GH Update Monday 10/19/20

General Hospital Update Monday 10/19/20


Carly shows up at the PCPD. Diane tells her that being on time makes for an excellent standing. She explains that the detective wants to talk with her and wondered if Sonny would be joining them. Diane assumes that the detective wants to take down a Corinthos. Diane wonders if there is anything she left out.

Nina thinks that Jax should be running all of Aurora. She suggests that Jax put it on the table as an option. Nina tells Jax she needs to take a call. She thanks them for getting back to her. She is just looking for a head start. She gives them Nelle’s name.

Sasha drops her purse on the ground and drops her coke bag. Willow walks over and asks if she needs some help.

Michael punches a bag at the gym. Chase walks in. He thinks that he is really unloading on that bag. Michael is trying to unload. Chase thinks it might help if he had an actual partner. Chase won’t be throwing any punches. Michael guesses he can proceed at his own risk.

Sam knocks on Alexis’ door. She thinks that Sam got her at a bad time. Sam thinks that this cannot wait.

Brook Lynn walks into the Quartermaine mansion. She overhears Monica talking with Ned. She explains that Ned would have to do something so appalling to get himself in trouble with his wife. Ned admits he cheated on his wife. Monica thinks that Ned has really done it now.

Carly told Diane everything that happened that night. Diane knows but she also said everything that happened the night that Claudia died and completely lied about that. Carly thinks that was years ago. Diane thinks the lesson being that cover-ups rarely succeed. She should not withhold anything from her lawyer. Diane wants to believe that Nelle ran into the night and that was the last she heard from her. Jordan thanks the from coming in. Diane wonders why they allowed a visiting officer to do this. Jordan explains that the detective wanted to talk with them. Diane wonders if she is going to sit in. Jordan is going to let the officer see her strategy for himself. Diane relishes the opportunity. Diane tells Carly she needs to give proper answers. She needs to withhold information.

Nina just needs a prayer at the gravesite. She thanks the person on the phone. Nina assumes that Jax doesn’t think that she should do this. Jax thinks that Nelle caused a lot of problems. Nina knows but Nelle is leaving behind a little boy. This will give him a chance to visit a grave. Nina thinks that Nelle’s life could have been different. Jordan calls Jax. She needs to speak about Nelle. Jax will be there. Jax says it was Jordan. She has some questions about the night that Nelle died.

Willow wonders if Sasha is alright. Sasha doesn’t see how she cares. She should hate her. Willow doesn’t though. She wants to have a glass of wine together.

Michael knows that Chase wants to help but not a whole lot has changed. Willow believed in him and loved him. He knows it might be unfair but he blames him more than Sasha.

Sam reminds Alexis that she forgot to attend Mike’s funeral. Alexis forgot to set her alarm. Sam knows that getting hammered does that.

Ned tells Monica that he thought that Olivia had been sleeping with Robert. Monica thought that he had learned from Lois and Catherine.

Olivia asks Brook Lynn what she is doing home and who she is spying on.

An officer shows up to talk with Carly. He understands that she is the last person who saw Nelle alive. Diane introduces herself to him. She explains that Carly is willing to answer questions but she has already answered questions for the PCPD. Diane knows he has no cause for this.

Valentin asks Nina if this seat is taken. Nina is a little busy but he can sit down. She has a personal project. Nina is looking for a nurse that might know what happened to her baby.

Sasha thinks that this is a bad idea. Willow knows she likes the house Pinot. She remembers the night that they all got together. She misses when they were all friends. Sasha does too.

Ned thinks that this could destroy his marriage. Monica thinks that he has a better chance at saving things. Ned knows that Alexis might not be the most reliable person right now. She is no longer in recovery. Monica thinks that she might figure this out even if Alexis doesn’t. Olivia walks in with Brook Lynn. She asks what is going on in here.

Sam knows she was drinking. Alexis doesn’t answer to her. Sam knows she had a drink in her hand before she left the Metro Court. Sam begs her to admit she was drinking. Alexis goes to get the door. Someone shows up with a delivery. It is a bottle of vodka.

The officer starts the interview. He asks Carly if she was the last person to see Nelle alive.

Alexis tells Sam she can go. Sam is not going to leave her like this. Alexis is not hurting anyone. Sam thinks she is hurting herself and the people that love her. Alexis thinks that this is a distraction for her from the mess that she has waiting at home. Alexis knows that Sam was really stressed at the funeral. Alexis thinks that Sam can go home because Jason is back.

Olivia is thrilled that Brook Lynn is home. Brook Lynn explains that Monica summoned her. She wanted to say some other things to Ned. Olivia thinks that it is about time they all clear the air.

Chase thinks that Michael needs to learn to let loose. Michael thought that him and Sasha had something real and that him and Chase were friends.

Sasha explains that things at Deception are not going so great. Willow thinks that everyone gets nervous. Sasha knows that Willow got on the stand and showed how much she loved Wiley.

Nina explains that Phyliss was the nurse that took care of her. She won’t know the truth until she finds this woman. Valentin wants to help her find Phyliss.

Jax asks Jordan what questions she has for him. He already told the detective everything he knew. Jordan explains that they need to get his statement complete.

The detective tells Carly that Nelle fell. Diane thinks that Carly can only answer specific questions. Carly did not push Nelle off the cliff. He asks if she wanted her to die. Carly tells him that Nelle was twisted and dangerous. She is relieved that she is dead.

Olivia needs to tell them all something. Ned needs to have a conversation with Brook Lynn. Olivia wants them to remember that they love each other. They need to not be caught up in pride. Ned asks how much she heard. Brook Lynn knows he slept with Alexis. Ned thinks it was a mistake. Brook Lynn wonders if her trading away her stock was a worse mistake than cheating on his wife.

Sam tells her to be as ugly as she wants but she cannot drive her away. Alexis doesn’t want her help. Sam thinks that she could call Finn. He can take her to a meeting. Alexis thinks that Finn will be the first person to explain that she cannot be told what to do. Alexis wants her to have a drink with her.

Chase will not make excuses for what Sasha and him did. Chase thinks that his life was on a completely different track. He loved spending time with Michael. He is easier to talk with than Finn. Michael admits that Morgan was his best friend and when he died he wasn’t looking for another best friend. For a while that was what he became. Not anymore though.

Sasha cheated with her boyfriend and now she is asking for sympathy. Sasha thinks that it is like her confidence was shot. Sasha thought she knew what she wanted and what she could handle. Losing Michael was harder than she thought it would be. It is all too late now. Willow wonders what if she had another chance with Michael. Sasha asks if she would take another chance with Chase.

Nina tells Valentin to keep away from this. He wants to control the narrative. He wasted months of her life. Nina knows that he would have gotten Sasha a neckless had he known about it. She needs to find her child on her own.

Jordan asks if he ever saw Nelle that night. Jax did not. Carly was upset that Nelle got away. They knew the police were coming though.

Diane reminds the detective that Carly already said she didn’t kill Nelle. Carly would never have killed Nelle. That is what she wanted her to do over and over again. She wanted Carly to destroy herself. She would never give her that satisfaction. Nelle ran away and she never saw her again.

Chase thinks that this might be their last workout. He just wants him to know that he thinks Wiley has the right parents. Michael wishes things were different.

Sasha knows that this wasn’t fair. Sasha knows that there are no do-overs. It is obvious that the three of them are happy. Sasha thinks that Chase and her did what they did and now they have to live with it. Sasha thinks it was good seeing Willow but they shouldn’t do this again.

Nina explains that Jax is helping her. She can trust Jax. Valentin has no doubt that Jax has lied to Carly, for Carly, and will do it again. Nina gets a message. Nina thinks that they can stay in each others lives for Charlotte but otherwise he needs to leave her alone.

Diane tells Carly that revealing to the detective on the record that she is happy that Nelle is dead. Diane wonders how long Carly and Jason have been friends. Carly thinks forever. Diane wonders if she knows how often Jason has given info. Carly knows never. Diane thinks that she needs to ever explain or give reason. She never gives her feelings. Diane thinks that leads to motives and convictions. Diane believes her. The detective doesn’t though. Carly wonders if she is in the clear. Diane thinks if she doesn’t volunteer anything else to the police. Diane needs a few drinks and she is going to bill her double for this. She requires more fancy footwork than any other client. Jax walks in. He asks if she is ok. Carly doesn’t know.

Ned regrets cheating on Olivia. Brook Lynn asks if he is really going to blame her for all of this. He cheated on his wife and yet she is the selfish one. Brook Lynn asks if he is really going to cover this up. Brook Lynn has to tell the truth but this is all her fault still. Brook Lynn thinks that he needs to find someone else to blame next time. She leaves.

Alexis wants Sam to drink with her. Sam takes the glass. She will not enable her. Alexis thinks she has had so much herself though. Alexis thinks that her relationship with Jason is an unhealthy addiction. Alexis thinks that this bottle doesn’t criticize her or judge her or love her. Alexis feels a lot better. Alexis doesn’t want the bottle but she likes it more than her.

Willow walks downstairs. She went to do some thinking about the marriage and she made a choice. Michael did too.

Chase punches the bag. Sasha walks in. He explains she just missed Michael. Sasha was having a glass of wine with Willow. Willow is moving on. Chase thinks that Michael is too.

Olivia wonders where Brook Lynn is. Ned says she is gone again. Ned explains she wants nothing to do with him. Olivia will try to build a bridge. Olivia explains the most wonderful thing has happened. Dante is home. He heard her talk with him. He is back in PC. He is in the house right now. She hopes that is ok with Monica. Monica thinks it be nice to have a detective in the house.

Sam thinks that drinking will only hurt Alexis. Alexis hasn’t felt anything in the last three years. She intends to do is do what she sees fit. She can either accept that or leave. Sam is going to go. Sam will be coming back. Alexis continues to drink.

Brook Lynn finds Valentin at the bar. She asks if he has ever tried a black Russian. Valentin prefers to get drunk. Brook Lynn might join him. It is that kind of day.

Carly tells Jax that Nelle died from a traumatic fall. The detective thinks that she pushed her. They would charge her with murder. She thanks him.

Nina walks into the PCPD and sees Carly and Jax hugging.

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