GH Update Thursday 10/8/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/8/20


Written by Anthony

Sonny and Carly walk into the church. A picture of Mike is up. He looks at it. Carly takes his arm and they walk towards it. Sonny thanks Carly for doing this. Carly loves that picture of Mike. It shows his personality. Sonny used to look at his face for hours because he wanted to connect. Sonny thinks it almost seemed like something he had forgotten. He sees it now and he remembers his dad. Ava walks in. Carly thanks her for coming. Sonny is appreciative for all she has done for Avery. Ava is glad they could get through this together. Kristina runs in and hugs him. Sonny wonders how Kristina is holding up. Kristina is sad but it helps to know that Mike isnít hurting anymore. Sam thinks that her and Jason could help greet people if need be. Dev and Brando show up. Dev thinks that Mike was an amazing person. Carly thinks he was good to him. He loved seeing him. Brando is glad to have been able to reconnect.

Olivia hugs Sonny. She thinks that Mike loved him. He knew that he could count on him.

Sonny thinks that it is good to see Willow and Michael. Michael could take over greeting people. Carly explains that Jason and Sam already offered.

Stella shows up. Carly thanks her for being here and being there for Mike and also all of them. Sonny knows that Stella was right there with them. She taught him how to help him out in his last days. Joss and Jax walk in. Joss wants him to know how much she loved Mike. Sonny knows that Mike loved her too. Jax is sorry for his loss. Brook Lynn thanks him for sharing his dad with her. He was one in a million. Diane shows up and gives her deepest regrets. Diane wonders how Carly was doing. Carly thinks she is fine. She knows she has friends and a support system. If she ever needs a drink or five and just needs to vent she is right here. Carly thanks her.

Sonny thanks Elizabeth for being so good to his dad. He appreciates that she went above and beyond. Elizabeth thinks he was important to her too. Sonny knows that she advised him not to put him on a feeding tube. Elizabeth thinks that Sonny would have realized that was the right choice on his own. Sonny hopes that he did what Mike wanted. Elizabeth thinks that it would have been understandable if he left him. He has nothing to regret.

The funeral service starts. Michael takes the stand. He thanks everyone on behalf of his family. He thinks that a celebration is key. He loved to party. He would raise a glass to party. He thinks that it is ok to cry. Mike would be ok with that. Mike went through some hard times. His grandfather never shined away from life. He took chances and gave generously. It is about the people that you touch. Mike loved all of them very much.

Olivia would like to say a few words about Mike on behalf of Dante. Dante only really got to know Mike after he was diagnosed but still. She got to know Mike her entire life. He had a fierce temper if you pushed him too far. She remembers one time he got into a scrape with the law. Dante spend the entire evening with his grandfather. He figured that he was just being a nice guy. Dante thought it was a privilege to spend the time together. That was the thing about Mike. No time that you spent with him was ever wasted. Their lives are richer having been around him. Ava walks over to the podium. She is here on behalf of her daughter Avery. She was Mikeís second youngest grandchild. Avery adored Mike. Mike would play with Avery. He helped her blow bubbles and told her stories about when he was a boy. When Mike went to Turning Woods, she looked forward to their visits. Mike was truly a bright light in Averyís life. She knows that Avery will never forgive her.

Elizabeth explains that Mike was around a lot when she was in high school. There was always some problem or personal drama that they would be dealing with. Mike was a wise man with a lot of experience to share. He would listen to them. He would offer support and let them figure out how to do things on their own. It wasnít until years later that she realized how much she missed him. Mike would struggle to remember her but when he did remember her it was like no time had passed at all.

Brando didnít get a lot of time with Mike but the time he did get was enough to teach him some important things. There is less time than he thinks. Everyone makes mistakes. It is his choice to learn from them. He was kind and tolerant and had a value that truly matters. Jason stands up. Het met Mike at Lukeís club. He was tending bar. Sonny gave him his first job there parking cars. Mike was easy to work with. He always considered him a friend. It wasnít until a couple years ago that he actually started to appreciate his courage. Mike made a terrible mistake when Sonny was a kid. He could have run forever but he didnít. Mike made his way back to Sonny and tried to make amends. He knows it wasnít easy for Mike or Sonny because he never quit. Jason thinks that is what true courage is. He tried to stand up for the damage he had done. Mike had that courage. He was one of the bravest people he had ever known.

Stella tells them they are a lucky group. Most of them knew him for years. She only got to be his friend for a short time but he was such an incredible friend. She didnít have a visit that didnít get her up in her life. Mike was an extrovert in the best way. Someone who couldnít help but connect. She knows there were other issues with him. Mike and Sonny never pretended to be idea. Mike fought a decades long addiction with gambling. Sonny was with Mike in the end.

Sam always appreciated Mike for his great sense of humor. He never judged anyone. He never assumed to know their motives. He never put anyone in a position to criticize people. He knew that they all do things they regret. If you just take a second to laugh at a situation even if it is at yourselfÖ You can find perspective and move forward. It might not be what you wanted or how you plan. You adjust and keep going. That is the example that Mike set for her. One that she will always treasure.

Carly remembers when Sonny brought Mike home. She was terrified. She didnít know what would happen. She didnít know what this would do to her family. She couldnít be more wrong. There were hard moments and painful moments but so many wonderful times. The pleasure of Mikeís company. Even when Mike started to slip away he still enjoyed good music and being around people he loved. Carly says that Mike got to be with the horses he loved his whole life. He was alert and aware. That afternoon at the track was Sonnyís idea. Sonny was the one who gave Mike the forgiveness that he needed to be at peace. She loves him.

Sonny reluctantly stands. He thinks it has been a difficult week. He knows he had to come up and say thank you to everyone for coming here. It is no secret that he was estranged from his father for years. He had a lot of bad feelings. He couldnít see him for who he really was. Sonny had his own issues. She had a lot of anger and all he did was judge his dad. He guesses it took this illness. It was one of the hardest things he had been through. He had to see his dad for who he was. He was an amazing man. He is so proud of his dad. It doesnít make it easy on him but he was there for him in the end. He was there for him in the end. He will always be grateful for that. Sonny loves Mike.

Joss explains that Mike loved Music. It was one of the great joys of life for him. It could make anything enjoyable. This is for him. She starts to sing a song.

Sonny thinks that Mike and Morgan are together. Carly thinks that Mike had a lot of friends. She knows a lot of people will be at the reception. Sonny needs a minute alone. Carly tells him to take all the time he needs. Sonny sits down. He says it is time to let go. For so long he pushed him away. It was all because of his anger. He cannot get it back. He cannot take it back. Mike asks Sonny not to romanticize him. He had every right to be angry at him. Sonny keeps seeing him like he was a little boy. Sonny thinks that life makes you do things that you donít want to do. Sonny should have respected him for coming back. He should have told him that he loved him. Sonny doesnít think it was soon enough. Mike knows he took him back and bailed him out of trouble. He brought him home so he could be with his family. The greatest thing he did was he forgave him. He wants Sonny to forgive himself. Mike knows that he loved and supported him. He stayed with him until the end. He made him very proud. Sonny is going to miss him. Mike promises that he will always be with him. Mike walks out. He loves Sonny. He walks into the light. Sonny smiles. Sonny loves him too. The door opens and Dante is there.

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