GH Update Monday 9/28/20

General Hospital Update Monday 9/28/20


Written by Anthony

At the WSB facility Dante’s doctor walks in and asks if he read the brief on his assignment. Dante doesn’t think that this is true. He explains that it is Dante’s mission to find out.

Robert tells Olivia that she doesn’t have to do this. Olivia is going to get her a new suite right now. Robert tells Olivia to go home and relieve her hubby. Olivia will do that when she is done with making sure he is alright.

Ned tries to punch Valentin. Chase stops him.

Alexis asks the bartender to speed the drink along.

Curtis tells Portia that he has been looking for him. Portia assumes that Jordan told him about the other night at Charlies. Curtis assumes about his integrity. Jordan meant every word of it. She believes that they are lucky to know one another. Curtis needs to know about Britt. Martin shows up. He needs a doctor. He was just mugged.

Julian takes out the trash. He gets an envelope. Cyrus walks over. He was looking for him. He thinks that Julian has something that he wants.

Nina tells Jax that he just missed Joss. She is getting dressed upstairs. Joss walks own and says that this is a complete disaster. Nina wonders if Joss is feeling ok. Joss is just having all these weird things running through her head. Nina wonders if anyone has heard the word on Nelle. Joss wonders if she hasn’t heard. Nina opens the door and Sonny and Carly are there.

Dante wants to know what has been going on in PC. The doctor explains that things have changed since he left. Dante knows that his grandfather died. He thinks that his father and mother and son live on. Dante thinks his wife too.

Lulu tells Peter that she is going to be living with Dustin. Lulu hasn’t been able to find a reporter but she has been looking through a list of names.

Chase tells Ned that he needs to do him a favor and not make him write this up. Ned is not going to leave Alexis alone with Valentin.

Portia says that Martin has a nasty bump on the back of his head. Martin says that is where he got hit. Curtis wonders what exactly happened. Martin tells him it was a sneak attack. Portia asks Curtis to stand outside.

Chase tells Ned that if he continues to escalate then he is going to have criminal charges. Curtis calls Chase and tells him that Martin Grey was just mugged. Chase has to go. He expects both of them to be on opposite sides of this restaurant. Valentin asks why someone would have it out for Martin. Valentin knows he is a lawyer.

Julian told Cyrus that he doesn’t need him in his venture. Cyrus wants to buy his pub.

Carly thanks Nina for hosting the pre-homecoming gallery. Carly tells Joss they need to get her upstairs and get her gorgeous. Joss tells Carly to inform Jax and Nina about Nelle. Jax wonders what about Nelle. Carly admits that Nelle is dead.

Robert thinks that Olivia is doing her marriage no favors by hanging around him. Olivia thinks she has not much to come back to.

Ned tells Alexis that smacking Valentin around felt so damn good. Ned doesn’t blame her if she wants to head home. Alexis wonders about him. Ned thinks that home is kind of empty. Ned wonders why she was around Valentin this morning. Alexis tried to be nice to him earlier in the year. Ned thinks that there must have been something in it for him.

Portia tells Curtis that Martin just has a slight concussion. Valentin and Chase go into Martin’s examining room. Martin was flat on the floor the next thing he knew. His brief case is missing now. Martin explains that there was an envelope that Nelle had given him to give to someone in case she died. Which she has.

Julian is not interested in selling. Cyrus doesn’t think he has heard his offer. Julian doesn’t really want a partner. He doesn’t need someone with his past either.

Nina wonders how she found out about Nelle. Sonny says that Chase came over. They found her body on the Pennsylvania side of the river. Joss wanted Nelle to pay. She didn’t want her dead. Nina thinks that there is nothing to that voice. Carly thinks that this is Joss’ night. They are going to go upstairs and get Joss ready.

Chase asks Martin how Julian felt about Nelle’s death. Martin thinks that Julian is more concerned about the document. Chase leaves. Valentin wants to know what is in the envelope.

Curtis tells Portia that they were talking about Britt. Portia remembers that he was doing the talking. Curtis thinks that it is her turn to talk. Portia doesn’t think he should have been asking questions.

Nina tells Sonny that she is so sorry for his loss. Sonny thinks that his dad and him had a very complicated relationship. He is just glad that he was able to spend the last few years with him. This year has been a roller coaster. They need to make the best of things.

Cyrus wonders what it matters if you make yourself over when people still have issues with you. Cyrus wonders if he is capable of murder. Chase shows up. He is here to talk with Julian. Julian wonders what he did. Chase explains that Martin was just mugged.

Ned got a call today and he learned that his wife was in the honeymoon suite with another man. Alexis is sure that there is an explanation to that. Ned is sure he will hear it eventually. Alexis went to bed with Mister Right and woke up with Mister Dead. According to Neil’s brother she lead him to killing himself. Ned doesn’t know his brother but he knows her and she didn’t destroy his life. Alexis thinks that they had so many possibilities. They were smart and witty and people liked them. Ned thinks they were a power couple to not be messed with. Alexis wonders how long it took him to move on. Ned wonders if he ever did.

Robert thinks that the man was such a fool. Lulu asks Olivia if she got her message. Olivia had a phone catastrophe. Lulu wanted to set up a dinner date with her, Ned, and Dustin. Olivia will call her once she gets a new phone. She thinks it must have been lost. Olivia went to see Dante.

The doctor explains that Dante cannot just pick up where he left off. Dante doesn’t think that he is. Dante doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Someone snaps a pen. Dante says he will complete the mission. He wonders how he can catch the target. He looks at a picture of Peter.

Ned and Alexis toast to good times past. Alexis thinks that they really had good times. Alexis thinks that they did each other a favor. Ned doesn’t rate past love but he is glad of the time they had together. Alexis thinks if she had not dumped him then he wouldn’t have found Olivia. Ned lost ELQ and his daughter. Alexis thinks that they should all be shamed. He thinks that he is the last prince. Ned thanks her. Alexis had to kiss a lot of frogs since him. Ned thinks that sometimes you lose everything only to find out what was there all along.

Lulu wonders how Dante seemed. Olivia explains that Dante refused to see her. She begged him and told him how much she loved him. She knows that it is a sin to hate but she hates these people who took her child away from his family and himself.

Dante knows Peter a little bit. He was around when Faison was around. He explains that the WSB has officially moved on. He might have faked his reform.

Robert runs into Peter. He asks if he missed him.

Curtis wonders why Portia is looking out for Britt. Portia knows that Britt was appointed by Cyrus. She doesn’t want him anywhere near him. Portia thinks that all this has done is get him killed. Portia thinks that whatever they had ended a long time ago but it doesn’t mean that she stopped caring about him.

Julian tells Chase that Martin had asked to end his marriage with Nelle and then they found out about Nelle being dead. Chase tells him that someone struck Martin out. Cyrus says that there was no way that Julian could have been in that parking garage because he was here with him.

Sonny asks what Jax might have regrated. Carly thinks that Joss should keep her hair down. Carly asks Nina and Jax what they think. Joss wants Nina’s opinion. Nina would love to help. Jax wonders how long it took him to tell Sonny and Jason. Sonny thank Jax.

Peter didn’t know he was back. Robert just got off the plane. Robert tells Peter that he will come for him direct.

Ned will have Alexis get dropped off. He thinks that the wing he shares with his wife has been pretty empty. Alexis says her house is empty and creepy but she deserves it. Ned thinks they can go and listen to some live music. Alexis knows they are not though.

Valentin thinks no one will get in the way of his plans.

Curtis thinks that this is a family affair. Portia thought he said that he would do right by Trina. Portia wonders how he does that when he isn’t around to do it.

Chase thinks that Julian needs to get a lawyer. Julian thanks Cyrus for the alibi but he really didn’t do anything wrong.

Sonny is just grateful he didn’t go to the cops. Sonny has been handling these situations for years. He thinks from now on they handling things his way. Nina walks down stairs.

Cyrus wants Julian to agree to hear his offer.

Olivia knows that Lulu warned her but she had to know. She needed to accept that there was no getting through to Dante. She thinks it will be easier now. Olivia thinks someday Dante might come home. Lulu thinks that Hope makes you who you are. Lulu tells Olivia that they can talk as long as they want but she assumes she wants to find Ned right now.

Ned tells Alexis it is time to go home.

Nina wonders if she should go back upstairs. Jax explains that Sonny was telling him about Nelle’s death. Nina thinks it is hard to believe that Nelle is actually gone. Portia asks Curtis to be careful.

Valentin thinks that Martin needs to remember that his first loyalty was to him. Valentin tells Martin that he better start praying that he is right.

Julian looks at the envelope. Nelle explains that this isn’t actually the letter. The real one is still out here. Julian wonders who he would even trust.

A prison guard sorts out mail. Ryan has a letter from Nelle.

Robert thinks the sooner he can bring him to justice the sooner things can be over. Robert has no idea why Lulu would defend Peter. Robert has known some real reporters in his day and she could measure up. She needs to take her blinders off though. Lulu doesn’t think anyone can just get away with this. Lulu has a great idea and it might get Robert off his back.

Dante is told to investigate and examine the evidence.

The doctor tells someone it is done. Obrecht thinks that then she will have her revenge.

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