GH Update Wednesday 10/28/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/28/20



Written by Anthony

Epiphany asks if Franco is good and done. Franco was having a hard time making a choice at the vending machine. Epiphany asks if he just took the last chocolate bar. Epiphany has just spent the last eight hours in pencil pushing hell. He has thieved the last one from under her. She wants satisfaction and wants her damn job back. Cyrus tells her that it is doubtful she will get it with that attitude.

Chase is glad that he found Brook Lynn. She promises that she will be out of his drawer. Chase explains that his life isn’t g-rated as much as g-string.

Michael punches a bag. He thinks about all the time that he has spent with Willow. Dante shows up and asks if he is trying to blow off some steam. Michael wonders if it is that obvious. Dante thought that it was. He thinks that he can’t stand losing Willow.

Elizabeth is glad to see Willow. Willow is actually joining the nursing training program. Willow thinks that it is just one more way that her life hasn’t gone better. Willow explains that things are going so well that Michael and her are getting an annulment.

Carly and Jax hug. Nina walks in with Sasha. Carly is glad that Nina is here. Nina sees that he has company. Jax wonders how things went with Curtis. Carly didn’t know that the search was back on. Sasha thinks it was nice of her to bring her here. She is going to take off. Nina tells Sasha that she isn’t feeling well.

Ava plays with a rose.

Nikolas walks around outside. He sees that Ava got his message. Ava thinks the rose is lovely. She wants t know why he lured her out here. She is holding a knife. Nikolas invited her out here. Ava thinks that he wouldn’t be the first person to invite her out here. He witnessed it first hand. Ava knows a few hours later they were married. She asks if he has any regrets. Ava has hundreds. Nikolas wonders what she has behind her back. Ava has insurance. Nikolas doesn’t want her dead. Ava knows he wants her out of his life. Ava thinks that he wants Elizabeth. She thinks that they cannot forget about Elizabeth.

Brook Lynn doubts he would know what to do with a g-string. She doesn’t need anymore judgement from anyone. Chase wishes that she would let him say that he is sorry.

Nina tells Sasha that she needs to take the time that she needs. She insists. Jax wonders what is wrong with Sasha. Nina wouldn’t have brought her back if she didn’t think it was important.

Willow thinks that it isn’t really needed for them to stay married. Willow will still be in Wiley’s life. Elizabeth is happy if that is what they choose is best for Wiley. Elizabeth thinks that the marriages you think are going to crash and burn tend to be the ones that last.

Michael thinks that Willow and him will be together until the annulment is over and then they will co-parent. Dante asks why he is doing this though.

Cyrus introduces himself to Franco. Franco knows he has been a busy fellow. Epiphany knows he fired half the staff and fired the rest. Franco thinks that everyone would love to just be heard Cyrus would love to hear what they think is best for GH. Franco says that they go out to dinner tonight. Franco wonders how Cyrus’ singing voice is. He offers him a chance to come along.

Nikolas wonders where Ava got this idea about him and Elizabeth. Ava thinks that there has to be something to it. He thinks that they have a past that goes beyond friendship. He knows they share history. Ava thinks that is one of the most rational things she has ever heard. Nikolas thinks that she has had affection outside of the marriage. He thought so. Ava never said anything. Nikolas has feelings for her. Ava asks what that means. It is just a lot of hot air without actions to back them up. Nikolas asks how he proves that he wants her. Ava wants him to divorce her. Nikolas thinks that is done.

Cyrus wouldn’t want to invade on a private event. Franco thinks that everyone is welcome. Cyrus guesses he could come later on. Epiphany gives him a dirty look. She screams that he better run.

Brook Lynn thinks that he almost turned this apology thing into something.

Nina needed to make sure that Sasha was ok. Carly will go talk with her. Nina thinks that Carly caused a scene. Carly is only sorry that she caught her.

Sasha is in the bathroom with her coke. Carly knocks on the door. Sasha needs a minute She takes out the coke.

Michael doesn’t want to end his marriage. He thinks that Willow and him should stay together and make a life together. Dante knows that he doesn’t want her staying out of obligation. Dante thinks that he is an idiot.

Willow cannot even think about starting something new. Michael has so much to give though and it is all going to waste in their so called marriage. Elizabeth thinks he is a good guy. Willow sees how Michael is. He is honorable and kind and sees the best in people. He should be able to share all those qualities with someone.

Brook Lynn needs a little more time. Chase thinks eventually that she will have to find her own place. Brook Lynn is not going to make nice with her father. Chase thinks that is fine. Brook Lynn will find a new solution soon. She just has other plans tonight. She shows him karaoke night.

Dante thinks that he cannot make life choices based on what he thinks other people want. Dante wants him to think that this is ok. Michael doesn’t think that Willow is in love with him. Willow walks in and asks if she is interrupting.

Carly asks Sasha to open up. She is worried about her. Sasha tells Carly that she needs to look in the mirror. She asks if Sasha really wants to go out there looking like that. Carly wonders what a nice girl like her is going out looking like that. Carly doesn’t think she looks fine.

Jax talked with Carly and he really doesn’t believe that she intended on something. Nina doesn’t think that Carly and her have to talk about this again. Nina thinks it is great that Jax has Carly in her corner. She understands his relationship with Carly.

Ava asks Nikolas what he is doing. This is the only thing she will approve. He explains that the pages are flagged. Their marriage will be dissolved. He will give her ninety percent of their assets to her. Ava wonders if he really thinks that he would give him all of this. Nikolas thinks she can have all she wants for but she cannot have him.

Franco tells Epiphany he did a good thing. Elizabeth thinks that Franco can make it up to them by buying them a round. Elizabeth asks Epiphany what is wrong. She asks what is going on. Epiphany explains that her and Milo are breaking up.

Nina wonders what he means. He wonders if someone said something. Nina doesn’t think it is important. Jax wishes he could say that they were the only people in this relationship. This is all just talk. They are just two people trying to do the best for their daughter.

Sasha doesn’t think it is fine if is fine or not. Carly knows she did the right thing for Wiley. Michael would be honored if he knew the truth. Sasha knows he won’t though. Michael finally has Wiley and Willow. They are a family now. She cannot take that away from them. She couldn’t even if she wanted.

Dante tells Willow that she was giving Michael a brotherly lecture. Willow assumes it must have been worth while. Willow was hoping she could go home with him. Michael explains he needs to finish his workout. Willow will see him later then.

Chase thought that she couldn’t. Brook Lynn is going to try. It can’t hurt to try.

Cyrus thinks that this round is on him.

Elizabeth is so sorry. Epiphany says that Milo has been away opening gym franchises. They haven’t seen each other in months. Elizabeth cannot imagine that he wouldn’t make this work. Epiphany told him not to. She just isn’t the same anymore. They have grown apart. Elizabeth asks how she can help. Epiphany just doesn’t want any fuss being made about this. Elizabeth thinks that she needs to let it out. Epiphany doesn’t want another word about it.

Brook Lynn takes the stage and is having trouble singing. She stops herself and runs out. Chase runs after her.

Ava asks what he is trying to pull. Nikolas had the papers drawn up to get things under control. He thinks that they should feel for each other. He wanted to burn these together. Ava doesn’t think that divorce is black and white. Ava has feelings for him but that only complicates things. Nikolas thinks that they should stay married. Ava thinks that certain people might pay. Ava needs to think things through. Ava accidentally stabs Nikolas

Sasha walks out into the living room. Nina thinks the guest room is just down the hall. Sasha is not going to stay. She thinks it was kind of her to bring her here but she just needed a moment to catch her breath. She doesn’t want her to give this another thought.

Sasha calls her dealer in the hallway. She will be there in fifteen.

Willow finds Michael. He asks if class is canceled. She wanted to hear Dante’s advice in person. She asks if he left. Michael says he left. Willow wonders what the advice was. Michael explains that Dante thinks they should stay together. That wasn’t the exact words but he wants them to stay together. Michael will go and get cleaned up. Willow will meet him back here.

Chase tells Brook Lynn that they can go sing together. Brook Lynn thinks that was her swan song and it sounded like nails on the chalkboard.

Cyrus wonders if anyone has seen the song book. Franco wonders what Cyrus wants to sing. Cyrus wants something from the 70’s. Epiphany gets up and starts to sing.

Michael and Willow shower in the locker rooms. Willow fantasizes about Michael walking in.

Ava thinks that Nikolas is breathing. He has been stabbed. Ava takes off his shirt. She starts to kiss him… Ava puts her shirt back on after having sex. Ava is going to have to do something about the divorce papers. Nikolas tells her that the papers aren’t real. He finally knows she was into him. Ava thinks he is an arrogant son of a bitch. Nikolas thinks she likes him. She really likes him.

Brook Lynn thinks it will never be ok. She asks what purpose she really has right now.

Cyrus thinks that he could be persuaded. He has to get going though. He promises Epiphany they will see each other soon.

Carly tried to talk with Sasha but she didn’t hear her. Carly thinks that Sasha needs help. Carly can do better. She storms out.

Willow finds Michael after her shower. Michael asks if she is ready to go. Willow says yes.

Sasha asks her dealer where they are. They leave her hanging. She falls to the ground and sobs. Cyrus tells Sasha that there are cheaper ways to trouble her frustration.

Franco thinks that Epiphany did good. Epiphany hopes that Franco knows how good he has it with Elizabeth. Franco says doorknob and passes out.

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