was broken.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Terry doesnít have availability until next week. Elizabeth thinks it is just an appointment. Cam asks what is going on as he is about to run out.

Portia tells Britt that the linebacker wasnít able to stabilize. He was just a year older than her own daughter. She has to let them know that their sons life is over now. Britt thanks Portia. Jason sees this. Britt punches a desk.

Ava and Nikolas go into an elevator. Ava knows they should go and pick up Avery. Nikolas reminds Ava not to bring up Ryan. Ava thinks that Ryan is out of her life forever. Nikolas thinks it was amazing that he was about to tell Sonny something. Ava agrees it was. She guesses they will never know what he was about to say.

Cyrus think that Julian thinks it is time they settle accounts.

Franco tells Cam that there are things that are going on but they can worry about them after the SAT. Cam wants to know what is going on. Franco admits that he has some bad news from the hospital. He has another tumor.

Dev wants to hang out with them. Joss thinks that he said a lot of horrible things.

Carly thinks she is going to get the necklace. Sonny thinks that Carly is going to want to talk with Michael. Sasha just had a drug overdose. Carly wonders if it is cocaine. She was with Nina the other night and she assumed that Sasha had coke.

Willow knows that Sasha is still in love with Michael. Michael knows that they were all good friends. Which is so devastating why it ended. Michael has to assume that this is more than a broken heart. Willow is going to get them some coffee.

Jason asks if Britt is ok. Britt is just in need of some alone time. Jason assumes it is from the news that Portia just gave her. Britt admits that there was a PCU freshman that she thought was a frat boy jock. It turns out that he was a poetry major. He ODíd. She thought that he would. She assumed that it would be a wakeup call for him. He had his whole life ahead of him. Britt has several of these cases a day. Jason wants to know what caused Sashaís OD. He needs to know the drugs.

Marcus is disguised as a doctor and looks at Portia.

Cyrus tells Julian that debts are forever. Julian wants to know what he wants. Cyrus wants them to be civil with one another given all of this. Cyrus thinks that Ryan might never be a threat to him anymore but the secrets he kept arenít gone.

Britt thinks that cocaine can have fillers. Britt is the chief-of-staff. Jason reminds her that she needs to care. Jason thinks she has no idea what she is talking about.

Cam thought that he had his tumor removed. Franco explains it came back. Franco explains that it is inoperable. Franco thinks that a lot of people in this town will see the irony in this. Cam thinks they need him to live.

Dev knows that they all said some stupid things. Trina said bad things too. Trina thinks that Dev clearly is not sorry. Dev is. He is saying sorry to them both.

Sonny tells Ava and Nikolas that Avery is upstairs getting ready for the sleepover. Nikolas gets a call from Spencer. He needs to go and take it. Sonny tells Ava that he is not a fan of Nikolas or her relationship but Avery seems to like him. Ava explains that Nikolas has been supportive of her lately. Ava thinks that anytime Ryan popped up in her life it was draining. Sonny understands that it would be tempting to make sure that Ryan doesnít pop up anytime soon.

Cyrus wonders if this was a contract or a letter. He thinks it is a contract. He thinks that he can either cooperate or it ends up in Sonnyís possession. Julian asks what he needs to do.

Franco tells Cam that they mean everything to him. Cam thinks that he needs to fight. He cannot just give up. He knows what Joss must have felt like in the hospital. Cam knows that Oscar did so much and couldnít get cured. Cam needs to get going. Cam has to get going. He walks out.

Chase has to tell Willow that the cafeteria is downstairs. Willow explains that it might be awkward with everything that has happened to talk. Chase thinks they have no unfinished business. He thinks that he only ever wanted her to be happy. Willow is. She never wanted Chase to suffer the way that Sasha is right now. She hopes he doesnít.

Carly looks at Michael. She heard what happened. She asks how he is holding up. Michael thinks that it is coke. Michael wants to know how she could fall so far and so fast. Carly tells Michael that he couldnít possibly know what is going on. Michael tells Carly that Willow thinks that Sasha is still in-love.

Joss thinks that there must be a few words to describe Dev.

Ava asks if Sonny is wondering if she tried to kill Ryan. She reminds him that she was in the room with him. Ava didnít shed one tear with him. Sonny cannot shake the feeling that there is something off about this.

Britt doesnít think that Sonny is a saint. She saw the wing named after Stone. Jason explains that Stone was a brother to Sonny. Drugs are not something that Sonny is ok with. He tries to keep drugs out of PC. Drugs have never been a problem until now.

Cyrus knows Sonny thinks that he can act with inferiority so long as Jason is around. He thinks Jason needs to be taken off the right hand. He thinks that anything can happen. Cyrus knows that Julian has so much to hide. All he is asking of him is to make a delivery.

Epiphany yanks Marcus into a room and demands to know what he thinks he is doing.

Chase doesnít think it is his job to yield Willow from pain. Willow knows that Sasha is still in-love with Michael. She chose not to tell Michael. She wonders if there is more to this. Willow wonders if some part of her is angry that Michael and Sasha could have had the life that she couldnít.

Carly tells Michael not to blame himself. Carly truly feels bad for Sasha.

Joss guesses her feelings changed. Trina thinks that Dev is mad that he didnít get what he wanted. Life is full of disappointments. Cam walks back and tells them to lay off Dev.

Ava explains that Ryan killed more than one person. He had a lot of enemies. Sonny knows that he was about to tell him something about his family. Sonny wants to know why Ryan would play game with him out of the blue.

Epiphany didnít risk her license so he could do something so stupid. Marcus didnít ask her to do anything. She thinks that he is asking to get caught. Marcus doesnít think he is going to get caught. Epiphany demands to know what he is doing here. Marcus explains that someone else knows he is alive. He needs to make sure that Portia and Trina are safe.

Cyrus tells Julian that a package will arrive soon. He needs to handle it. He explains that a lot of local buildings have gone up lately. He thinks that is how they get rid of Jason.

Britt knows that there are more drug usage here than the rest of the country. Britt wonders how it gets into the city. Jason explains they are coming through GH.

Cyrus asked him to deliver a package and nothing more. Cyrus is sure that things will be fine. Cyrus thinks it is either their blood or his own. Julian asks what if he can provide something else for him.

Sonny thinks that it is not a coincidence that Ryan reached out to both of them. Ava asks if there is something he wants to ask her. He needs to just come out and ask. Nikolas walks in and tells him to back off.

Joss tells Cam that Dev said something uncool and they donít appreciate it. Joss thinks they have the right to be pissed. Cam thinks that is valid but they donít know what could happen and they cannot take anything for granted. Joss thinks they need to all split up for a minute and can meet back up when they all cool down. Dev thanks Cam for having his back. Cam knows they are all friends. It cannot be that serious. Dev thinks they are all friends.

Epiphany cannot fault Marcus for wanting to look after his family. She knows his family talks about him a lot. Marcus knows his life with Portia did not end well. Marcus cannot have Portia get involved. Epiphany explains her son got involved in that world. He didnít make it out alive. She thinks that he tried to make it out and that is the main reason why she agreed to help. She doesnít want Trina to end up like Stan.

Michael knows that Portia is not able to talk with him. Portia actually can because he is still listed as next of kin. She explains that she had a heart attack. The next few days will be critical. Michael had no idea what was going on. Portia knows she might experience withdraw. Michael and Carly go into her room. Michael sits down next to her. He says that he is here.

Willow hates how him and Michael feel like they could have done more but she should have told them about how Michael still felt. Chase thinks that Sasha made her own choices. Willow doesnít think she would have made this downward spiral. Chase thinks he knows what happened.

Elizabeth explains to Franco that Terry can squeeze them in tonight. Franco thinks that he put off taking the test because he didnít want to deal with how it would hurt the boys. Elizabeth doesnít know what she would do without him.

Britt asks if Jason honestly thinks that there is a meth lab or something in the hospital. Jason thinks that the drugs are being smuggled in. Britt thinks that Jason took a big chance telling her the theory. She asks how he knows she wonít go tell Cyrus. Jason guesses they will find out.

Cyrus thinks that there is little information that canít be explained to him. Julian has info on Marcus.

Marcus thanks Epiphany for saving her life twice. She tells him to get out of the city. The longer he is here the greater the chance is that he will be exposed.

Cyrus asks what he knows. Julian will tell him what he knows and his debt will be cleared. Cyrus demands to know the truth. Julian explains that Marcus is alive. He knows that for a fact.

Nikolas means no disrespect but he is the one who ordered the hit on Ryan.

Michael knows that Sasha cannot hear him but he wants her to know that he regrets everything he said in hurt. He knows she was in pain herself. He had no idea that she was struggling or she felt so alone. Michael should have stopped the judgment from other people. He is so sorry. Carly tells Michael to stop. He doesnít know what happened or why.

Chase explains that Sasha would never have gotten back with Michael. That was never the point. Sasha asks what the point was. Willow demands to know what is going on.

Carly explains that Sasha didnít sleep with Chase.

Chase tells Willow that it was a setup and lie. He never cheated on her.

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