GH Update Wednesday 10/7/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/7/20


Written by Anthony

Epiphany asks Jason if she can help him. Jason is doing some research on the new chairman. Jason asks if Epiphany is ok. Epiphany is just adjusting to their new administrative role.

Brook Lynn needs Amy to sing for her.

Chase tells someone on the phone he will look at the autopsy results the first thing in the morning.

Willow thinks that she is the luckiest mom in the world. Michael points out that she will officially be Wileyís mom. Michael wonders what is wrong. Willow thinks they have some issues they need to clarify about them.

Valentin asks Sasha is she is sick. Valentin thinks she looks tired. Sasha is fine.

Olivia asks Ned what he is talking about. Ned knows she slept with Robert while in Europe. Olivia didnít do that.

Robert is shocked to see Jackie Templeton. Jackie thinks it has been a long time. Robert read about her career. Jackie hasnít heard much about him. She guesses that goes hand in hand with being a spy. He doesnít think she has aged a day. Jackie thinks that he is a little grayer than she remembers. He is still the same Robert. She punches him.

Epiphany thinks that Britt is more interested in being in power. Surgeons are coming to her for reassurance. She thinks that something needs to be done about this situation. Britt agrees that something needs to be done about her.

Michael knows that things have gotten a little bit more complicated. He guesses they should figure out what it means before making it more official. Michael was actually waiting to tell her this before it was completely official. He asked Willow to adopt Wiley. Willow said yes. Monica thought that they were going to make their marriage official.

Amy asks if she really wants her to sing. Amy thinks that it would be like when they were in high school together. Brook Lynn explains they wouldnít be singing together. She would be singing in her place.

Olivia asks if he really thought that she would cheat on him. Ned wonders what he was supposed to think when he got the message that she left her phone. Olivia thinks that the Quartermaineís love to cheat on each other. She thinks that he should know her better than that. She is not that kind of a person. She could never cheat on him. She can explain though.

Anna asks if Robert can breathe. Robert can take a punch better than she can throw one. Jackie was holding back. Jackie explains to Anna that the two of them were together once upon a time. Jackie thinks it took a long time for her to rebuild her confidence after things. Finn sees Jackie. Jackie recognizes him. Chase walks in and calls Jackie mom. The two hug.

Britt tells Epiphany she isnít supposed to be downstairs. Britt is the boss and gets to decide what she does. Britt thinks she is free to leave. Jason thinks that this is what Cyrus wants. He is the one calling the shots around here now her.

Sasha thinks her situation with Michael is none of his business. Valentin needs her to wow things tomorrow. Sasha will but isnít going to do it for him. Valentin wonders if she is doing it for him or herself.

Monica thinks that now that Wiley is gone they can make choices for themselves. Monica gets a call from Tracy. She goes to take the call. Willow thinks that they really need to figure things out. They got married to protect Wiley from Nelle. She wonders where this leaves them.

Amy thinks that Brook Lynn is an amazing singer. Brook Lynn thinks it is too soon for her to know right now. Brook Lynn cannot sing right now. It wouldnít be the end of the world but she is the voice of Deception. She refuses to go back to the Quartermaine house. It would only be one song and then that would eb the end of it. Amy cannot do it.

Ned is sorry. Olivia could see why he would think that. There has been friction between them. Olivia went to see Dante anyway. She was on the other side of the world and she always adored the man. She can see why it would look sketchy. She could have sworn he knew how much she loved him. She could never be unfaithful to him.

Chase wonders why Jackie is here. Jackie admits she does have a potential story. Robert guesses she made herself a family. Chase asks if Robert knows his mother. Finn explains that Jackie is his step-mother.

Britt almost didnít recognize Jason. Britt explains she runs the hospital. She wonders if he figured out how to run a hospital. Epiphany tells Jason they can get his follow up appointment. Jason thinks that Britt could do his exam. He doesnít need a diagnosis. He just needs an all clear.

Ned thinks that the three of them could have been killed. Olivia thinks that Robert and Ethan finally know what happened to Holly. Olivia knows that Robert is in a lot of pain but she hopes he finds some sort of closure with Holly that she couldnít find with Dante. Ned should have understood. He is glad that she went. He wished that he had listened to her. Olivia wants them to make this work. Ned thinks that depends. He needs her to be able to forgive him.

Amy thinks that she was transported back in time to Man Landers. It was a mess. It only worked out because of her brother. If she could go back she never would have lied. Amy thinks it is a bad idea.

Sasha admits she is mad at herself for trashing what could have been the best thing she ever had. Valentin is in no place to judge. Sasha thinks that all that is gone and she is left feeling alone. She has been alone before but once you have that full life away it is different. Valentin wishes that he had great wisdom for her. Valentin tells her to get some sleep and then be ready for tomorrow.

Finn thinks it has been a long time. Jackie knows that he took his fatherís last name. It broke his fatherís heart. Chase wonders if his dad is here. Jackie says he is dealing with things. Jackie wants to meet Willow.

Willow loves the way that things are now. If she is going to be Wileyís mother there cannot be any ambiguity at what they are. So, much has happened. It is hard to define if this is something more meaningful or not. They cannot stay in this in-between. Michael wonders if she wants a divorce.

Anna knew that Finn had a step-mother but had no clue it was his Jackie. Anna tells Robert that this situation with his father and step-mother is difficult. Valentin shows up. He needs to speak with her. Anna thinks that for the first time ever Robert isnít interested in Peter or Alex. Valentin found out that her sister wants her dead.

Brook Lynn guesses that this is probably a bad idea. She is sorry that she never looked her up when she got to town. Amy guesses they will see each other around. Monica finds Brook Lynn. She asks how she found her. She wonders who died. Monica explained that no one died. She heard from Tracy though. Brook Lynn wonders why. Monica thinks that she needs to move back into the house where she belongs.

Olivia wonders why she is supposed to forgive him. Ned should have known she would be faithful. He knows she should be furious with him. Olivia thinks it hurts a little. She knows she should have told him where she was and why. Ned tells Olivia to just stop.

Willow thinks that a divorce would be one way to simplify the situation. It would have clarity as to what they are to one another. Willow thinks that they cannot forgive the past of what Chase and Sasha did to one another. Willow knows that one day they might want to open their hearts to someone else. She wonders how that works when they are still married. She asks how it is fair to Wiley. Michael guesses that adopting Wiley is contingent on them getting a divorce.

Finn tells Jackie that he is going to connect with Willow later on. It is a brotherís night. Chase wants Jackie to join them. Jackie thinks they can catch up later as she is not leaving anytime soon. Finn asks if she is staying indefinitely. Jackie thinks indefinitely sounds about right.

Jason tells Epiphany that Cyrus hired Britt because she will let him do his bidding. Britt tells Jason to come in. He asks where she wants him. Britt has a needle for him.

Monica thinks that Ned is concerned about her. Monica wonders if she is really comfortable with this. Brook Lynn cannot move past this. Monica thinks they could forgive one another. Monica knows that Brook Lynn is going to have a giant audience. Willow agreed to adopt Wiley.

Willow thinks nothing is conditional on adopting Wiley. She wants to be his mother regardless of what happens. Michael wants that too. Michael is not ready to decide on a divorce. Willow isnít either.

Jackie will call Chase tomorrow. Chase asks if Finn really had to blow off her. Chase knows he has to tell them the truth about Willow. Finn thinks that he can just tell them that it didnít work out. Finn thinks that he could be there for him. He needs to be there for his best man.

Jackie thinks the gray is very becoming of Robert. Robert doesnít buy for one second that she didnít look into what happened to him. Jackie admits he left an impression. Robert is sorry for what happened years ago. He is sorry for hurting her. Jackie thinks it means a lot to hear about that. She is sorry for his loss. Robert believes her.

Anna wonders if it was an ambush. Valentin guesses that it was going to be deadly. Anna didnít think that her sister was so desperate she wanted to kill her. Valentin knows that Alex has been trying to kill her for years. She wonders why she needs her dead now.

Britt is sure that anyone in this town gave him a full run down on her. Jason thinks this is all too soon to say. Britt thinks that normally people are quick to come back on her. Jason knows she did some horrible things for Lulu and Patrick. He knows that she did care about Rocco and Spencer liked her. Britt tells Jason to sign up to be an organ donor. Britt tells Epiphany to get back to work. Jason tells Epiphany that Britt might be the key to getting things fixed around here.

Monica hates seeing Brook Lynn and Ned at odds. She understands the need to be herself though. Monica needs to run. She asks to be excused. Amy walks back in. She wants to help her be the voice of Deception.

Ned wants this to be a rough patch and a fork in the road. Olivia agrees. She thinks that life is messy and things are complicated. Olivia knows she didnít handle things the right way. Olivia wants this to work. She feels terrible. Ned thinks it is done. No one needs to forgive anything. All that matters is the future and them having one another. Olivia thinks that is everything. The two hug one another.

Willow thinks nothing needs to change yet. Michael is glad. His grandfatherís funeral is tomorrow and he is grateful she will be next to him. Willow wouldnít be anywhere else.

Sasha takes out a bag of coke.

Chase gets a text. He is honored to be his best man but Willow is adopting Wiley but it means he will never be able to tell Willow the truth about Sasha and him. It would just cause more pain. It is time to talk about the bachelor party.

Jackie thinks they should burry the hatchet.

Anna tells Valentin they need to work with full-disclosure. Valentin would hate if something happened to her. He asks how she is going to handle this. Anna is sure that she is capable of anything at this point. Anna thinks they need to lure her to PC.

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