GH Update Monday 11/16/20

General Hospital Update Monday 11/16/20


Written by Anthony

Michael and Willow start to undress one another as Chase walks in. He says he is sorry and runs out.

Brando runs into Cyrus’ apartment and finds Sasha on the floor. He asks what happened. Cyrus explains that she collapsed without warning. Brando thinks it is a heart attack.

Jason tells Sonny they need to stop Cyrus.

Olivia thanks Sam and Lucas for being here. Lucas reminds her that he works here. Julian walks over and asks if Leo is hurt.

Ned thinks that Brook Lynn needs to know that he is sorry. He knows he was wrong.

Martin tells Valentin that children are a lot like property. Martin thinks that Charlotte is a human being and a child. Valentin tells Martin that if something happens to him then he will not let Lulu hurt Charlotte.

Nina tells Jax that she feels like she just hit a brick wall. She thinks that she knows enough to stop looking for her.

Carly asks Avery what this is. Avery thinks it is her good luck charm. Carly remembers talking with Nina about the necklace. Carly realizes that Nelle is Nina’s daughter. Carly wonders where Avery got the necklace.

Valentin doesn’t have the power to take Charlotte from Lulu. He thinks he can offer Nina a fairy God mother though. That is where Martin comes in.

Ned knows he was treating Brook Lynn terribly. This was what Edward did to Tracy and he swore that he would never do it to her.

Nina thinks that there is no documentation or anything. Nina thinks the universe is telling her that the road is closed.

Carly wonders where Avery found the necklace. Avery went exploring. Carly wants to know if she took the path that went through the gate. Avery thinks Carly knows where she found the necklace.

Michael runs downstairs and asks Chase what is wrong. Chase wanted to tell Willow that Finn would be ok. He is sorry. Willow runs downstairs. Chase says he is ok.

Olivia tells Julian that Leo had an accident. Sam explains that Danny and Leo were playing in the park and Leo jumped. Lucas wants to know what Julian is doing here. Julian wanted an update on Ryan.

Brando tries to call 911. Cyrus demands that Brando personally get rid of Sasha.

Jason thinks that taking that position at the hospital basically gave Cyrus an in. Jason needs to take this guy out. Sonny thinks that all that will happen is someone else takes over. Sonny wants to know how they do this. Jason thinks that Cyrus represents someone proving that you can bring drugs in PC. Sonny thinks they need to shut this down. Sonny gets a call. Sonny asks Brando what is wrong.

Brando brings Sasha into the hallway. He explains they have a situation.

Olivia thanks Sam and Lucas for this. Sam wants her to give Leo a big kiss. Julian wants to know where Leo is. Julian knows that they are doing their best to freeze him out. Lucas asks if he thought that they didn’t know that he married Nelle. He tried to take Wiley away from Michael. Lucas thinks if he wants to do something for Leo then he can just leave them all alone. Lucas thinks that he is putting on a show. He thinks that he likes the way it looks to him. Lucas thinks that they are all over it.

Michael wonders if Willow is ok. Willow claims she is. She regrets that Chase walked in on them but she doesn’t regret what he walked in on. Michael tells Willow that what happened today… Them sleeping together meant a lot to him. Willow thinks it meant a lot to her as well. Michael gets a call from Jason. He doesn’t usually call unless it is important. He asks what is happening. Jason tells him to meet him and Sonny in the hospital. Sasha is in the ER. Michael is on the way.

Sasha is brought to GH. Lucas is in charge of this. Brando says that he thinks that she took cocaine.

Carly thinks she will get her necklace fixed so she doesn’t lose her good luck charm.

Nina asks if she is supposed to go around Florida and ask people if they know her daughter. Jax thinks it is too soon to give up. Jax sees a foot rub in her future. Nina thanks Jax. Jax gets a call. Carly needs to see him now. Carly tells him that this is urgent. She knows this is awkward but he cannot bring Nina with her. Jax explains that Carly needs him. Nina thinks that this could be about Joss and he needs to put his daughter first. She would do the same thing. Jax says ok.

Jax shows up at Carly’s. Carly tells him that she thinks that Nelle is Nina’s daughter.

Nina asks Valentin if Charlotte is alright. Valentin knows that he never made good arrangements if anything happened to him. He needs to make sure that she will never lose Charlotte. He wants her to have legal rights to Charlotte.

Brook Lynn knows she was wrong to sign that contract. She should have stepped up and acknowledged that she messed up. Brook Lynn knows that it was easier to call him out than to answer her issues. Brook Lynn thinks that Ned was right.

Willow starts to clean up the toy room. Willow gets on her phone and sends Chase a text. Chase gets it and it says that they should talk.

Michael asks Sonny how Sasha is. Lucas tells them that he is glad that he is here. She OD’d. Brando says that he thinks she took cocaine. It is coke but it is somehow kicked up a notch. It is either insanely pure or it is something worse.

Cyrus shows up in Sasha’s room. He demands to know how the patient is doing.

Brook Lynn just really needs some clarity right now. If she stays then that clarity will be gone by breakfast tomorrow morning. That is no ones fault but she needs some distance. Brook Lynn loves Ned but she needs him to understand that she needs to go away for a while. Ned does understand but it won’t make him miss her any less. Brook Lynn asks if he loves Olivia. Ned does. Brook Lynn thinks that he needs to do everything in his power to hold on to her.

Lucas asks Sam what this means that he cannot have a relationship with his child. Sam doesn’t want to listen about Jason or anyone. Olivia tells Julian that she can explain the difference.

Nina doesn’t want Valentin to die. Nina thinks that she would like the legal connection with Charlotte. She knows it would be good for both of them. Nina wants Valentin to be smart about this. Nina asks if he can answer a question logically without trying to manipulate it. She found the nurse and she confirmed that she had a little girl and it turns out that she lived. She lives in Florida she guesses. Nina has no information. She could have lost the necklace a decade ago. Nina guesses this is a sign from God to let this go. Jax said she should keep trying but she needs him to be objective. She wonders if it is worth it.

Jax thinks that Carly has to be wrong. Carly shows Jax the necklace. She explains that Nelle was wearing this. Jax thinks she better start from the beginning. Carly thought that Nelle wasn’t done with her. She was talking about Nina and her daughter. She didn’t think much about it. Nelle was wearing the necklace and it must have fallen off in the struggle. Jax asks if she just found out about this today. Carly knows he thinks that she is crazy but this proves that Nelle was Nina’s daughter. Jax thinks she isn’t crazy.

Sonny asks Brando in a text if he was there. Brando says no but he was outside the door. He wonders if it wasn’t cocaine. Sonny shows Jason the text message.

Chase asks Willow if he can get her anything. Chase is sorry for walking in on them. Willow thinks it was sweet and wonderful of him to come by. Chase knows he should have texted her. Willow still cares. She thinks that walking in on someone else is hard. She knows what it is like but she is sorry that he had to go through that. She can leave though. Chase doesn’t think she is making things worse. He appreciates her. He thinks that her and Michael are married legally. He thought that when she told him that she was getting an annulment he thought that it made today more surprising. Willow thinks it surprised them too.

Lucas thinks the drugs are a recent development. Michael asks if he can see her. Lucas wants to keep her stable. Michael will not make things worse.

Cyrus tells someone he took the new product for a test run. He thinks that Sasha is more harm than he needs. Michael yanks him out of the room and tell him to stay out of Sasha’s room. He thinks that Cyrus gave her the drugs. Michael will expose him as a dirt bag. If he goes around Sasha again he will see what happens. Sonny tells him to go be with Sasha. Cyrus demands a public apology. Sonny heard Michael say nothing. Sonny doesn’t worry about trouble. He thinks that trouble disappears. Brando tells Cyrus that the car is waiting. Cyrus tells Brando the next time he tells him to get rid of someone that doesn’t mean go to the ER.

Willow thinks that this lifted the fog. They had so many people in their way of things. This is the first time they get to decide. It is nice for them to be able to decide in their own way in their own time. Chase meant what he said but he knows that is on him. Willow is sad about this too. Willow gets a call. Willow asks if everything is ok. Michael tells Willow to get down to the hospital. Willow tells Chase that Sasha is bad.

Olivia thinks she knows that Jason does what he says. He would give his life for the people he cares about. Julian thinks that Alexis is drinking herself into a hole. Sam will figure things out for Alexis. He needs to stay away. Cyrus texts Julian to meet him.

Valentin admits that it is unlikely to find her child. He had to admit that it is time to stop looking. Jax is not wrong. She has options and she can explore them. Nina needs this conversation to be what it was and nothing more. Valentin thinks with her it will always be more. Valentin goes to the bar. Brook Lynn is at the bar. She says she needs to say goodbye.

Jax thinks that they just got done talking with the nurse that delivered Nina’s baby. They took the baby to Northern Florida. Carly thinks that is something that Frank would have done. Jax thinks it is obvious that this was Nelle. Jax wonders how he can tell Nina. Carly thinks he isn’t.

Michael asks Chase and Willow if they have noticed Sasha acting differently. Sasha OD’d and is now fighting for her life. He doesn’t know how they got here and things are now so uncontrolled.

Sonny thinks that Cyrus needs to back the hell off.

Julian tells Cyrus he has nothing for him. Cyrus has something for him.

Carly thinks that Nina couldn’t handle finding out that Nelle was her daughter. Jax thinks that Nina has been on this kick. She is convinced that Nelle wasn’t born bad. She thinks that Nelle could have turned out differently. Cary thinks that Nelle was a lost cause. She is sure that Frank turned her psycho. There is definitely no closure. Some things are definitely better left alone. Carly thinks that Jax needs to let her continue. Carly thinks the pain is already gone. The truth can be buried with her.

Nina goes into the elevator. She looks at her locket again. She puts it back on.

Olivia admits to Ned she ran into Julian at the hospital. It turns out that Michael’s ex is in a bad way. She asks what she missed. Ned explains that Brook Lynn is on her way back to Bensonhurst. She needs to figure out what comes next in her life. He wishes that she could do that here. Olivia is sure that she will come back. Olivia asks how she could stay away.

Brook Lynn is going back to her roots. Brook Lynn knows that she needs to get out of the town. She can be pretty impulsive. Brook Lynn realized that this is not only about her. She needs to figure this out. She needs to figure out how to do things for herself. She wished that she had done things differently at the Nurses Ball. She shouldn’t have confronted Nelle. Valentin admires Brook Lynn for her impulses. He will see her around. He hopes sooner rather than later. Brook Lynn doesn’t think that he needs to worry about that. She looks at her pregnancy test kit.

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