GH Update Friday 11/13/20

General Hospital Update Friday 11/13/20


Written by Anthony

Sonny reads a story to Avery in the living room. He does little voices for her. Sonny asks if she liked the story. Avery has a lucky charm too.

Phyllis wasnít physically there when she gave birth. Phyllis admits that her baby lived. Nina cries.

Monica wonders if Ned is celebrating or commiserating. Ned can tell that Valentin is manipulating her. He just wishes that Brook Lynn would open her eyes and see the people around her for who they truly are. Monica tells him to grow up.

Brook Lynn thinks it was noble of him to step out of the way. She thinks that this was important but he made the choice for Willow. She thinks that this is Willowís life. Willow needs to know what actually happened and she needs to be able to make up her own mind.

Michael and Willow kiss one another. Michael wants to ask her a question and he needs her to be honest with him. He asks if she wants to actually sign the papers because he doesnít.

Cyrus asks what her appetite is. Sasha picks up the bag of blow and asks what he knows.

Carly tells Jason that she is worried about Sasha. She is hanging out with Cyrus. Carly thinks they have to do something about it.

Brook Lynn thinks that Chase needs to tell Willow the truth. Chase asks why she would try and break Michael and Willow apart. Brook Lynn loves Michael and Willow and them being together. Willow might be the one woman on the planet who actually gets along with both families. Brook Lynn thinks that if she was her and she needed to know who to choose then she needs to know all the right information. Brook Lynn thinks that this is information.

Willow liked that they needed time. Michael agrees. Willow wasnít expecting to see these so soon. Willow says no. She is not going to sign these right now. Michael guesses they are on the same page. The paperwork is here and they can sign it when they are ready. Willow thinks that this is brave. Willow thinks it is her turn to talk. She is afraid of him staying in this situation when she isnít even sure if this is what he wants. Michael thinks the same about her. He thinks that she deserves everything in life. Michael thinks that this marriage chose them. Willow wonders what they do now.

Carly had a strong feeling from the beginning. Jason knows to get custody of Wiley. Carly thinks to get Wiley as a priority. Carly knows that Sasha cannot handle this. Carly knows that Sasha is doing drugs and must be getting the drugs from Cyrus. Carly needs to do something about this. Jason thinks she doesnít.

Cyrus suggests that she come back to his place and he can cook for her. Willow guesses so.

Nina asks if her baby survived. Phyllis says she had a daughter. She got to spend a fair amount of time with her after. Nina knew that her baby survived. Jax thinks that this has been a torturous process. He needs Phyllis to be as transparent as possible. Nina wonders why she didnít tell her. Phyllis thought she was so disoriented. She left so abruptly. She wondered if it was ever her right to get involved. She was happy to be able to tell her the truth. She has been waiting to be asked for so long. She thinks that she can ask her anything. Nina guesses she had her baby then. She wonders what happened to her daughter. Phyllis was not supposed to tell anything to anyone. They were told that her husband might have something to do with her being in the coma. Nina explains that her mother put her in the coma not her husband. Phyllis thought she was doing the right thing. She is sorry she was wrong.

Jason feels bad for Sasha. She is suffering from this. Jason thinks that Sasha chose to take the drugs and is choosing to be with Cyrus. Jason thinks that this could go sideways and that is not ok for anyone.

Sasha needs to use the bathroom. Cyrus tells Brando to take the rest of the night off. Brando isnít going to give him any opinion. Cyrus wants to know what is on his mind. Brando doesnít think that he needs the trouble of that girl.

Monica thinks that Brook Lynn is an adult. Monica thinks that he needs to stop thinking that he knows better than Brook Lynn. They both made big mistakes. Ned guesses he agrees. Monica thinks that either neither of them donít agree with the other. She is reminded of Edward when he talks like this.

Brook Lynn thinks that Willow deserves to know the truth. Chase thinks that it is clear that she has a better idea on how life works right now. He tells her to go and fix things with her father though. Brook Lynn thinks that this is a dirty trick to get him to go see the Quartermaines.

Michael thinks that this could be interesting to see where things go. Willow admits she is not sure if she can say what is on her mind. Michael asks what is wrong. Willow explains the other night at the gym he looked really hot. She thinks ridiculously sexy. Michael felt the same way that night about her. Michael is shocked she didnít notice. He couldnít take his eyes off her.

Brook Lynn shows up at the Q house. She asks Chase to stick around for a minute. Monica wonders if this is ok. Monica tells him that this is his last chance. He needs to not blow it. Chase thinks that there is no reason that they cannot blow this.

Michael doesnít want to pressure her. Willow feels attracted to him. Michael is attracted to her. He guesses that they are into one another. Willow wonders if they should do something about that. They start to kiss.

Jason doesnít think they need to get involved in all of this. Carly wonders if this means that this could seriously start a war. Carly knows that this could start a big dangerous war. She cannot do nothing about this. Jason never said she shouldnít do nothing.

Brando wants Cyrus to ask himself if this is really worth it. Cyrus appreciates the warning but he can handle the girl. Cyrus thinks that the fun is about to begin for the two of them.

Nina understands why Phyllis would keep this a secret. Phyllis never knew if she would get out of the coma. They didnít know and Madelyn said that she was in no position to raise a child. She found a stable and loving home. She knows where and she took her daughter there herself. Nina wonders who they were.

Michael thinks that they are very compatible. Willow agrees. She thinks more than she expected. Michael agrees. Willow thinks that Michael has some moves. Michael thinks she has some surprises up her sleeve as well. Michael thinks it is like he is seeing her for the first time. He never allowed himself to think about her like this. Willow laughs. Michael thinks the family thing and the work thing never really put together. He doesnít want to do this to her. Willow asks what he wants right now. Michael thinks that he wants to do this.

Brook Lynn wants to stop blaming each other. Ned wonders how he can prove that he is not her enemy. Brook Lynn asks if he thinks of her as his enemy. Brook Lynn never came to rehash all of this. Brook Lynn wanted him to know she is going to live with Lois until she figures out what is next for her.

Phyllis thinks that her daughter was a trooper. They were instructed to get off in a little town in Florida. She met the couple in a black town car. It happened so fast. She considered getting back on the bus. The couple was so nice. They melted when they saw the little girl. They had no names. There was no name to trace them. Nina guesses that was it. Phyllis felt like it was going to be ok. She never saw them or her daughter again.

Jason tells Carly to reach out to Sasha. That can make the difference. Carly accepts this for now but if Sasha keeps going down this road then she needs to fix things. Sonny thanks Jason for talking her down. Sonny couldnít have said a word of it.

Sasha starts dancing as she drinks. She thinks whatever he gave her makes her feel better. She gives this a ten. Cyrus tells her to take it easy. Sasha starts to rub against him. She wants to return the favor. Cyrus wonders if she is here to punish someone else or herself.

Ned thinks that he messed up everything with not helping her out and then freaking out. He knows he made it impossible for her to stay. Brook Lynn thinks that this is something that she anticipated. Brook Lynn cannot try to desperately try to keep what she had before. It doesnít work. This is her being a grownup and deciding what she wants the rest of her life to look like. She needs him to support this.

Willow is not like Michael. She usually lets her emotions spill on to everything. Willow thinks that in this situation. She acted like him. She needs to organize things in the proper place. She knows that first they were friends and then they were co-parents. She never really thought of him as someone that she can be with. This was incredible. She is trying to say that she is finally allowing herself to see him for who he really is. She wants to see him for how she really feels. They are all good things.

Nina guesses that this is how it ends. Her little girl riding away in a little road and never being seen again. Nina knows her mother banished her daughter without a trace. She let her girl go but not without hope. She gave her a little piece of her to take with her.

Sonny thinks that these are different circumstances but the reality is that he gave a girl drugs once. He doesnít want to be anything like Cyrus. He gave her drugs though. It is something that he has to live with the rest of his life with Karen. Jason asks if he was a dealer. Sonny gave Karen drugs to relax. He isnít going to make excuses.

Sasha thinks if she needed a shrink she would pay for one. He isnít exactly a spiritual person. Cyrus thinks that they can call it a night. Sasha doesnít need his pity. She is Sasha Gilmore the face of deception. No one will control her. Sasha starts to feel her heart and shake.

Chase asks where Willow is. Monica will point him in the right direction. Ned admires her for wanting to do some soul searching. He hopes that she finds her way back here though. Ned really loved having her here. He thinks that it was nice being in each otherís lives however uncomfortable. He asks her to move back in and figure things out. Michael thinks that they are truly free. Michael thinks that they can explore what they mean to one another. They start to get naked again.

Chase tells himself to tell the truth. Chase opens the door and finds them half naked.

Cyrus asks Sasha what is wrong. He tells her not to do this here. She is shaking on the floor

Sonny has three daughterís and a step-daughter. He would kill them if anyone did what he did to Karen. Jason thinks he switched directions and that did a lot of good for people.

Phyllis tells Nina that her daughter has the other half of he necklace. Nina guesses nothing has changed then.

Carly calls Michael to pick up his phone. Avery walks over. She sees her necklace. Avery says it is her good luck charm. Carly sees the necklace. Carly realizes it is Nelle.

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