GH Update Wednesday 9/23/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/23/20


Written by Anthony

Brook Lynn wonders if Chase is back so soon from solving crimes. She asks if he can get her a fresh cup of coffee.

Ned asks Julian when his next visit will be. Julian will come and visit him soon. Ned wonders if he normally schedules that with Olivia. Ned asks when the last time he heard from Olivia was. Ned says that she is visiting Dante. Julian thinks that if he wants to know how often he speaks with his wife then ask her. Ned wishes that it would be that simple.

TJ completely forgot about Neil. Molly knows. He died in her bed of an OD. Molly thinks they are back at the beginning but they need a new venue. TJ thinks they need to postpone. Stella thinks their generation is so quick to give in. TJ hugs Stella.

Lulu thinks she could be wrong but it sounds like he is falling for his wife. Nikolas gets a text of him kissing Elizabeth. Lulu wonders what is wrong.

Ava gets a text of Franco and her kissing. Nina wonders what the message says.

Bobbie tells Scott that the hardest part is being away from the building. Bobbie knows that the hospital will survive. She just knows they won’t do this the right way. Bobbie would love the time off but she isn’t getting the same sense of fulfillment at GH. Bobbie wonders why he is so pre-occupied.

Sonny asks Avery about the neckless that she just dropped. Avery says that it is hers. She thought she would keep it for good luck.

Carly thinks they need to make sure that anything incriminating stays gone along with Nelle. Jason walks in. She is glad that he is here. Jason wonders how Joss is doing. Jax thinks that she will be ok. Jax will talk with her later. Jax wants her to keep in mind what he said before. Carly tells Jason that she did something he is not going to like.

Chase wonders if she has given anymore thought about what she plans on doing. He only has a one bedroom apartment. Brook Lynn guesses he is kicking her out. She reminds him that he invited her. She can go though. Brook Lynn doesn’t stay anywhere that she is not wanted. Chase isn’t kicking her out he just thought that this would be temporary. He wonders if she would want to live with a close friend or something. Brook Lynn would rather live under a rock.

Julian wonders how Brook Lynn is doing. Julian hopes that they work things out. He knows what it is like that the two of them don’t talk. Ned thinks they are all sorry they crossed paths with Nelle. Julian thinks like it is an idea time to sever ties with Nelle. Julian plans on it.

Nikolas needs to handle this situation in person. He will talk with her later.

Ava tells Nina that someone saw her kissing. Nina wonders how this happened. She wonders who would have taken the picture. She thought she was all alone. She thought it was just a moment. It meant nothing.

TJ wonders how Stella keeps showing up when she is needed. Molly heard that Stella was with the family when Mike passed. That is so generous of her. Stella thinks that Mike was just such a good man. She heard about the commitment ceremony. Molly will go grab her a half and half. Stella thinks that she has her heart.

Sonny thinks that the other half is out there somewhere. Sonny thinks they can go get a snack.

Scott is not pre-occupied. Scott tells her to calm down. He is just thinking about the payoff that he could get for her. Bobbie just wants her job back. Scott guesses that she could get another job. Bobbie has had some interest from Mercy. Scott thinks that they could get her a job on big medicine start up. Bobbie guesses it is something they could explore. Scott gets a text. He has an important emergency.

Jason wonders if he needs to do anything right now Carly thinks that this is potential damage control. Jason guesses that this is something that involves Jax and he doesn’t want her to know. Carly thinks that he doesn’t want anyone.

Brook Lynn reminds him that she was rejected by her father. Chase thinks it is clear that her family loves her. Brook Lynn isn’t staying here because they don’t love her. It is because of what she did to them.

Stella is just checking on TJ’s beautiful face. It nearly killed her when she heard he was hurt. TJ thinks that he will be as good as new in a few weeks. Stella knows that he was upset the last time she was here.

Carly is not sleeping with Jax. She opens the door for Lulu. She says hi to Jason. Carly has been meaning to call her for the donation in regards to Mike. Lulu just remembers how Mike would lend her an ear when she was a teenager. Lulu tells Sonny that she is sorry that Dante couldn’t have been here.

Ava knows it wasn’t Nikolas. She made a point of telling Nikolas that there was nothing going on. Ava should have realized that someone else was in that gallery. Nina wonders if she has big money to stop this. Ava says not yet. Ava thinks that this could put ammunition in order to divorce her.

Nikolas shows up at the docks. He will pay more to get that picture taken away. Someone walks over. Nikolas cannot believe this.

Brook Lynn understands why Ned was angry at her. Chase thinks none of that matters. Chase thinks that her family is begging her to come home. Brook Lynn thinks that her father is feeling pity not sorrow. Brook Lynn will leave if she needs to but she will not go home. Chase gets a call. Chase has to go to work. He thinks that she is underestimating her family. He tells her to stay as long as she needs. Ned shows up. Chase tells him that she is all his. Ned thinks they need to talk. Brook Lynn thinks they don’t.

TJ admits that the abduction was painful and hard. TJ needs to focus on his life with Molly. TJ wakes up with nightmares and he doesn’t know if he is going to live or die. What got him through was knowing that Molly was waiting for him.

Nina wonders who would blackmail her about this. Ava doesn’t know anyone who would even care. It isn’t like anyone cares about her and Nikolas. Nina thinks it doesn’t solve the issue of the picture. Ava thinks it exists. She needs to decide what she will do about it.

Nikolas needs twenty-four hours. If they do anything with the photo before then they are doe.

Lulu wonders if Mike and Ruby were a thing. Sonny says that Ruby was immune to his flirting. Lulu doesn’t know how she resisted. Lulu knows everyone adored him. Sonny thinks except him.

Carly says that something really serious happened. Jax knows but she didn’t tell Sonny. She couldn’t and she doesn’t feel like she can now.

Molly tells Stella that they spend a lot of time at the dining room table. Stella is glad she has a little time alone with Molly. Molly is ok. TJ had the worst of it. Molly knows that TJ wasn’t taking her calls. Jordan said that he didn’t want to talk. She got more and more desperate. Stella assumes that she lost faith in TJ.

Ava is not going to lose her claim on the Cassadine estate because of one kiss. Jax shows up. Ava leaves. Jax wonders what is going on with her. Nina is glad that she has a relationship with him with no games or secrets.

Carly tells Jason that Sonny just lost Mike. He needs time to grieve. She is just protecting Sonny.

Sonny tells Lulu that he held on to so much anger. Sonny wonders if she could tolerate Rocco hating Dante for leaving. Lulu hopes that Rocco doesn’t go through that. She thinks that he figured out that Mike did have issues. Once he understood that, that is when he forgave him.

Bobbie takes the bill. Scott runs back over. He had a super demanding client. They think that his time is of no value. He wonders where they were. Bobbie thinks they are nowhere. She is mad and disappointed. Scott knows that was abrupt. He is sorry. He wants to make it up to her. Bobbie isn’t made at him. He is just being himself. A schemer. Bobbie adores him. He is the sweetest guy on the planet. He is a wonderful friend but a lousy boyfriend. The person she is sad and disappointed in is her. She thinks that one of these days she will lose her friendship and that would break her heart. She is going to call it quits.

Nikolas walks into the Metro Court. She asks if he is fallowing her. Nikolas thinks they need to talk about them.

Ned thinks that this is a nice apartment but this cannot be how she wants to live. Ned wants her to come home. They can work through this at the house. She has been through trauma. She is his daughter. She will always be. He wants to take care of her. Brook Lynn thinks that never works out. She will always disappoint him. They will both end up hurting each other like they always do. Brook Lynn doesn’t think that this is a good time to try things.

Scott wants to talk about some of these home improvement ideas. Bobbie thinks the next time she has a setback she needs to face it.

Stella is just putting her in her shoes. She might question the relationship she had. Molly asks if she doesn’t blame her. Stella is just thankful that she is a truthful young woman that she loves. It is better to doubt than to deceive.

Ava doesn’t have time right now. She thinks they will see what happens.

Nina wonders how Joss is doing. Jax thinks she is fine. She will need his help at being a parent one day hopefully.

Lulu wants him to think about all the times that he tried to be there for Mike. Lulu thinks that he gave Mike the one thing that gave him happiness.

Jason thinks that he would hate it if Sonny didn’t know the truth. Carly needs to tell them both.

Ned tells Brook Lynn he cannot just walk away. Brook Lynn is still the same person. Brook Lynn doesn’t think that they can just do this.

Lulu asks if Jason and Carly saw the pictures that Laura sent. Sonny thanks Lulu for getting the pictures. Lulu is keeping him in her prayers. Mike too. Sonny walks back in. She explains that something happened and she needs to tell them both. Jason gets a call.

Stella plans to give them both wisdom at their commitment ceremony. Stella hopes that there will be cake at least.

Ava shows up at the docks. She says she is here and demands to know where they are. Ava has a gun in her hand.

Nikolas looks at the picture and deletes it.

Jax guesses the funeral will be close family only. Nina wonders if Nelle would show up. She realizes that it probably doesn’t matter.

Jason tells them that Nelle has been confirmed as dead.

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