GH Update Thursday 10/22/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/22/20


Written by Anthony

Carly wakes up from a nap. Sonny asks what is going on with Joss. She doesnít look good. She said that Nelle stole something from her. Sonny assumes that this is probably it. Nelle came back to get it. It is Jossís bloody heart. Carly wakes up from a dream and wonders why this is happening.

Chase tells Willow that he is glad she is happy. That is all he ever wanted for her Willow needs Chase to know something. Chase thinks it is better if she doesnít say anything at this point.

Jax tells Michael that they need to talk. Michael really doesnít have anything to discuss about Aurora yet.

Nina tells Valentin she is determined to move on. Valentin wants to do the same.

Carly asks Jason to pour her a cup of coffee. She hasnít been sleeping well. She dreamed about Nelle again. She cannot keep going like this.

Nikolas walks into Wyndemere. Ava has something important to discuss. Nikolas has something to discuss as well. He thinks that she likes his mouth so he needs her to listen. He is about to confess. He hasnít been honest with her about him. About the two of them. Ava tells him to speak. Nikolas has been thinking for a while about how things have been going for some time now. Ava asks what is going on. Ava thinks he is not speaking enough. Nikolas needs a chance to explain. Ava thinks that he knew who she was when he married her. Ava thinks that she is selfish and ruthless. Nikolas guesses that he is just starting to get to know the real Ava. He realizes that he has inconvenient feelings.

Valentin doesnít believe this. He might see something that she doesnít. Jax is her rebound and he is her plus one. She is a trophy. Valentin knows they have certain things in common. He loves Carly the mother of his only child. Nina is not threatened by Jax and Carly.

Jax thinks that Nina is an incredible woman but when you are married to someone the feelings donít magically go away.

Chase is truly happy for her. He is no longer part of her life though. Chase thinks that anything she has to sayÖ Willow knows they are a good match. Willow doesnít think it is what he thinks. Chase thinks it is best she just hold on to whatever it is she has to say. Michael asks what they are talking about.

Carly tells Jason that even when Nelle is gone she is not. Jason knows that she is dealing with the interrogation. Carly knows that there is no case. Carly knows that there was a basic conclusion through all of this. Carly explains that Nina is giving Nelle a proper burying. Nina had a breakdown a few years back. She was able to get the help she needed and turn her life around. Carly doesnít care about Ninaís motions. She cares that there will be a headstone. She can have Nelle buried in Florida. Jason wants to know why Nelle still bothers her so much. Carly doesnít think it makes sense. She knows that Nelle is dead but it feels like Nelle is not done with her.

Nina would like to co-parent Charlotte. She thinks they both messed up a lot with her. Valentin knows he wants to do better for Charlotte. Nina wishes that he would stop needling her about Jax. Nina was flat out appalled by him when she waked in. He should know better. She is not in the right state of mind right now. Valentin did not take advantage of Brook Lynn. Jax walks over. Valentin says they were just talking about Nelle. Jax thinks that it is Ninaís business to bury Nelle. Valentin is shocked to hear about this.

Chase says that Brook Lynn was with Valentin. He doesnít want to gossip. They were open about it though. Michael wants to know what she was thinking. It is good that she is not staying at the house. Chase guesses she will be living on the couch for the unforeseeable future. Willow thinks it is good that she has him to help her. Willow thinks that Brook Lynn is not a user like Nelle.

Nikolas is trying to tell Ava. He wishes that he had done things differently. He wishes that they hadnít started off at each otherís throats. He thinks the two of them have done more good than bad. Nikolas admits he has fallen for her.

Carly thinks that it is PTSD. She doesnít know how to let her guard down. She doesnít know what to do with Nelle. He doesnít know what she was like when she first came to town. She played right in front of her hands. She was too grateful. She didnít recognize that little girl. She couldnít fix her life. She blamed her for every choice and every horrible thing that ever happened. She begged her to turn herself in for Wileyís sake but she refused. She came at her scratching and clawing. She feels like there is something she is supposed to remember.

Valentin wonders why she would pay for this. Nina thinks that Wiley would want to visit her grave. Valentin is glad that he didnít know that Helena was his mother. Nina doesnít think the two can be compared. Nina needs to get to the service that she paid for.

Chase says that Nelle is being buried today. If Wiley wants to visit when he is an adult that is his choice but he doesnít need to be there. Willow wants to leave Nelle in the past and focus on Wiley. Chase thinks he might need to face Nelle one last time.

Ava asks if he has fallen for her. Nikolas thinks that in spite of good advice and people he respectsÖ Nikolas wanted someone to talk him out of it and yet here they are. A long way from the time that he burned his grandmotherís portrait. Ava came close to pulling the trigger. Nikolas has to believe that it is different for the two of them now. Ava guesses that he can believe what he would like. Nikolas wonders if they are in on this together or not. Nikolas assumes she feels it too. Ava feels annoyed and insulted. Nikolas thinks it is the truth. Ava thinks that his relationship with the truth is a lie. Nikolas thinks telling her his feelings only gets closer to her. Nikolas thought that this was real for both of them. Ava asks if it was as real when he was with Elizabeth.

Jax thinks it would be better for Carly and Wiley if Nelle was in an unmarked grave. Valentin tells Jax that he better make sure that there is a child out there for them to find.

Michael hopes that Willow is ok but it is obvious she is not. Willow doesnít know what she is. She hates Nelle and always will. It is sad that every good thing in her life is a direct part of Nelle. Michael thinks that Willow had people to support her. Willow thinks Chase was there until he wasnít.

Nina stands alone at the service. Chase shows up.

Jax is not trying to hire someone to pose as Ninaís child. He is going to help her though. Jax is not in-charge of her life. Valentin wonders if he would be as objective if this was Carly.

Michael feels like there was a moment as if nothing had changed. He wonders if it is just him. Willow felt it too. He said he was glad that she was going to adopt Wiley. He really does want her to be happy. It is like there are two Chaseí. Michael thinks that he clearly wants her back.

Sonny shows up in his house. His dad left a will. He went to visit her after he got diagnosed. He didnít have a lot. He assumes some personal stuff. It is a racehorse. It is his now. Jason asks if he ever told him about this. Sonny assumes that he didnít want him to think he was gambling or something. Sonny is not sure if the horse ever won a race. Sonny knows he didnít buy for investment. He bought it for a piece of a dream.

Willow asks if Michael really thinks Chase wants her back. Michael doesnít mean to pry. Willow doesnít think he is but it doesnít matter if he wants her back.

Jax wonders how many times he has had this conversation with Nina. Valentin sees his relationship with Carly for what it is.

Nina is glad that Chase showed up. Chase guesses in the end he benefited from Nelle. He wants to put her behind him once and for all. Nina thinks that Nelle could have accomplished so much. Chase thinks that Nelle fooled her in death as much as she did for him in life. Chase thinks that she had plenty of people who were around her. Chase doesnít think they would be standing here right now if it wasnít for her. Nelle was broken. She couldnít accept kindness or support or love. Nina thinks about this differently. She turned herself around. She had the privilege of having friends and family. She didnít have one person though. Nina thinks in the end all she could do was give her a decent burying. She wants her to rest in peace.

Jax has a child with Carly. He thinks it is difficult for Valentin to grasp that Nina was with him now. Valentin thinks it is obvious that he is not entirely over Carly and he will never be.

Willow wonders how she stops seeing the betrayal. It wouldnít be real though. She would just be playing a part and pretending that he never cheated. It is hard to accept that Chase and her are over.

Sonny will have the horse evaluated. He cannot keep doing this over and over. Mike is gone. He loves him. He grieved. He has people here who need him. Sonny needs to let his dad go and focus on the present.

Nikolas thinks that Elizabeth has nothing to do with this. Ava sees how he looks at her. Elizabeth has always been her idea. Nikolas thinks that she is his oldest friend. Ava wants him to convince her. He needs to look her in the eye and tell her that he hasnít dreamed about her and going back to her. Nikolas admits he thought about it. It was a day dream and fantasy. Elizabeth is his past. He asks if he is her future. He wonders if she returns his feelings. Ava refuses to play this game. Nikolas just got his answer. Ava thinks that he can believe what he likes. Ava feels that actions speak louder than words. Nikolas wonders what he can do to prove himself. Ava tells him to divorce her.

Jax thinks that Nina was clear about her history. Valentin wonders what he is hiding.

Michael thinks that she can say no but he doesnít know nearly as much about wine as he should. He needs to study up on wine. He was wondering if she would like to study wine with him. He will have a broker send over some selections. They can have a meal together. Unless that is too close to something. Willow will not give up wine the rest of her life because of Chase. She thinks it sounds like fun. Michael thinks that is great. Willow thinks that he is making the annulment thing difficult. Willow doesnít want what she had with Chase. She knows she is rambling but they are still married. She will honor this marriage for as long as it lasts.

Jason tells Sonny that Cyrus and Brando are working together now. Brando knows what to expect. Jason thinks that the motorcycle sabotaging was a one off. He isnít going to try it again. He is getting rid of long time staffers. Jason thinks that if Cyrus controls the mayors office, cops, and hospital then he owns PC. Jason thinks that any good organization needs loyalty and Cyrus has neither. Sonny thinks that this could get messy but they have too many people in the line of fire.

Nina doesnít know what to say to Nelle. She thinks sorry feels wrong but anything else was a lie. Nina doesnít think she deserved the life she had She wished things could be different. Carly shows up.

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