GH Update Wednesday 11/4/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/4/20


Written by Anthony

Chase turns the shower off as a goes to answer a phone call. Chase answers and tells them to leave a hard copy on his desk and make sure to CC him and Valerie in an email. He hangs up.

Portia didnít realize that she didnít see it before. Portia thinks that she is a dirty cop. She is protecting Cyrus because she works for him.

Cyrus is definitely intrigued considering that he has said no so many times now. Julian guesses he doesnít need his help anymore. Cyrus can tell that Julian needs him.

Ava tells a guard that she is here to see Ryan. She has been cleared to visit. It is vital that she speaks with him. Sonny wants to give him a word of advice. He doesnít play games.

Peter asks if he missed it. Maxie explains that the office was closing soon. She got a recording of the babies heartbeat.

Jackie tells Finn that Chase just texted and he is out front. Finn wants to know what is keeping Anna.

Anna manages to get free from Alexís tape and screams for help. Valentin asks from upstairs if that is her. Alex injects him with something though. Alex assumes that he wasnít expecting her. Valentin falls to the ground. Valentin asks what Alex has done to Anna. Alex reminds him that Anna isnít dead yet. Alex thinks he will be too doped up to think clearly soon. She thinks that he did to her son.

Portia thinks that Jordan is coming to Cyrusí defense at every corner. She knows that the press conference that brought Cyrus to the board in the first place. She asks if she is just supposed to make this place unrecognizable. She thinks that this man is able to do whatever they want. Jordan tells her to lower her voice otherwise people will get hurt.

Finn asks if Jackie is denying being the one who used to keep him waiting. Chase walks in. He got the cutest pictures of Violet. Chase thinks that her personality matches her face. Jackie would love to meet her. Finn is sure that Violet would love to meet her.

Cyrus knows that Julian is supposedly reformed. He thinks that Sonny would be welcome in other arenas. Julian thinks that involves what is required. Julian explains that Ryan needs to be stopped from saying something. Cyrus wonders who this information is for. Julian explains it is for Sonny. Cyrus thinks that things just got interesting.

Ava needs to see Ryan. The guard explains someone else is in there right now.

Ryan tells Sonny that this isnít a game. It is deadly serious. Sonny thinks that he is going to let him do the talking. Ryan thinks that it is his job to let him know what happened with his family. Sonny thinks it is a lot easier to not talk with him than it is to get rid of him. Ryan has something extremely important and he has proof. Ava screams from other the door. Ryan is sure that Ava is dying to get him out. Ryan asks what he thinks that is about. Sonny asks Ava what she is doing here.

Julian explains that he kept a secret with Brad. Cyrus thinks lying to Sonny is a bold thing to do. He wonders what else happened. Julian explains that Brad got annoying and he accidently hurt his own son. Julian thinks that in his defense he tried to stop them. Cyrus guesses that Nelle wrote this all out and wanted to tell Sonny. Julian needs this to not happen.

Portia wonders who will get hurt. Portia is going to call the feds. Jordan tells her not to do that. Portia thinks that Cyrus is guilty as sin and she knows this. Jordan knows this. She asks how far she would go if it was her own childís life on the line.

Peter wishes that he had been there for them. Maxie thinks that he is here for them. Peter wants to make sure that his child knows that they are important. Maxie thinks that this baby already feels more loved than he ever did in his entire childhood. Peter thinks that this baby will make him into the man he always wanted to be.

Valentin knows she is not here because of Peter. Alex actually is. Valentin knows she has nowhere to hide so she is going to take Annaís life. Alex hears the phone. She goes to get that. She tells him to stay where he is. It is Finn. Finn wonders if she forgot their discussion with Jackie and Chase. Alex claims she didnít forget. Finn could come home. Alex doesnít want him to do that. Finn loves her. Alex says she loves him too.

Finn walks back to the table. Finn explains that Anna isnít going to be joining them. Chase thinks that is sad. He wanted them to get to know each other.

Valentin knew it was him and not Anna. He knew it had to be her. She is the only one who would walk away. Alex tried put him in a good place. Valentin thinks that she is downright lethal. Anna comes in with a gun. She tells Alex to let him go. Alex thinks that she wonít kill Valentin. Alex tells her to drop the gun or he dies.

Portia asks if Cyrus was using TJ against her. Portia explains that Cyrus is the one who had TJ abducted. She was forced to watch this and couldnít do anything about it. Portia asks if she has been doing Cyrusí bidding because of this. He will remind her what is at stake. Jordan has hated every minute of this but she would do it again in a heartbeat. Portia would have done the same thing.

Cyrus asks if they should drink to their new arrangement. Julian thinks when he sees to his end. Cyrus tells him when he calls he needs to answer.

Ava knew she didnít convince him. She wanted to stop him from talking with that monster. He needs to trust her. He will mess with his mind. Ryan is always the one pulling the strings. The things he thinks are real are terrifying. She thinks that is what Ryan does. She doesnít want him to do it to him. Sonny gets that this is real but doing black flips only makes him want to talk with him. Sonny goes in and asks what he has to say. Ryan has been stabbed in the back. The guard asks what happened. Sonny explains that he has a knife in his back. Ava asks if he is dead. Sonny cannot tell.

Portia is so sorry. Jordan admits that she was under Cyrusí thumb. Jordan knows that she was on Cyrusí radar because of Marcus. Jordan left out that she was involved too. The four of them were under cover for two years. It was soul crushing. Cyrus was too careful. They came up with a plan to get him. He had two people killed. Portia guesses he used Trina to lure Marcus to the warehouse. Jordan thought that he would have killed her son. He thought she would be more useful this way. She couldnít lose her son.

Maxie asks what Peter is doing. Peter is taking pictures for Anna. Maxie thinks that this is so sweet. Peter thinks that there is a feeling of redemption. Peter thinks that this is his chance. Maxie used to tell herself that. She thought that this would make her the perfect friend and woman. Maxie thinks that this isnít how this works. A baby changes you but he will still be himself. Peter loves her but he disagrees. This baby is his new lease on life. She just needs to watch. Maxie plans on watching.

Valentin tells Anna to take the shop and finish this already. Anna puts the gun down. Alex tells her to drop the gun. Anna does. Anna puts the cuffs on her. Alex holds the gun to her. Alex thinks it is time for a second location. She knocks Anna out. Alex wonders if they are all ok.

Jordan knows that Trina is hurt and angry. Portia wishes she could take the pain away from Trina. She is happy she is alive. Portia is a mother too. She would move heaven and earth for her child. Portia knows that this is an awful way to exist. Jordan is working against Cyrus. She just needs to find a way to bring Cyrus down. He is boxing her in tighter and tighter. Portia wants to help. It sounds like she needs backup. Portia is capable of a lot.

Julian asks Ava to call him. He has a plan in place.

Jackie thinks that this little girl is a delicious. Chase remembers horsing around with their father. Finn gets a text. Chase thinks that Finn is easy to read. He can go see his fiancť. Finn thinks they can do this again sometime. Chase thinks that went well. Jackie gets a call. It is a breaking story. Chase always knows. He asks how soon she leaves. Jackie has to get going tonight.

Anna wakes up. Valentin is tied up behind her. Anna asks Alex where they are. Alex thinks a place that is about to have an accident. Alex has disabled the safety. In one hour it will reach maximum pressure. Alex takes Annaís engagement ring. It isnít really her style but it will do. Alex gets a text from Peter. It is Maxieís latest sonogram. They want to meet her at the hospital. Alex thinks it is ironic that her new life is beginning while her own is about to end. Alex is sorry that it had to be like this. Anna screams for Alex to come back. She tries to get Valentin to wake up.

Jackie tells someone to meet her at arrival. She isnít going to stand in line. Jackie is sorry about this. Chase knows they want the best. Chase thinks she could get dad to come around too. Jackie thinks that there is something he needs to know. Jackie knows it has been a dream of his to get the family together including Finn. She wishes it would have been sooner. Chase asks what is wrong. Jackie explains that his father and her are getting divorced.

Sonny thinks that this isnít a coincidence that he ended up with a knife in his back. Ava calls Julian and tells him he will not believe what just happened. Ryan got a knife in the back. It was like a miracle.

Cyrus walks into GH and asks what is going on with Jordan. Jordan tells Cyrus to rethink the way he is managing the staff here. She tells him that he doesnít know how things go. Jordan collapses. Portia runs over.

Maxie asks if Anna responded to his text. Peter says that she is on her way. Alex walks out. Alex tells him to hand it over. She looks at it. Alex wants to spend the rest of her life spoiling the child.

Finn walks into Annaís house and calls out for her. He goes into the living room.

Valentin finally wakes up. He thinks that Alex is definitely thorough. Anna doesnít think they will die today like this.

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