GH Update Monday 9/21/20

General Hospital Update Monday 9/21/20


Written by Anthony

Alexis tells a nurse that she is supposed to see Portia about test results. The nurse tells her that Portia is with another patient. Alexis thinks she can just reschedule. Molly walks in and screams at Alexis as to what happened to her arm. Alexis sighs.

Curtis calls Laura and hopes that her business in Washington is almost over. PC needs her.

Cyrus tries to pay for Lulu’s meal. Lulu doesn’t want to do that. Cyrus wants to know when Laura is coming back to PC. He has so many things to discuss with her. Cyrus would like her to relay a message to her mother. Sam walks over and asks if they have a problem here.

Jordan wonders if she is married to Curtis. She is sorry but things have been crazy since Neil died.

Peter asks Maxie if she has a boy or a girl. Maxie thinks that they agreed not to pick about it. Maxie is sure that her mom and Mac will have opinions. Maxie admits it has been more peaceful since Robert left town.

Brando is shocked that Jason is at his shop. He thinks that he didn’t come all this way to check on the shop. Jason is here to check on him.

Joss wonders why playing a game that reminds them of Mike was a good idea. Joss cannot help but think about how she will never play checkers with him again.

Sonny looks at Mike’s watch. Sonny realizes that time ran out with getting it back to Mike. Ava shows up with Avery and Nikolas. Carly thanks her for bringing her here. Ava needs to talk with Sonny for a minute. Carly suggests to Avery they go and find Pilar. Ava thinks that Avery was an absolute angel as always. Ava is so sorry for his loss. Nikolas thinks that Mike was a good man. Ava hasn’t told Avery about Mike. She thinks that is his job to tell her.

Alexis tells Molly that her wrist is fractured. Molly wonders why she is back here now. The nurse tells Alexis that Portia is ready for them.

Brando thinks that the doctors gave him an all clear. Brando doesn’t know what would have happened had Jason and Sam not shown up when they did. Brando guesses that he is supposed to thank him for spying on him. Brando is not working for Cyrus. Jason thinks the camera is what kept him alive.

Curtis wonders if there is any chance that this was a mistake. Jordan guesses that Neil killed himself in bed. Curtis thinks it was some coincidence. Jordan explains that Cyrus denies it. He claims he didn’t do it. Jordan cannot find a connection between the two men. Curtis thinks that TJ has taken up on his mother.

Lulu tells Sam that she is ok. Cyrus has great ideas for the hospital that he would love to run by Laura. Lulu thinks that he could talk with any number of people. Lulu wonders what the fascination with her mother is.

Nikolas wonders where Ava is going. Ava is having breakfast with a friend. She won’t ask where he is going. Nikolas guesses that she can have a bloody Mary. Ava will see him back at the castle.

Cyrus thinks that Lulu is making herself part of the story. Cyrus just wants Laura to know that he is asking for her. He says good day to them. Lulu thinks that was interesting. Maxie and Peter walk over. Lulu wishes that she could say that his bark was better than his bite. Lulu is still shocked that Neil died from OD’ing. Lulu wonders if Neil is involved. Lulu wonders who else could have brought drugs like this into PC. Maxie knows that Sonny lives in PC. Maxie knows that Sonny runs this town. No one would want to deal with him.

Curtis knows that TJ wants to rally the staff at GH. Jordan knows that Cyrus isn’t the kind of enemy that you can just fight off. Jordan wishes that she could prove that Cyrus killed Neil. Jordan knows they cannot put Cyrus away until they have proof. Jordan knows he has something on her. Stella hopes that she isn’t interrupting as she walks in. Curtis thinks it is so good to see her.

Nina assumes that Mike’s death is hitting Joss hard. Jax will go to see her today. Jax knows that they are postponing the search for her daughter to search for his own.

Sonny tells Carly that Ava wanted him to tell Avery about Mike. Carly hopes that they can explain what happened to Avery. Sonny doesn’t want to give her anymore pain. Carly knows that there is no way to prepare for something like this. Sonny has no idea how to tell Avery that her grandfather is never coming back.

Nina is not disappointed. Phyliss isn’t going anywhere. Jax should probably head over there. Nina hopes that the police track Nelle down soon.

Dev thinks that Trina is really getting into the dance. Joss thinks he is too. Dev really wants to see if the dance measures up to the movies he saw as a kid. Joss isn’t sure if the homecoming will live up to that. Joss isn’t sure if she wants to go right now. Joss feels weird to leave today. She wonders what a dance is without your best friend.

Molly cannot believe that she is in a cast. She asks what she is avoiding. Alexis is prioritizing. Portia shows up. She sees that her daughter is with her. Molly didn’t give her much of a choice. Alexis wants the test results.

Sonny thinks that he will tell Avery tomorrow. Carly thinks that Avery can see how sad they all are. She just needs to hear the truth. Carly opens the door for Jax. Sonny wonders what brings him by. Jax heard about Mike. He is sorry for his loss. Sonny tells him to take care of his daughter. That is what is most important.

Jax tells Joss that he is so sorry. He is sorry for Dev as well. Dev will let them talk. Joss cried a lot last night. She feels like not empty but like she is all cried out and recharging. Joss thinks it is good that he taught her those lessons. Joss is supposed to meet Cam and Trina for homecoming. Jax thinks that Mike lived a good life and he would want to see her live it.

Alexis tells Molly that this was supposed to be a secret. Molly has a vested interest in her well-being. Portia sees her results. Molly wonders if she has bone cancer.

Curtis thinks that they are thrilled. Stella wonders if there is no room at the inn. Stella wished she had notice but this trip brought her off guard. She had to say goodbye to a dear friend.

Sam needs to check in with Alexis. Peter is sure that Sam left because of him. Maxie thinks it is because of Cyrus. Lulu thinks that it is an interesting story about Neil. Lulu doesn’t think that enough people are asking the right questions. Peter knows the look that she has. She has a plan.

Brando still doesn’t like what Jason did. Jason hopes they know why he did it. Brando thinks that he saved his life but he can ask him directly next time. Jason explains that Sonny has wanted him to keep his distance from the business. It isn’t possible now though. He has a plan. It will take both of them though.

Stella explains that Sonny was at peace with Mike’s passing. Jordan wonders if there is anything that they can do. Stella would assume that Sonny and his family would appreciate some distance from the police. Stella is going to stay for the funeral. Curtis tells her that TJ lives at the hospital these days. Stella thinks she will believe that when she sees that for herself.

Lulu thinks that Cyrus’ story is staying out of national media. The national media ate up the story. They moved on to the next news cycle. Lulu is sure that Cyrus is dirty. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Alexis has osteoporosis. Molly needs a better understanding. Portia explains that bones can become weak. Alexis guesses that she was hoping that this would be proven wrong. Portia thinks that there are man risk factors. Alexis wonders if anything else is an issue. Alexis wonders why she thought that this couldn’t happen to her.

Jason guesses they will be in touch. Brando thinks if he needs more work on his bike then he will be there. Dev shows up. He needs some advice. Brando wonders about what. Dev thinks it is about a girl.

Sonny sits Avery down. He is afraid that he has some bad news. He tells her that her grandfather loved her very much. He was sick. He would call her different names. Avery wonders if they are going to see Mike today. Sonny explains that Mike died.

Carly tells Jax that the coffee is hot. Jax thinks that Joss is going to go and hang out with her friends. Jax thinks that Joss has an excellent role model in Carly. Jax wonders if he has told Sonny about Nelle.

Alexis guesses this will take more than six weeks. Portia says that there are treatments that can stop bone moving cells. It is also important that she take calcium and vitamin D. Molly was so scared that it could have been bone cancer. This should be manageable. Portia thinks she should be able to continue things.

Dev explains that the girl he likes is funny and athletic. He made it seem like he wasn’t interested. He is going to homecoming with a group of friends. He thinks that he wants to go with a group of friends. Brando thinks that he could have Joss put in a good word for him. Dev likes Joss.

Stella thinks that this investigation is going on too long. Curtis thinks that Jordan needs their support. If she cannot give them that then she should have skipped the visit.

Sonny tells Avery that Mike loved seeing her. He loved the drawing she did and when she would laugh. He thinks just because he is not with them anymore doesn’t mean it all goes away. Sonny thinks when someone dies you might not see them anymore but they are always with them. They are always in your heart. Avery wonders if Mike is in his heart too. Sonny thinks they couldn’t get rid of him even if they tried.

Carly thinks that Sonny has been a little pre-occupied. Jax thinks it is better that less people know. Jax wants to keep Nelle in the past.

Molly always fainted with relief. In the end this is manageable. It is important that she risk her fracture. She thinks they can have the rest of the day off. Alexis doesn’t have anything to do the rest of the day. Alexis tells Molly that she can use some time alone. Molly reminds her that she is always a text away. Alexis tells her to stop worrying.

Dev thinks that Joss like Cam. Dev thinks it is unfair. Brando thinks that if Joss always made a move she must like him. Which means she might still. Brando tells him to be himself. He can remind Joss how great he is. Then the rest will follow.

Curtis tells Stella that he is sorry from the bottom of his heart. Stella realizes she doesn’t have to fly in here and tell Jordan how to do her job. Curtis thinks that it is still no excuse for his behavior. He knows that she has been doing so much for so many people. Stella thinks that he will get no trouble from her.

Maxie knows that Peter and her are waiting to check on the babies gender. Maxie wonders if they are still friends. Sam says of course they are. She wonders if it is because of her and Peter. Sam says that she is one of her best friends. Maxie knows who Peter is. It is horrible that Faison made Peter help him but it is in the past. Sam hopes.

Lulu thinks that the other reporters could share some information. Lulu has a short list of reporters in mind. Lulu needs to protect PC.

Cyrus gets an update on Neil.

Carly explains that they might never find Nelle’s body. Jax thinks they should be ok then.

Sonny tells Avery that she dropped something. He asks if it is hers.

Jason walks into Carly and Sonny’s living room.

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