GH Update Thursday 10/1/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/1/20


Written by Anthony

Ava gets a call from Nina. Nina is so glad to hear she is alive. Ava told her that she would be ok. Nina wonders what they wanted. Ava doesnít think she should be talking about this now because Nikolas could be lurking around. Ava is not going to bring anything up to Nikolas. She doesnít want Nikolas to think that all they had was a one nigh stand. She is not going to give him ammunition. Nina wonders if he would hold it against her. Nikolas walks in.
Brando tells Dev that he looks great. Dev thinks that his tie is choking him. Brando gets a call. He tells him that he should go inside. He is going to see who this is. Brando gets a call from Cyrus saying that he tells him that those men who trespassed on him were arrested. He explains he is having a new car lift delivered to his shop. Brando thinks that he doesnít need to do that. Cyrus is convinced that he would flourish under his leadership. He wants a chance to prove it.

Carly tells Dev that he looks great and should dress up more often. Cam thinks that Dev looks sharp. Dev thinks he does too. Cam wonders if Joss normally acts like this when she gets ready for school. Jax tells Joss and Trina that they are ready. The two girls walk downstairs all dressed up for the dance. Everyone claps for them.

Cyrus shows up at Charlies. Jason follows him. Sam taps on him. Jason wonders why she is following him. Sam wonders why he is following Cyrus.

Julian reads the letter from Nelle again. Cyrus wonders if he has some bad news.

Jason is working. Sam thought that he was being sketchy on details right now. Sam wonders if she should be worried about Cyrus being at the bar.

Julian thinks that Charlies is more important to him than money. Cyrus wonders if he is worried that the police would hold Nelleís crimes against him. Cyrus thinks that he is the only one left to suffer for Nelleís crimes. Cyrus thinks if he gets into further trouble he can help. All he has to do is ask.

Trina and Joss go to get her purse. Portia thinks that Trina wants to be a model. Jax thanks Nina for helping with all of this. Nina thinks it is fun. She is having a blast being around his child.

Elizabeth wonders if Cam is excited about going to the dance. Cam is. Elizabeth thinks that it makes sense after everything that they have been through this year.

Ava wonders how Nikolasí day was. Nikolas asks Ava how she could do this behind his back.

Jason wonders if Cyrus is trying to recruit Julian.

Carly thinks that Sonny is going to love these pictures. Carly tells Jax that she hated keeping this from Sonny. Jax knows that she would always tell Jason but Sonny only just lost Mike. Carly hates keeping secrets from Sonny. Jax thinks if it ever came out then he wouldnít want Nina to get involved. Carly thinks there is more evidence to be found. Jax thinks that Nina was sympathetic towards Nelle. Portia wonders how Nelle died. Carly guesses there was no cause of death yet. Elizabeth is glad that there was closure. Joss wonders what they are talking about. Carly thinks how beautiful Joss and Trina look.

Cam finds Trina and wonders how she feels about going to the dance. Trina knows it might be hard but all she needs to feel safe is him.

Dev tells Joss that she looks great. He is sorry that Mike couldnít see her tonight. Dev didnít mean to bring her down. Joss is glad that he is thinking about Mike.

Nikolas thinks that this is obscene. He wants to know how she could spend ten thousand dollars on bedding. Ava thinks they could afford it. Nikolas thinks she was fine to sleep on cotton sheets. Nikolas thinks that the thread count was the last thing on her mind the last time they slept together. Ava hasnít thought about this that much. Nikolas wonders if she regrets sleeping with her.

Sam needs to talk with Julian. She tells Cyrus it is a private conversation. Cyrus tells Jason it is terrible to lose someone you love. Sam wants to know what is wrong with Julian and Cyrus. Julian explains that Cyrus wanted to buy the place and he turned him down. He has no idea why he is still here but he is not going to turn down business. Julian thinks that Sam should be focused on her mother.

Cyrus wonders if Sonnyís business has suffered or anything. Cyrus knows about the vicious attack that Brando had in his job. Jason guesses that Brando can take care of himself. Cyrus wonders if Brando is not being taken under the Corinthos wing.

Brando tells Dev that he has a big night ahead of him.

Elizabeth admits that she has had a few sleepless nights about the dance. Trina tells Portia not to embarrass her tonight. Jax tells Joss that there will be no drinking. Joss learned her lesson last time. Jax tells them that they would be watched the entire night. Joss thinks that they should take photos with Tony since he is part of the whole thing. Joss doubts that Sonny needs more photos of them. Carly tells her to smile for him.

Ava wonders if Nikolas regrets them sleeping together. Nikolas asked her first. Ava tells him that Nina thinks they are crazy. Nikolas is not shocked that Nina thought that they would be crazy to sleep together. Ava doesnít think he objected to anything. Nikolas thinks they can go back to the way things were. Ava guesses the could forget that they ever had sex.

Julian thinks they can talk about Alexis. Sam has no desire. Sam thinks that if Cyrus had anything to do with Neilís death that would mean war with Sonny. Julian is washing his hands of whatever blood feuds that Sonny wants to get himself into.

Cyrus thinks that it sounds like Sonny and his cousin arenít getting along these days. Cyrus tells Sam that he heard about her motherís friend dying. Sam asks if Cyrus knows anything about where Neil got the drugs.

Trina asks Portia and Elizabeth if they are walking in with them. Portia guesses they can go right in. Cam wonders how Trina is holding up. Trina is smiling. Portia thinks that it took ever ounce of her to let Trina go off right now. Elizabeth wants to talk about something else. Portia tells Elizabeth she is sorry about her hours being cut. Elizabeth explains that Britt and her have a history. Portia wonders why she would sideline her. Elizabeth is glad that Britt didnít hurt Portiaís hours. Portia thinks that being Cyrusí puppet is not a safe thing.

Carly thinks that Dev looks adorable in these pictures. Brando tells her not to tell him that to his face. Carly thinks it is great that he is looking out for him. Brando thinks he is a likable kid. Brando thanks Carly for inviting him. Carly thinks as family he gets to come whether he wants to or not.

Jax asks if Nina is ok. Nina was just thinking of her son or daughter. She was wondering if her child had a happy life.

Joss thinks it is nice to be off of house arrest. Joss is glad that Dev was with her during everything. She thinks that he helped her out. She knows they have been through a lot together. Dev thinks that she looks harika. Dev explains that it means gorgeous which she is. Joss thinks that is what it means to be part of a family. Dev knows they are pretending to be cousins. Dev doesnít see her as a cousin anymore. Joss thinks they might not be cousins but she is happy that they are friends. She needs to go catch up with a few friends.

Cyrus knows nothing about someoneís drug habits. Sam suggests that he think harder. Cyrus thinks that those drug charges were fake. He thinks it is time that he leave. Cyrus wants him to give her mother his condolences. Sam thinks if he mentions her mother again then they will have an issue. Sam tells Jason that Cyrus tried to get Julian to sell the bar.

Cam asks Trina what is wrong. Trina cannot smile. Cam wonders what is wrong. Trina thinks that homecoming was a big mistake. Cam thinks that her dad would want her to live her life. It is ok to be happy. Trina needs to go. She promises she will be back though.

Elizabeth thinks that having Cyrus has the chairman is bad. Portia thinks it is worse than they can imagine. Elizabeth cannot imagine what it is like to deal with him. Portia thanks her for caring. Elizabeth thinks they have to stick together. Portia wonders if she even has to ask.

Cam wonders where Joss is. Dev says she is talking with volleyball friends. Cam says he needs to find Trina.

Ava thinks that sex should be off the table. Nikolas wonders if that is what she wants. Ava wonders if that is what she wants. Someone knocks on the door. Julian wants to know where his sister is. Julian thinks they need to talk in private. Julian tells Ava he is in trouble and needs her help.

Brando tells Carly that he needs to talk with Jason but it isnít important. Brando is going to get going. Carly tells Nina she understands. If she cried though then Joss would ignore her for a month. Nina thinks that they probably wonít realize what this night means for years. Nina couldnít help but picture her own child with them. Carly thinks that Charlotte will be in high school soon enough. Nina thinks that Charlotte needs to stay a little girl. Nina explains that there was a nurse that used to take care of her. The order was from 1991 and the order was from the nurse that took care of her. Nina hopes that Phyliss divided the necklace for her child and her. She might know where her child is now.

Cam asks Joss if she has seen Trina. Cam thinks that Trina seems upset. He wonders if he is being overreacting. Joss thinks he is being a good friend. Cam thinks it is tough. Joss thinks you have to be honest with the people around you. Cam wonders what she is doing out here. Joss needed some fresh air. Joss is tired of letting people down. Cam wonders when that has happened. Joss cannot always be who people expect. Cam wonders if she remembers when they were councilors at Lilaís Kids. She took that girl under her wing and made her feel like they were best friends. That was all because of her. Joss doesnít think she is perfect. Cam thinks she comes close. He is glad that she has always been in her life. Joss is glad that he is in her life too. Cam doesnít think that she could ever let him down. He means that.

Jason tells Sonny that there is a development involving Cyrus. He needs him to meet with him.

Nina tells Jax that she was telling Carly about the child. Carly thinks it is possible. Nina wonders if she finds nothing. Jax thinks if she stops looking then she might never know. Carly thinks that she needs to find her child. Carly thinks that her child needs to know where they came from. Where they got their eyes. Carly thinks they need to know why they were a terrific dancer and she deserves to be a mother.

Trina tells Dev that her stomach hurts. She wants to go home. Trina wonders where Joss and Cam are.

Cam tells Joss they should head back. Joss agrees they should. The two kiss one another.

Ava assumes that this is about Nelle. Julian explains that someone else has proof of what happened. Nikolas walks in. Ava thinks that they are having a private conversation. Nikolas thinks that this is their living room. Ava gets a call. Itís a collect call from Ryan.

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