GH Update Friday 9/25/20

General Hospital Update Friday 9/25/20


Written by Anthony

Alexis thanks Valentin for going above and beyond. Valentin tells Alexis that he is leveling the playing field. They go into the memorial. They see a picture of him on the table.

Sasha makes a call to buy drugs. She tells them to text her when they are outside. Chase walks over.

Brook Lynn knows that it is a shock that Olivia is in Monte Carlo. Brook Lynn thought they were solid. Ned explains that Olivia hasnít been happy since he took over ELQ. Ned asks if he can convince her to come home. Brook Lynn doesnít think that is a good thing for either of them right now. She will let him know where she goes though. Brook Lynn thinks Olivia will not blow things up for her. Ned wants her to call him if she needs anything. Brook Lynn hopes that there can be hope for them.

Olivia tells Robert that she must have left her phone in Monte Carlo. Robert thinks that the casino wanted to get things under control. Olivia tells Ethan that she is so sorry. Olivia thinks that Robert could have saved Holly had it not been for her.

Cam asks Joss if she is alright. Joss just didnít feel like being home right now. Cam wonders why not. Joss explains that Mike just died and she just figured that if she wasnít around they could be honest about things. Cam thinks that there is a tension at his house too.

Scott showed Ava and Nikolas stuff. Franco really doesnít like looking at the picture of Elizabeth kissing Nikolas. Scott thought it was hair brained but the two of them made it work out. Scott thinks that they were able to scare off Ava and Nikolas. They should both be ready to pay.

Olivia knows that Holly was alive. He could have saved her if she hadnít saved her. Robert didnít even want to go to the Memorial. If she hadnít they would have been in PC. Ethan doesnít think it was enough time. Robert thinks Olivia is the reason they got those answers.

Chase didnít realize that Sasha was on the phone. He explains to her that Nelleís body was found. Sasha wonders how she is dead. Chase explains that he is here to get more details. Sasha guesses they are happy. She is thankful. Michael and Willow are finally free of Nelle. She thinks the finality of everything is finally over. It is too late though.

Scott thinks that Ava felt like he betrayed her. Franco thinks that this is payback. Elizabeth wonders if they are just as bad because this is just blackmail.

Cam thinks that his parents canít be that interested in his soccer practices. Cam explains that Britt is the new chief-of-staff over at the hospital. Cam explains that she hates his mom. Joss knows that Cyrus fired Monica and Bobbie. Cam was looking at after school jobs. He needs to help out with the expenses.

Valentin wonders if Neil had any family. Alexis explains that he had a brother. Alexis wonders if that is Neilís brother. Alexis introduces herself. He knows who she is. She assumes that he was probably told of his death. He knew about Neil dating but Alexis was different. Alexis thinks they had a special connection. His brother spend his life trying to do good. He wishes that he had never met her.

Olivia always loved spy movies. They were so glamorous. She guesses the real deal wasnít really the case. Ethan wonders what the story between the two of them are. Robert says a few years ago she helped him. She is married. Robert asks who else has leaped before he looked. Ethan wonders why he should wait in line if he doesnít have to. Ethan thinks at least he knows he lived. Robert thinks for a moment he reminded him of his mother.

Chase thinks that Michael and Willow can get divorced. Sasha suggests that they could not want to get divorced now. Chase thinks is natural that they would get closer. Sasha can tell they are developing feelings for one another. Sasha doesnít think they would kiss each other casually. Sasha explains that the kiss was a turning point.

Joss wonders what kind of a job he could even get. Cam doesnít know. He can see how stressed they are. Cam explains that soccer scholarships are usually partial. Joss thinks that he is amazing at soccer.

Elizabeth thinks that Nikolas is better than this. Franco thinks that they are getting what they deserve. Scott thinks that this is classic. Franco thinks this money could really help them. Scott thinks that this is low balling. The reality is that they could probably get enough to pay off their mortgage. Franco wonders what he did.

Cam thinks that Joss always knows how to make him feel better. Joss hated being on house arrest. She felt so lost without him and Trina. She felt left out. Cam missed her too. Joss knows that him and Trina got closer. She thinks the important thing is that they got through it though. Joss thinks that everything is back to normal.

Chase thinks everything changed. They are free to tell the truth. Sasha thinks that the manipulation doesnít just end. They need to stop living in a fantasy world. She didnít mean to come off like that. She explains that launching Deception is a twenty-four seven job.

Scott knew they would pay. He asked for 125k. Scott asked for each of them to give that much. Elizabeth cannot believe he asked for that much money. Scott doesnít just go back. Scott thinks they will come out ahead. Elizabeth says no. Elizabeth tells them to stop.

Robert really appreciated his help at the casino. He couldnít have taken down Rudge without them. Robert thinks that Ethan played a big part in this. Robert got something out of this too. Holly and him reconnected. He wished that they could have made it last. He didnít hang around much for that. Ethan felt guilt. He let him think that he was his son.

Alexis tells Valentin to let him speak. He wasnít sure he would get this opportunity. He can see that Neil took it very hard that he couldnít get a relationship going. One night ended his brotherís career. The one thing that kept him going was the possibility to be around patients. She took that away though.

Joss has seen the wardrobe vault. It was the eighth wonder of the world. Cam thinks that there was so much to look through. Cam thinks he will look smoking hot tonight. Joss bets that he will.

Scott thinks that Nikolas was acting like a bad guy. He takes his family very seriously. Franco wants them to feel what it is like to be used and tricked. Elizabeth reminds that this is a crime. Franco doesnít think it is a crime. They could wait and see what happens. Franco wonders when they are meeting. Scott says that they will never know. This is all on him. Elizabeth is appreciative. Scott will not let anyone mess with his family.

Robert would not like to unpack this. Ethan knows that Holly lied and said that he was his son. Robert knows that Luke and Holly lied. He thinks without that lie and hope he isnít sure he would survive. Holly was almost always right.

Chase can tell that Sasha is hiding. She is burying herself in her work. Sasha never expected her life to turn into this. Chase thinks they are in this together. He is here for her. He thinks that he will understand. Sasha thinks he is a good friend. Brook Lynn walks over. She thinks that Chase is being a sweetheart but nothing is going on. Chase tells Brook Lynn that Nelle is dead. He is going to go and follow up. Brook Lynn guesses she should be sorry but she just feels relief. Chase does too. Sasha wonders when Brook Lynn is going to record a new song for them.

Neilís brother doesnít think that Alexis is welcome. Alexis walks out and starts to sob.

Chase orders a sandwich.

Valentin asks if Alexis wants something to eat. Alexis thinks that his brother said what she was thinking. She sees a shot being poured.

Joss thanks Carly for calling. She is with Cam. She will see her soon. Cam asks if Nelle is really gone. Joss confirms that they found her body. Cam wonders what happened. Joss guesses it is too early to say exactly how she died. Cam guesses it is really over and Nelle is gone.

Valentin doesnít think they know how their relationship was.

Ned tells Chase he is doing just great. Ned doesnít know whether to be annoyed or grateful that he let Brook Lynn stay with him.

Valentin thinks that his brother was just looking for an easy target.

Ethan explains that Holly would tell him all about the adventures they would have together. Robert loved Holly. That is all he has to say. Ethan explains she wasnít a conventional mother. She was a perfect partner in crime. They would run a perfect con together. They would work together to spend time together. He wished that she was alive. Robert thinks she knew. Ethan thinks it helps that there is someone out there. Olivia is sorry for making a scene. She wonders when the plane will land. Olivia will put Ethan in a room at the Metro Court. Ethan has to get somewhere else.

Brook Lynn explains she hasnít been cleared for singing yet. She is just excited and she wants Brook Lynn to be part of it. Brook Lynn would love to be involved in the business side of things. Sasha thinks all they want is her voice and that is more than enough.

Elizabeth is still angry. She still thinks they deserve a scare. She doesnít take what they tried to do lightly. Franco thinks that things were a little rocky between them. Elizabeth finally understood what was going on. Franco thinks they are in a good place. Elizabeth knows they never lost faith in each other. Elizabeth thinks they are clearly the winners. The two hug.

Cam wonders how Joss feels about things. Joss feels conflicted. She has wished Nelle would go away so many times. She tried to ruin her motherís life and she hates that she was manipulated. She is still the reason Wiley exists and she could never regret him. She is happy that she will never hurt them again. Cam wonders if she is ok to go to homecoming. Joss has to get going to keep up with Cam. Cam thinks she always looks beautiful. Joss thinks they should get going. Cam will walk her out.

Brook Lynn needs to get going. Sasha has an appointment as well. Brook Lynn needs to figure out how to be a voice without a voice.

Chase thinks there must be a way for him to reconcile. Ned wants a word with Valentin. Alexis tells Valentin to go and talk with him. Alexis watches as someone gets a drink.

Ethan doesnít think that PC has been his home in years. Robert thinks they donít have to be in the same city to be near each other. Ethan has scores to settle. Olivia hopes that he will come back soon though.

Ned thinks that Valentin preyed on his daughter when he was vulnerable. He will not let him do the same. He punches Valentin.

Alexis orders a double vodka.

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