GH Update Tuesday 9/22/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/22/20


Written by Anthony

Dante sits on the ground of the WSB. He was meditating. It work for a minute or two. The doctor explains that the offer to release him is no longer a thing.

Sam tells Brando she wanted to help him clean up the place. Brando explains that Jason had some of Sonny’s guys come and clean it up. Sam was just making sure that things were back to normal. She asks if he is doing good. Maxie shows up and is shocked that he is actually here. She wonders how long it takes to fix a car. Maxie wonders if Sam knows this guy.

Lulu cannot believe that Britt is the new chief-of-staff. Elizabeth feels that things are going to get bad real fast.

Cam wonders if Franco has seen his mom. Cam explains that Elizabeth said that he needs to reserve his tux but he doesn’t have enough on his card.

Ava thanks Nina so much for visiting with her. Nina was with Jax in New York this morning but they came back for Joss. Ava is glad that he is at peace now. Nina wonders what the big news is. Ava has had an unexpected complication with Nikolas. Ava thinks that her husband might be human.

Molly tells Alexis that she can be over in ten minutes. Alexis wants her to make a guest list for her commitment ceremony. Molly cannot believe that she hung up on her. Molly guesses that they need to make a guest list. TJ thinks they are inviting everyone they want. Molly hopes Sonny and Carly can come. She can already imagine how Sonny will react at opening the invitation. Molly thinks they need a new location.

Alexis gets an alert for Neil’s obituary. She starts kicking her door. Valentin shows up and picks up her keys and starts helping her in. Alexis thanks him. She wonders what he wants help with now. She assumes that he has a business he stole to take over. Alexis thinks that this isn’t a good time for her. She thanks him for unlocking the door but tells him to leave. Valentin knows she has been through a lot. He thinks this is more than anyone should bare. He is so sorry.

Cam explains that him and Trina decided that they would just be friends. The only issue is that he likes her. He thinks they should try dating a little bit. Franco thinks that he should tell her that. Franco thinks they have a special bond Cam wonders if he missed his chance. Franco thinks that Trina is a straight shooter. He needs to ask her about the time that they have spent together. Cam thinks there is a catch in terms of Joss.

Lulu might have some information on Cyrus. She knows that Laura would be willing to help her out financially. Elizabeth is sure that she is but she thinks she will manage. Trina shows up and goes to sit at the bar. Lulu realizes they are all seniors. Elizabeth knows. Lulu remembers being the annoying little sister watching her and Lucky and Emily and Nikolas running around PC together.

Nina wonders what Nikolas was doing. Ava says he was trying to catch her in an affair. Nina wonders what the healing part was. Ava explains that he realized that she was the only person. She had hate sex with him. Nina is shocked about that one.

Sam explains that she does know Brando. He got jumped here in the garage. Maxie figured that he was just getting dirty. Sam gets a phone call. She needs to take this. Brando introduces himself. Maxie remembers hearing about him. Sam tells them that she has to take off. She wants Brando to feel better. Maxie wonders how he got Sam’s stamp of approval.

Cam tells Franco that he is going with Joss and Trina to the dance. They are just going as friends. He doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of someone he cares about. Franco tells him that when it comes to the tux rental he has him covered.

Lulu thinks that this isn’t worth the trouble for Spencer. Lulu has to believe that Nikolas is better than this. She feels like she sees it here and there. She assumes that Elizabeth has as well.

Dante thought that he was uniquely suited for this mission. The doctor says that there is a doubt that he could be involved. Dante heard his mother crying. He is not saving his family. He accepted this mission and now they want to take it away. Dante knows that he made the recommendations. He asks if he is the one keeping him here.

Lulu asks Nikolas if he cares to join them. Nikolas can for a moment. He is sorry that he never had a chance to meet Spencer’s grandfather. He wishes that he could get back the past few years. Elizabeth has to get back to the hospital. Lulu wonders what he did to upset Elizabeth. Nikolas is sure that the list is long. Lulu was talking about him.

Nina is shocked that she had sex with her husband. Ava could hardly believe it was happening when it happened. He was so evil before. Then he reminded her of passion and empathy. Ava could tell that Nikolas was actually sad. She thinks that for the first time ever he actually treated her like a human being. Nina wonders what that means for her marriage.

Alexis thanks him for being kind even if they don’t normally do this. Valentin thanks her for being kind. He might not be her sibling. He can be her friend. Valentin thinks that she can tell him about Neil. Alexis just got a notice for his memorial. It bothers her that people get taken into two sentences. He was a lot more than what his article said. He was a wonderful man full of contradictions. He loved the opera and vinyl records. He had courage. He saved children from dangerous cults. He sang to his daughter on the anniversary of her death each year. They were planning a future for the night that he died. Then the next morning that was all gone and he was gone. Sam shows up. She asks if everything is ok. Sam demands to know if Valentin gave her the cast.

Maxie tells Brando that her car keeps stopping. Brando knows what happened.

Dante thinks that he did this. He thinks that he is starting to raise his voice. He thought he was doing the right thing. Now he is taking away his life. He will not allow this.

Brando noticed the two car seats in the back of his car. She guesses she could get a minivan. She asks if he has kids. Brando says no… but then changes and says yes. He didn’t really know him in a car seat. She wonders if he is married.

Alexis needs time to process this. Sam wonders why she can’t open the front door. Alexis has a lot on her mind right now. She just got a notice on her phone of the memorial. She found out that way. She has weak bones. She took a little extra time to open the damn front door.

Dante isn’t going to do that. The doctors suggested that they test him on this. He passed the test. Going home will not be easy. It will be harder than he imagines. If he is still interested in taking the mission then he is free.

Cam wonders how Trina feels about them going to the dance as friends. Trina thinks it is fine. She asks if he is having second thoughts.

Lulu loves Nikolas and believes that he will make the right choice. Nikolas is not ready to give up on driving Ava away just yet. Lulu wonders if he is having second thoughts.

Franco was hoping to find Nina here. He was wondering he she knew someone. Nina thinks that was nice of Franco. Ava admits she kissed Franco.

Brando does have two ladies that he is crazy about. Avery and Donna. He thinks his son is a great kid. He wouldn’t mind more someday. Maxie wonders if he has a relationship with Dev’s mom. Brando says no.

Sam thinks that a lot of women have what she has. Alexis knows but still. It doesn’t go away. She has the pamphlets. She is going to be making some lifestyle changes. She can cut back on drinking obviously. Alexis reads she has to wear comfortable shoes and heals. Her fragile life is at risk. Sam tells her to come up with another plan. Alexis thinks that it is all just too much. Valentin guesses they can make arrangements for her funeral then.

Cam is just trying to figure things out… Joss shows up. Trina is happy she could make it. Joss admits she almost didn’t come but Jax told her that Mike would want her to live her life. Cam didn’t want to get in the way of anything happening at homecoming. He thinks incase someone else wants to take Trina.

Lulu wonders if he is getting along better with Ava. Nikolas isn’t even sure. Lulu thinks he would be better off losing his fortune than losing his soul.

Nina is shocked that he kissed Franco. She wonders if the kiss was mutual. Ava thinks it was at the time. Nina isn’t sure if this is any consolation but as an outsider she thinks that her and Nikolas don’t hate each other as much as they think they do. This marriage could turn into something real. Ava doesn’t know what last night was. She doesn’t know what he wants at all. Nina wonders what he wants.

Sam asks if Valentin can be anymore insensitive. Alexis knows he is right. Valentin thinks that she has options. Alexis has to speak with Valentin alone. Sam tells her to call her. Alexis will. She promises. Alexis thinks that Valentin said what she needed to hear. Alexis needs to borrow his driver and car. She needs to see what he really was like. If she learns that then maybe she can let him go and start living her life.

The doctor will help him every step of the way. He gives Dante his mission.

Maxie thinks that there is a new single guy in town and she has single friends.

The doctor goes into another room. He says that Dante is going home. He thinks he is in control but he could snap. He knows he has no choice. If he says it has to happen then it does.

Elizabeth tells Franco she saw Nikolas. Franco thinks that the two of them should talk. Elizabeth thinks they need to clear the air

Trina says that it would be impossible to take him to the dance. She wished her dad could be there to have one last father-daughter dance. Since that can’t happen they will just have to have a wonderful night together.

Nikolas thinks that the more time he spends with Ava he thinks he appreciates her a little but not really. Ava has a toughness about her that masks a deep vulnerability. You would never guess a lot about her. Lulu thinks that it sounds like he is falling for his wife. Nikolas gets a text of him kissing Elizabeth.

Ava knows that Nikolas is the reason she went to Shady Brook. Nina wonders if she is falling for Nikolas. Ava gets a text of her kissing Franco.

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