GH Update Tuesday 10/6/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/6/20


Carly shows up at the Quartermaine house. She needed to make sure that they were all ok. She thinks it is times like this that family is all that matters.

Obrecht asks if Dante is on the way to PC. The doctor explains that he is on his way now. Obrecht is glad.

Anna tells Finn that she made the guest list. She has no idea how this is getting so big. Anna thinks they need to invite his father and step-mother.

Lulu tells someone on the phone that someone needs to speak up about what is going on around here. A woman walks over and says that she has heard so much about Lulu.

Monica walks over to Olivia and asks how Dante is doing. Olivia was trying to get a hold of Ned and has no idea where he might be.

Alexis walks into her living room which is a disaster. She has clothes all over the room. Ned walks downstairs with his shirt unbuttoned. Ned thinks that he has had the worst hangover of his life. Alexis was hoping that was a dream. Ned thinks nightmare.

Julian wonders if Brook Lynn is ok. Brook Lynn thinks she is fine aside from the fact that her wife tried to kill her. She wants to know what Nelle had on Julian. Nikolas walks in. He asks if this is any way to talk with a lady.

Ryan begs Ava to say something. He wonders how long it has been. She doesn’t write or call. Ava wants to know what he wants. Ryan only wants what is best for her.

Ned knows he drank too much scotch. He asks if she was. Alexis wasn’t. Ned shouldn’t have taken advantage of her grief over Neil. Alexis thinks he should worry more about the wife he just cheated on.

Monica is not sure where Ned is. Olivia thinks that he is ignoring her. Olivia knows that they live in the same house. They have been a little scratchy over the last few months. He needed her help with Brook Lynn. She needed help with Dante though.

Anna thinks that building a bridge between him and her father would be a good idea. Finn guesses we can call Alex up too.

Obrecht thinks that they are all responsible for her false imprisonment. The doctor doesn’t think that they should pay for Peter’s crimes. Obrecht thinks that Anna’s influence gave those claims weight. They need to neutralize both mother and son. The doctor draws the line getting revenge at anyone else.

Julian does have Brook Lynn’s back as her friend. Nikolas sits down. Brook Lynn thinks sometimes it is nice to have a real life prince show up. Nikolas knows she doesn’t want to live with the Quartermaine’s so she can live with him. Brook Lynn is actually fine.

Ryan almost called him on Kiki’s birthday. Ava tells him to keep her daughter’s name out of his filthy mouth. Ryan can still follow her journey even behind bars. He is still disappointed in her. Ava thinks that Nikolas has two hands and knows how to use them. Ryan thinks that Ava knows that they were meant to be. Ava wants to know what he wants She doesn’t have all night. Ryan has come into some information that would be some great interest to her and someone she loves.

Olivia wonders how she could this to a friend. Ned thinks that Olivia slept with Robert. Alexis suggests that getting proof would help on that.

Lulu thanks her for showing up. She is such a fan of hers. She thinks that this is best to leave to an actual journalist. Lulu thinks that her father had a lot of stuff to say about her. Lulu knows that her and Luke go back a long way.

Anna asks if he really just compared his father to her sister. Her sister is guilty of treason but that is not in comparison to his father. Anna thinks that Alex was bating her. It wouldn’t have been a good play. Anna thinks this wedding needs good work. Anna thinks they need an additional bridesmaid. Finn could ask Peter if it is ok with her. Anna thinks that this would be a good idea. He thinks that she should be in on the decision. Robert walks in.

Amy walks into Charlies. She asks if Brook Lynn has a minute. She really needs a friend to vent too. She reminds her that they went to high school together. Nikolas will go. Julian asks Nikolas what he wants. Nikolas wonders where his wife is.

Ava reminds Ryan that he is in prison. Ryan wonders if she wants to know what person he has information on. Ryan knows about Julian and Wiley.

Michael tells Carly that he asked Willow to consider adopting Wiley. Willow is considering it. Michael thinks that this is just about him. Michael goes to take a call with a heart surgeon for Wiley. Carly wonders if she is thinking about adopting Wiley or if she has already made up her mind.

The doctor thinks that they are taking this too far. Obrecht thinks that Anna will stop at no expense to hurt her. Anna did bad things in the past. This is the same Anna who did anything to help frame her for crimes that her son committed. She turned her own daughter against her. So, did Franco, Nina, and Maxie. Her grandson is growing up without her. She is not being given an ounce of love. He reminds her that she does have love. His. She begs him to help her then. She will know just how devoted he is too her.

Robert tells them that Holly survived the accident. He unfortunately got there too late to do anything. She is gone for real now. He has the bastard who did it in custody. He owes it all to her. He was able to see through the fog. Anna knows he would have done the same for her. Robert is going to have her see Peter for the person he really is.

Amy heard Brook Lynn rehearse at the Nurses Ball. She thought she was so good. Amy wonders when the world will get to hear her voice again.

Nikolas was hoping that Ava went to see him. He thinks that Ava ignored their warnings.

Ava plays dumb about the baby swap. Ryan thinks that his life in here is boring. He got some mail though. It was a lovely handwritten note from Nelle Benson or he could refer to her as Nelle Jerome. Nelle knew that Julian knew about Nelle’s child being Wiley. Ava thinks that Julian had nothing to do with it. Ryan could care less but Nelle would like him to tell Sonny this information. Unless she thinks she can make him a better offer

Ned asks if Alexis can keep this between us. Alexis will not tell anyone. What happened tonight happened. Ned thanks her.

Willow only married Michael so that he could have a better chance at making Michael the father. She thinks she would be tied to Michael forever. Carly assumes the problem is her and Michael.

The reporter thinks that PC was very nostalgic for her. She has moved on though. She has a bunch of information that makes him look like a good man. Lulu thinks that he is using it as a front. He is using the hospital to do all of this. She asks if this is just instinct. Lulu thinks it is an instinct she has inherited from her father.

Anna will not allow him to use his grief to hurt Peter. Robert needs to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone that he loves. Peter is a real threat to their lives. Anna will not listen to this. Anna gets a call from Valentin and goes to take it. Robert tells Finn to get through to Anna. He thinks that Peter is a real threat.

Brook Lynn guesses that there is no time table. Amy thinks that next year they could sing next year at the ball. She starts singing.

Ava wonders what he is asking. Ryan thinks his silence comes at a price. He just doesn’t know what to ask for. He thinks a weekly visit will do the trip. Ryan guesses he could send the letter to Sonny. Ava guesses that he will do it. Ryan thinks she has to share her hopes and dreams like when they were together. Ryan asks if she is with him. Nikolas storms in asking what she is doing.

Willow thinks that her and Michael have been just friends. There have been moments where it felt like it could be more. She thinks that this is the kind of man that Michael is. Carly thinks that her love for Wiley will guide her. Michael says they have an appointment to consult with the surgeon.

Ned walks into the mansion. Olivia runs over and hugs him. She was so worried about him. Ned asks how long she has been home. Olivia wonders where he has been.

Finn thinks that Robert could give Anna some credit every once in a while. Robert thinks that he has done so many stupid things. Finn wonders how much he can look the other way.

Anna tells Valentin they have to let Alex play their game not the other way around.

Obrecht remembers the first day they met. She remembers the cultured masculinity that he had when he walked into her cell. Obrecht thinks that the scandal alone could destroy him. She doesn’t think they can truly be together until she is free. Anna and Peter are part of that. He will do what must be done.

Brook Lynn wishes she wasn’t alone. Julian asks if she has any luck finding an apartment. Brook Lynn wonders if he remembers when he asked her if she was a hooker. She thinks it is time she take up her own advice

Nikolas is getting her out of here now. He thinks that this has everything to do with him. Ryan wonders if he was wrong. Her husband has so many passionate feelings. He wonders if she is in-love with him.

Brook Lynn sits down next to Amy. Brook Lynn thinks that there might be something she can do for her.

Alexis takes out a bottle of vodka and pours it. She starts drinking.

Ned isn’t the one who disappeared. Olivia left messages. Olivia reached out. Ned knows that her and Robert slept together.

Carly thinks that the two of them have a lot to discuss. Carly will go and peak in on Wiley. Michael wonders if she is ok. Willow thinks that his mom helped her see things more clearly. Willow wants to adopt Wiley.

Finn thinks that Anna can do what is best for her family. Robert knows that Anna has a blind spot. Finn thinks that life is short. He thinks that he needs to ask himself if Holly would be alright with all of this.

Obrecht thinks that Dante needs his guidance. Obrecht knows that Dante is strong willed. He cannot be left to his own devices. She will miss him of course.

Lulu has to take off. She is on deadline with another story. Lulu thinks that she will find that the city has changed a lot. Robert walks over and recognizes Jackie.

Nikolas tells Ava they need to go. Ava thinks that she just needs another minute alone. Nikolas guesses. Ryan thinks that spending time with him is meaningless when she is with someone else. She needs to divorce her husband.

Written by Anthony

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