GH Update Monday 10/12/20

General Hospital Update Monday 10/12/20


Written by Anthony

Elizabeth walks into a room at GH. Scott and Franco are already there. Scott asks if she can hear the payday in her head. Elizabeth wants them to hold on a second. They could go to prison. Franco thinks that this justifies the means. Scott thinks that Ava and Nikolas hurt their family which is his family Scott thinks that he did all the dirty work. The two of them are in the clear.

Nikolas asks Britt if she has seen Kevin. Britt thinks that he is probably hiding from the nut cases that he has to deal with on a daily basis. Britt thinks it is good that he is looking for Kevin. Psychiatric care is important for someone who would let them think their child is dead has some serious issues.

Julian asks Ava what the freak wanted.

Olivia wonders how Ned helped Alexis. Alexis thinks by just being there to talk with her. Ned wonders what the two of them talked about. Olivia wants the details about how he helped her out.

Gladys doesnít think that Carly can buy her off with a fancy hotel room. Brando should be involved in the family business. Carly believes that Brandoís talents would be wasted within the coffee business. Gladys isnít talking about the coffee business. Sam thinks that is the only business that Sonny has. Gladys thinks that those are crumbs for what Brando has done. Carly reminds them that they are here to mourn Mike. Gladys was just asking a question. Carly thinks that she was just asking for herself.

Sonny tells Cyrus that he is not welcome here. He thinks that he has other places he needs to be. Cyrus thinks nothing that cannot wait.

Lulu opens her front door and Dante is there. Dante says that he is back. He wonders if he can come in. Dustin walks over shirtless. Dante looks angry. Dante guesses it was a bad time. Dustin tries to introduce himself. Lulu wants him to stay.

Cyrus is sorry about his father. He never got to meet him. Sonny knows he did send a representative come to meet with him. Brando walks over. Cyrus thinks that his cousin is someone that he can be proud of himself.

Carly knows that she didnít drive all the way here. She wanted something. Gladys wanted what she has for her son. Sam thinks that her and Jason have earned everything that they have. She cannot just come in here and demand to be in this. Sam thinks she knows nothing about family.

Scott reminds Elizabeth that Nikolas pretended to be dead to get the Cassadine money. Elizabeth thinks that he might risk it if she tells him the truth.

Britt points out to Nikolas that no one in the town batted an eye when Sonny donated an entire wing to this hospital. Nikolas knows they didnít. Sonny is nothing like Cyrus. Britt guesses he is the good mobster. Britt is going to save lives. She hasnít heard from Spencer in some time. She used to talk with him regularly. He wanted her to save him from his new wife.

Ava thinks that the letter that will be his death warrant if Sonny ever reads itÖ Ryan has it.

Brando appreciates that Cyrus had those men punished. Sonny thinks that Cyrus is just a regular concerned citizen. Jordan shows up. Cyrus thinks it is always such a pleasure.

Elizabeth thinks that if she tells the truth then maybe he will wake up. He could come to his senses. Franco knows that she is right. This plan was based on anger and they are now blackmailers. Scott thinks that if people were to stop doing what they need then they wouldnít do it.

Nikolas knows that Spencer came around. Britt figured as much. Nikolas thinks that things between Ava and him are complicated. Britt thinks that he went ahead and developed feelings for Ava Jerome. She got over him when he pressed charges against her. She wishes that he knew that people around Ava tend to die. Britt thinks that he should divorce her immediately.

Julian thinks that Nelle could have just told him about it. Ava explains that Ryan will hold on to the letter if she visits him once a week. Julian wonders if that is all. He assumes she said that she would do it. Ava explains that Ryan got the impression that Nikolas cares about her. He changed his demands accordingly.

Alexis explains that she went to Neilís memorial and his brother blamed her for his death. Ned was worried because she hadnít heard from him. Ned gave her such sound advice. Olivia thinks that is her Ned. Always looking out for other people.

Carly thinks they can discuss her greed some other time. Carly tells her that the ATM is closed.

Jordan tells Sonny that she is sorry for his loss. Stella loved Mike. She is here on official business. The have some questions to discuss over Jasonís motor cycle accident. Brando think they are still trying to pin this all on him. Gladys doesnít think that Brando would ever make a mistake like that. Jordan never said it was a mistake.

Lulu doesnít want Dante to go. She asks if he came all this way to just come around and leave. Dante walks in. Dustin tries to shake his hand. He starts to grab him and pulls out a gunÖ Dante wakes up from the day dream. Dustin has heard a lot about him. Dante introduces himself. Lulu wonders if anyone knows he is here. Dante says that he was released. She is still listed as his next of Kin. Dante walks into the kitchen and takes out his pills.

Olivia thinks it is important to have support. She needs to check on her wait staff and make sure they are doing their jobs. Alexis thinks that was close. Ned feels too close.

Britt wonders if Nikolas really wants his life to end on a true crime podcast. She knows his life isnít her business anymore but he better hope that Neil isnít willing to do the same. Scott shows up and Nikolas leaves.

Julian thinks she can divorce Nikolas and get the letter. Julian thinks that he will be a dead man. Ava thinks that there is no promise that there will be a deal. Ryan could still mail the letter to Sonny for kicks.

Brando thinks that parts fail. Jordan explains that the parts were tampered with. Sonny tells Brando to keep it down. Brando didnít do this.

Alexis doesnít want to hurt Oliviaís life. Olivia walks back out. She actually needs more ice. He is all hers. Olivia tells Ned that she is drinking again. She saw her spike her drink. Olivia is so proud of him. Ned doesnít want her to be. Ned promises she will never lose him. Ever.

Britt finds Scott. She tells him to be a friend and get Ava to divorce Nikolas. Scott wonders why he would do that. Britt is going to look out for Spencer. She doesnít want that kid getting hurt. Scott thinks that eventually Ava and Nikolas will split.

Julian knows that if she divorces Nikolas that will buy them some time. Julian wonders who it is going to be. Him or his fake husband.

Gladys tells Sonny to do something. Sonny says that Brando needs a lawyer. Sonny thinks if Brando is smart then he will shut his mouth and let the lawyers do the talking. Brando will come down town with a lawyer tomorrow and he doubts with the help of anyone here.

Dustin will check in with Lulu in a bit. He walks out. Dante wonders where the kids are. Lulu explains that Charlotte is with Valentin. Rocco is upstairs sleeping. Lulu thinks that he knows they have a lot to talk about. She wonders how he is. Dante is released. She doesnít mean about what the doctors are saying. She means how he feels. Lulu thinks that the last time he left he said that he had to leave. Lulu didnít ask to end their marriage. This hurt her and their family. He told her to move on with her life. He was her life. She did what she asked. He said that he couldnít get better here. She let him go. She crawled out of the wreckage that he left behind. She wanted to come get her. He cannot walk into the house that he walked out of and ask if she doesnít want him back. Lulu prayed for this moment until their children needed her. She did what he asked and moved on. She said she would wait forever for him. He said that forever was a long time. She wished she would have known that.

Gladys cannot believe that Sonny would do this to him. Carly tells him that she has said and done enough. Gladys agrees. She is leaving. Jordan is sorry. Sonny thinks that Brando surprised them all. Jordan needs to speak with Carly for a second.

Sam asks Jason what is going on.

Jordan has questions about Nelle.

Elizabeth thinks that they have worked so hard for a family for him and her boys.

Nikolas tells Ava that they need to talk. Ava tells Julian that there is something that they need to discuss. Nikolas thinks that they need to talk. Ava reminds him that she didnít need rescuing. Nikolas wonders if Julian knows what is going on. Ava admits that Ryan has something that she wants. Nikolas wonders if that matters more than what she currently has.

Lulu doesnít think that he would have sent her divorce papers. Lulu sighs. Dante is sorry. He knows he hurt her. He hurt her while coming and going. Lulu thinks he did what he thought he had to do at the time. Lulu didnít realize how angry she feels. Dante doesnít want her to not be angry. Lulu just knows he is back. Suddenly there is this whole life she built for herself without him. It feels different. Dante needs Lulu to promise that this is a good life.

Olivia tells Sonny that the old neighborhood would like to honor Mike back in Bensonhurst. Sonny thinks about Dante. Sonny thinks it be nice to see all of them. Olivia will be in touch. Ned looks at Alexis. Alexis waves goodbye to them.

Sam can tell that something is up. Sonny tells Sam that they have some business. Alexis wonders if they are going to talk politics because it seems tense. Sonny isnít going to talk politics with Alexis.

Brando tells Sonny that this is his in.

Franco thinks that they can get the kids their wildest dreams. Elizabeth wonders how they can look each other and their kids in the eyes.

Ava asks if she is supposed to stick with what she has with him. Nikolas thinks the have a marriage. It might be forged in hell but it is still a marriage. Nikolas cannot watch her go back to Ryan. Nikolas never hated her. Ava admits she hated him too. She needs to go. Nikolas begs her not to go and see that maniac. He doesnít want her to go and see Ryan again. Nikolas will fix this. He doesnít want her to go. Ava is sorry. She has to.

Sam asks Alexis what is going on. Alexis is all talked out. Sam smells her drink.

Jordan needs Carly to fill in some blanks. Carly spoke with Valerie and Chase. Jordan says that the body was found in Pennsylvania. They need to cover things.

Cyrus runs into Gladys. He introduces himself to her. The two talk. He thinks that it is lovely to meet her. He is impressed with her son. He knows that they are all grieving right now. It is the only way to explain the harsh attitude towards her boy. He thinks that Brando can call him whenever.

Sonny thinks that could have backfired. Sonny had no choice but to play along. Brando thinks that he was so arrogant. He ate it up. Sonny asks Jason what he thinks. Jason thinks that he might make another offer. Brando thinks that this could work. Sonny asks if he is willing to bet his life on it.

Dante thinks that this life is good for her. Lulu thinks so. Dante is happy for her then. Lulu doesnít think that he is him but he is a good person. He loves their kids and he loves her. Dante asks how he couldnít. He should go. Dante needs to find a place to crash. He is sticking around. He is not going to leave their family ever again. Lulu runs to the door but stops herself from running after him.

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