GH Update Tuesday 10/27/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/27/20


Written by Anthony

Carly shows up at Nina’s apartment. Jax assumes that she knows that Nina bought this place from Ava. Carly does. She brought Nina a bottle of wine as a peace offering.

Nina thanks Curtis for meeting with her about her daughter. Curtis reminds her that he didn’t stop looking before because he ran out of leads. He stopped looking because her ex husband tried to pass Sasha off as her daughter.

Sasha wipes her nose and puts a bag of coke in her bag. She asks for a dirty martini. Valentin thinks that Sasha is in a better mood. Valentin tells Sasha to get back to her room. Sasha says to get his hands off him.

Jackie tells Finn that he is the last person she expected to see. Finn thinks they have a lot of left unsaid between them and they need to change that.

Anna thinks that Kevin is the only person who can help her find out if Peter is her son or not. She thinks with his help she has a chance to settle this once and for all.

Maxie tells Peter that Dante had some reservations about them getting married. Dante thinks that nothing has changed for him when it comes to PC.

Dante is shocked that Maxie is pregnant. Dante guesses that things keep moving along. Lulu knows whether they like it or not. Dante heard about their softball season. He doesn’t know if he was really missed. Lulu thinks he was. Dustin shows up. He says hi to Dante.

Kevin knows that Anna’s history with Faison goes back many years. Anna admits that early on she thought she was smarter than anyone else. Anna thinks that she was running on adrenalin for many years. There is nine months-time though that is shredded in darkness. Kevin assumes that her mind might have been planted. Anna remembers the night that she spent with Faison. She thinks that all of those thoughts line up personally. She has worked really hard to put all that behind her. Kevin thinks that she wondered.

Lulu doesn’t know what to say. Dante thought he would stop by and have a beer and they all happened to be around. Dustin thinks it might be time for them to get to know one another.

Jax wonders if Sonny knows that she took the wine. Carly says he doesn’t. Carly didn’t mean to knock Nelle’s headstone over. Carly is trying to make peace for Jax’s sake. Jax thinks that is thoughtful. What would have been more thoughtful is not going to Nelle’s grave in the first place. He asks what she thought she was going to accomplish. Carly tells him to get them two glasses.

Curtis thinks that Nina is lucky to have gotten that receipt. He was able to access all the registered nurses in the state of New York. He was able to get six women narrowed down. This is the best they can do. Nina thinks it sounds simple and complicated. Nina guesses one knows the truth about her child.

Valentin was trying to stop Sasha from making a scene. Valentin thinks that Sasha could use a friend right now. Sasha doesn’t need a babysitter. Chase tells Sasha to stop lying to her.

Jackie is supposed to meet up with Chase in a little while. She heard about family dinner but he was intent if they could mend fences. Chase thinks that the only reason that he doesn’t talk with his family is because of his father getting remarried so quickly. Jackie feels that he clearly isn’t that vindictive of a person. It doesn’t add up. They all see it. She thinks that he would stop pushing the issue if he knew what really happened between them.

Anna feels the memories really started to trouble her. She thinks that there is the conception and birth and adoption. It is all very specific. She has millions of memories of Robin. Anna wonders if these memories are right at all. Anna thinks that with intelligence work it is never easy to prove it happened. Anna would rather just leave things the way that it is but there is a lingering threat of her sister and she needs to find out once and for all if Peter is her son. Kevin wonders what he can do.

Dante thinks that he should be the one to get to know them. Maxie is glad that Dustin finally arrived. Dante wants them to all have a good night. Dustin doesn’t want Dante to leave. Lulu wants Dante to stay.

Curtis needs to do an extensive background check on all of them. Nina thinks he can do everything that he needs to do. Nina tells him not to talk her out of this. She promises that money is no object. Valentin wants to pay for himself.

Chase thinks that Valentin was trying to help her. He got distracted though and he didn’t realize what is going on. Sasha wonders what is wrong if she wants to stop thinking for one hour about everything she gave up. She can be sued if she wants to have one drink too many tonight. Chase hopes she would tell him if there was more to this.

Jackie thinks that Chase will see the strain between them. Finn thinks she could pack up and leave. He wonders how much Chase knows. Jackie thinks he knows that she met Gregory through him. She explains that he was one of many residences. Finn remembers them spending all that time together. Jackie doesn’t have to defend herself to anyone. Finn asks about her marrying his father after what they did the night before the wedding.

Dante wants to talk with Peter for a moment. Dante owes Peter an apology.

Lulu is sorry that Dante rained on Maxie’s big night. Maxie thinks he was 95% supportive. Maxie thinks that tonight is about the future. Dustin explains that he is officially moving in.

Finn will say the words. She slept with him the night before she married his father. Jackie didn’t seduce him. Finn never said she did. He thought that maybe they would postpone a few things. Jackie figured that he had feelings for her. Jackie didn’t want to get involved with another subjective. The night before the wedding she couldn’t lie to herself anymore. Her feelings were just as real. She knows he kissed her and she thought that was it. The next morning he couldn’t have gotten out of bed fast enough. Finn didn’t react well. Jackie thinks they made their minds up. She wasn’t going to give up her life. Jackie kept looking for him. She kept waiting for him to show up and beg that she not go through with it. She thought that he would tell his father what happened. He didn’t though. She went ahead and married his father.

Sasha is just blowing off steam. Chase can stay with her if she needs him too. Sasha doesn’t need a babysitter. Chase thinks if she plans on going anywhere she needs to call someone. Sasha will.

Curtis tells Valentin that Nina doesn’t need blood money. Nina needs a moment alone with Valentin. This is something she needs. Valentin needs to pay for this. Nina has her own money. She wouldn’t take his money if she did need it. She would start a please find her child fund before she let him near her child.

Carly thinks that she does go days without a nightmare but there have been times when she has seen Nelle. Jax suggests that there is a part of her that wonders if she could have saved her. Carly asked herself a thousand times if she could save her. Nelle was a horrible woman. They are all safer because she is gone. Carly is going to have to tell him about the woman that Nelle was. Carly doesn’t feel guilty. It feels like a warning. Carly thinks that something important happened that night. She just cannot remember. She wants to know what about Nelle’s fall she forgot.

Nina thinks it is too late. She has moved on. Valentin thinks that her happiness still matters to him. Nina thinks that she is super happy with Jax. Valentin wonders how she reconciles with the fact that Carly always comes first.

Sasha tells the bartender that she can go some place else. Sasha drops a glass. She drops her purse and doesn’t need help. Curtis imagines. Sasha will pay for the glasses. Nina asks if Sasha is alright. Curtis tells Nina that she slipped. It was a total accident. Curtis tells Nina that he has personal experience in this area. She is high as a kite and it isn’t the first time she has used.

Finn didn’t show up so Gregory must have been a hell of a consolation prize. Jackie loves her husband and her marriage. Jackie has hurt Gregory through the years but what he did broke his heart. He no longer felt he deserved his father. Jackie told him that Gregory deserved to know the truth. He insisted that they take this to their grave.

Anna had a lot of genetic testing done she knows she doesn’t have this. Kevin assumes that Peter might have inherited the gene from his mother. Anna knows that he has Faison’s brain. If he could release a sample then she could figure out what to do. Kevin cannot release the remains to her.

Dante admits that he was worried that Nathan would be forgotten. Peter knows that Dante was more of a brother to Nathan than he ever was.

Maxie wonders how she is only just hears about this now. Lulu explains that they have been discussing logistical stuff. Maxie goes to check on James. Dustin was confused. He asks if Lulu doesn’t want him living with him anymore.

Nina tells the bartender she is taking full responsibility. Valentin will pay for damage. Nina takes Sasha. Sasha doesn’t know why she is offering. Nina doesn’t either. Nina knows she is high and she shouldn’t be alone when she comes down.

Lulu wants Dustin to live with her. She hasn’t had time to process how this will work. It is a whole other thing now that Dante is back. She wants to make something clear. She loves him. Dante’s return to town doesn’t change her love for him. Dustin loves her too. The two hug one another.

Peter wonders what Dante is going to do about a job. Dante is thinking security work. Peter might have a lead for him.

Kevin explains that Faison’s remains were donated for research. He assumes she knew that. Kevin thinks it is impossible for him to release his samples. Kevin has already ordered a series of tests. He is having a Faison’s remains tested for any number of things tonight. Anna thanks Kevin.

Jackie wanted to tell Gregory over the years but there was too much to lose. It would have been easier had they told him from the start. She kept quiet because of him. Finn knows that Jackie brought him out of his grief. He didn’t want him losing her or his son. Jackie thinks he made a choice years ago and they are living with the consequences. Jackie thinks that Chase deserves a family. Finn knows what he did to his father and he is not sure if he can bridge that gap. Chase shows up. Finn thinks that this could get complicated. Jackie opens the door. Chase is shocked to see Finn. He is sorry to interrupt. He thought they were going to meet upstairs. Chase knows that Finn is here now. He came here to tell Jackie that enough is enough. The family dinner. He would love for Anna and him to join them. They are family after all. Chase hugs him.

Kevin tells Anna they are set. He got a rush job on the lab results. Anna guesses they will know whether he is her son or not.

Peter has something to ask Lulu. He thinks that Dante is looking for security work. He wonders how she would feel about Dante being security.

Valentin tells Curtis that he noticed that Nina became more concerned with Sasha after talking with him. Curtis is sure that Nina has it handled.

Carly feels like she is supposed to remember something important. Jax promises they will get through this. Nina and Sasha walk in.

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