GH Update Thursday 10/29/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/29/20


Written by Anthony

Franco wakes up and hears a monkey clapping. He turns to see the toy playing. Ava asks what he has there. Franco is holding a can of paint. Ava means the other hand. He has a knife in it. Ava wonders if that is for her.

Carly tells Sasha she has tried to see her twice this morning. She is either going to call her back or she is coming up with her passkey. Cyrus asks for a table for two.

Spinelli knows that Sonny has much more personal issues to deal with but he needs his advice. He asks how you stand back and do nothing when someone you love is about to ruin their life.

Anna, Finn, and Peter all toast to Maxie for her birthday. Maxie thanks them all. She has all she could ask for.

Portia calls someone for a pickup for Anna. Ava walks over. She is looking for Franco. She knows she has been admitted.

Elizabeth asks if Franco is ok. He assumes that they should be somewhere else. Cam thinks it was just a lame party. Franco thinks that there is a difference between an abundance of care and being overly protective. Franco needs them to save him some TP because he thinks that Wyndemere is long overdue for a trick.

Nikolas tells Julian that he needs to drop whatever scheme he has Ava involved in. He is here to save his sorry ass.

Portia tells her that Franco is in with Cam and Elizabeth right now. Ava wanted to thank her for allowing Trina to stay at the gallery. She is all about the GPA. Portia wanted to talk with her about their girl. She heard that Trina is trying to rehabilitate her father. Portia knows she wanted to give Trina a goal. Portia just wishes she had thought of it herself. She thanks Ava.

Joss stands outside Charlies. Joss thinks she is too lucky that Sonny’s guards are not around right now. They would have been on them in a minute if she screamed. Trina tells Joss they should go on in. They have important business to discuss about her dad. Joss thinks it is freezing. Someone in a Darth Vader outfit looks in on them.

Franco asks Cam what is going on. Cam thinks it is a stupid party going on. Cam explains that Trina and him are figuring things out. It is senior year and he doesn’t want obligations. Joss doesn’t care about her. He just knows. Franco knows how much he cares about things. He is here for him. Cam tells Franco to try and not die. Franco thinks good talk. Elizabeth is shocked he got him to go to the party. Franco thinks her son and him have an understanding.

Julian doesn’t need saving. Nikolas thinks that Ryan coming out of the blue is definitely a bizarre situation. Nikolas knows that Ava sounded desperate. Nikolas wonders whose lives mean something to Ava. Avery is young and has Sonny. It is clearly Julian she is trying to protect.

Spinelli knows that Sonny gets through things easier. He wonders if he needs to step in or something. Sonny thinks in his experience things tend to blowup in your face. Spinelli knows he is supposed to play the role of supportive friend. Sonny tells Spinelli to give this person their honest support. Sonny thinks that just because he cannot do something doesn’t mean someone else cannot do it in your place.

Carly will have the waitress seat him. Cyrus can do it himself. Sasha walks in and Cyrus says that is his dining companion now. Cyrus would love a drink. Sasha thinks that would be nice. Cyrus asks if they shall sit then.

Spinelli tells someone that he will text him when he gets there. He bumps into Valentin. Valentin asks if they could talk about a collaboration. Valentin thinks that they could be family if Maxie marries Peter. Spinelli has somewhere to be.

Maxie loves her new bag.

Finn has a request of Peter.

Anna is so proud of Maxie. As a creative trailblazer and a mother. This is her time right now. Maxie hopes she balances work and parenthood just half as well as Anna. Anna is sure she will.

Finn thinks that this would mean the world to Anna. He doesn’t want to feel pressured. Maxie thinks they should get going. Anna thinks they should have a great time tonight.

Nikolas thinks that Julian seems defensive. He knows that Nelle and Ryan had dealings in prison. Nikolas is wondering if Ryan and Nelle were friends in prison. Ryan might have information that could make him very nervous.

Ava asks Franco if he is ok. She stopped by his art therapy room. She heard that he was admitted. Franco will not say yes until she tells him what she wants. Ava admits that she tried to push Elizabeth and Nikolas together. That was lousy. She is sorry. Ava knows he blackmailed them.

Trina sees the guys. She asks if this would be weird. Joss knows that Cam wants a senior year without commitments and that is fine. Dev asks if they have enough time for this before the party. Joss wonders if someone has other plans. Joss knows that Cam is busy this year and it might be too big of a commitment for him.

Portia wonders how Franco is doing. Elizabeth explains that he is dealing with things again.

Ava knows that they were all in the hospital together. He happened to have a check from Nikolas as well. She asks what they did to get her husband to break his vows. Ava thinks this is real. If he ever gave a damn about her then he needs to give proof that Nikolas cheated.

Nikolas has the money to set him up in a new life. His life in the hands of Ryan. Julian is going to do things his way. When his sister tells him to divorce her then he needs to do it.

Finn tells Anna that there was an emergency at the hospital. Anna asks if she is in charge of solo candy duty. Anna asks which outfit he likes better. Finn likes whichever one she likes. Anna really cannot decide. Finn knows two things. She would look just as beautiful in either. She is doing a good job at covering things. Anna will just wait for he results and not eat too much candy. Finn will see her. He thinks what it is worth he thinks he likes the white one.

Maxie loves her birthday and the attention. She has a lot to be thankful for as well. Spinelli walks over.

Carly watches Sasha and Cyrus.

Cyrus asks if Sasha is ready for another. Sasha is not sure what she is doing here. Cyrus is having dinner with a friend. Sasha doesn’t mean to be rude. She appreciates his kindness last night. Sasha admits that she was in a bad place. Cyrus thinks that she needs to confide in someone. He is right here.

Sonny tells Carly that Spinelli has a lot going on. Carly tells him to turn around and he sees Cyrus and Sasha.

Ava needs the proof that Elizabeth was with Nikolas. Franco wonders whose life would actually be saved from this. Franco is tired of being her pawn. Ava knows he has every right to be angry with her. Ava thought that Elizabeth would turn him down or realize that Franco is the better option. Franco thinks that they are both addicted to this stupid little game they are playing.

Anna opens the door and is wearing a witches outfit. Valentin tells Anna that Spinelli has a Peter problem right now.

Maxie reminds Spinelli that her and Peter are on a date. Maxie got his gift. Maxie has no idea what he is talking about. Maxie thinks that Georgie is too young to be playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Nikolas needs to talk with Elizabeth. Nikolas is worried about losing his wife.

Carly tells Sonny that Cyrus wanted a table but then Sasha showed up. Nina was worried about her last night. Carly thinks that Sasha is using drugs.

Sasha doesn’t think that he is the type to give advice. Cyrus thinks that she is a friend worth having. Sasha wonders what would make him want to be her friend. Cyrus is just thinking about all the things that they talked about last night. He was confident that their friendship could be mutually beneficial.

Carly was concerned about the way she is acting. Sonny knows now she is having drinks with a drug trafficker.

Trina asks what is going on with Joss. Cam told them that he would be there for Trina and he will be. Joss goes to get them hot chocolate. Cam goes to help. Dev asks what that was about.

Cam asks what she meant by that. Joss thought he said that he didn’t want any commitments during his senior year. Dev asks if the two of them are ok. Cam thinks they are fine. Trina thinks they will have time to figure something out. The party awaits.

Portia asks if they have Franco’s scans in there. Portia thanks the nurse. She looks at them.

Elizabeth thinks that Nikolas needs to make this quick. He destroyed whatever progress he had. She is the only person he trusts to help her figure this out. Elizabeth doesn’t think he can trust her either.

Julian tells Ava that Nikolas came to talk with him. He wants to send him packing on his dime. If he is alive and happy then he will be happy. Julian thinks they need to use this to their advantage. Ava doesn’t know what to believe anymore She could use the fake divorce papers on Ryan. Ava could convince Ryan long enough. She will come back for a drink later when she really needs one.

Maxie thanks Spinelli. She needs to powder her nose. They can start with something more simple. Spinelli tells Peter he is making an effort. Peter appreciates it.

Anna knows that Spinelli has issues with the marriage but it doesn’t mean that Jason is involved. She doesn’t think that Peter is a threat. He was exonerated. Anna doesn’t think they need to worry about Jason. Anna gets someone else ringing the doorbell. It is a delivery person with the DNA results. Anna tells Valentin that these are the test results. She will never know for certain if Peter is Alex’s son or her own.

Trina tells them to take a picture. Cam does of Trina and the Darth Vader. Dev thinks they will be late to the party. Trina tells the person may the force be with them. He sees Trina’s phone on the table and picks it up. It is from Portia. Julian looks at him.

Franco asks Portia if they have seen his wife. Portia will track him down. Portia asks Terry if she can come upstairs.

Elizabeth doesn’t think he has any idea what she did. Her and Franco played them.

A guard tells Ava that Ryan will be with her shortly. He tells her to go in and have a seat.

Julian tells the Darth Vader to get out before he calls the cops. He tells him to get out. He knocks off the head and it is Marcus.

Carly feels like she needs to tell Michael. Sonny thinks that they need to stay out of this. They need information first. Sasha has an early day tomorrow. Cyrus thinks if she ever has anything she wants to talk about he is here. A dealer gives Sasha an envelope. It is more coke.

Anna explains that Kevin asked her about her history with Faison. She had been so reckless. Valentin knows she has blood on her hands. He thinks that she has wasted years on something she didn’t do.

Spinelli is doing his best to support Maxie. He thinks that his goal was to have a happy and stable life for her. Peter wants him to forgive him for doubting him. Maxie thinks they could play Jenga or giant Jenga. Peter gets a call from Helena.

Anna reads the results.

Peter asks who this is. Helena asks if he doesn’t recognize his old friend Helena Cassadine.

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