GH Update Thursday 11/12/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/12/20


Written by Anthony

Cyrus tells Brando that he is expecting an important guest. He needs to make sure that Carly doesn’t get involved.

Carly cannot stand the fact that Cyrus tried to kill her family and now he is pretending to be a good person. Jax wants to know why she would allow him to dine here then. Carly guesses it is her contribution to keeping the peace. Carly has news about Nelle. Nina walks into the dining room. She sees Sasha and wonders how she is feeling. Nina hopes she decided to stop using

Michael walks in on Willow dancing in Wiley’s room. Willow thinks that he scared her half to death. Michael thinks that her music was a little loud. He wonders what she is up to.

Brook Lynn wonders if Finn is still in the ICU. Chase finds her and asks who she wanted to see. Brook Lynn wanted to see his brother.

Elizabeth wants to know when Franco found out. Franco says the day after he fainted in the Floating Rib. Franco froze. He had no choice. Elizabeth asks if he is sure that there is no doubt. Franco explains that the tumor is back and it has grown. Elizabeth wants to know why he kept this to himself. Franco tells her that Terry knew. She wanted him to tell her. Elizabeth asks what he was going to do when he was supposed to have surgery. Franco tells her that he cannot operate on it

Brook Lynn was looking for Chase to make sure that he was ok. Brook Lynn assumes it was touch and go. Brook Lynn imagines that he was losing his mind. Chase thinks that Finn was great. He explains that his parents are getting divorced. Brook Lynn is sorry. She asks if he wants to talk about this. Brook Lynn thinks that something good came of this. She packed her things. They are all in her suitcase. She bought herself a one way bus ticket to NYC.

Willow tells Michael that Wiley wanted stars on his ceiling. He wants to visit them in his rocket ship. Michael says that he hired a painter. Willow thinks they cannot trust painters. Michael asks if she needs help. Willow wouldn’t mind an assistant. Willow thinks her art protects tend to get messy. Michael gets paint on his head. Willow ends up falling in his arms.

Cyrus thinks that Brando would know well about Carly. Cyrus thinks that Sonny doesn’t think that he is good enough to be part of the family business. Cyrus guesses that Sonny will regret not embracing him and his mother.

Nina cares about Sasha. She wonders if there was anyone they could call on her behalf. She must feel so alone. Sasha thinks they are gossiping about her. Nina has to get to a meeting.

Carly explains that Nelle’s death is officially an accident. Carly explains that there was no proof that she was on the cliff. Jax wonders why she isn’t happy then.

Elizabeth thinks that they will get a second opinion. She doesn’t believe that he is going to die. Franco doesn’t want to die. He doesn’t like it when she leaves the room. Franco loves her. He thinks she is a gift that he doesn’t deserve. Elizabeth keeps hearing how he wants to die. Franco thinks that there is a fate worse than death. That is what he is trying to avoid.

Willow thinks she got most of the paint off. Willow found out about Finn being shot and she went to the hospital to make sure that Chase was alright. She wanted to support him. Michael thinks that he is glad she supported him.

Brook Lynn doesn’t think her life is full of options right now. Chase wonders how she is going to live. Brook Lynn will see her mother. Brook Lynn will see a specialist in NYC. Chase thinks that he could arrest her again. Brook Lynn is leaving tonight. He can read her rights for old time sake. Chase thinks that she needs to stick around. Brook Lynn asks if he is going to miss her.

Carly thinks that it is a relief that this is behind her. She thinks that there was something about that night that keeps nagging her. Jax thinks that she doesn’t have to worry. Nelle cannot hurt her anymore. She can go on with her life. Nina walks over. Sasha was not interested in talking about anything. Carly thinks that Sasha is worse off then she realizes. Sasha tells Nina that she doesn’t need any pity. She is going to see someone who doesn’t get into her business. Carly asks if that person is Cyrus.

Brando appreciates Cyrus for believing in him. Cyrus thinks that he has bigger plans for Brando. Sasha shows up. She had to freshen up. Brando is told to leave. Sasha tells Cyrus that she just told Carly, Nina, and Jax that she was meeting with him. Sasha explains when she got on the elevator to leave that night she got an envelope full of blow. She knows he got her some blow. She doesn’t want him to play. She knows it happened. Cyrus thinks that he needs her friendship. He thinks she is the only person that hasn’t attacked her for what he has done. Sasha thinks that the invader must be desperate for information. Cyrus guesses they agree not to be disturbed by one another. Sasha thinks they can put up with one another. Cyrus asks if she will see him again for the occasional meal and lively conversation. Nina demands to speak with Cyrus. Cyrus walks out. Cyrus has wanted to meet with her. He has heard such glowing reports.

Brook Lynn thinks that he enjoyed putting her behind bars. Chase never knew what she would do next. Chase liked having an excuse to have her in his orbit. Brook Lynn wonders why she should believe him. Chase made a deal that he wouldn’t waste time with things. He thinks that he will miss her. Brook Lynn wonders if he will ever tell Willow that he is still in love with her.

Michael tells Willow that Wiley and Leo are both covered in red sauce right now. Willow knows that this is such a good place for Michael to raise his son. Michael reminds her that she will be officially be Wiley’s mom. Willow thinks that she likes the sound of that. Michael explains that Diane just sent over paperwork. Michael explains that it is the annulment paperwork.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he could undergo shifts in his personality. Elizabeth assumes that this scares him. Franco thinks this could hurt her.

Brook Lynn thinks that she can tell that he still looks at pictures of Willow on his phone. Brook Lynn thinks that his feelings are his. Brook Lynn thinks that he has to tell the truth. Chase admits that Willow came by earlier. She said that Michael and her are getting their marriage annulled. Brook Lynn thinks that this happened. Brook Lynn wants to know the truth about what happened between him and Sasha.

Willow knew that this day would come eventually. Michael just didn’t know it would be so soon. Willow didn’t either. She asks what he thinks they should do.

Nina and Cyrus talk alone. She wants to keep this short. She tells him to stay away from Sasha. She isn’t in a good place right now and she doesn’t like him taking advantage of her. Nina thinks that he doesn’t seem like a Crimson reader. Cyrus thinks it is a thoughtful magazine. Nina thinks that no amount of flattery will make her think that he is a good person.

Sasha wants to know why Brando is working for Cyrus. Sasha is not dating Cyrus. She met him once for dinner. She will not defend herself to him. Brando finds it odd that she is with the man who tried to have Michael killed.

A woman comes looking for Jax. She heard that he was looking for her.

Franco explains that he hadn’t realized that there were in fact chunks of time that he cannot account for. Franco thinks when he was painting. Elizabeth thinks that is not abnormal for an artist. You can lose track of time. Elizabeth knows that it is a personality change that is scaring him. Franco thinks that she knows what he is capable of. He didn’t care about anyone but doing horrible things to people. He cannot be like that again. Elizabeth has seen a lot of brain tumor patients. It won’t be the same thing. Franco doesn’t think she knows. Elizabeth thinks that this pain was removed already. It is gone for good. Franco will do everything he can do in order to no be the person he was again. He needs her to promise him that even if there is a hint of danger that she will cut away.

Chase thinks that Michael needed to find a way to get custody of Willow. Chase thinks that if Sasha had married Michael then they would have torn her apart on stand. Brook Lynn guesses he deliberately broke Willow’s heart. Chase knows that Willow loves that child. He thinks that Wiley is the most important thing here. Brook Lynn thinks that now is the time to be honest with both himself and with Willow.

Michael wonders who should sign first. Michael thinks he can get a pen. Willow wants to read it first to make sure it is in order. Michael thinks if she wants to read something then that is fine. Willow wants to see what it says.

Sasha is not really sure what is going on between her and Cyrus. She was in a bad way and Cyrus was kind to her. She needed someone. Nina and her have a complicated relationship. Nina was more than a friend to her. She was like a mother to her. Knowing it was all a lie doesn’t change how she felt. That is why she is out there talking with Cyrus.

Cyrus asks what makes Nina think that Sasha cannot take care of herself. Nina thinks that her magazine doesn’t say that every woman cannot help one another. Nina doesn’t treat Sasha like a child. Cyrus thinks that if Sasha didn’t want his company then she could say so. Nina thinks that Sasha needs friends. Cyrus thinks that Sasha knows what she is doing. This will only hurt her. Nina thinks that if Cyrus hurts Sasha then she will destroy him.

Jax asks who this woman is. She was Nina’s nurse. Nina sees Phyllis. She is so glad to see her. The two woman hug.

Elizabeth promises that her love for him is stronger than he thinks. Elizabeth promises that the magic will be their love and it will give them the strength to not give up. Elizabeth promises that he will survive this. She believes in him with all her heart.

Brook Lynn thinks that he has been making choices based on false information. Brook Lynn cannot leave until she sets this right. He needs to tell Willow the truth.

Michael guesses it looks legal. He asks how it looks for her. Willow admits that it all looks like a blur. Michael assumes that it is hard to concentrate. Willow thinks it is hard to focus.

Carly asks if there is any chance that Sasha will kick Cyrus to the curb. She needs him to keep an eye on Sasha. She has been really good for her family.

Sasha assumes that Cyrus convinced Nina to back off. Cyrus doesn’t like people telling him what to do. He thinks that is all that matters. Sasha thanks him for being such a good friend. He asks if she is hungry. There is a bag on the table.

Nina tells Phyllis that she is happy to see her. She realized that she took care of her before when she was first pregnant. Nina asks to know what happened to her baby.

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