GH Update Wednesday 11/11/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/11/20


Written by Anthony

Laura opens the door and Jordan and Curtis are both there and pull a gun on her. Jordan asks what she is doing here. Laura thinks the same as them and following a lead on Cyrus. She demands to know why the two of them are here when Jordan is supposed to be on medical leave. She thought she was getting treatment.

Sonny asks Jason what the word is on Ryan. Jason guesses that there is no word right now. Jason tells him that it seems like Cyrus is honoring the truce. Jason knows that Julian wonít say anything about Marcus. Jason tells Sonny that Franco wanted to meet last night. He asked him to kill him.

Scott asks Franco what is going on in his head.

Finn and Chaseí father walks into Finnís hospital room. Finn tells his father that he didnít have to come all this way. He heard that he had been shot in the chest and was concerned. Finn thinks he will make a full recovery. He knows he could have called for an update but he wanted to see with his own eyes. He will leave now if that is really what he wants.

Dante looks at a picture of Peter and Lulu. He tells himself that he needs to complete the mission. Dante gets on the computer screen and starts looking at information.

Lulu thinks that Rocco is all that is still connected with Lulu. Lulu thinks that she is happy with Dustin. She thinks that Maxie is trying to convince herself that this is ok. Maxie wonders what she is talking about.

Peter tells Anna that he doesnít know what he would have been capable of. Anna thinks it is natural to want to protect people. Peter knows that Alex said that they were above consequences and accountability. Anna thinks that sounds like her sister. Peter is ashamed to tell her that it made so much sense to him at the time. Anna asks Valentin if he is ok. Valentin tells them both that Alex drugged him but he should be fine. Valentin guesses that she was a multi-tasker. Peter thinks they talk about this as if it happens every day. Valentin thanks her for saving his life. Anna thinks it seemed like the decent thing to do. He wonders if she is really alright. Anna thinks after killing her sisterÖ Peter walks back over. He thanks Anna. He needs to get going. Valentin asks if they are not going to tell Peter the truth.

Dante looks at the information on Peterís computer. He gets out a flash drive.

Finnís father says he will be going. Finn tells him to stay. He asks how Finn is feeling. Finn guesses he could feel worse. He admits that his lime disease is much more manageable now. Finn is glad that he is feeling better. He realizes that his presence cannot be good for his stress levels. He is glad to see him alive and he is going to be fine. When he had heard he had been shot. Finn doesnít think he had to worry. He thinks that he will always worry about him.

Scott asks why he didnít call him when he was in the hospital. Franco is sorry that he was worried. There was nothing he could have done.

Laura needs to know why Jordan is here. Curtis wonders if anyone knows that Laura is here. Laura knows how to lose a tail. Curtis wonders if he fundraiser was real. Laura says yes until she decided to go looking into Cyrus. Laura has been looking through all of Cyrusí holdings. She thinks that a private residence in a suburb stood out to her. Curtis wanted to find a way in a few months ago. Laura thinks that Curtis is giving Jordan great time to give a good reason for her. She asks if Jordan is being legit. Jordan says that the only threat to her life right now is Cyrus.

Sonny tells Jason that he needs to get the cash up front. Jason says that the tumor is back. He wants him to take him out. Sonny thinks that this is a game he is playing. He is going to check to see if the tumor is really back. Then they can find out. Marcus shows up. Sonny tells him that he is supposed to be hiding. Marcus needs to know what he is going to do with Julian.

Scott wonders why Franco needs life insurance. Franco needs to make sure that everything looks good. Scott thinks that Elizabeth and the boys would be taken care of. Franco knows that insurance policies are hard to deal with. He asks if the way he dies will hurt the chances of collecting.

Jordan explains that Cyrus almost beat TJ to death. Laura tells her that protecting her is not important. Laura hasnít fired Jordan yet. The day is young though. Curtis thinks that they were protecting PC. Laura needs to know how far this thing has gone. She needs to know everything.

Marcus knows that Julian is bad. Sonny thinks that someone will see him. Cyrus is at the door. Sonny tells Marcus to stay here. Sonny walks out with Jason. Sonny wants to know what he is doing here. Cyrus wants him to explain himself before he starts a war.

Jordan explains that the evidence used to convict Cyrus was faked. She was also in on it. Laura asks if she was working for Cyrus all this time. Curtis thinks the only way to keep Cyrus out of PC is to put him underground. Laura asks what else she needs to know.

Finn is just remembering something ergo. It is just a very him thing to say. Elizabeth walks in. She just needs to check on Finnís vitals. Elizabeth wonders if that is family. Finn wonders if he still has that bullet.

Chaseís father is proud of him. Chase asks if he was ever going to tell him about the divorce. He wasnít. It is just a separation. They are going through a rough patch but they will get through it.

Anna thinks that Alex has done enough damage. She is going to protect him like she should have when he was a baby. She wants to know why he she would pick that memory. She thinks that she wanted her to save her son. Alex thought that she would have thought out Peter. Anna cannot undo the past. No one can. She can see that Peter has a better future. She is Peterís mother. Just the two of them and Finn know the truth. Valentin thinks that Finn cannot know.

Franco tells him that the companies donít pay out if it is suicide. Franco thinks that if he were to die how would it happen. Scott asks about a violent way of going. Franco demands to know if he will help him or not.

Jordan knows that Cyrus would have killed TJ. Laura wonders if Portia knows about this. Jordan confirms she does. Jordan just brought her into the loop. Cyrus thinks she is out seeing a specialist. Laura thinks that this is far from beyond what is right. Jordan hopes that she can understand this.

Cyrus thinks that this is a hatchet job. It is clear that Lulu claims came from their party. Jason thinks that everything Lulu wrote about was correct. He did fire Monica and Bobbie. Sonny asks why he is upset about the article. Cyrus wants to discuss this like gentlemen.

Finnís father hears that he has a granddaughter. He asks how she is. Finn thinks that she is the greatest thing to ever happen to him. He wouldnít want to forget her.

Peter walks into his office. He wants to know what he is doing here. Dante thinks following orders. Peter wonders from whom. Dante explains that he is head of security. Dante explains that he had to check to see if his files were tampered with. Dante says that nothing was touched. Peter asks if it is safe to use his computer. Dante thinks so. Peter thanks him. Dante is just doing his job.

Sonny is actually on his way out. He can either say what he needs to or not say it at all. Jason thinks that Nelle is dead and the lawsuits were dropped. Sonny thinks that the hospital is a legit business. Sonny is glad they cleared up their concerns. Sonny thinks that if he retaliates then he will take that as a hostile act. Cyrus wouldnít dream of harming anyone. Sonny thinks that was interesting.

Laura would have done the same thing. Laura thinks at some point they will have to review all of this. Her future is going to be bleak with the PCPD. Laura believes that putting Jordan behind bars with false evidence is not ok. She knows that sometimes you have to bend the rules to fix things. Laura asks if they found anything. Curtis could tell that someone was being kept upstairs. Jordan is not sure if they were here as a prisoner or not. Curtis found something else.

Scott thinks that if anything was to happen to himÖ He begs him not to do anything stupid. Franco puts the papers down. Elizabeth asks what is wrong with Scott. Elizabeth wants to know what is going on with Franco. She asks if he is ready to do that.

Gregory finds Anna and Chase in the hallway. He thinks they managed to find common ground in Violet. Anna is glad that he is here. She walks into his room. Finn says hi. Anna wants him to go back to sleep. Finn thinks that he wants to see her. Anna thins that is a good line. Anna asks if he had a nice chat with his father. Finn says they spoke about him meeting Violet some day. Finn saw the test results. He wonders who Peterís mother is. Anna explains that there is no way to find out the truth. Anna is not going to tell Peter anything. There is no reason to burden him. She really does love him like a son. He deserves to live a life that doesnít prove he is taking after the two psychopaths. Finn is sorry she didnít get a real answer. Anna will have to learn to live with it.

Franco explains that he lied to Elizabeth.

Laura reads the postcard. Laura couldnít find any personal connection to Cyrus. Curtis hit the same wall except for this. Laura guesses they donít know who it is. It could have been a lover or a family member. Curtis hopes it is someone who knows more than they should. Jordan explains that there was an old PCPD case from 40 years ago. Laura thinks that 40 years ago is a long time. Laura reads the case over.

Sonny tells Marcus that he needs to go home. Jason will get someone to drive him.

Lulu loves Dustin. The life she had with Dante is over. Maxie knows that Dante thought that he would hurt someone. Lulu thinks that it is how Dante cut them off. He could do it again.

Valentin asks Peter if he is really ok. Peter felt a lot of things. Peter thinks his mother is something else. Peter thinks that Anna made sure that his dearly departed aunt cannot hurt anyone else.

Gregory tells Finn that he will be staying at the Metro Court. Finn says that Jackie is there. Anna is glad that he decided to stay. Anna wonders what else happened with his father. Finn thought it was awful. Finn thinks it was better than he expected. He thinks that what is between them will never go away.

Franco explains when he collapsed the other nightÖ His brain tumor is real.

Laura claims that it doesnít ring a bell. Laura needs to go back to PC. Laura thinks they are working together now. Laura leaves. She gets out her phone and looks panicked. She tells someone that they are in trouble.

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