GH Update Tuesday 11/3/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/3/20


Written by Anthony

Elizabeth tells Franco that he didnít have to walk her to work. Franco thinks that it gives him a chance to see how the Art Therapy room looks.
TJ finds Jordan. He was on his way to the PCPD to see her. He needs her help with police business.

Julian calls up Ava. Julian wonders if Ryan is going to tell Sonny anything. He needs her to call when she gets this.

Cyrus asks to speak with Portia. He wants to be hands on with his staff. He wonders how her daughter is doing. Portia doesnít think that is any of his business.

Sonny asks if Marcus is settled in. Sonny doesnít think that Connie would have had an issue with him moving in. Sonny needs them to stay there a little while. He needs to deal with something. Sonny goes to answer his front door. Ava is at the door. He asks her to come in. Sonny explains that this is Averyís artwork. He promised that he would get her it right away. Ava wonders why he really asked him to stop by. Sonny needs to ask some questions about Ryan.

Peter thanks Valentin for calling him. It turns out that he got a call from the mother from hell. Valentin asks if she is in town. Valentin wonders if he is sure it was her. Peter is sure it was Helena. Valentin is shocked.

Anna screams for help. Alex wonders how she got her gag off. Anna thinks she has always had shotty work. Alex already found a special second location for her. She knows that Finn is at the hospital. He will not have time to notice that she is missing. Alex explains that she has been playing mother to her son. She is going to step into playing his mother again. They will be a sweet and happy family.

Portia doesnít want to talk about Marcus. Franco and Elizabeth spot them. Franco knows she needs to get to work. He will go some place else. Portia tells Marcus that if he has a problem with her because of her ex-husband that isnít her fault. Cyrus wants her to be happy. Portia wants as little action with him as humanly possible. Cyrus wanted to get to know the two of each other. Portia will not allow him to intimidate her. He can fire her if he wants.

TJ reminds Jordan that he has done so many screwed up things. Moral is at an all time low. Jordan knows he is still chairman at the board. TJ wants to be a doctor to put the patients first. TJ went to the PCPD and got a permit which was turned down. He needs to ask her for a special favor. Jordan admits that she is the one who denied his application.

Alex thinks that it was resourceful that she used an ailment to prove that she was not Peterís son. Alex knows that she was searching for her last year. She realized that she lied to her about what memories she actually had. Anna realized that Faison was obsessed. She wanted some secrets out of him but she got pregnant. She thinks it is time that she take her rightful place as Peterís mother. Anna knows she never wanted to be a mother. She asks why she is really here.

Peter knows it was Helena. Valentin thinks that someone is trying to get him to reveal something. Peter doesnít know who would be playing him. Valentin thinks it was Spinelli. He thinks that he is a computer expert. There is plenty of audio out there of her. It makes sense that he would do that. Valentin doesnít think that it was actually Helena. Peter guesses that Spinelli wants him to incriminate himself. He will make Spinelli regret that.

Ava asks what Ryan had to say. Sonny doesnít think much. Ava doesnít think that Ryan just makes random calls. Sonny wanted her to know that he heard from him. He asks why he would reach out. Ava thinks he is sick and twisted and maybe bored. The only thing that brings him happiness is the concept of making her squirm. Ryan called her not too long ago. She tried to ignore him but she went anyway and it was just more of his games. She regrets engaging with him. She hopes that he is not going to go and see that man.

Franco shows up in Kevinís office. He tells him that he needs to leave. Franco needs to speak with his shrink more than he ever has. Franco explains his tumor is back.

TJ followed all the rules. Jordan is aware that he doesnít like Cyrus but this is a fact of life. A protest wonít change anything. TJ asks how she knows.

Sonny needs to know why Ryan is reaching out. Ava thinks that Ryan is just bating him. Sonny thinks that if Ryan is messing with her then he needs to see him in order to end this game. Ava thinks nothing good is going to come of this. She really does believe it is a trap. Sonny asks if she is sure that she doesnít know why Ryan would want to see him.

Valentin tells Peter not to lash out. If he acts out on Spinelli then Jason will go after him and he will dead. He just doesnít have to answer the phone. He can let Spinelli choke on this. Peter knows that Anna is his mother and his mother is his saving grace. Valentin wishes him good luck.

Anna knows that Alex is such a liar. She wonders what kind of trouble she is in. Alex has ran out of places to hide. She thinks her only choice is to become her. Which means that she will have to deal with her fiancť and Peter. She guesses it is preferable to jail. Alex thinks that the only problem is that there cannot be two of them. Anna thinks that they are nothing alike as people. She has tried this scam before and Robert and Valentin will figure it out. Alex knows that Peter wonít know. Someone rings the bell. Alex wonders who she is expecting. Anna screams for help. Alex thinks that someone is eager to see her. She promises to be right back. Alex answers the door. Alex is sorry to worry him. She asks if he has news. Valentin thinks that Alex could be in PC at any moment. Alex promises that no one will come after her. Alex is on full alert. Valentin knows that she hasnít spoke with Peter yet. Robert thought they agreed to tell Peter together.

Spinelli shows up at Charlies. He asks what Peter wants to talk about. Peter mentioned Maxie because he knew that it would get him here. He thinks that this does have to do with Maxie. He loves their baby that she is carrying. Everything that affects his future has to do with them. Spinelli can see that he wants what is best for Maxie and the baby. Peter got a call from the presumed dead Helena last night.

Cyrus thinks that Portia is a valuable asset to GH. Portia thinks that he will never mention her daughter or ex ever again. She walks away from him. Cyrus gets into the elevator with her.

Jordan thinks that this is the smart thing to do. It is for the greater good. Jordan thinks that Bobbie and Monica were fired for valid reasons. TJ thinks that she cannot be this cynical. He asks what happened to her beliefs. He is going to make sure that GH is back in order. Portia walks over and wants to know what is going on herself.

Ava has no idea what motivated Ryan to call him. She knows what he wants. He wants to get under his skin. He wants to play mind games with each other. Ava knows he wants to play the games. He needs to ignore him. He needs to not play the game. Sonny will think about it. It is going to be his problem not hers if he chooses to do something else. Ava will get going. Ava remembers to get the artwork on her way out. Sonny shares his head.

Kevin asks if Terry suggested treatment options. Kevin asks if he is sure that Terry said that it was inoperable. Franco is worried. Kevin thinks that he has been blindsided by this. He needs to take a look at what he can do. Franco is not freaking out about dying. He cannot imagine not having a magical life that he planned out for himself. He wants the symptoms not to return. He wants to not have a shift in personality.

TJ will make sure that Cyrus is not going to continue this. Cyrus reminds him that it was Jordan who freed him. This was a misunderstanding. They are not in management. This is not their field of expertise. They will leave this for the board to handle. He thanks Jordan and walks away. Portia wonders if she is protecting Cyrus now.

Ava runs into Charlies. She was with Sonny. Ryan reached out to him. He promised to make it worth his while. Ava thinks he needs to take Nikolas up on his offer to help him make him disappear.

Spinelli thinks that none of this makes any sense. Peter put two and two together. He knows that Spinelli did this.

Valentin tells Anna to do this now. He thinks that she has done a hell of a job at setting Alex up. She has done this before. Alex wouldnít say that. Valentin knows that she has been dealing with this her entire life. Alex wants to do what is best for her son. Valentin asks why she just sad son.

Anna tries to break free from the tape.

Kevin understands that a personality shift happens with some people. Franco thinks the things he did were horrible. He had no joy or happiness. He enjoyed getting away with it. All that went away. He can be a friend or another person. He is a husband. He has learned how to love. Franco thinks that this is all going to go away again. There is no magical reset again. Kevin wonders if he has had a shift in sight or smell. Franco thinks it is hard to say. Franco remembers working on Avaís portrait. Kevin asks if he has had any incidents. Franco doesnít know. He is no longer a reliable narrator in his own life. Kevin thinks he needs to open up to the people who love him. Franco suggests to someone who hates him.

TJ asks why she would side with Cyrus. Jordan is trying to protect him. TJ wants her to worry about her future. Portia wonders what happens if she applies for a protest. Jordan doesnít think it is a good idea. Portia wants to know why there are so many cases being left unsolved. She doesnít think she feels the same way that she used to.

Alex has been treating him as her son for over a year. She cannot just drop those feelings over night. Valentin asks if he can have a glass of water. Alex should have offered her that when he first arrived. Valentin goes into the foyer and looks upstairs.

Anna breaks free from the tape. She screams for help.

Valentin hears her from upstairs.

Spinelli cannot replicate Helenaís tone of voice. Spinelli was with him when he received the call. Peter thinks he is the one who dreamed this up. He needs to back the hell up. Peter chose to accept the fake olive branch. He is telling him to stay out of his life. Peter could crush Spinelli. If he pushes him then he will.

Ava knows that Julian could disappear. Valentin was in a fake town under a fake name. Ava asks if she is supposed to fight his battles for him. Julian thinks that she could lose everything. Julian is going to call Nikolas so she can live hers.

Sonny goes to visit Ryan. Ryan knows it is common knowledge he doesnít visit just anyone. It is an honor and privilege. Sonny asks what he wants.

Ava loves Julian. No one knows her better than him. He is her only family. Ava will get to Ryan before Sonny does. She will figure this out on the way over.

Ryan doesnít want anything from Sonny. He has something that he thinks he will want. Sonny is listening. He has recently come into some information that will rock his world.

Cyrus shows up at Julianís. Julian says hello. He is exactly the person he wants to see. He wants to make a deal.

Jordan is protecting TJ and her. She begs them to just let this go. Portia knows what is going on between them.

Peter was no angel. He has a new life with Maxie and the baby. Peter can revert back to his old self just like that. He asks if they understand each other.

Valentin asks if that is Anna. Anna tells Valentin she is in the basement. Valentin says that he is coming.

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