GH Update Monday 11/9/20

General Hospital Update Monday 11/9/20


Joss and Dev are in the living room when Sonny walks in asking why they are still home. He thought they had important birthday plans. Joss realizes they were supposed to meet Trina at Kelly’s. Dev is sure that they will have enough time for cupcakes and plotting. Sonny wonders what they mean. Joss explains that they are going to work on fixing Trina’s dad’s legacy because he should be remembered as a hero.

At GH, Portia asks Trina if she is sure she cannot find her phone. Trina is sure that she has looked everywhere and even used the app to try and find it. Portia doesn’t think that this phone came cheap. Trina knows but she cannot be without a phone. She asks what if she needs to contact her about something. Portia is sure that her not being able to contact her has been the worse situation. Trina tells her that she will text her when she goes to Kelly’s. Portia tells her to make good choices.

Joss thinks it is horrible that Trina had to lose her dad but now everyone knows that he was a bad cop. It isn’t right. Sonny thinks that things will be better. Jason shows up with Julian. Sonny tells them they don’t want to be late for Trina. Sonny gives them money. Julian walks in.

Chase wonders where his brother is. Chase runs to go and see him.

Peter asks Finn what he is saying. Finn tells Peter that Anna wants to be his mother too much. Peter asks what that means. He passes out.

Anna tries to shoot Alex. Alex takes Maxie hostage. Maxie calls for Anna’s name. Maxie begs Anna to shoot the crazy bitch. Alex tells her to watch her language around the baby.

Robert calls Jackie and tells him that Finn is in the ER after getting shot. Robert asks if there is anything he can do. Jackie asks him to look after her boy. Jackie thanks him for telling her. Robert things it is what friends are for.

Valentin tries to run out of the hospital. Robert asks where he thinks he is going.

Peter calls for extra help. Chase runs in. Portia tells him to stay out right now.

Alex tells Maxie that she needs to learn to mind her manners. Anna tells Alex that she suggests they get Maxie out of harms way and then they can talk this out. Anna throws a glass and Alex jumps up. Anna shoots Alex.

Julian demands to know what he is doing here. Jason gets a call. Ava is here and knows that he has Julian. Sonny guesses that she can come in. Ava demands to know what is going on. Sonny wants to be kept in the loop about Ryan. Sonny thinks if Julian answers right then he goes home happy. If he doesn’t answer right then he doesn’t go home.

Joss is shocked that Trina isn’t here. She thinks that it is a bummer that Cam isn’t here with them. Dev thinks that Joss and Cam have a million memories together. They hardly have any. Dev thinks that she is so used to seeing him that she doesn’t see him. He gives her a birthday gift.

Ava thought that they had an agreement. Sonny reminds her that this has nothing to do with her. Sonny knows that Julian is holding out on them. He knows that he was out on the docks with Nelle the night his grandson was kidnapped.

Alex sits down in pain. She tells Maxie that she got her. Anna asks if Maxie is still with them. Anna tells Alex that whoever was going to pick her up is long gone. She doesn’t need to make this harder than it needs to be. Maxie says that Alex is gone. Maxie is so sorry. Anna explains that she stole a speedboat from someone. Anna wonders if she is fine. Anna needs to go and find Alex. Anna knows that Alex would never hurt Maxie. She needs to stop her and she is the only one who can do it.

Valentin gets back in the bed. He wonders how Anna is. Valentin says that Anna went after Alex by herself. Alex shot Finn and took Maxie as a hostage. Robert was trying to do things the legal way. Robert alerted the coastguard. Valentin thinks that Anna is going to have to kill Alex. Robert thinks that it is long overdue.

Chase wants to know what is going on here. Peter promises they will do whatever they can to do. Chase is hoping that he doesn’t die. He doesn’t have business getting shot at. Peter says that Anna’s sister took Maxie hostage.

Anna follows a trail of blood. Alex walks down a staircase. She is holding a gun.

Julian didn’t help Nelle kidnap Wiley. Sonny knows she didn’t do it alone. Ava thinks that this is ridicules. Julian would never let anything happen to that little boy. Ava thinks that Julian knows where he stands with these people. Julian wonders why he would help Nelle. Sonny thinks that Julian must have done something pretty bad to get in bed with Nelle. Julian asks how he would know about this. He wonders if he set up some cameras or maybe he has a witness.

Joss doesn’t think that Dev had to get him anything. Dev wanted to. He tells her to open it. Joss does. She thinks it is beautiful. Dev figured that she could use another one after what happened to her first journal. Dev assumed that she must have filled her first journal all up. Joss actually stopped writing in it. Joss says she loves it. Dev tries to kiss her.

Maxie wonder why there is no service. Maxie could go to the bride and radio for help.

Chase wants to know how Alex was able to do this. Peter explains that Alex has been impersonating Anna all night. Peter thinks he has to wait and pray. He never believed in God. He never had much of a chance of religion. He needs to get to Maxie. He doesn’t even know where to go looking. Chase needs to figure out where Maxie is and bring Alex in. Robert tells him that they are going to get things accomplished. Robert wants him to just be here for his brother. Portia walks out. He begs for Finn to be ok.

Martin shows up for Valentin. Valentin thanks him for coming. Valentin wants to be allowed to leave.

Maxie screams at Anna to turn around. She does so and she shoots Alex.

Portia says that Finn is accumulating fluid and it is hard for the heart to pump properly. They will have to take him to surgery. Portia wants to prepare him for any damage that he might have.

Martin is shocked that Anna has a real life evil twin. Valentin hasn’t done anything wrong this time he tells Martin. Valentin wants to revisit custody of Charlotte. Valentin wants Dante no where near Charlotte. He needs to know that Charlotte is protected in-case the wrong Devane sister comes home.

Anna tells Alex that they will get her a doctor and she will be fine. Alex knew that someone was going to die today. It turned out that it would be her. She gives Anna her ring back. Alex needs to tell Anna something. She cannot save Peter. He is so much like her. Anna thinks that he will have a happy life. Alex tells her it is too late. She thought that she would take care of him. She thought she would go back and take him and raise him. She didn’t though. She has to live with that. Anna screams for Maxie. Alex jumps into the water. Maxie wonders if she got away. She says that she is gone. Maxie is so sorry. Anna thinks they need to get her home.

Sonny knows what he knows. He asks if he was on the docks or not. Ava thinks that he can leave. Julian admits he found out that Nelle was running and he went to stop her. He was ready with a bullet and she ended up getting away. Julian says that it was Marcus who stopped him. He looked really healthy for a dead guy.

Trina shows up at Kelly’s. Trina said that she ran home to eat really quick. Trina wonders what she missed. Joss says not much. Dev gave her an awesome journal. Dev doesn’t think she needs to pretend to be over her. Joss thinks her feelings changed. Joss cares about Dev just not in the way that he wants her to. Dev tells Joss and Trina that Cam doesn’t like either one of them. He pushes them both against each other because he is a selfish tool. Trina thinks he needs to shut up.

Julian doesn’t think that Sonny looks shocked. Sonny thinks that he should keep that ghost sighting to himself. Sonny tells him that this involves the police and it could hurt innocent people. Trina shouldn’t have to deal with anything else. Julian thinks that Cyrus would be interested in knowing the truth. Julian thinks that Cyrus will know the truth that Marcus is alive if he doesn’t leave him alone. He doesn’t have to know anything. Sonny guesses that he knows the way out.

Dev tells Trina and Joss that it is true. Dev storms out. Joss runs after him. Joss asks if he is ok. Dev asks what she thinks. Joss doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. Dev thinks that Dev will ever be good enough for her. No one will ever live up to her precious Oscar.

Portia tells Chase that they won’t know anything more until morning. Robert tells Portia that he couldn’t help but hear. He thinks that this isn’t the end of this. Portia explains that they might have to remove the sack around Finn’s heart. People can live without it but it is better to keep it.

Chase sits in the chapel. He tells Finn that he has this. That is what he said when they wheeled him into the ER. He knows that isn’t ok. Chase wonders what Finn would have told a patient in that moment. He doesn’t know but he wants to. Chase needs a chance to know. He begs God.

Peter asks Robert if there is any word from his mother. Robert would because Anna is rescuing Maxie right now. He cannot blame him for this. Peter wonders why Anna would take Maxie. Robert assumes that Alex wanted to take Anna’s identity. He doesn’t know why she would pick Maxie as a hostage. Robert thinks they need to hope that Anna gets to Maxie before something happens. Robert doesn’t think it matters what happens next so long as Anna is ok.

Valentin could ID Alex. He needs to do what is best for everyone and kill Alex. Martin wonders if he is sure that he is up for that kind of a fight. Martin walks out when he sees Robert. Robert is not going to leave Alex to him. It was his stupid idea to lure Alex to PC in the first place. Valentin is going to get Alex. Anna and Maxie show up at GH. Peter runs over to Maxie. Anna smiles.

Joss walks back into Kelly’s. Trina wonders what is going on. Joss explains that Dev tried to kiss her. He is very upset. Joss doesn’t believe a word about what Dev was saying. Trina doesn’t either. Ava gives Trina her phone back.

Jason wonders if Ava knows what Julian did. She is just desperate to protect him. Sonny thinks she can’t.

Ava asks Julian what is going on. She thinks that Cyrus already kidnapped Trina once. If he knows that Marcus is alive then he will go after her. Ava needs him to promise her that he will not do anything to harm her. Julian promises to do nothing. Julian wouldn’t say anything to Cyrus. Ava guesses that they are ok then.

Anna asks how Finn is doing. Robert has no idea. He is being prepped for surgery. Portia tells her that they will not know until the morning. Maxie tells Peter that Anna is so brave. Maxie explains that Alex escaped and almost shot Anna. Anna walks away. Robert wonders where Alex is. Maxie says she is dead.

Anna sits next to Chase. She tells him that Maxie is fine not even a scratch. Chase wishes he could say the same for Finn.

Jackie tells Gregory on the phone he needs to get to PC. His sons need him.

Anna guesses they won’t have any more trouble from Alex. Anna says she is so sorry. She takes Chase’ hand.

Written by Anthony

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