GH Update Monday 10/26/20

General Hospital Update Monday 10/26/20


Written by Anthony

Sam tells Jason outside of Kelly’s that maybe sometimes this week they can get the kids dressed up in their costumes and carve pumpkins. Jason thinks that sounds good. He will definitely try. Sam asks if he will try. Jason thinks that everything going on with Cyrus and Brando… He needs to be ready to be ready. Sam wonders if there is a big mob war about to start. Jason says no. He will tell her if anything needs to be said beforehand. Spinelli walks over.

Julian tells someone on the phone that there must be someone who is willing to handle Ryan for him. He hangs up. Alexis is sitting at the bar. She asks for vodka and soda. Julian tells the bartender that Alexis is cut off.

Robert has flowers for Jackie. Robert explains that he thought they would be a good welcome home present. Jackie tells Robert that she is sorry for the mess. She wonders what she owes the visit for. Robert thought that maybe she would reconsider his position to take down Peter.

Maxie thinks that Lulu has a dilemma. Dante shows up. Maxie runs and hugs him.

Finn tells Anna that she needs to not act suspicious. He asks if she is sure she wants to do this. Anna thinks they have no choice. She wonders how else they would find out if Peter is her son.

Kevin works in his lab. Someone walks right up to him.

Spinelli takes a seat. He heard if there were updates on the mission with Brando. Jason explains that Brando was working with Cyrus until eight AM. It might take a while to get the information they need. Spinelli thinks they can talk about Peter and expose him for the person he really is.

The bartender says she only just got here and he only gave her one drink. Julian wonders if she is drinking again. Julian thinks she could be at home drinking alone. Alexis honestly doesn’t care who knows. This is about her. It isn’t about anyone else. Julian thinks she either came here looking for a fight or for someone to stop her. He wonders which it is.

Lulu shows up at Kevin’s lab. She brought him dinner. Kevin doesn’t think she had to do that. Lulu tells him that Laura is worried about him. Kevin assumes this isn’t the only reason she came by. Lulu says Dante is on her mind.

Maxie has missed stopping by the PCPD to talk with him. She thinks that Dante always shows up no questions. She missed him. Dante thinks that she missed him on the softball team. Dante thanks her. He thinks it actually feels like home for the first time.

Jackie gives Robert the flowers back. Jackie will not hand him evidence to convict him. If she finds information then she will write a story. Robert thinks that they have parallel tracks here. Jackie thinks they need to both do their thing.

Alexis thinks that Julian’s ego is boundless. She wouldn’t go to him for advice on drinking. Julian remembers the last time she drank he drove her straight to a meeting. Alexis doesn’t want to be sober. Julian knows Alexis. He knows her better than anyone. Alexis thinks that this is his fault. He is the reason that she is an alcoholic.

Spinelli thinks that Peter will continue to worm his way into their lives. If Peter gets his name on the birth certificate then it will only make things worse.

Kevin is shocked that Dante is back in town. He is shocked that Laura didn’t mention something. Lulu didn’t tell her. Lulu says that Dustin reacted well to Dante coming back. He was gracious. He offered to step aside for the sake of her family. Dante told her to move on and that is what she did.

Maxie wonders how being back is. Dante thinks it is weird. He knew it would be. Maxie assumes that Olivia is glad to have him home. Dante thinks it is just so weird to miss people so much but all of a sudden everything is different. He actually has to think about these things.

Robert reminds Jackie that they are not kids anymore. Maxie is like a daughter to him. Jackie thinks that if Peter is that bad then he needs to do something about it.

Finn reminds Anna that she doesn’t need to find this. Finn explains that they just need a sample of the brain. Anna thinks that this could prove that Alex is Peter’s mother.

Julian is sorry that she turned to alcohol after everything that happened between them. Alexis thinks they had some good months four years ago. She remembers that he tried to kill her. He is responsible for the pit that has become her life. She drank to cope with that. Alexis thinks the bottle is better for her than he ever was. Julian knows he was horrible for her and to her. Julian thinks that he needs to do something good before it is too late. He asks if she can let him help her.

Sam wonders what Nelle confirmed. Spinelli explains that he ran into Nelle backstage. Nelle told him that Peter was no by standard. Sam guesses that this was all fabricated. Spinelli explains that he is on the cusp of marrying Maxie.

Robert wonders what is the deal between Finn and his father. Jackie guesses he wants to keep it private. Jackie knows that Finn hated that he married so quickly. Jackie gets a call from Peter.

Anna wonders if it is strange for her that they have no idea of knowing the truth. She wants to not be able to say that it might be true as apposed to true. Finn thinks they would still be family. Anna turned away from going away from a dark part of their life. Anna thinks that Valentin and her turned their lives around. Peter didn’t get a grasp on his life until finding out the truth of who is mother was. Anna feels like she is the tether that is keeping Peter a good person. She wants Maxie and the baby to be enough but she doesn’t think that they are.

Lulu would love to reunite her family. Time didn’t stand still though. She thinks what she has with Dustin is real. This isn’t fair to anyone. Kevin wants her to take her time. Kevin doesn’t think that she can be expected to have everything figured out. Lulu has to get going. She thanks him for listening. Kevin will walk her out. Kevin begs her to call Lulu.

Maxie isn’t shocked he is taking the focus off of her. Maxie admits that a lot is going on in her life. Georgie and James have both gotten so big. Maxie quit Crimson. She explains they are having a baby.

Anna and Finn try to break in. Anna manages to do so.

Julian knows he screwed up so badly. Alexis wonders who pulled his strings this time. Julian has no one to blame but himself. Julian was hoping to fix things last time. Alexis called him from the beer garden because she trusted him. He accused her of sleeping with Neil. He is the reason that all of this happened. She asks if Julian has done enough.

Spinelli thinks that what annoys him the most is that Anna got involved. She is a super spy. She should be able to see through all of this. Jason thinks that she wants to believe it. Jason thinks that is a lot. He heard that Anna got her life turned around back in the day. He thinks that even Anna has to realize it isn’t a lie. Sam knows they will get proof.

Dante is shocked about her and Peter. Maxie thinks that he is wonderful. Dante is not sure that he understands this. Dante asks how she got in so deep with him. Maxie thinks that he is a good person. Dante doesn’t care if he is the mayor of this town. He is the reason that Nathan is dead. Maxie thinks about Nathan every day. She didn’t die when Nathan did. Her life isn’t the same though. Dante didn’t meant to throw Nathan at her like that. He still thinks she is making a big mistake though.

Jackie asks what she can do with Peter. Peter explains that she is all set to begin working with Cyrus. Peter thinks she can work as soon as tomorrow. Jackie is glad. Jackie tells Robert that is how it is done.

Anna asks why they cannot ask Kevin about this. Finn says that Peter would have to sign up on this. Kevin walks in.

Julian cares about Alexis. Alexis thinks that there is always a path of destruction left with Julian. Julian doesn’t want his help. She wants him to leave her alone. Julian cannot do that.

Sam asks if they want anything. Sam goes in with Jason. Sam really doesn’t know what she is with him. Sam guesses that he has known about this information for a while now. Sam wonders why he didn’t say anything. This is something she could help him out with. Sam thinks that when it relates to Sonny’s business she gets not to be involved but it shouldn’t relate to every aspect of his life. Jason knows she is right.

Kevin wonders what is going on.

Finn was taking Anna back upstairs and she got dizzy. Anna feels a lot better right now. Kevin thinks that it is strange that he locked the door on the way out. Anna needs to talk with Kevin alone for a minute. She thinks that this is relevant to him. She thinks that he deserves to know the truth as much as anyone. Chase texts Finn about dinner.

Robert asks if Jackie is really not going to keep the flowers. Jackie supposes they can keep them. Robert thinks she is a good friend. He thinks that he cannot take relationships for granted.

Maxie has heard it from everyone. She knows that everyone was coming from a genuine place. Spinelli was wrong about Peter. She cannot keep choosing. She is marrying Peter. Dante thinks that all Nathan would have wanted was love and happiness for Maxie. That is all he wants too. Lulu walks in.

Alexis thinks that Julian is desperate and it isn’t going to change anything for him. He needs to save himself and leave her alone. It is the only good thing that he can do for her. Julian will call her a car. If she doesn’t listen then he will call her daughter’s. Alexis thinks that Julian has destroyed everyone around them. She thinks that he has been a cancer in her life. She cannot wait until the day she doesn’t have to cross paths with him again.

Sam thinks that Spinelli and Maxie are her friends. Jason wasn’t keeping anything. He just didn’t cross his mind. Sam thinks this is an issue they need to figure out.

Robert wonders how the tactics with Maxie went. Spinelli says that she believes he supports the marriage. Robert gets a text from Olivia. Dante has been released and is back in PC. Spinelli wonders how that happened.

Lulu says hi to Dante. She didn’t know he would be here. Peter is glad that Lulu made it. Maxie thinks they can get drinks. Dante hears that Maxie is pregnant. Lulu wonders if he can believe it. Dante thinks that life keeps moving along. Lulu guesses whether they like it or not.

Jackie goes to answer her door and Finn is at the door.

Anna explains they were both participants in Cabot’s experiments. She is trying her best to ignore these things but they keep her up at night. She has no idea if Peter is her son and he is the only person who can help her get to the truth.

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