GH Update Tuesday 11/10/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/10/20


Written by Anthony

Curtis tells Jordan that when he came here months ago the place was surrounded by guards. Now no one is here. Jordan knocks on the door and asks if anyone is home. Curtis sees all the furniture is covered. Jordan thinks that there might be something left behind though.

Cyrus asks for a word with Lulu. Lulu is here to see a patient. Lulu reminds him that this place is a hospital and not just his private office.

Alexis opens her door but she closes it. Ned thinks they need to talk. Alexis thinks that Sam came over last night and tried to talk but now she has a pounding headache. Ned walks in. He asks if she was drunk the night they slept together.

Epiphany thinks that Chase needs to get some rest. Chase isnít going to go anywhere until he knows that his brother will live. Willow walks in and heard about Finn. She had to come.

Maxie tells Peter that this is so hard to wait on word for Finn. Maxie thinks that people die. Her sister and Nathan died. She asks what happens if Finn doesnít make it.

Robert asks Anna if there has been any word on Finn. Anna tells him that Chase is up on the tenth floor. Anna knows that Chase is so scared and it makes her even more worried. Robert wants to know what happened. Anna admits she shot Alex twice. They were in the nightclub and then she followed her up on deck. The second one was a kill shot. They both knew that. She sent Maxie to go and get something to stop the blood. She took her eyes off of Alex for one second and she threw herself off the side. Robert points out that there is no body. Anna thinks that there is no chance she is alive. Robert asks if Alex confirmed the truth about Peterís paternity.

Willow heard the news and she had to come see him. Chase explains that he has fluid around his heart. Chase thinks it is so crazy. After everything that has happened Finn finally changed his mind with reuniting with his family. Chase could start to feel his family. They wanted to introduce Anna and Violet to his mom. He thought that soon they could invite his father. Willow knows that it was his goal for a long time to get his parents and Finn in the same room again. Chase thinks that all night long he kept thinking what if this wasnít the first time that he had his family together. This could have been the last time that he got to see his brother.

Anna wonders if Robert ever stops. She just killed her sister. She was trying to kill her but she was trying to end her life. She has been wondering what has been going on. She is just hoping that Finn gets through his surgery. She has had enough. Robert agrees. He is sorry for what it is worth. Anna doesnít think it is worth much right now. Robert knows that Finn has made it so far. He has no reason to believe that he will not pull through. Anna cannot lose him.

Maxie loves having Peter by her side. She thinks that Peter should be with Anna. Peter explains that Anna wants him here. Maxie doesnít know where she would be without Anna.

Cyrus doesnít have a secret agenda. It is all speculation. Lulu knows that he is clearly shutting out the Corinthos family from the hospital. Dante walks over. He tells Cyrus that he needs to back off.

Chase is worried about Violet. She doesnít even know about this. Willow understands him being worried but he needs to think about the good things like Finn changing after Violet came into his life. Chase thinks that Finn is just so serious for being a dad. Violet loves it though. She is in heaven when they are together. Chase just sees the way that she looks at him. That little girl loves her dad so much. He wonders what he would do if he had to tell her. Willow doesnít think that the worst thing will happen. If Finn doesnít make it though then they will make sure that Violet finds out the truth. Willow knows that he let her know that she was loved. She knows he can do the same for Violet.

Epiphany explains that Finn is still in critical condition but he is stable. Anna knows that Epiphany is in administration. She hopes that she doesnít get in trouble. Epiphany will not let her friend be in trouble while he is fighting for his life.

Robert thinks that his shoulder is here if she needs something to lean on. Anna hugs him.

Willow thinks that they could call Elizabeth to make sure that Violet is ok. Anna walks over and explains that Finn is out of surgery and got through the worst of it.

Olivia asks Robert how Finn is doing. Robert says he got out of surgery. Robert thinks if he turned up a bit sooner then she might have stopped him from making a big mess with Anna.

Ned should have realized that glass had vodka in it. Alexis doesnít need anyone else telling her what to do. Ned isnít going to just walk away. Ned is worried about her. Alexis asks if he is worried that she will slip up and tell Olivia that they had sex.

Curtis finds an oxygen tank. It looks like one of the rooms was a makeshift hospital room. Jordan wonders if this person was drugged against their will.

Lulu wants to know what Dante is doing here. Cyrus wants to know what Dante is doing here. Cyrus assumes that Lulu is thrilled to have Dante back. Lulu explains that Dante is he ex-husband. Cyrus guesses that Laura and Sonny share grandchildren. He wonders if it isnít him that people should be worried about. It is Laura that people should worry about. He walks away. Dante asks if she is ok. Lulu demands to know what he was doing.

Finn opens his eyes. Anna tells him that she was waiting for him. Finn guesses now they are even. She kisses his hand. Finn wonders if Maxie is safe. Anna says she is here in the hospital but it is just for precaution. Anna explains that they exchanged fire and then they went on to deck. She shot her a second time. She turned her back and she threw herself into the fire. Anna knows that everyone is safe now. Finn wants to know where his daughter is. Anna tells him that she is with Elizabeth. Anna cannot wait to bring Finn home when he is ready. Finn wonders if he needs another surgery. Anna doesnít think so. Finn sits up. Finn wonders what she isnít telling him.

Peter is so glad that Finn is alright. Epiphany is glad that Anna will be able to relax. Maxie thinks that they are so lucky. She wants to know what Alex even wanted. Peter has nothing in common with Alex.

Epiphany promises Chase that his brother will be ok. She bets that he would love a visit from him. Chase thinks that it is time to make plans with Finn. Willow thinks he has a second chance and it is best that he doesnít waste it.

Lulu thinks that this is the second time that he has gotten involved in her job. She doesnít need to be protected. He gave her everything she needed Nothing that he can give her now can help her.

Anna just thinks that it is everything right now. She saw Finn lying there on the ground. She was left to die with Valentin that life is so fleeting. She just wants to spend her life with him. She wants to be his wife and wants him to be her husband. Anna thinks that a big fancy wedding is the thing to do. She doesnít think that they need that. She wonders why they donít just get married. That should be a lesson for them. They can show them what love is. Anna thinks that their love doesnít need all the over the top trimmings to make things special. Anna thinks that she had to face the real fact that she could have lost him. Finn loves her. Anna loves him too. Finn thinks that it is time they get married as fast as humanly possible. Anna wants to in a heartbeat.

Willow tells Chase that Michael and her are filing for an annulment. They agreed that it was best for both of them to not be married anymore. She will be adopting Wiley though. Chase wonders what that means for her and Michael moving forward. Anna walks over and explains that Finn wanted to see him. Willow asks Chase to give Finn her best. Anna tells Willow it is nice she came here for Chase. Willow thought that Chase could use a friend. Anna thinks that you donít always have to agree to let people go.

Robert tells Olivia that he asked Anna about her sister. He got stuck so he fell back on one of his single minded issues. Robert thinks that this time was different with Anna. He was really not paying attention. Olivia thinks it sounds like this time was different. Olivia thinks that Anna has all this anger inside her right now. Robert doesnít think that Anna sees this right now. Olivia knows that Robert is a good friend.

Curtis looks through windows. He finds a piece of paper. Jordan cannot believe they havenít found anything. Curtis thinks they cannot give up hope. There must be something here. He finds something in the fireplace. It says that he thinks of them every day and hoping that their health is improving. Jordan thinks that whoever this is will stop Cyrus.

Peter thanks Dante for coming by. Dante knows that Maxie has been through an ordeal. He is glad that she is alive. Maxie asks Peter for some chips from the vending machine. Maxie tells Lulu she wants to know what is going on between her and Dante. Lulu wants Maxie to forget Dante. She wants to talk about the baby shower. Lulu has nothing to tell. She is sure that Danteís intentions are good but he has been in a hero streak. He keeps showing up and getting involved when she tells him not to. Lulu told him that she doesnít need him. Maxie wonders what if he needs her.

Dante tells Olivia and Robert that Maxie is doing fine. He is still thinking about work. Dante is not working for the PCPD. He is working as security. Dante will see them later. Olivia thinks it is like a dream. Her son is back in PC. He is living his life. He is home and he is safe. It is all because he gave him back to her.

Ned is genuinely concerned about her drinking again. Alexis has no interest in hurting Olivia. Ned doesnít think they are having an affair. Olivia doesnít need to know. Alexis tells Ned that it is soul crushing to find out that the person that you love is holding a secret.

Willow asks Epiphany if she knows anything about the nursing program. She admits she is at a crossroads. She loves working here. It is fulfilling. She thinks if she still wants to talk about it then she knows where to find her. She looks in on Chase with Finn.

Finn thinks that he is not as pretty as Anna. Finn admits that she was worried about him last night. Chase asks why he was acting like a super hero. He needs to leave that to the professionals. He thinks that Finn is a gigantic pain in the ass. He used to get disappointed with him all the time. He doesnít like doing anything fun. Finn tells Chase that he is sorry that he wasnít the big brother he dreamed of. Chase thinks that once he let go of the brother he imagined and got to know the brother he has he exceeded his expectations. Chase gets so excited to be a dad one day. He thinks that he is not so bad. Finn thinks that Chase is growing on him too.

Anna wanted to see Peter. She wants to have a little talk. It is about Alex.

Finn thought that Epiphany was moved to admin. Epiphany doesnít think that he sees her. Finn doesnít see anything. He thanks her. She is not here but he is welcome. She wouldnít be anywhere else. She needs to get back to work. Chase asks why ants never get sick. Epiphany tells him not to make a bad joke. Chase thought their father made that joke. Someone walks in. Finn wonders what he is doing here.

Dante goes into Peterís office. He snoops around.

Anna wanted to assure to Peter that Alex is no longer a threat to anyone. They are all safe now. Peter admits the longer that Alex had Maxie he had no idea what he would have done.

Curtis thinks that Cyrus is going through a lot of trouble to protect someone. Laura shows up.

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