GH Update Thursday 11/5/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/5/20


Written by Anthony

Jason walks into the Floating Rib. Robert wants to buy Jason a drink. He thinks they can talk about Spinelli. Jason thought for respect for Anna they would let law enforcement deal with this.

Lulu thanks someone for meeting with her. He wants them to go to his place to talk about Cyrus. Dante walks over and says she is taken.

Curtis wonders what is going on. Portia tells him that he will be able to see her in a minute. Cyrus is standing by Jordanís door. Cyrus tells Curtis that he is the reason that Jordan was able to get medical attention so quickly. Curtis asks if he is the one who found Jordan. Cyrus explains that Jordan and him were having a nice and friendly conversation. Curtis asks what he did to his wife.

Elizabeth asks Franco if he is trying to run out of the house. Franco thinks that she caught him. She is glad that his passing out was nothing serious. Elizabeth asks what is wrong.

Finn calls up Anna and explains that he knows she is nervous about the test results but she needs to come home. He misses her. He hangs up the phone.

Alex tells Maxie and Peter that dinner is on her. Maxie thought that the Metro Court was more her style. Alex wanted something more cozy. Peter thought that they could invite Finn. Alex thinks that this could just be the three of them. Alex has been taking stock of her life and the people in it. She wants to treasure her life and every single second.

Valentin asks if Anna is ok. Anna feels sick. Valentin wonders how much time they have left. Anna doesnít know. Valentin thinks they have no chance of escape. Anna tells him not to quit on her.

Lulu tells Dante that she is interviewing this gentleman which she will continue to do right here. Lulu thinks that she will be just fine. Dante is just laying the ground work. Dante guesses he will be sitting right over there. Lulu is so sorry. She asks how he became acquainted with Cyrus. He tells her that he has never heard of the guy. Lulu guesses she will start over and find a new source. She worked hard to get that dirt bag. Lulu thinks that you donít always find the best people. Lulu thinks he shouldnít have said that she was taken. Dante knows she is but it isnít by him.

Robert never thought that he would see the day when Jason takes the moral high ground. Robert owes this to his family. He thinks that Spinelli needs to be a better liar. He told Spinelli not to take any more shots at Peter. Robert thinks this is important. This is all going to hit the hand and she is going to need every friend she can find. Especially Spinelli.

Cyrus promises that he would never hurt Jordan. Portia thinks that she can explain everything when they go into Jordanís room. Cyrus wants a word with Portia. She asks if it is an order. Cyrus thinks a request.

Curtis walks into the room and Jordan is passed out. Curtis wonders if Jordan is ok. She wakes up. She tells him to come closer. Jordan has never been better.

Franco wonders how he has ever gotten so lucky. He loves Elizabeth. He has done a lot that he is not proud of but he is the luckiest man in the world. He is ok in this second. Their lifeÖ He has to go. Elizabeth tells him to hold on. She wonders where he is going. Franco needs to go and see a guy about something. Elizabeth asks if it is anyone she knows. Franco doesnít want to jinx it.

Finn sees an envelope in the trash can. He opens it. There is nothing in it but it is the test results. Finn gets on the phone. He explains he is at the house and needs them to get here.

Alex thinks it means so much to share these moments together. Maxie doesnít know what she would do without Anna. Anna thinks that their little family has been through so much. Anna promises that nothing will rip them apart.

Valentin is sorry. Anna thinks that there are some things she cannot forgive. Valentin knows that he could have stopped this. Anna thinks that no one is going to shoot anyone. Valentin thinks that he has a way out of this. Valentin tries to yank off the handcuff.

Lulu didnít need to be rescued. Dante knows that she can take care of herself. Dante never stopped wanting the best for her. Even if he is not part of it.

Epiphany and Terry show up at Elizabethís house. Epiphany thinks that she wants to go to the medicine cabinet with some wine. She thinks that Terry can open the vino. Terry went to billing earlier and Epiphany was going nuts. Elizabeth will get the bottle of wine.

Cyrus thinks that if there were such a thing as VIP treatment he would want Jordan to get it. Portia will make sure that she gets everything she needs.

Jordan explains that Portia and her staged the whole things. Portia walks in. She asks if Curtis is up to speed. Jordan explains that Portia suspected she was on the take so she had to tell him the truth. Curtis wonders what the game plan is. Portia can give Jordan the time to regroup. Curtis thinks they need to turn the tables.

Elizabeth tells them that Franco could be busy for another year with art projects. She asks Terry why she is quiet all of a sudden.

Franco thanks Jason for meeting with him. Franco knows he doesnít waste any time. Franco doesnít have all the time to waste right now. He needs Jason to kill him.

Finn asks if Robert has spoken to Anna tonight. Robert hasnít since yesterday. Finn explains that Anna was waiting on lab results. Which means that Anna had them when he spoke with him. Valentin asks if something is wrong with Anna. Finn tells him that the results are about Peter.

Maxie needs to go to the ladies room againÖ Alex remembers when she was pregnant with Peter. Alex thinks she made peace with that time in her life.

Anna tells Valentin to stay still.

Lulu tells Dante that Charlotte took it hard when he left. Rocco left his dad. He needs to stick around. He needs his father. If he leaves again it would be worse than if he never came back at all.

Jason asks if he really wants him to kill him. Franco thinks it is a big surprise to him as well. Franco wonders how many times he has thought about killing him. This could be the do-over that he always wanted.

Terry has had a long day with patients. Epiphany thinks the two of them could bring down the mood at a funeral. Terry opens the bottle.

Jordan explains that there was a murder that happened half a century ago. It is very important to Cyrus. Cyrus walks in. He is pleased to see she is ok.

Finn thinks this means that Peter got this from Alex. Which means that Alex is his mother. Robert wonders what Valentin has to do with things. Finn tells him that Valentin and Anna are working together.

Alex thinks that if it werenít for everything in her past she wouldnít be sitting here with Peter. She asks what he is thinking. Anna knows he has come so far. She thinks that she will never leave anything unsaid between them. They will be stronger together than apart. Peter thinks that these are things he always wanted to hear her say. Alex knows Peter than he knows himself.

Anna manages to unhook herself. She tells Valentin to stay still. She gets him unlatched. Valentin tells her to go and he will be behind her. She tells him to stand up. She gets him out. The two manage to get out right as it blows up. Anna wonders if he is fine. Valentin says he is.

Lulu needs him to take care of the kids. She can take care of herself. She missed Dante and that was the moment she needed him to rescue her but he wasnít there. She cannot set Dustin aside because he is back. She asks why he is here right now.

Jason thinks that this just proves he is the same sick bastard that he always has been. Franco has the tumor again. He doesnít know what he is capable of doing again and he doesnít want to find out. He needs Jason to stop him from doing anything horrible.

Jordan claims she is fine. Portia tells Jordan that she needs to see a specialist. Curtis thinks that she needs to see the doctor. Portia thinks that they can arrange this tonight. Cyrus thinks if there is anything he can do. Curtis tells him he can leave. Portia and him go. Jordan guesses this means he is in.

Alex considers her and Peter to be extraordinary people. That is because their ambitions are greater than they think. They have to shake the world. Alex thinks if he trusts her then she can help him be the man he was destined to be. Maxie asks if Peter was there. Anna thinks that the future is so much brighter than they ever thought possible.

Finn says that her phone is going straight to voicemail. Robert wonders if her and Valentin are planning to get Alex around. Robert gets a call. There was a gas explosion. He thinks it has to be a coincidence.

Dante knows he gave up their life but it doesnít mean he stops caring about her. Lulu gets a call. Dustin is checking to see how her interview went. Lulu knows that the guy was a dirt bag. Dante thinks he was.

Jason needs to do research about the tumor. Jason thinks that he wants to set him up so that he will go down for his murder. Franco doesnít want Elizabeth blaming him. Franco thinks all they have in-common is Elizabeth and the boys. He needs to do what is right for them. Franco is begging him. He needs to do what he is asking him to do.

Elizabeth thinks that Epiphany is blaming herself for Milo leaving. She encouraged him to have a dream. Epiphany thinks he is gone. At some point Milo stopped giving their relationship the love and care that it deserved. She was too busy to notice until she did. Terry thinks it is time to dry the tears and get back out there. Epiphany could do it. She thinks it is time to toast to new beginnings.

Portia has discharged her to GH. Jordan just to get her dressed so she can get out. Curtis knows where they are going. He has an idea. They will go to the airport. He thinks that Cyrus has someone stashed out west.

Alex has to get home. Maxie is sure that Finn is awaiting her arrival. Alex says goodnight to them. Maxie thinks that Anna seemed a little different. Peter thinks she did.

Anna tells a fire fighter that it was just the two of them. Robert shows up. He knew she was involved in this. Anna says it was Alex.

Portia has no control at what they do. Jordan knows that Trina would be proud of her if she knew what was going on. Jordan thinks that they have to do whatever they can to stop Cyrus. Cyrus asks Portia if everything is ok with Jordan. Portia thinks all the arrangements have been made.

Jordan always wanted to take Curtis back west but this isnít what she had in mind. Curtis thinks they will have the best vacation ever after this. Jordan asks what they are waiting for.

Dante is told to complete the mission in a text. He takes a pill.

Jason will do whatever it takes to protect Elizabeth and the boys. Franco knew he could count on him.

Epiphany thanks Elizabeth. She thinks that there might be life after her love. Epiphany wonders what is going on with Terry. Terry thinks it is shop talk. Elizabeth gets a call from Finn. Finn tells her not to open her door for anyone. He is on his way.

Anna needs Robertís phone. She makes a call to Finn. Anna says it is her. She needs him to listen. She tells him to leave. Alex walks in.

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