GH Update Monday 11/2/20

General Hospital Update Monday 11/2/20


Written by Anthony

Joss walks down the staircase and Bobbie and Carly on the couch. They say happy Birthday to her. Carly cannot believe her baby is eighteen. Joss wonders if she smells pancakes. Joss has to meet Trina at the gallery. They get extra credit if they go and write a paper on the exhibit that they have going on. Carly wonders if she forgot that today is her first election day.

Trina walks into the gallery. Portia asks if this is impressive or what. Jordan walks in and says she just saw Ava at the polls. Portia is glad she went earlier. Portia suggests she go now and she will be here when she gets back. Jordan remembers that she is eighteen. Jordan wonders if Trina is voting. Trina definitely wants to vote for confident city officials.

Joss guesses she will vote if she has time. Joss thought she could make a difference in the past but her one vote doesn’t matter. Carly understands her being overwhelmed but every vote matters. Carly will go get their polling information so she can see where to go. Joss is sorry if she disappointed Bobbie. Bobbie is just shocked. Bobbie explains that her great-great grandmother kept the right to vote here. In 1920 it was the first time that women got the right to vote. There were lots of people who had no desire to let women vote. Joss thinks that is crazy. Those women were fighting for their rights. Bobbie explains that there was pushback like they didn’t believe. Bobbie can only imagine what would have happened in PC if she wasn’t around. Carly gives Joss her pulling info. Joss will find the time. Bobbie has a feeling that a lot of young people feel like she does. Carly hopes they got through to her.

Monica tells Lucy that this looks fine. Lucy wants a few real candles around. Monica is sure that Ava would be comforted by having her gallery burn down to old candles.

Trina looks around the exhibit and Joss runs over. Joss had no idea that this would be so cool. Joss explains that this woman looks just like Carly. Carly explains that this was her great-great grandma. Trina had a great-great aunt that was part of that back in the day too. Trina knows that those suffrage women fought hard for them. Trina imagines those women felt so empowered feeling the right to vote. They go into an old voting booth together. Trina thinks it is about making their choices heard. The two girls are transported into town square and are in clothes that would have been worn in the 1920’s. Joss asks if that booth was some sort of virtual exhibit. Trina wants to know what they are wearing. Joss tries to pinch her. A woman who looks like Carly walks over. Joss thinks she looks a lot like her mother. She asks if she is confused and needs help. The woman explains that she is in Port Charles, New York. The woman that looks like Carly asks if they have had a bad accident. She could take them to a doctor. Joss doesn’t think it could be 1920. Trina tells her that they shouldn’t tell anyone. A woman named Priscilla comes over and introduces herself. She is a doctor. Joss asks if the woman is Beatrice Eckert. Priscilla wonders they ate today. Joss says they did. Joss tells Trina that woman is Beatrice her great-great grandmother. Trina thinks that they need to keep things in order to not mess with the future. Joss thinks that she is starting to scare her. Trina doesn’t want to hurt this election or the PC that they know could change things.

Beatrice says good day to a woman named Eva. Joss tells Beatrice that she doesn’t need to stay with her. Beatrice thinks that they are finally giving this country a voice for women. She asks if Joss is visiting family. Joss guesses it would seem to be.

Trina asks Priscilla if this is her first time voting. Priscilla explains that women in New York have had the ability to vote since 1917. Trina thinks that she should be proud of being a doctor. Priscilla explains that she went to Howard Medical School. She wonders if Joss is going to college Trina definitely is. Trina assumes it was difficult for her. Priscilla asks if she knows of the march in Washington a few years back. The police allowed them to get attacked. They continued to march forward. Their struggle as people exist. Priscilla is able to cast her ballot today but they cannot do so all over. Priscilla needs to get to the female polling center.

Joss thinks that this is a lot to take in. Beatrice thinks that one day they could have a woman elected president. Beatrice tells a woman named Alice to come help. Joss thought that women in England could vote. Alice tells her that is only for women over thirty. A woman that looks like Jordan and another that looks like Elizabeth walks over. She explains they have a problem. It seems that no women will be voting today. Joss thinks that something is not right. These women voted today. Joss asks if this is out of the norm. A woman named Bertha walks over. She explains that the bank foreclosed on the place. Bertha refuses to let women vote in PC today. A woman who looks like Ava walks over. She thinks this is good news. Her name is Ada and her family came over on the Mayflower. Beatrice thinks that it is women like her that are holding people back. Beatrice thinks that she shouldn’t punish them all because she is in a loveless marriage. Beatrice pushes Ada.

Beatrice is arrested. The guard said it is not election day for her.

Joss thinks that this is a disaster. Lexi wonders if the two women are not well. Joss thinks that they are fine. Joss explains that the polling place is locked up and it is election day. Lexi has worked with local government. She calls for Joss and Trina to follow. Lexi sees assembly woman Mary. Mary wonders what is wrong. Mary asks the women to sit… Joss explains that Beatrice is locked up and now they cannot vote. Mary needs to talk with the police commissioner.

Joss tells Beatrice that they are getting her released. Ada wants Beatrice put away. Trina tells Ada that the fall was an accident. Today is more important than her squabble with Beatrice. Ada thinks that women will stay out of PC. PC will be fine. Trina wonders why she would throw away her vote.

Beatrice tells Joss and Trina they need to get going to the polling center. Ada walks in. The guard asks if Ada is going to make sure that she doesn’t escape justice. Ada realizes that there are some things more important. Ada expects great things from Trina.

Bertha says no voting today. Beatrice gets on a soap box and tells them to think of their families that never had their opportunities. They know her. Beatrice thinks that women all over the nation get to cast their vote for the United States. There will be people who try to stop them. They do not need to take anything from anyone. Bertha doesn’t believe that women belong in politics. Beatrice thinks that they belong everywhere. The woman who looks like Jordan takes a hammer and breaks down the lock. Trina asks if Ada is really here. Ada wanted to see if she could pull it off. Ada thinks it was a great pleasure meeting Trina.

Joss tells Beatrice that was incredible. Beatrice thinks it was all worth it. Joss gets that it is a privilege. It is the least and most they could do as citizens.

Trina and Joss look at the guard. Trina thought that they fixed everything. Joss remembers they were in a voting booth earlier. Beatrice wonders what they were up to. Joss just wanted to take a look inside. Joss thinks it has been a great honor to meet her. She thinks that they have all made this job a better place. She wants them to have the government they really want. Beatrice goes to help Alice. Trina and Joss go into the booth and end up back in modern day PC. Lucy sees that her candle is wrong. She wonders if they feel strange. Lucy explains that this is a special candle. It is a candle that she accidentally does things. Lucy is just going to go and take this away. Joss guesses they went on a weird psychedelic trip because of Lucy. Trina is sure they will slay their essay. Joss says they need to vote.

Joss and Trina walk out of the polling place. Carly and Bobbie clap for them. Trina asks if Ava voted. Ava did. She asks if she really thought she wouldn’t. Trina knows what kind of a woman Ava is.

Carly wonders how Joss felt. Joss felt empowered. Joss knows how all women have helped them out so much. Carly reminds Joss of her curfew. Bobbie thinks that they have been doing this for a hundred years.

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