GH Update Friday 10/9/20

General Hospital Update Friday 10/9/20


Written by Anthony

Olivia tells Lulu not to feel bad. Rocco is sick and it is understandable. Lulu still feels awful. Mike was always so wonderful to her. Olivia is sure that Sonny will understand. Monica walks in. Ned explains that Sonny was very grateful for the donation they made.

Joss tells Carly that Trina wanted to hang out. She told her she could come here. Carly thinks that is fine. Joss could maybe cancel. Carly wonders what is actually going on. Joss admits that her and Cam kissed at the dance and she doesnít know how to tell Trina.

Sam tells Jason that she is going to check on her mom. She wasnít at the funeral. Brando thinks that there is more he could be doing right now. Jason says they wont be talking about that here.

Sam asks Brook Lynn if she has seen Sonny. Brook Lynn explains that Sonny needed a minute alone.

Sonny turns around at the church and Dante is there. The two hug one another.

Olivia has to get back to the Metro Court. Monica thinks it is best that she doesnít intrude on the ceremony. Monica needs to discuss something with Ned. Olivia will see him in a few. Ned wonders if everything is ok. Monica thinks everything is not ok and he knows damn well why.

Brook Lynn thanks Amy in a text for the meeting.

Carly imagine that the kiss was confusing. Joss thinks it was. One minute they were talking like they always do and then the next minute they were kissing. Carly wonders if it was good. Joss thinks it was very good. Then Dev came over and said that Trina was hurting and she had to go and help her out. Joss wonders if it was a mistake. Carly thinks it could be the beginning of something. Joss doesnít want to make a big deal out of it if Cam doesnít feel the same way. Carly knows that Cam and Trina went to the formal together but that was an issue. Carly thinks that the friendship she has with Trina is important.

Jordan tells Trina she looks pretty. Ava explains that Trina and her were going over gallery business. Ava knows she is grieving. She knows that Curtis saved her life. Trina thinks it is unfair that they get to run around happy when her fatherís legacy was tarnished.

Brando knows how to act in this situation. Jason thinks the situation is what it is. They need to make this day about Mike. Brando goes to get a drink. Sam asks if Jason is ok. Jason wonders if Alexis is alright. Sam has no idea. Jason thinks that she can go over there after the reception. Sam thinks that she can go over there after the reception.

Dante is sorry that he missed the service. Sonny thinks that it is great that he managed to show up. He is right on time.

Monica explains that Tracy reached out to her. It is 11:59 on the Quartermaine doomsday clock.

Alexis says hi to Brando. She is sorry for his loss. Brando thinks that Mike was a very good man. He thinks that her daughter said some meaningful things about Mike. Brando explains that Molly and him have an understanding. It never happened. Alexis thinks that it did though. A second night stand could be lethal.

Carly is here for Joss if she ever needs to talk. Joss thinks she needs time to process this. Carly wonders what happened to her journal. Joss put it away. It helped her at first but she eventually realized that it kept her looking back. She took it to the basement and put it in the memory box that she started for her. She thinks that this kiss is going to need to be helped with. Dev walks over. He asks if he can help out. Carly thinks that is what the staff is for. She asks if he had fun at homecoming.

Trina thinks that Cyrus is the corrupt one not her dad. This man is a killer. Curtis tells Cyrus that his presence is not wanted here. Curtis walks away as well. Ava is so sorry. He had no right to insert himself into their conversation. Ava tells Trina to take that anger and use it. She needs to change the narrative about her father.

Curtis thought that Cyrus knew that Trina was off limits. Curtis tells Cyrus to stay away from Trina. Cyrus needs to speak with Jordan alone.

Sam thinks that they need to talk. She almost lost him in that accident again. They have fought away too hard to get back to where they are. He is shoving her out. Alexis walks over. Sam wonders where she was. Alexis is aware she missed the service. Sam asks what was more important.

Dante is feeling ok. Sonny wonders if just ok. Dante thinks better than he has felt in a while. Sonny wonders if the authorities know. Dante was officially released. Dante came back as soon as he could. Sonny thinks that Lulu and the kids will be very happy to see him.

Dustin explains that Rocco is still in bed with his game boy. Lulu doesnít think those have been a thing in twenty years. Lulu accidentally says she loves him.

Cyrus thinks it is sweet that he thinks he is going to leave. Jordan demands to know what he wants. Cyrus hands them a piece of paper.

Trina says hi to Joss. She is sorry she is late. Joss wonders if they can talk. She needs to tell her something important. Trina needs to tell her something first. It is important.

Alexis forgot to set her alarm. Sam reminds her it was in the middle of the day. Alexis had trouble sleeping last night. She is here now. Olivia walks over. She thinks it is good to see her. She is glad she made it. Alexis wonders when she got back. Olivia is shocked she knew she was gone.

Ned is sorry that Tracy dragged him into his business. Monica knows that he would rather avoid a conversation with her. Monica thinks that Tracy is worried about her family. Monica thinks that Tracy is furious that Ned has hurt his relationship with his daughter.

Brook Lynn tells Olivia she is sorry that everything happened. Olivia says they are working things out. Brook Lynn admits she deleted her message.

Lulu is so sorry. Dustin does love her. He felt this way for a while and wasnít sure where she would stand on things. He knows that they wanted to take things slow. Lulu guesses they are on the same page. That might mean they are ready to take another big step together.

Dante is ready to see Lulu and the kids. He wished he could have seen Mike before he passed. He wonders how he was. Sonny says that they had a feeling where he was headed. There wasnít much left of him aside from love and pain. He wanted him to live so bad. He was hurt though and he had to let him go. Dante wishes he could say he would do the same. Sonny suggests they get to the Metro Court. Dante cannot do that.

Cyrus needs to see all the files from this investigation. He has asked Jordan so little so far. Cyrus tells Curtis to never threaten him again. Jordan thinks that he is bating him. He can let him. Curtis knows. Jordan thinks that they will be fine. Curtis wonders what the file is. Jordan will not know until she pulls it.

Cyrus sits down with Ava. Ava thinks they have nothing of interest to discuss. Cyrus thinks her brother.

Monica is comparing him to Edward. Ned asked his daughter to grow up. Monica thinks that Tracy and Brook Lynn both were hurt by their fatherís. Ned thinks that Edward and him are not the same person. Monica knows that Edward was a cheater. She guesses that they werenít set from the same cloth.

Olivia wonders why she would do that. Brook Lynn was furious with her life in general. She knows it is no excuse. Ned found out. Olivia gets it. She was obviously mad at the world. She needed to lash out at something. Brook Lynn asks if she is forgiving her.

Alexis gets a club soda. She takes the bottle out of her purse.

Sam wonders if she needs to push Alexis or if she is pushing too hard.

Carly wonders if everything is ok. Sam thinks everything is great She will be right back. Carly wonders what is going on.

Brando asks Dev how the dance was. Dev says he got friend zoned and Joss went to Cam. Gladys shows up. She heard the funeral was today. She wonders why no one let her know about the service. Gladys thinks it is good to see him. She assumes they ae still playing the grandson game.

Lulu knows that Dustin moved in here. She thinks that them being here feels right. She knows that Charlotte likes him and Rocco thinks that he walks on water. Lulu thinks that is if that is what he wants. Dustin thinks that there is one big factor to discuss. Dustin thinks Dante.

Dante is not interested in a big party from his mother. Sonny thinks that Olivia will want to see him. Dante knows but he doesnít want to deal with a big crowed of people. He asks him not to tell Olivia. Sonny doesnít think it feels right. Dante thinks if Olivia hadnít come then he might not have come home.

Jordan wonders what the address is. Jordan gets a call. She has to take this.

Ava asks what he wants with Julian. Cyrus knows that neither Julian or Ava have always been upstanding citizens. Ava thinks that is all long in the past. Cyrus has to get going.

Trina made a choice and no one can know. She thinks that no one believes her that her father didnít do what they all claim he did. She is going to clear her dadís name. She is going to figure this out. She asks if Joss is in. Joss is. Dev guesses. Joss is with her on this.

Ned has tried to say sorry but they cannot be in the same room without warfare. Monica thinks that Tracy would be on the next flight out if she didnít stop things. Tracy thinks neither of them wants Tracy back here right now.

Olivia thinks life is too short for them to hold grudges. Olivia thinks that Ned is trying with her. She suggests throwing a little of that his way. Brook Lynn is not there yet. Brook Lynn wants to get her a drink. Olivia is fine.

Alexis pours herself a drink. Olivia oversees this.

Gladys tells Carly she is so sorry that she missed the funeral. She explains that cousin Mike was talking with her. She heard him that he wants Brando to be a trusted associate like Jason.

Sonny needs to get to the Metro Court. Dante is going to walk and get reacquainted with this town. Sonny says he will see him. Dante suggests they get tickets to a ballgame when this all calms down.

Dustin wants to make sure that he respects Danteís relationship with the kids. Lulu thinks that Dante will always have a place in their life. He told her to move on though and she moved on with him. This isnít Danteís house anymore. It is hers.

Olivia walks over to Alexis. Olivia knows she is going through a rough time of things. If she ever needs to talkÖ Alexis is sort of talked out. She has been getting by. Ned has been helping.

Curtis asks Ava if she is ok. Ava thinks she is fine. It is her assistant she is worried about. She is grateful for him saving her life even if he isnít yet. Curtis tells Ava to take care. Ava wonders where Julian is.

Joss wonders how Trina plans to prove this. Trina needs the police files. Joss thinks they could find some public records. Joss thinks they have a place to start then.

Dev goes through a box of Jossí stuff. He finds her diary.

Brando thinks that Sonnyís business is neither of their concern. Sonny walks in. Gladys tells Sonny that she is so sorry for him. Gladys knows that Brando has done so much for him now. Mike always treated Brando with so much respect. Sonny thinks that he is only going to let Gladys stay because Mike liked her. Carly tells Gladys they should get her a drink. Brando did not tell her. She did have a point in the business though. Sonny thinks it has been decided.

Jason tells Cyrus he is not welcome here.

Lulu opens her door and Dante is there.

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