GH Update Tuesday 10/20/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/20/20


Dante tosses and turns in bed. He starts to think about his mission. He wakes up in bed and screams for Lulu.

Lulu sits down at Charlies. She sighs. Dustin is outside and looks from within.

Carly wishes she had never gone after Nelle that night.

Nina looks through the two way mirror at the PCPD and sees Carly and Jax hugging. Carly and Jax walk out. Nina wonders if everything is ok. Carly explains that the detective from Pennsylvania wanted to talk with her about Nelle.

Brook Lynn wonders what they are drinking to. Valentin doesn’t think they are drinking for anything. Brook Lynn is sorry that she was a judgmental bitch to him earlier.

Chase calls Brook Lynn and tells her that his couch is hers as long as she wants. Chase sees Brando. He heard that he is no longer a suspect in the Jason Morgan case.

Curtis thinks that this officer wanted to push the death of Nelle because of Sonny. Jordan thinks that the only criminal she is feeling pressure from right now is Cyrus.

Michael tells Willow that he doesn’t know how to start this. Willow reminds him that she wanted to marry him. Michael thinks that there is no reason for them to stay married. Willow thinks unless they want to.

Sam says hi to Sonny. She thanks him for coming. Sam needs his help.

Michael asks if she wants to stay married. He enjoys sharing his life with her. He thinks that parenting is fun. He just enjoys being around her. She is interesting and quirky and gives great advice. Michael thinks that Willow is everything that he ever could have wanted. He would be an idiot to give it up. Michael thinks they deserve more than companionship and good conversations. They deserve love.

Dante gets out of bed. He goes and takes some of his pills. The scars and Dante’s back are still there.

Lulu asks Dustin how he is. Dustin is worried. He was worried about her and Dante being together.

Valentin thought that she despised him. Brook Lynn had a moment to reconsider. It is her father’s problem that he was outwitted.

Chas wants to know why they closed the case in the middle of the investigation. Brando wants to get started with his workout. Chase will not keep him.

Sam thinks that this is about her mother. Sonny thinks that she seemed a little off to him. Sam admits she is drinking again. She claims she is an adult and can live how she wants. Sam doesn’t want to enable her. She has been pushed to a point where she doesn’t care anymore. Sam wants to know how he found his way out. Sonny had help not that he wanted it. He needs t live the best life that he can. She is too smart not to get to that point.

Nina asks if Jax spoke with this person. Jax only had to sign a document and he is still waiting for paperwork. Carly is sorry that he is still involved in this. Jax guesses technically he started it. Carly thinks it was nice to see Nina. Nina does have paperwork for the funeral.

Brook Lynn thinks that at least Valentin is not a hypocrite. Valentin thinks that Lulu would disagree. Brook Lynn thinks that Lulu has high standards. She is sorry. Valentin couldn’t agree more with her.

Michael knows that she said she was always going to be in-love with Chase. Willow was still pretty new for her breakup. Michael thinks she will never have that with someone if she is with him. Willow asks if he thinks that there is someone out there for him.

Jordan asks Jax to follow her. Curtis asks Nina if she is ok. Nina is fine. She thanks him for caring. Nina was debating. She thinks she needs to hire the most fabulous PI in the world. She has her name and occupation in the last five years. She is a nurse that might have information on her child.

Diane takes a drink. Sonny thinks it looks like she needs that. Diane thinks that his wife is the most difficult client she has ever had. Diane guesses that his wife wasn’t arrested so there is that. Nelle apparently went bouncing down a cliff. There is a cliff close to the clearing where Carly admits to fighting Nelle. The detective thinks that Carly pushed her. Carly walks over. She goes into the other room when she sees Diane. Sam walks over. She asks if Carly is ok.

Dustin wondered how it went with Dante. Lulu thinks it was difficult. They both said a lot of things that were not said well. Dustin knows that she didn’t want to end her marriage. Lulu was completely blindsided. Dustin is ready to let her go if she needs to.

Michael will never know until he tries and neither will Willow. He thinks that the longer this goes on the harder it will be to end things. They need to end it all now.

Dante walks into the foyer. Michael and Willow walk in. Michael hugs him.

Brook Lynn is shocked that Valentin hasn’t asked for sole custody. Valentin decided he was doing more harm than good for Charlotte. He considered giving Lulu full custody of Charlotte. He loves Charlotte and his past poses a danger for Charlotte.

Jordan asks Curtis what is wrong. Curtis tells her that Nina wants him to look up another woman that might be connected to her child. Jordan thinks it sounds too easy. She wonders if it is a setup. Curtis doesn’t want to build up Nina for another disappointment. Chase walks in and wants to talk with her about another case. Jordan tells him that the Jason case needs to be put back on the books. Jordan tells him that the case is closed.

Brando punches the bag. Cyrus shows up. He is glad that he agreed to this meeting. Brando wonders why he would want to meet at a place that Sonny owns. Cyrus thinks that him and Sonny have a truce. Brando tells him that Sonny cannot tell him what to do. Cyrus wonders if he has an answer for him.

Jax tells Nina that she doesn’t have to talk with her if she doesn’t want to. Nina will figure out what she needs to tell Carly.

Carly knows she shouldn’t let this bother her but clearly she is on edge. Sam wonders why the police cannot let this just end already. Nina and Jax show up. Jax has Aurora business to discuss with Sam. Nina asks if Carly has a moment. She has something to discuss with her. Carly will get them a table.

Diane thinks that the detective would like to charge Carly. There is no evidence though. She could have stumbled around in the dark. Diane thinks that Carly might be an issue though.

Nina is going to give Nelle a proper burying.

Dante heard about Mike’s last days. Michael explains that Sonny finally said the things that he needed to say. Sonny and him were at peace. Dante can tell that he is the good brother who steps up. Dante can tell that Willow and Michael are happy together.

Valentin will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He will not actively seek to control things. Valentin hasn’t considered what this would all do to the people in his life. Brook Lynn gets it. She used to feel that way towards her dad. She does sometimes still. It does make her feel bad that she disappointed him.

Jordan thinks that Chase is going to realize that she was compromised. He doesn’t buy that this was an accident.

Chase calls for information on the closed case. He gets a call from the gym. Chase left his wallet at the gym. He thanks for the call. He will be there.

Cyrus explains that there are opportunities for promotion within his line of work. Brando needs to know how many people want him dead. Cyrus doesn’t think anyone at the moment. He feels more comfortable with a bodyguard though so he needs to make a choice. Brando will take the job. Cyrus is glad. He will start the job.

Jax knows that Sam needs to take an active role at Aurora. He wonders if she would consider selling Aurora. Sam wants that for Scout. Sam knows that his half of Aurora is doing great. She wonders if he can take on both divisions.

Diane thinks that the officer would have loved to charge Sonny for the death but he was miles away at the time. He brought up a lot of different things. Sonny thinks she should have ended the interview then and there. Diane thinks that she fully cooperated. Diane knows that Nelle was twisted and evil. She was relieved that Nelle was dead.

Carly doesn’t understand. Nina explains that Julian wanted to burry Nelle in a Potters Field. Nina is going to burry Nelle. Carly reminds her that Mike, Morgan, and Willow’s poor baby are all buried in that cemetery. Carly thinks that this is only helping Nina.

Brook Lynn knows everyone keeps asking why she doesn’t go home. Brook Lynn knows she could. Valentin knows if she goes home now she has to swallow her pride and admit that she didn’t make it on her own. Valentin knows if she goes home now it needs to be on her terms. Valentin would do the same thing.

Lulu wonders if he is breaking up with her. Dustin will step back if he needs to. Lulu thinks it would be harder without him.

Dustin heard about how they teamed up for Wiley. Willow thinks that Michael gives him too much credit. Dante asks what it feels like to marry into the two most dysfunctional family’s in PC. Willow is going to miss it.

Curtis guesses at least Chase still trusts Jordan. Jordan wonders for how long.

Jax wouldn’t feel comfortable running her half of the company unless he owned it. Sam might have someone in mind to run the company then.

Diane thinks that this could explain a lot of things. The evidence points to one thing. An accident. If Carly can keep her mouth shut then she is home free. Sonny thinks she earned her money tonight.

Carly thinks that Nina doesn’t give a damn. She doesn’t believe she is doing this for Wiley. Carly tells her to go to therapy. There is nothing that Nina can do to help her. Carly wants to be able to move on with her life already.

Michael explains that there is no reason for them to stay married. Willow thinks that the situation has changed. Dante just got here so he doesn’t know but they do seem happy together. Dante thinks that they know what is best for them. Willow thinks they thought this over carefully. Michael knows they are not interested in divorcing so they are going to get an annulment. Dante thinks that it could take a year. Michael doesn’t think either of them are in a hurry.

Lulu thinks it will be an adjustment having Dante back but it doesn’t mean letting go of Dustin. Lulu knows that Dante wanted to end their marriage and she did with Dustin. Lulu wants Dustin to stay where he is with her. This is what they planned. They hug one another.

Jax wonders how it went with Carly. Nina explains that Carly thinks that she identifies with Nelle only to feel better about herself. Nina asks if he agrees with Carly. Jax does think that her care is misplaced.

Carly saw Diane leave. She is charging her double. Sonny heard what happened. Carly would be happy with anything. Nelle will be buried at the same cemetery as everyone else. Carly feels like Nelle is orchestrating herself.

Sam calls Michael. She could use his help with something. She wants to meet with someone.

Jordan explains that the file was over forty years old. Jordan wants to find out what this matters about.

Cyrus wants this out in the open. He likes to feel informed. Cyrus hired him to drive him. He expects him there at eight AM. Chase sees them.

Brook Lynn thinks that expectations get you in trouble and before you know it you are trying to convince everyone that you are the person that everyone wants. The two lean in to kiss.

Written by Anthony

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