GH Update Tuesday 10/13/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/13/20


Written by Anthony

Anna stares off into space. Finn thinks that this isnít the face of someone enjoying planning a wedding. Anna is having fun. This has to do with her sister. She admits that Alex tried to have her killed.

Peter asks Maxie if he is less of a man for worrying that he is concerned about the genetic testing. Peter wonders about the pitch meeting. Britt walks in and asks why everyone is so annoyed about Cyrus.

Chase finds Jackie. He tells her that this place is cool and the meal is on him. Jackie wants to meet his girlfriend.

Sasha walks into the Metro Court. She says she is here. Lucy thinks that she is so late. She thinks that she will knock this baby out of the park. Lucy wants to know what has happened to her because she looks like road kill.

Brook Lynn asks Amy why she is here. Brook Lynn tells Amy that she cannot be seen only heard.

Nina tells Jax that she is doing more research right now. Nina thinks that one of these people are her Phyllis. She is one of the reasons that Nelle lost custody of Wiley. Nikolas wants to know what is going on with Ryan. Julian wants to know how he stops caring for his sister.

Ryan wants to know what took Ava so long. Ava explains that filing for divorce doesnít just happen overnight. Ava has a counter to his offer that she thinks he will find very appealing.

Chase tells Jackie that Willow is actually really busy. Jackie thinks that she only works part time. Chase points out that she is doing it again and treating him like an interview subject. Chase admits that Willow and him broke up. Jackie thought that they sounded really great. They ended things though. Jackie thinks that his father and her donít care who he is with. Chase admits that he cheated on her.

Brook Lynn tells Valentin that he really shouldnít sneak up on people like that. Valentin wonders how the recording session went. Brook Lynn is fine. She thinks that everything is fine.

Lucy tells Sasha she doesnít look great but she will be fine. She tells Sasha they cannot postpone any longer. Sasha wonders where Maxie is. Lucy says that she had a pregnancy thing to deal with. Lucy made her a promise that she wouldnít let her down. Brook Lynn and Valentin walk in. Lucy wonders why Valentin is here. Lucy tells him to stay out of the way. She asks if Brook Lynn has the recording. Brook Lynn hopes that she is happy. A woman walks in and asks if one of them is Lucy. Lucy welcomes her. She introduces her to Brook Lynn and Sasha. She asks if she is ready to experience Deception.

Nina can see a look that he hates that she brought up Nelle again. Jax thought he was using his poker face. He knows that Nelle got under her skin. Nina knows that the Nelle that she knew also felt really sad and unloved.

Nikolas thinks that to stop caring for Ava is pretty callus hearing it from her own brother. Nikolas told Ava that he didnít want her to get hurt. Julian thinks that Ava will self-destruct. Ava feels safer this way.

Ryan guesses they can set the stakes here. Ava wanted the money and the stakes that come with marrying a Cassadine. Ava thinks that marriage is loveless and without sex. Ryan wonders what is in it for him. Ava says it be a cut of the money. It would also be making her happy. Ava asks if that still means something to him.

Anna just found out. Valentin sent someone in her place and it was an ambush. If she had gone she would have been killed. Alex has been very creative over the years but she never tried to kill her. She assumes it has to do with the one thing that still connects them.

Maxie points out she isnít the doctor. Britt thinks it is nice to see her too. Britt isnít usually the hugging type but he is her brother. Britt isnít going to lose her hands. Peter has some concerns. Maxie wonders if Peter is carrying anything that could harm their child.

Jackie is shocked that he cheated on Willow. She is a little shocked. She thought that he was happy with Willow. Chase wasnít sure he could give her what she needed. He messed up big time. She wanted nothing to do with him anymore. He doesnít think that there is a way to fix things. Jackie thinks that there could be hope for them. Chase thinks it is complicated. Chase hurt Willow more than he ever could have imagined he could. He never expected to do this. Jackie thinks that you can heal things if you say sorry. Jackie knows he did wrong by this girl but she might grant him a second chance that he clearly wants. Jackie will always love him even if he is dirtbag but he isnít. She thinks that people make mistakes.

Finn knows that she doesnít care if Alex is Peterís mother. Anna suggested that they play Alexís game and lure her to PC. She can bring her to justice. Finn thinks that they could be putting everyone in danger. Finn wants Anna to tell Peter the truth about not knowing who his mother actually is.

Britt thinks they could do more tests but nothing is there. Britt knew that Faison had Huntington disease. Maxie needs to grab a bite before going to meet up with Sasha and Lucy. Peter says he isnít sure he can do this.

Sasha shows off the lipsticks and rambles as she does so. Sasha shakes and cannot apply it properly. She giggles. The investor asks if Sasha is alright. Lucy suggests they take a break. Valentin introduces himself to the buyer. She cannot afford to dabble on things. The buyer cannot just take on anyone.

Brook Lynn asks Sasha what she is doing. She cannot tank this deal for anyone.

Jax cannot have empathy for Nelle. Jax thinks that there are a lot of people with the same story as Nelle but they turned out just fine. Nina thinks he is happy that she is dead. Jax is not unhappy that she is gone.

Nikolas asks if he is supposed to pretend he doesnít care. Martin walks in. He was wondering if he could talk with him. Martin wasnít sure if he was aware that Nelleís body was being released from the morgue. He is the next of kin so he needs to figure out how to burry her remains. Julian thinks that he should put her in a potters field.

Ava wants him to cheat on her. Once he does the post-nup kicks in and she gets it all. Ryan thinks that her plan is not working. Nikolas clearly has eyes for her. That doesnít work for him.

Chase would rather not have Willow in his life than risk hurting her again. Jackie guesses not to listen to her. She only has wisdom and modesty. Chase has a job for her then. He needs to help fix things between his father and Finn.

Anna thinks that Peter is about to become a father. She doesnít want to turn his world upside down. Finn thinks the stability that he has gained in order to handle this. Anna doesnít know but if Alex is his mother then that makes him feel like he is the son of two terrible people.

Peter admits he doesnít know how to live without the fear of his father gleaming over them. Peter thanks her for loving him. Maxie loves him because he never left her side. His patience and kindness gave her the room to mourn over Nathanís death. He never left. He never wanted him to be someone that she isnít. He helped her mend the parts of her that were broken after Nathan died. He was her lover and partner. He is an uncle and father to James. She cannot imagine her life without him. Maxie wants him to marry her. They can be together forever. She knows they have sort of talked about marriage. Peter admits that there would be flowers and candlelight and him getting down on one knee. He assumes she would prefer traditional. Maxie loves the thought of being with him for the rest of her life. Britt sobs. She wants him to pretend that she isnít here.

Sasha tells the buyer that she would like another chance. Sasha thinks that they work with the best chemists in the country. Brook Lynn thinks that they want their cosmetics to be perfect. Sasha isnít the only person in the world who screws up. She wants to bring perfection in an imperfect world. They all want a second chance just like her.

Martin can have Nelleís body released to a Potterís Field. Julian thinks that he can say some words for him. Nina wants to have Nelleís body released to her. Julian guesses it is his time.

Ava reminds Ryan that he took her daughter from her. She asks how he can take Julian away from her as well. Ryan is not going to let her find happiness with anyone else. Ava is not happy with Nikolas. She just wants her money. Ryan hangs up and leaves.

The buyer thinks that the pitch was unrehearsed. Lucy thinks that this wasnít all that bad. She guesses it wasnít without charm. She is the powerful voice of Deception marketing. She asks if she can hear something now. They made a special recording just for her. Lucy says that this entire idea is a synergy. You hear the song and buy the product.

Nina thanks Martin for taking care of this. He will be in touch. Jax thinks that clearly she thinks that Nelle should be in an unmarked grave but she doesnít need all the bells and whistles. Nina cannot help but wonder what Nelle would have been like if she wasnít desperate.

Britt tells Peter to answer Maxie. Peter gets down on one knee. He says that nothing would make him happier than to spend the rest of his life with her. He will marry her.

Jackie thinks that Chase will not pick his battles. Jackie reminds him that Finn had just lost his mother. Jackie thinks that it must have been uncomfortable for Finn. Chase thinks that Violet wants to meet her grandfather. Chase thinks that Finn is the only one that is keeping this. Jackie thinks that Chase needs to stay out of this.

Lucy thinks that they can have Brook Lynn sing for them live. Valentin thinks it is an excellent idea.

Jax knows that she sees herself in Nelle but they are nothing alike. He wants her to get Nelle out of her thoughts.

Ava asks Nikolas what he is still doing here. Nikolas is on his way out. Ava guesses she will see him at home then. Julian asks Ava if she made a deal with Ryan. Ava has figured out a way to get what they want without having to divorce Sonny.

Jackie thinks that there are actual lost causes. He cannot get involved in this. He will get hit into the fire.

Finn has to get to work. Finn tells Anna that no one doubts her love for Peter.

Britt thanks them for letting her share in this moment. She will give them some privacy. Peter guesses she never expected to have an audience when they got engaged. Peter wonders what they do now. Maxie thinks plan the rest of their lives together.

Anna asks Peter to meet with her. There is something he needs to know.

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