GH Update Friday 10/30/20

General Hospital Update Friday 10/30/20


Written by Anthony

Sonny thinks that Cyrus is supplying drugs for Sasha. If he is then he is breaking their truce.

Julian drops the mask on the Darth Vader that had Trina’s phone. It is Marcus. Julian knows him.

Ryan picks up the phone in prison. He thinks it is a surprise to see Ava on this stormy Halloween night. Ryan wonders if she did what he asked. Ava divorced Nikolas Cassadine.

Elizabeth is sick of this stupid game. She was playing them. The photos were taken of the kiss. She was the one blackmailing him.

Franco wonders what Terrie is doing here. She explains that Elizabeth doesn’t know she is here. Franco wonders what is going on. Terry explains that she is here in a professional capacity.

Peter gets a call from Helena and goes to take it. Peter knows she is dead. Helena wonders if she really is. She thinks she has chosen the perfect day to consider this business.

Valentin wonders if they have an answer. Anna sees that Faison was not a carrier. This means that she is not Peter’s mother. Alex is. Anna wonders how he felt when he learned his entire life was a lie. Miko’s wasn’t his father and Helena was his mother. She feels like the bottle dropped out. Valentin thinks that she didn’t sleep with Faison and didn’t give Peter up for adoption. Anna thinks it felt real and still feels real. Anna feels used. She blamed herself for sleeping with Faison and giving up his child. She wonders for what. Anna throws something at her fireplace and it shatters.

Peter wonders why Helena is doing this. Helena has faked her death many times. Peter wonders why she wouldn’t call Nikolas, Spencer, or Valentin. Helena needs someone to help her stay dead until she is ready to reveal herself. She has leverage over him. She will expose his role in abducting Drew. Helena has documentation to spark his memory. He asks what she wants. Helena wants a meeting. He has her number. If she doesn’t hear from him then there will be consequences.

Maxie asks Peter if he is ok. Spinelli thinks he is looking like he saw a ghost.

Jason thinks that if Cyrus is bringing drugs in he found a different way. Sonny thinks the hospital.

Julian remembers him from the pier. He wonders what Julian wants to drink. Julian chases him outside into the rain.

Ryan knows that Nikolas was never her prince charming. Ava wonders if he thinks he is. Ryan knows he is. He needs proof. Ava shows him proof. It is signed, sealed, and delivered. Ava is officially a single woman without a title and without the Cassadine fortune. Ryan thinks she did it to save her brothers life. Ava thinks it is his turn. She needs Nelle’s letter.

Elizabeth lead Nikolas on. She overheard Ava that she was trying to push them together. She felt like Franco and her were forcing them apart. She thinks he was playing games with her happiness. This was after he swore that he wanted their friendship back. Nikolas is sorry. His feelings were real. Elizabeth loves Franco. She knows he cannot accept that. She wanted to teach him a lesson and thought that this could get her life and marriage back.

Franco wonders why Portia is not giving him the results. Terry explains that he has growth on his front lobe. Franco assumes his brain tumor. He guesses it is back.

Jason is going to get Brando to find out more info. Sonny thinks nothing has blown up yet. Jason knows the drugs could be coming from legit companies. Jason assumes that GH looks innocent. Sonny thinks it will take some time to get Cyrus and his drug operation out of PC.

The lights flicker at Anna’s house. Valentin tells her they can pick up the glass when the lights go back on. Anna doesn’t think she will break. Valentin knows she has been through shock. Anna thinks that this is Alex’s issue too. She was laughing at her. Valentin thinks that she was laughing at him too. She knew that he wanted to be connected to that boy. She knew the resentment that he felt. She is laughing at both of them. Anna thinks that they were better equipped than Peter at this. She knows this could hurt him again. Valentin thinks they need to find Alex. That is a threat that needs to be eliminated. Peter needs to know so that he is prepared.

Maxie asks Peter what is wrong. Peter has to go and check on things but he will let the IT department fix it. Maxie is sad that Georgie can’t go out now. Spinelli is going to go and check on her.

Franco guesses the tumor is coming back. Terry is sorry. She shows him. He doesn’t have any symptoms. He isn’t anything like the person he was the last time. She asks if he has had vivid dreams or nightmares. Franco remembers the dream he had. Franco lies and says no. Terry thinks that the tumor is not going to be able to be operated on.

Nikolas paid and the check was never cashed. Elizabeth realized that they had gone too far. Nikolas is grateful for her.

Ava thought that he said that he would give her the letter. Ava thinks he knows which one she means. Ryan asks if he can have the letter. Ava takes the letter. He asks if that is what she wanted. Ava thinks that he knew it was. Ava thinks that this is the last look he will ever get. Ava reads it and it is says “do you think I’m stupid.”

Franco wonders why they can’t remove it. Terry thinks they have a lot more tests to run. They want all the available information before they discuss options. Franco wonders what will happen to him.

Nikolas only wanted the fortune that he didn’t care what he did. He knows that she said that Franco and Scott helped out.

Ryan is not going to be fooled by this. He knows this is fake. Ryan needs real proof. She lied to him. Just like everyone he has ever loved. Ryan thinks that she cannot use him. The guard screams at him and calls her a liar. He will make her pay.

Julian walks back into the bar. He looks at the mask. He wonders who the guy was. He finds Trina’s phone. There is a picture of Marcus and Trina on her phone.

Jason is going to check the generator. Someone walks in. He demands to know who it is. It is Marcus.

Valentin tells Anna that they cannot have more delays or second thoughts. Valentin thinks that they need to strategize. Anna tells Valentin to go. Nothing will change. She needs to decide.

Maxie is sure things will clear up soon.

Spinelli walks down a hallway. He walks into a room. Sam is sitting at a desk using a voice changer on a computer.

Anna needs to tell Peter in person. She cannot stand Alex.

Maxie knows that Peter will make a handsome groom and an equally handsome groomsman. Maxie meant what she said earlier about the wedding and baby. She thinks they have a lot to look forward to next year. Peter agrees.

Spinelli thought that he had enough vocal recordings of Helena then that means that Peter is freaked out. She probably recruited him in the first place. He has killed most people that have been involved.

Sonny thinks it was nice of Marcus to dress up. Jason walks back over. Spinelli needs him to make sure that the building is secure. Sonny cannot just say some magic words. Marcus thinks the body counts are rising. He will not let his daughter get hurt again.

Ava walks into Charlies. Julian doesn’t think that looks like a happy face. Ava doesn’t have any happy news. She needs a double vodka straight. Ryan is not very happy with her.

Elizabeth explains that the plan worked. Neither one of them can use the infidelity clause in their post-nup. She wants him to show her that he is sorry.

Terry thinks that this could cause him to do just about anything. Terry wants to run all the tests. She knows it is a lot to take in. She will give him time to tell Elizabeth. Franco doesn’t want Elizabeth knowing right now. He needs her to promise that she will not tell Elizabeth about this. Franco needs a little more time. Terry wants his family to go trough this with him. Franco knows that Cam is going through college tours, Aiden is a chef, and Jake wants to be a pirate this year. Elizabeth cannot worry. He doesn’t want them to be sad. He begs her to not say anything. Franco has things that he needs to think about. Elizabeth walks in and wonders what Terry is doing here.

Julian wonders how Ryan saw through the papers. Ava thinks he was going to do this all along. Nikolas walks in. Nikolas knows she is lying as usual. Nikolas tells him that Ava tried to convince Ryan they were divorced. Ava doesn’t think it matters. He cannot hurt her physically. He can sure do a lot of damage to her family. She asks if he would divorce her for real.

Jason thinks that Marcus needs to stay gone. Marcus thinks that they all know what could happen. They cannot keep promises like this right now. Sonny thinks he needs to do it on his terms then. Sonny will store him where his people are watching him.

Valentin tells Anna on the phone that Alex was in Berlin the last they saw. Alex walks in and says Happy Halloween. She bashed her.

Franco thinks he just needs like a juice box. Terry thinks she is always looking out for her Biz. Elizabeth thinks they have the house to themselves. Franco tells him to get dressed.

Nikolas is not ready to divorce her. Ava took the ring off for Ryan’s sake. She promises to figure this out. Nikolas has calls to return. Julian thinks that there is nothing stopping Ryan from telling Sonny. Ava knows that he will lose her coming to see him.

Sonny gets a call he needs to take privately. It is from Ryan.

Marcus asks if they are going to the safehouse. Jason thinks those can be compromised. Jason explains that they can put him in Kate Howards old place. Marcus guesses 2020 has been one hell of a ride.

Maxie cannot wait to see pictures of Georgie and James. Maxie tells Peter she will figure this out.

Sam thinks that Peter never confirmed anything. Spinelli knows he will not admit things right off the bat. He needs to react. Peter thinks they need to meet tomorrow night.

Alex answers the door and thinks they look to die for.

Anna is passed out in what looks to be a basement.

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