GH Update Friday 10/23/20

General Hospital Update Friday 10/23/20


Written by Anthony

Julian calls Ava asking if they have heard from their Pentonville friend. Sam asks if he made friends during his time there. Julian claims he didnít. He asks if there is something that he can help her with. Sam says it is Alexis.

Alexis orders a vodka soda at the Metro Court.

Dev asks Joss where she is going. Joss is going to talk with Cam. Dev thought he was at work. Joss knows he has been ignoring her so he can go do it to her face.

Trina visits Cam at Kellyís.

Curtis asks Jax if it was Ninaís idea to keep the search going for her child or if it was his.

Nina asks Carly if she took a wrong turn. Carly thinks she is right where she needs to be.

Cam explains that he has been busy with work. Trina thinks that she has work too. Cam thinks about a diary about entry that Dev read him from Joss. Cam tells Trina that he has been busy. He claims to be honest. Trina wonders if he has been too busy to prove that Jordan lied. She thinks that Cyrus is a lowlife. She thinks that he threw her dad under the bus. Cam promises they will fix it. Trina wants to retrace her dads steps. Cam wonders if she can get access to her fatherís old papers. Trina could try. She might be able to find some stuff that she might want to keep. Cam thinks that her father was a good guy. Trina doesnít think that her father would ever do anything like that. Trina knows her dad was a good cop. Cam knows. He thinks that soon everyone else will know too.

Jordan will let Curtis talk with Jax. The two walk on to the balcony of the Metro Court. Jax wonders if he has some mistrust in his voice. Curtis wonders if it was Jaxís idea to continue the search. Jax wouldnít have done that to Nina. The drive to find her son or daughter comes from Nina. He is here to support her. Jax does appreciate him looking out for her though.

Nina wonders if they are going to have a problem. Carly doesnít think the problem exists anymore. Nina is honestly shocked to see her here. Carly hasnít had a change of heart when it comes to Nelle. Nina wonders why the visit. She asks why she cannot let Nelle go.

Sam tells Julian that Alexis is drinking again. Julian thought she was doing pretty well. Sam tells him that there was so much guilt and shame. She always seemed defiant about it. Cyrus walks in.

Jax explains that Nina knows that they could find a dead end. There is evidence. Ninaís intuition shows that she could have had a child. Curtis hopes this turns out to be true. Curtis wonders if he is too.

Carly doesnít want to have to think about Nelle. Nina knows that today isnít the day. Carly doesnít know why she is here. Carly doesnít know why she is here. Carly thinks she will be alright. Nina can relate to wishing that they could delete people from their memory. Nina wonders how she can forget about Nelle completely.

Trina thinks that the fact that everyone is on board to help her means a lot. Trina thinks that he has been holding back something. Cam wants to help her figure things out. He knows that Joss wants to be a part of it too. He thinks that he might have messed things up with her. Cam might have more than friends feelings. He feels like the biggest jerk. He thinks that he should be punched in the face. Trina knows she has been sending him mixed signals. She has no idea what they are. Cam is glad that he isnít alone in all of this.

Joss admits that Cam and her kissed on the deck. Dev guesses that would explain a lot. Joss thinks that it is all so weird. She doesnít want to mess things up for them. Joss thinks that he obviously has something he wants to say.

Britt sits down next to Alexis. She can take her drink to a table if she prefers. Alexis thinks that she should switch to vodka. It is just better. Britt thinks that is a little strong for her. She has a meeting in a few minutes. Britt asks if there is someone she can call for her. Alexis thinks she can call a dating service. Her last boyfriend died.

Sam will deal with her mother on her own. Julian thinks that Cyrus can wait a minute. Cyrus wants to purchase the bar. He thinks that he will find this impossible to turn down.

Britt asks how many drinks she has had. Britt tells Alexis that she had zero idea that her and Neil were supposed to be a secret. She gets that she is hammered right now but she can take it down a notch. Jordan walks over. Britt guesses it has been a real pleasure. Britt tells Jordan she has a meeting in a few minutes. Jordan wanted to talk for a minute. She had a collaborative relationship with Monica. She wanted to continue it with her.

Sam would love to hear about their business together. Cyrus thinks if he was smart he would jump at the opportunity. Julian doesnít want him to talk around his daughter. Cyrus wonders if it is the size of the offer that is an issue. Cyrus could keep him on as manager. Cyrus thinks that he could be a rich man. It would be a partnership that he already has. He asks if he remembers the alibi he gave him.

Jax thinks that Nina tried to get the pieces back together of her past. He thinks that she deserves an answer. Curtis thinks that Nina will need him if this goes south. Jax thinks that he will need to be there too.

Nina thinks that Wiley will want to talk about his mother at some point. Nina think that Nelle was a human being. Nina is not minimizing the horrible things she did. She wants her to rest in peace. Carly thinks that it will be hard when Wiley gets older and discovers his mother was an evil person. There was no middle ground with Nelle. Carly thinks that this is all about her. She is projecting. She turned her life around. Carly tried. She redeemed herself. She was no where near as toxic as Nelle even on her worst day. She couldnít be saved. Nina tells Carly she can stop fighting Nelle at any point now. She is dead. That needs to be enough. Nina storms off. Carly tells Nelle she doesnít know why she is here or why she still matters. She asks why she cannot let her go. Nelle reaches out from the ground and starts to yank at her. Carly knocks over the tombstone. Nina runs back over.

Cyrus wants Julian to be grateful. Julian has no idea what happened to Martin. Cyrus is sure that Nelle made a lot of enemies. Cyrus thinks he might want to think twice.

Sam wants to talk about Alexis in person with Molly.

Alexis tells Jax that this is what it looks like. Sam already knows. She thinks they can share a drink together. She asks what he says. She thinks that some people want to drink alone. She is not one of them.

Britt explains that Cyrus cares about drug use himself. He really wants to find a way to break the cycle. He has a progressive take on the subject. Jax shows up.

Jordan goes to sit with Curtis. Curtis wonders what Jax and Britt are doing together.

Britt thinks that if he needs to reschedule then he can. Britt tells Jax that Obrecht is still obsessed with him. She was hoping that Obrecht would clean up her act. She didnít though. Britt needs money.

Dev knows that Joss and Cam have been friends for most of their life. Dev thinks that he has been ghosting since they kissed. Dev hates to break it to her but he doesnít think that Cam is that into her. Joss thinks that they have been friends for so long though. He doesnít think that Cam is that comfortable with things. Dev wonders if this will mess things up if there is trouble between her and Cam. Joss guesses that it could.

Trina might have feelings for him too at least sort of. She doesnít know. Cam wonders why this has to be confusing. Trina thinks that feelings are messy. Cam thinks it is like going through a maze. Trina thinks they were both so messed up. She thinks that she doesnít even know if their kiss was bad or whatever. Cam wonders what they do. Trina kisses him.

Julian thinks that this sounds like a threat. Cyrus is reminding him that this is a secret for them. He thinks that he is the exception to the rule when it comes to keeping secrets. Sam walks back in as Cyrus leaves.

Trina says wow. She thinks that he is an awesome friend and that is definitely all they are supposed to be. Trina thinks all the confusion that they were feeling is definitely better. She kept wondering if she had feelings for Cam but she had no idea if she had those feelings or not. Cam wonders about her feelings for him. Trina thinks if he wants to have a crush forever then go for it. Anything that happens afterwards is not her business. Cam wants things to go back to normal. Trina cannot wait to go back to the dance with someone she wants to kiss. Cam just wants to have fun. He is taking a break from the relationship drama.

Nina wonders what happened. Carly tripped. She was saying her peace to Nelle and she lost her balance. Nina asks why she couldnít just leave this alone.

Jordan got a minute to talk with Britt.

Jax wonders what the money would be used for. Britt thinks that she is developing a new program that is expensive. GHís recent legal issues have hurt things. Jax wonders why she doesnít hit up her boss. Britt explains that Cyrus is already contributing. Britt is channeling her inner Monica by getting GH back to its former glory. She knows that she was hugely respected. Britt thinks that this is out of her control. Jax understands that business is business but Cyrus is in a whole other category. He thinks that she clearly gets what the issue is. He doesnít do business with people like that. He is sorry. As long as Cyrus is in charge his bank account is closed. Britt thinks his lofty standards are odd. She thought that they could work together well. Jax gets a call. He explains he hasnít heard from his brother in years.

Nina asks Jax to come to the cemetery. His ex-wife is having a moment.

Trina finds Joss at her house. She just talked with Cam. He is going to help out with her dad. Joss wonders if he is alright with them all working together. Trina guesses he is taking his senior year to focus on having fun.

Dev finds Cam. Cam says that Trina left a while ago. Dev wanted to check in. He can tell Joss the truth about the journal. Cam doesnít want her to know that she knows.

Jordan explains that Britt wants to stop drug abuse. Jordan doubts that Cyrus is looking to be patron saint of PC.

Britt tells Cyrus on the phone she didnít get Jaxís backing.

Sam walks over to Julian. Sam thinks that Julian can leave Alexis alone. She cannot believe that he is cozying up to Cyrus. Sam thinks the list of things he would never do gets smaller every day.

Alexis wants one more drink. She has no where to be.

Carly tells Nina she said she would pay to have this fixed. She has no idea why she would call Jax. Nina is going to go. Carly tells Jax to go with her. Carly thinks this is nothing that needs to be discussed. It is over and done with.

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