GH Update Friday 11/6/20

General Hospital Update Friday 11/6/20


Written by Anthony

Britt shoots a ball in pool. Jason thinks that was a nice shot. Britt asks if he just paid her a compliment.

Sam asks if Alexis is ok. Alexis hides the drink and walks over to the door in order to answer it. She asks what pleasant surprise this is. Sam said that she was going to call and check up on her. She asks if Alexis has sobered up enough to grasp she needs help.

Julian finds Ava at GH. He asks if there are any updates on Ryan. Ava thinks that if there are updates then he would be dead but life isnít always fair.

Sonny sits by his fireplace He goes outside and tells Marcus he can show himself because no one is here. Marcus asks if he has a cup of sugar he can borrow.

Lulu tells Peter her source was more interested in hitting on her. Lulu explains that her and Jackie have a first draft. It seems like it is solid that Cyrus is using GH to launder drugs. Peter cannot publish this.

Anna tells Finn that if he is home he needs to get out. Alex walks in with Maxie. Alex says that Maxie wanted to go over details of the wedding with her. Maxie thinks that if now is a bad time then he can kick her out. Finn explains to Peter on the phone that he found her and Anna is with Maxie. Anna tells him on the other line that they will be there soon.

Lulu admits she didnít have time to show Jackie this because she had to fly out to go and cover a breaking story. Lulu thinks they did discuss the possible corruption at GH. Lulu is sorry. She is off her game with Dante back. Peter wonders if she needs personal time. Lulu thinks that Cyrus needs to be stopped. Peter thinks she needs legit facts.

Sonny says that Carly and Joss will be out for the night. Sonny guesses they have a few hours to kill. Marcus never thought that he would be protecting him. Sonny is protecting his daughter. Marcus never really got a chance to say he was sorry about his father. Sonny thanks him. Marcus wonders how he has a spare mansion. Sonny bought the place so Jax couldnít move in. It has been standing there since his ex-fiance died. She was murdered. Sonny thinks it is pretty complicated.

Ava tells Julian that Ryan lost a lot of blood. Ava tells him to stop thinking. No one gets in or out. Ava has the possibility of good news. Ryanís brain was deprived of oxygen. It is possible he could be a vegetable. Julian guesses that they got the job done. Ava wants to know what he has done.

Jason is shocked that Britt has time to play pool. Britt is taking a break from the sniping and dirty looks. Britt thins that pool is fine when you play with others but even better when you can play alone. Jason thinks they could play together.

Sam knows she is not picking up her phone. She wanted to get her into detox. Sam took Scout and Danny over to the Quartermaineís the other day. Olivia didnít want to say anything but she found a bottle of boos in her purse. Alexis wonders what business that is of hers. Sam asks if she is really worried about Nedís reaction. Alexis asks when she became such a nag. Sam finds the bottle and asks if she cares to explain this. Alexis thinks that this is her house. Alexis will not get another lecture from her. Sam knows the last time she fell off the wagon she got help right away. She asks if she doesnít care anymore. Alexis just wants to feel good. Sam doesnít believe that Neil would want this for her. She didnít know him at all. She thinks that this is the only way she can go on. Sam cannot accept this. Sam thinks she is a risk to her children. Alexis thinks that is a laugh. Sleeping with a hitman doesnít make her mother of the year.

Britt thinks that Jason is no fun. They are supposed to challenge each other. Jason thinks that they need to stop this. Britt is not taking sides what is going on with Cyrus and Sonny. Jason knows that Cyrus did hire her though. He asks how it happened.

Ava wants to know what Julian did now. Julian needed to take care of the Ryan problem. Ava asks how he got the worst of it. Julian was desperate for proof. Ava thinks that every time he tries to help himself he makes a bargain.

Peter thinks they can take a human resource angle. He wants her to write about the people of GH. He thinks that this drug issue could come from a different situation. Peter thinks she needs to get as many people on the record as possible. He thinks this could be inspiring. Lulu wonders if this can put Cyrus back in prison.

Finn needs to some advice from Maxie. He asks if Alex can make them some tea. Alex thinks that is fine. She goes into the other room. Finn tells Maxie she needs to go right now.

Robert wonders about Violet. Anna says that she is at a sleepover. Anna thinks that they have an advantage because she thinks she is dead. Anna tells Robert that they need to get back home.

Finn tells Maxie that they need to get going. This isnít Anna. It is Alex. Alex takes out a gun. He is much smarter than she gave him credit for.

Britt tells Jason that this was a good offer. She couldnít pass up this opportunity. Jason thinks that something must have happened to bring her back here. Lulu walks over and asks if there is room for one more. She has a score to settle with Britt.

Alexis wonders about Sonny and Michael and Kristina. She wonít even bring up Morgan. Sam thinks she is deflecting. She chose to pick up a drink. This hurts her family only. Alexis thinks that she wouldnít visit them drunk after polishing off vodka. She needs to get help or she will never allow her around Scout and Danny again.

Julian thinks that him giving Ryan will be worth it. Ava thinks that he sold his soul to Cyrus. Julian thinks that he can finally stop looking over his shoulder. Ava thinks that Ryan isnít his only issue. Julian tells her that the guy that knocked him out knows Trina.

Sonny thinks that it feels like her murder just happened yesterday. Marcus doesnít know how he could do it. Sonny had no choice. She is the mother of Avery. Avaís life was dismantled by Ryan. It isnít an excuse but it balanced things a little bit. Marcus thinks she should be in prison. Sonny thinks that it isnít his family that is at stake. Sonny needs to tell Carly that he is alive. Marcus thinks the list of people is way too high.

Finn asks if she really thought that this would work. Maxie asks what she wants with her baby. Maxie is not going anywhere She suggests that Alex run as far as she can. Finn tries to get the gun. It goes off.

Alexis wonders if she will not let her see her grandchildren. Sam thinks that her grandchildren love her too. She thinks that if she decides the glass in her hand is more important than her grandchildren then she cannot help her. Alexis will do anything to protect her children. Alexis guesses anything but leave Jason.

Britt is shocked they havenít ran into one another. Lulu thinks that wasnít by accident. Lulu sees that she is the chief of staff. Britt needs to get back to work so she can make GH more of a mess. Lulu thinks that Britch really is the perfect name. She could do an article on her. Jason thinks that would be a mistake.

Marcus wanted to follow Trina. He got into it with Julian. Sonny asks if the bartender recognized him. Marcus met him before. Sonny asks where the guy works. Marcus thinks that it was Charlies. He acted like he owned the place.

Ava asks if he is sure that this is the guy. Julian wonders if this is Trinaís uncle or something. Ava explains that is Trinaís father. Ava thought that he was dead.

Anna and Robert show up at her house. They find Finn shot on the ground. She tries to get him to talk with her.

Alex tells Maxie that technology is marvelous. Maxie has two other children. They will wonder what happened to her. She will ruin their lives if she hurt her. Alex wouldnít hurt her. Maxie asks how long she plans on keeping her as a hostage. Alex says she is her guest. Alex thinks they will have so much fun together as one big happy family.

Anna tells Finn to stay with her. Finn says that Alex took Maxie to the harbor on open water.

Alex sees that Maxie is still there. Alex tells her that friends of her are coming to visit. Maxie wonders what has sparked her sudden interest in her nephew. Alex wants to let her in on a secret of her own.

Robert calls the police on Alex. Anna tells Finn to stay with them. She loves him very much.

Sonny asks if he thinks that he runs Charlies. Sonny tells him that is Julian, Avaís lowlife brother. Marcus wonders what he got himself into.

Lulu doesnít think that Britt is a good person. Lulu asks if Britt is his in at the hospital. Jason needs her to be careful. Lulu asks if Cyrus would really come after her. Jason wants her to take a step back. Sonny calls Jason. Sonny needs Jason to do something for him. Lulu guesses he needs to go. Jason wants Lulu to be careful. Jason walks outside. Lulu sits down. She guesses she can come up with a different angle.

Ava guesses this means that Marcus somehow faked his death. Trina has been grieving for her father. She asks if he recognized him. Julian could tell that Marcus was lying about something. Ava wonders if he could find a way to tell Sonny and Sonny puts the pieces together. Julian was trying to kill Nelle not save her. Ava thinks that Ryan could recover too. Ava doesnít think that Julian can stay here. Ava tells Julian that he needs to run while he still has a chance to live.

Sonny needs Marcus to go. Marcus just wanted to see his daughter. Sonny thinks in the long run it is probably better. Sonny thinks a lot of pieces are coming together.

Ava doesnít think that they can always get what they want. Julian thinks that she can check up on Ryan. Ava will not take orders from him. She is tempted to take orders herself. Jason walks over to Julian. Sonny wants to see him. Ava realizes that Sonny knows.

Lulu reads over her new article.

Sam says that this has nothing to do with Jason. Alexis thinks that this normally has to do with the intervention. She forgot the councilor and tragic stories. Alexis tells her she can do this again later. Sam thinks she clearly made her choice. She is going to have to deal with her consequences. Sam is having lunch with Kristina and Molly tomorrow. She will tell them the truth. She tried to help. She wishes she could just listen. Alexis grabs her glass. She continues drinking.

Britt tells them to take Finn into cubicle one. Peter asks what happened. Robert needs to call Chase.

Maxie isnít interested in any of her secrets. Maxie thinks that they are all lies. The boat stops and Alex drops the gun.

Peter asks if Finn can hear him. He asks if Maxie is hurt. Finn says that Anna wants so much to be his mother.

Anna walks in and finds Maxie and Alex.

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