GH Update Monday 10/5/20

General Hospital Update Monday 10/5/20


Portia finds Trina. She asks if everything is ok. Elizabeth gives them a minute. Trina thinks that it doesn’t feel right to be here tonight. Portia wonders if she has spoken to her friends.

Cam thinks that they should probably go. Joss agrees that they should. The two of them start to kiss. Dev sees this. Cam and Joss smile. Dev wonders if he interrupted something.

Stella thanks Jordan and Curtis for taking her out to dinner. She knows that times have changed but she wonders when the concept of marriage became the enemy. Stella tells them that they are protesting next week against GH’s new chairman of the board.

TJ tells Molly that the student government is afraid to protest. TJ thinks that this is a bad thing for the entire community. Molly wonders if they should reschedule. It seems weird if they are doing all of this at once. TJ sees Brando and wants him to be with them at the protest.

Sonny asks Jason what he found out. Jason explains that Cyrus is getting more restless.

Ava thinks that barging in here with his head on fire is not a good idea. Nikolas walks in. Ava thinks they are having a private discussion right now. Nikolas thinks this is his house. Ava points out that there are fifty rooms in this house. Ava gets a call from Ryan. They ask on the phone if she will accept the call. Ava accepts. Ryan says that he missed her.

Brando thinks that this guy is dangerous when people get in their way. Brando gets an email. He thinks that his advice is not to get mixed up further in this. They need to focus on their commitment ceremony instead.

Jason thinks that Cyrus has plausible deniability. Jason thinks he has a weakness. He thinks he can put anyone under his thumb. That is how they bring him down.

Trina thought that when Oscar died she fed all this dribble to Joss about how you have to live through loss. She didn’t realize how hard this would actually be. Jordan suggests that it might be better for her to be with her friends. Trina thought that they would all be together but instead she was just thinking about her father.

Dev can come back. He just thought she should talk with Trina because she is having a rough time. Joss will see him in a little bit. Dev wonders if Cam would have kissed Trina first tonight.

Ava demands to know what Ryan wanted. Nikolas tries to get the phone from her. Nikolas tells her to hang the phone up. Ryan knew that she liked him. Ava thinks that there are people who get paid to listen to things like that. Ryan reminds her that he gets angry when he feels ignored. She wonders what he wants. Ava is not coming to visit him. Ryan thinks they have something to discuss. Ava thinks they have nothing to talk about. Ryan thinks it is something life changing. Ryan thinks she knows how he hates to wait. Ava could hear the confidence in Ryan’s voice. Julian thinks he can sit on it. Julian has enough going on in his own life. He needs to go. Nikolas thinks this guy feeds off of fear. Ava explains that Ryan stopped calling her months ago. He doesn’t do anything for no reason. Nikolas can hear that she is scared in her voice. She doesn’t need to give him what he wants. She needs to not engage. Ava thinks that would make it more comfortable for him.

Trina wonders why Portia would think it is about Cam. Trina thinks this is complicated. Trina doesn’t know how she feels about Cam. Joss walks out. She heard that she was looking for her. Trina thinks that her stomach hurts. Joss could leave with her if she wants. Trina thinks they should stay. Joss thinks she knows a place they could talk.

Cam wonders if Dev saw the kiss. Dev did. Cam didn’t plan on kissing anyone tonight. Dev thinks that Trina is hurting tonight and it isn’t just because of her dad. She thought that he would be here for her tonight. Cam doesn’t want to hurt either one of them. Dev thinks that he just wants friendship.

Jordan explains that TJ wanted to fight back. Jordan is worried this could put a target on his back. Stella knows that TJ was just minding his own business when some random criminal jumped him and kidnapped him for days. Stella doesn’t think that TJ would be so determined if the PCPD had a better idea who kidnapped him in the first place.

Molly thinks that Brando has a right to have second thoughts. TJ thinks that he has every right but it is the way he did it. He acted like he was some random organizer on the street. He wonders what has changed between them.

Jason thinks that Cyrus sidelines anyone that can hurt him. Jason thinks that Cyrus tried to buy Julian’s interest in Charlie’s. He really believes he can get people involved. He will use the hospital as a front for his friends. He has one person left. Brando shows up.

Elizabeth asks Portia how it is going. Elizabeth thinks that chaperoning is easy. Parenting not so much. Elizabeth was hoping that tonight would give the kids a break. Portia tells her that they have a little teen angst on their hands tonight.

Joss tells Trina that her cousin owns the place. Trina thinks that Cam and Dev are probably looking for them. Joss thinks that they can leave if she wants to. Trina is not sure if going home right now is going to help her feel better. Joss thinks they can sit in here for a while and see how she feels.

Jordan asks if she is implying again that she is not doing enough. Stella thinks that TJ is dealing with a lot of drama. Curtis thinks that they are dealing with that as a family. Stella thinks that they are avoiding what they go through. Jordan guesses he wants to get on with his life. Stella thinks he needs to talk with someone. Jordan agrees that she is right. Stella tells Curtis that she didn’t mean to cause trouble. Curtis knows but it has been haunting Jordan. Stella thinks that Jordan might collapse under the weight of things.

Jordan finds Molly and TJ. Jordan thinks that this involves the two of them. It involves the protest against Cyrus.

Jason explains that Cyrus might want to get involved with Brando. Jason wants to send Brando in but he is really working for Sonny.

Ava thinks that Ryan is a psychopath. He murdered her daughter to make her happy. He used Kiki to get to her too. She wonders if he doesn’t want to reach out because it reminds her that he isn’t so different than him.

Nikolas knows she is right. It makes him sick to his stomach. He knows he echoed Ryan’s behavior and it is one of his greatest regrets. There is a difference though in what is going on. Nikolas thinks that it is greedy to battle over money. It is vain and shallow and appeals to the worst of them. It doesn’t even begin to touch what Ryan is. He got off on watching her spiral into delusion and grief. He couldn’t stand to watch it happen again.

Brando explains that Cyrus made him think that those guys did what they did to him on his own. Sonny thinks the plan is solid. Sonny thinks that this is very dangerous. Brando thinks that he has been involved in this since he showed up in PC. Brando thinks they are family.

TJ thinks that protest is a strong word. Molly thinks they are just creating a gathering. TJ thinks that he can put pressure on the board. TJ thinks he might have to respond to public pressure. Jordan didn’t go through all of this so that he can put himself into danger again.

Stella knows that Curtis isn’t responsible and Marcus hurt his efforts. Stella thought that Jordan framed someone. Curtis needs to get Cyrus back behind bars for his own. Curtis guesses that Portia thinks that Trina is angry because of there not being someone else to be angry at.

Elizabeth had suspicions that their children might be ingesting after the same thing. Portia knows they have a lot of feelings to work out.

Cam doesn’t want to string anyone along. Dev tells him not to do that then. Cam can’t just do that. It isn’t that clear for him. He doesn’t know how he feels about either of them. Dev tells him to tell them that he just wants to be friends. Cam thinks that is the ultimate blow off line. Dev wouldn’t know about that. Cam is at this weird in-between stage with both of them. Cam thinks that they would see right through him. Dev wonders what he will do then.

Sonny knows that Cyrus would love to have Brando working for him. He thinks that he could threaten him for whatever reason. Sonny thinks he could use Brando as a hostage. Brando is willing to take the risk. He would rather go out as a solder than damage. Jason thinks it will be Sonny’s call.

TJ feels like he needs to do something. Jordan knows he feels helpless and he doesn’t want to be that way again. Jordan doesn’t want him to not deal with the trauma that he went through. Jordan thinks that he could focus on happier things like Molly. Jordan needs to get back to Stella and Curtis.

Stella knows what “we go way back” means. Curtis thinks it is ancient history. Stella asks if Jordan is aware of this ancient history.

Elizabeth knows that Trina and Cam have been there for one another.

Joss thinks the playlist is pretty lame tonight. Trina thinks they should head back. She just needed something for them. Joss thinks that she is glad that Trina is feeling better. Trina thanks her for keeping her company. Joss thinks that friends need to be there for one another.

Dev thinks he needs to do something. Cam has been friends with Joss his entire life. Cam cannot tell both of them that he has feelings for them. He thinks he needs to take a step back. He knows they can be at each other’s throats but he is a good friend. Dev thinks back at him.

Ava knows that Nikolas has never been anything like Ryan. He is everything that Nikolas says. He took her girl from her. Ava thinks that being blindsided and tortured by him she cannot do it again. Nikolas asks if he doesn’t have to worry then. Ava says no. Nikolas gets a text from his accountant. He needs to meet. He doesn’t have to go though. Ava thinks it is important. Nikolas will see her later then. Ava guesses that he will.

Trina asks Cam and Dev what they were talking about. Trina wonders if it was about world peace and global warming.

Elizabeth is impressed. She sounds awfully casual. Portia is actually freaking out that she is putting her heart out.

Curtis doesn’t keep secrets from his wife. Stella thinks the past can have an issue with the present. Stella was just saying sorry to Curtis about the case. Jordan thinks she has every right to be worried. Stella thinks that hard times have a way to test everyone. Stella needs them to take care of one another. That is where you find the strength.

TJ didn’t expect to face his mother’s wrath over this. Molly thinks it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he wanted to talk about what he went through. TJ doesn’t think that talking about it will bring back what he lost. TJ is not going to let anyone win. TJ is going to live his life. Molly thinks they can focus on their own needs this one time. TJ guesses that is something to consider. The last thing they need is someone to get in-between their big day.

Sonny thinks that Brando could cause a lot of problems.

Ava shows up at Pentonville. Ryan sits down. He thinks she is a sight for sore eyes.

Written by Anthony

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