GH Update Thursday 9/24/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/24/20


Written by Anthony

Franco tells Elizabeth that they cannot let money problems come between them. They have an issue that could give them more problems and he knows that.

Ava walks down to the docks with a gun in her hand. She looks around. She tells them that she is here and demands to know where they are. Scott shows up and tells her to be careful. Ava is meeting someone here. Ava thinks it be a lot better for her if she was alone when they showed up. It is a very sensitive business transaction. Scott might be of service to her. Scott has a transaction for her. He will need a 125,000 that he has of them making out before this makes her way to Nikolas.

Martin wonders how he can be of Nikolasí service. Nikolas gives him a retainer. Martin wonders if this is about Valentin.

Ned needs Brook Lynn to consider one thing. He needs to know where she plans to stay once she leaves Chaseí home. Ned gets a call. He asks what she did. Ned will have his assistant get in touch. Brook Lynn wonders what is wrong. Ned explains that Olivia apparently is on her honeymoon right now.

Willow asks Michael what the plan is. Michael thinks that Epiphany will be able to help. Elizabeth tells Michael that she is sorry about Mikeís passing. Sasha hears this and is so sorry for his loss. She goes to hug him but stops herself.

Jason thanks them for the update. Jason tells Sonny and Carly that Nelle is dead. Sonny is glad. She can rot in hell.

Sasha wants him to give his parents her sympathies. Willow tells Michael to go and find Epiphany. Michael thinks it will only be a minute. Sasha knows she should get going. Willow tells Sasha to wait.

Ava thinks that Scott has got to be kidding her. Scott thinks he is. Ava knows how this looks. Ava was in a very vulnerable space. Franco was being supportive. That kiss just happened. Scott hears that in divorce court a lot. She begs him to erase her lapse in judgement.

Nikolas explains his post-nuptial. Martin thinks that he has any number of things he could do.

Scott has had no lapse in judgement. Ava relies on him. Scott wonders when the last time she called him. Ava wonders when the last time he called her. Scott tried to call her every night but she got busy with her new husband. Ava thinks that he is punishing her. Ava wanted him to help her but she didnít want to put him in an awkward situation. She tells him to delete the damn photo. She only wanted to marry Nikolas for money and punish him. Scott wonders what the big deal is. The money that he wants from her is peanuts unless this hits social media. Ava doubts he would do that because Franco is his son and he wouldnít hurt his child.

Jason tells them they donít know how she died yet. Sonny assumes Carly is happy. Carly thinks after all this time and damage. It is hard to believe that they donít have to worry about Nelle again. Sonny knows that Nelle tried to do all of this. She should be jumping up and down. Sonny wonders what she wanted to know. Carly didnít say anything because Mike was dying and she didnít want anything to hurt her last few days. Carly didnít lie. She just didnít tell him everything. Sonny wonders what the rest is. He asks if she killed Nelle.

Ned thinks it sounds like Oliviaís card was hacked. Brook Lynn wouldnít cancel the credit cards. This is crazy. Brook Lynn doesnít think it is as crazy as he thinks.

Sasha tells Willow that she is so sorry. It was force of habit. Willow knows. She has no right to do what she has done. Willow knows how difficult it is for Sasha to not hug Michael. She can tell that Sasha is still in love with Michael.

Martin tells Nikolas that the traditional understanding of infidelity was biblical focused to stay from outside the marriage. Nikolas guesses it has to be sexual feelings. Martin thinks that Ava could have an argument for infidelity depending on what happened.

Ava doubts that Scott would blow up Francoís life for a few bucks. All that will happen is get a few bucks. Scott knows Elizabeth will just blame Ava. Ava thinks that painting the photo was a terrific opportunity for him. Scott thinks that Franco might come to his senses. Ava is not as heartless as he describes. She thinks that Franco and her had a lot going on. She wonders how he knows that she is not in-love with him.

Franco thinks that they are being practical. Elizabeth tells Franco they need to talk about this later. Franco is going to go and check on the art therapy room. Michael wonders where Epiphany is. Elizabeth explains that she is in an administrative role. Her hours were cut too. Michael is sorry. Elizabeth asks if he can do something. Michael explains that Wiley needs to get his heart surgery. He needs to know if this is still the best place. Elizabeth thinks that he might want to do some research. Elizabeth suggests looking into Mercy.

Scott knows that Ava really likes to play her crazy 8ís. Scott wonders if she is in-love with Franco then all they have to do is one tap. Ava will not let him do nothing of the sort. Ava ended up in an asylum because of Nikolas. Ava asks why he would do this. Scott thinks that she went after Franco to scratch a few itches and that is why she will pay. Ava thinks that most friendships disappear and fade away but to know the exact moment that a friendship ends that is a rare thing. Scott thinks that he can mark the exact time for her. She has twenty-four hours to pay up.

Nikolas asks Julian if he has spoken to Ava. Julian wonders if something happened. He knows he doesnít care about his sister. Nikolas never said that. Julian approves of tat. Nikolas wonders if he would rather that she be in a loveless marriage. Julian has his own share of marriage to deal with. He walks over to Martin.

Sasha will not act on her feelings for Michael. It was just an impulse. Willow thinks it was a good impulse. Willow promises that Michael has had his family and Wiley. Sasha knows her too. She is glad that he has all these people. She knows how much they all need each other.

Carly says she didnít kill her. It was more complicated. Jax went to go call the police. She went and took after Nelle. Carly says she knocked her down and ran. She could hear Nelle screaming. She followed her voice to the cliff but she could hear her and was begging for her to help her. She hesitated. Nelle was dangling. Carly tried to help her. She slipped though. Carly wonders what would have happened if she had tried harder. Someone rings the bell. It is Chase. Chase asks if he can come in.

Ned wonders what if Olivia got her purse stolen. Which could explain why she hasnít called back. Brook Lynn thinks of the message that she erased. Ned needs to call the WSB. Brook Lynn admits that it didnít happen. She did something impulsive. She was upset when Portia told her that it would be a long recovery. She asks if he remembers when he left his phone. He had a voicemail from Olivia. She deleted it. Ned wonders why she would do that. Brook Lynn doesnít know. She was upset that Olivia was running all over Europe. Ned asks what Olivia said. Olivia said that she would be a few days. She thinks that he should call the hotel back.

Sonny says hello to Chase. Sonny thanks Chase for bringing Brook Lynn to Turning Woods. Carly wonders what they can do for her. Chase explains that Nelleís body has been found. Jason wonders how she died. Chase guesses that she drowned. Chase wanted them to know after all that she put them through. He wanted to ask Carly a few questions too.

Julian wanted to discuss his divorce with Nelle. Martin thinks that if he wants to annul his marriage he needs to find a new lawyer. Martin thinks that he could get a new lawyer. Martin thanks someone on the phone. Martin explains to Julian that he is now a widower.

Willow knows that regardless of what went wrong with all of them they all just wanted Wiley to be happy. Willow explains that Michael wanted her to legally adopt Wiley. Sasha thinks that couldnít have turned out better. Sasha has to get going. Michael wonders if that was uncomfortable. Willow thinks the whole situation was weird but it didnít help she told Sasha that he had asked her to adopt Wiley.

Carly thought that she gave a statement. Carly wonders what he needs to know. Carly caught up to her at the clearing. They fought. She scratched her. Jason asks if they could do this in a little bit after Carly is a bit more rested. Chase thinks that they can. He thinks it is nice to finally close the case on Nelle.

Sasha tells Elizabeth that she needs a referral. She needs a doctor who can help her sleep. It isnít a therapy issue. She is just having trouble sleeping. Elizabeth explains that sleep aids are hard to get. Sasha thinks that all she needs is one or two good night sleeps and that is ok.

Martin tells him that Nelle is dead. Julian wonders how that happened. Martin guesses her body is in the autopsy at the morgue. Martin guesses that he has to handle the matter. Julian wonders if he can take it off his hand. Martin thinks that everything is on hold right now. His dance card just became very full.

Ava think about Scott threatening her.

Nikolas thinks about Scott threatening him as well. Scott thinks that Ava will see exactly who he really is.

Elizabeth and Franco go down the hall at GH and into a room. Scott is in there. Elizabeth asks if he wanted to see them.

Ned explains that it was definitely Oliviaís signature. Brook Lynn is sure that Olivia had reasons for going to Monte Carlo. He is sorry. He just doesnít know what to think. He canít call her of course. He guesses he could check someone else. Brook Lynn is sure that she wouldnít have called him if it wasnít important. Ned wants to know what the hell Robert has gotten his wife into.

Michael tells Willow that they have to deal with Wileyís heart surgery. Michael thinks that despite his familyís long history around here they need to find another hospital for the moment. They need to make the right choice for their son. Chase tells them that Nelleís body has been found. Willow guesses that it really is over. Michael thinks that Nelle can never terrorize them again. They hug.

Scott showed Ava and Nikolas the pictures.

Ava asks Nikolas if he had a nice lunch. Nikolas didnít eat. Nikolas wonders if everything is alright. Ava thinks it is all just fine. She asks why it wouldnít be.

Carly messed up. She just said she fell. She thinks that Chase will notice. Jason thinks that it is not unusual. Sonny thinks that Nelle is dead. That is all that matters.

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